Blackhawks Recall Svedberg

On Thursday afternoon, the Blackhawks recalled defenseman Viktor Svedberg from Rockford.

Svedberg gives the Blackhawks eight defensemen on the active roster. Christian Ehrhoff hasn’t played since March 16 against the Flyers, however, while rookies Trevor van Riemsdyk and Erik Gustafsson continue to struggle.

14 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Svedberg

  1. The management decisions surrounding our D-men continue to baffle me. Is there anything at all that TVR does well???

  2. Maybe they know that Ehrhoff is their best option, but they also know he is old and would that it is more important to keep him fresh for the postseason? Perhaps he has even told the team that he is a bit worn down and could use the rest if it meant he would be at full strength for the games that matter.

  3. Since when did 33 get old for a D man,.,.,Chelli,.,.Lidstrom ,.,Leach,.So on and so forth,.,.
    Something other than age keeping Ehrhoff off the ice.

  4. Dunks/Hoss got a rest in 1st 40 and Krugs in the 2nd 40 games. Tazer/Kaner/Crow/Hammer/Dunks and anybody give a rest to in some of the last couple games, after the seed been clinched. Rest these guys after that and keep everybody fresh so that everybodys playing. In the mean time, full synthetic and warm up the engines. Get the 4 wheel drive ready.

  5. Morrison- Your analysis sounds pretty good to me. We should be able to rack up some good points with games against Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Arizona and Columbus and we got to get 2 out of Minney just to do it. St. Louis game just skate all Icehogs and play keep away, dosent matter.

    My nail biting concern is Kane hanging on, over the yet again charging Benn, to capture the Art Ross. A once 18 point lead has dwindled to 10 and Benn can rack up 3 and 4 point nights. It’s important Kane gets this thing for the Blackhawk nation.

    Don’t want to think too much going forward, just want to enjoy the games, sit on the chesterfield snackin’, drinkin’, smokin’ and hollerin’. Occasionally dancing away to the Dagger. Dog likes it too.

  6. From what I saw Erhoff was just bad. He tipped the GWG past Darling against Philly which was likely the last straw. TVR and the Tall man are both better options IMO. Of course not giving away Johns and (essentially) Oduya just to get rid of Sharps cap hit.might have been another nice too, but now we gotta play the hand we have.

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