Blackhawks Recall Teuvo Teravainen

In the wake of Kris Versteeg’s injury in the Winter Classic, the Blackhawks recalled forward Teuvo Teravainen from Rockford on Friday.

Teravainen Bergeron

Teravainen, 20, was hot in Rockford, posting three goals and seven assists in his last 13 games, including a three-point night on Dec. 28 against Chicago. He was second on the IceHogs with 23 points in 33 games.

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  1. Good good…Teuvo up for Christmas after all….gruelling schedule upcoming so we will see if he has the right stuff developed,….team could use some freshness and well known that TT was not real happy in the AHL..sooooo, this is it kid, your big big chance.

  2. Any chance this is to possibly maximize LTIR? Before we get too excited I think playing on the wing with some center mixed in is the best way to get his feet wet. Anybody have any info on Stephen Johns? Word was he was closer to returning than McNeil, but that hasn’t been the case. Interesting Q continues to skate Carcillo and have Nordstrom sitting in the press box. Especially considering he only skated him a few minutes yesterday.

  3. Oh, I thought since Carcillo has been relegated to Bollig-type minutes, w/
    Versteeg hurt, Bowman would send Erixon back to Columbus for that Morin guy. I would have recalled Ross instead of Teavo for the record. Far more defensively responsible. We ll see.

  4. Touché, Tab. Touché. Side note, I read some speculation on the Hawks being a fit for Vermette. I know Arizona wants prospects, but in my constant search for ways to get rid of 29, I’d package him with a Clendening and another prospect and move Shaw to wing.

    Was at Teuvo’s first game against Dallas. He looked like a kid in awe and trying desperately to just not screw up. Love to see some improvement and him feeding 88. Seen more than a few missed chances by Versteeg to give kaner a nice one timer.

  5. I can’t say I’m surprised by this because he is the top prospect in the organization and he’s played almost half a season in the AHL, and more importantly he has played better lately – not setting the AHL on fire by any means – but better. The one thing he seems to have made an improvement on is shooting the puck – his shots on goal have been higher in recent games. Maybe that shows he’s being more aggressive and maybe that’s what the brass was looking for. Hopefully Q puts him in a position to succeed and TT grabs the opportunity and doesn’t let go.

    It will be interesting to see how Q constructs the lines. I suppose the simplest thing to do is move Sharp to Versteeg’s spot and put TT on the 3rd line with Bickell and Shaw. That’s the most sheltered line anyway with the Toews and Kruger lines handling the toughest defensive assignments and the Kane line focused on by the opposing team. Bickell and Shaw aren’t the ideal linemates for TT but they’re better than the guys he’s been playing with in Rockford (often times Mashinter and the like).

    I would have preferred some more AHL experience for TT, but they didn’t ask for my opinion – so let the TT era begin!

  6. For what ever reason have always won the bulk of the games (as good as any team can) in nov. and dec. ervey yr since weve had our team. (except for 2011, when we played short handed with 6ahl players)(and we still were 16games over 500 at game81). I can see a 4-4 stretch or so at some point in these 6wks coming up.

    It goes with the territory when your really good long stretchs then have a few wks before and after where you have to fight threw it. Its not peaking to soon, sucking, refs, the genius sch makers, etc. yua.

    Teravainen best player at world juniors since kane.

  7. Iceman… Ross is injured, has missed last few games, I haven’t heard what’s wrong…

    I have seen 4 Hogs games… 2 in last two weeks or so… TT has been the best Forward on ice last two games, setting up guys with great passing,,, didn’t lead to points in games I watched- but they will with better finishers… His PP skills/poise have been great… And Lastly- ER is right really learning to shoot puck more…

    But the kid has made some incredible plays/ last Tuesday… my wife (who is just learning/watching Hockey turned to me several times and would say “wow who is that guy, he is skating in and out of guys- nice play!” It was TT– EVERY time!!!
    How will it translate with “better” NHL D??? But TT was way more noticeable than first game I watched him earlier… WAY better…

    I am OK with putting him on wing…

  8. Hopefully the Hawks play Tuevo @ center w Sharp and Carbomb. Tuevo will need some protection until he gets used to the nhl speed.

    Its funny if we rewind the webite to the beginning of the season almost all the predictions have come to fruition. Richards has settled in, the 3rd line has basically settled in, and Steeger has bounced back better then many expected.

  9. Last comment, funny how if Morin hadnt demanded his trade he would be starting here w regular minutes.

  10. @ Dave

    I think Tuevo plays on the 3rd line





    Either way I like Tuevo with a finisher and Sharp is one of those few guys on the Hawks

  11. Thank you Wall re: Ross injury update. Let’s see what Teavo does, and/or how Q utilizes him. If Teavo isn’t cutting it, once Ross is healthy, give him a shot. Cut from Saad cloth. We’ll see how long Versteeg is out for, that will dictate moves as well.

  12. Iceman – ” I would have recalled Ross instead of Teavo for the record. Far more defensively responsible. We’ll see.”…but, this is to replace Versteeg, right? A “Top 6” forward = I don’t know if “defensively responsible” tops the Criteria List.

    Ernie – “…ways to get rid of 29, I’d package him with a Clendening and another prospect”…to me, this sounds like a desperate salary dump/Cap move – are the Hawks really at that point?

    Ebony Raptor – “I suppose the simplest thing to do is move Sharp to Versteeg’s spot and put TT on the 3rd line with Bickell and Shaw”…wouldn’t “the simplest thing to do” be just to insert Teravainen into Versteeg’s spot on the second line with Kane and Richards? Keeping Sharp with Shaw and Bickell affords more balance, and “Bickell and Shaw aren’t the ideal linemates for TT”.

    Wall – “…seen 4 Hogs games… 2 in last two weeks or so… TT has been the best Forward on ice last two games, setting up guys with great passing”…(Thank you, Wall) seems like reason enough for the call-up AND to play with Kane & Richards/”Top Six”.

    Maybe TT brings some “energy” — looking forward to Sunday / GO HAWKS!!

  13. the BMO Harris center has one end which looks like a shopping mall. Lower level is a drinkers pen with loungers on the glass. Second level is a concourse with food vendors and a lot of restless foot traffic. Third level needs oxygen tanks, like the Stadium, looking straight down.

    That second level has a single row of chairs, where you can lean on a counter and look directly down onto a corner. And because of the bmo’s design, you are practically above the glass. Close, really close.

    During an OT, 4 on 4, lots of ice, TT made a play at top of the circle in my corner I can only describe as surreal. I’ve watched a ton of hockey since forever, and am used to how things kind of look. TT stole the puck, made his move to protect, and fed a seemingly blind pass to a pinching Ville Pokka on the other side of the rink. In stride, on the tape.
    It was so fast and fluid, and the pass so unexpected, I just recoiled and looked at my friend and we started laughing. I practically had spit coming from the corner of my mouth.

    TT’s game has steadily improved, many beautiful set-ups, but TJ Brennan is our leading scorer, nothing against TJ, who has been great, but forward scoring has been slim pickings lately. Pair TT with Sharp or, most pleasantly to consider, Kane. But sooner or later TT will stick. I have seen greatness rising.

  14. You missed an opportunity here icehogst”

    “TT stole the puck, made his move to protect, and fed a seemingly blind pass to a pinching Ville Pokka (insert) “at the dot!” (instead of) on the other side of the rink.”

  15. DD- At this point I’d be looking at the future while also trying to win now. That contract is an albatross. And with the cap not going up as much as expected (Canadian dollar down to .86 USD), and the Toews, Kane, Saad contracts kicking in someone is getting the boot. In my own world it would be trading Bickells contract for Saads new contract. Clendening’s stock in the organization isn’t where it was and I doubt he gains Q’s trust. I think the the playoff argument with Bickell is a weak one.

  16. DD – you’re right, one move is more “simple” than two moves. I guess I didn’t consider TT playing LW. I like the idea of TT playing with Kane.

  17. According to Scott Powers, Teravainen is expected to center a line with Shaw and Bickell. I’ll believe it when I see it. If he’s going to center that line, doesn’t that partially defeat the purpose of recalling him/sending him down to Rockford in the first place? It has been my understanding that Stan and company want him in the top 6. And they were going to groom him for being in the top 6 in Rockford. So why call him up now and put him on the third line? Instead of a Danault who is being groomed for that role.

  18. Mr. Dunn: Sharp will slot in for Versteeg, more likely than not. That leaves Teavo in a slot that Q generally demands “responsibility” in both zones. Thus, Ross (if he was healthy) is far better suited for that slot than Teavo. I hope Teavo becomes second coming of Kane, I just don’t see it at this juncture. We’ll see.

  19. Good to see Teuvo called up. The major strength of TT’s game is passing. I would like to see him lined up with finishers. 29 and 65 are not finishers. I would put TT with Sharp and Kane .

  20. Hawks1961 said ” I would like to see him lined up with finishers. 29 and 65 are not finishers.”

    Ha – finishers you say? Q will give you finishers – he’s got TT centering the 4th line between Carcillo and Smith! Yes, the two least offensively gifted forwards on the Hawks will be TT’s wings. WOW!

    Q’s overstuffed EGO on display? That’s my guess. Probably didn’t want TT to be the call up so he’s going to show Stan who is boss by making it impossible for TT to succeed. Hopefully my conpsiracy theory is nonsense and I’ll gladly eat crow if there is some sensible reason for doing this that I’m missing right now.

  21. Ernie – I don’t disagree with you about Bickell and his contract (I’ve suggested a few times that it’s difficult to understand demanding maximum effort from 17 skaters and accepting what 29 offers at least half of the games…and yes, we love him in the Cup run with Toews and the RW. Also, I suspect that Boston expects Lucic to play during the regular season in addition to the playoffs…) I wonder about the timing – since large changes are inevitable after this season, it seems Stan’s Plan is to take a last run at Stanley with this group (more or less)…just my take.

    Also, I’m one of those here who likes Saad, and sees quite a bit of upside (…I’ve seen him make plays not dependent on line mates) – maybe an elite power forward (Best case scenario?)? In my opinion, he’ll be more than an average third line wing…but, who knows?

  22. TT’s placement with 13 and 28 nullifies his strengths. I hope that is not the case ER. Speaking of 13, he is an improvement over 52 but his game seems to be stagnating(reverting back to mean). I would give 13 a seat on the pine and bring up 42.

  23. OK … not to be a complete schizo, but after letting this simmer for a bit, I’ve developed a different perspective, probably more plausible than my initial response for the reason Q would put TT on the 4th line between Carcillo and Smith.

    In a nutshell – “keeping the team”. Q would have a much better understanding of the team dynamic than I do. The moves of puting Sharp in Versteegs place on the 2nd line and moving Kruger up to 3C are most likely motivated by giving those players well deserved “promotions” which would be seen by “the team” as the right thing to do more than giving the “new guy” the plum position. Q’s job is to get the best out of the team rather than get the best out of any one individual player. My misguided perspective was that TT succeeding would in turn make the team better, and that is certainly true – but that didn’t take into consideration what inserting TT into a role above Sharp and Kruger may have done to team chemistry or camaraderie or as I called it earler – the team dynamic.

    So, I’ve doused the torch and put the pitchfork back in the barn and I’m getting back in line. I’ll trust Q is making the right moves to give this team the best chance to continue to win.

  24. Does the 10 game limit still apply for Teuvo? Like, if he passes 10 games this year, will it burn a year off his ELC? I know last year this was a problem but I’m not positive if it’s still the same for him?

    If this is the case, maybe skate him only 8/9 games to give him more experience and them send him back to the minors. This will definitely pay dividends during the cap crunches the next few summers.

    Don’t get me wrong, if he’s a big contributor, keep him up and win the cup at all costs.

  25. EbonyRaptor – “…puting Sharp in Versteegs place on the 2nd line and moving Kruger up to 3C are most likely motivated by giving those players well deserved “promotions” which would be seen by “the team” as the right thing to do more than giving the “new guy” the plum position” – good point (after I posted, I kinda thought “Whaddah-bout Sharp?)…and I would bet that’s probably what Q will do. Also, the other side of it – not wanting to “spoil” TT = get him taking anything (“plum position”) for granted.

    Since they’ve been playing pretty well lately with pretty much set lines, *I* would tend to try to keep things intact and just insert TT into Versteeg’s spot…but, I’m not the coach.

    “I’ll trust Q is making the right moves to give this team the best chance to continue to win.” — me too.(..but, it’s a little difficult remembering Q’s loyalty to Handzus last post season)

  26. Versteeg out for a month. We can’t put an essentially NHL untested 20 yr old in Versteegs place and expect miracles. Q will mix up the lines as he always does and TT will get his shot. It is up to TT to prove his mettle, simple as that, regardless of where he is placed. Ebony’s think through is likely correct. It is up to TT to earn the right with his fellow players and coach. I personally believe he is well motivated to play at a higher level because he is not thrilled with play in the AHL, and wants badly in the NHL. …and to dispell a myth, Q and Handzus did not cost us the Cup last year…Game 5 was the finest, most spectacular overtime ever in NHL history and it was Handzus that got the winning goal thereby denying LA a 4-1 series win. In Game 7 Leddy should have immediatly dropped his broken stick thereby drawing a penalty and Martinez would never have scored that goal. What if scenarios can go on forever but Q and our team,as it was, did their best. Still hurts though.

    Just hope TT is as good as the hype and fan expectation and does really well. If thats the case and we have yet another superstar then we will be formidable indeed!

  27. This means that the 29-16-65 line checking role. I like that it gives them a role and see how Bicks and Shawzer do with Krugs. We know Smitty and Krugs can do it well. Plus when Steeger comes back, Teravainen here for 2nd 40(games), you have a 10/23-86-28 line. For Teravainen needs to earn it and can easily switch with 16 at any point ingame.

    It is a good time to see how 16 does with those guys, given the timing of 23 4wk injury. When 10 got hurt for 4wk, that’s when we found the 23-91-88 line. You find things in these situations, sometimes.

    To think that we have two top6 type guys on the 3rd line (and a 29-16-65 checking 4th line) is pretty sick depth.

  28. TT’s skill set fits better with 10 and 88. I realize that won’t happen short term until Q gains some confidence in TT. Since TT will most likely not be playing with 10/88,I would move 10 up to 23’s slot. 29-16-65 seems like a pretty good checking line. My 4rth line would be TT centering 42 and 28. Plenty of speed on that line. TT will become the 2nd line center sooner than later. The organization is counting on it. I still believe he will be a star some day.

  29. Frolik Navidad asked “Does the 10 game limit still apply for Teuvo? Like, if he passes 10 games this year, will it burn a year off his ELC?” I believe the answer is “no, it no longer applies”. TT alread slid a year on his ELC and I’m pretty sure the clock started ticking at the start of the Icehogs season.

    Please someone, correct me if that is no correct.

  30. I would have to look and see when Teravainen signed his contract. It is possible for a player to slide 2 years but it depends on signing age. His NHL games played total would carry over from last year. But I’d be willing to bet that first year is burned. Because he is considered a European player, I’m unsure if that would effect anything. This is all a moot point if he plays 7 more games for the Hawks.

    The Hawks did use this loophole before with Pirri. Since he elected to go the college route he didn’t have that bogus CHL rule preventing him from being in th AHL. He played 4 full professional seasons on his 3 year entry level contract.

  31. You can tell by capgeek, if the caphit is in blue font, then the player is elc slide eligible. but capgeek has permanently ceased operations.

  32. I thought it was 10 games as a professional (NHL or AHL) that kicked in the 3-year ELC. TT played 3 games with the Hawks and 5 games with the Hogs last season – but obviously played more than enough to put him over the threshold this season.

  33. Only NHL games (82 and PO).

    He signed when he was 18 (a few wks before 19 birthday), so Teravainen could slide elc another year by playing 6 or less this season. If a player signs when there 19, they can only slide elc 1 year max.

    Like ERN said once he plays 7 games then theres no more elc slide.

  34. Mining Man…on the slight chance that this – “and to dispell a myth, Q and Handzus did not cost us the Cup last year…Game 5 was the finest, most spectacular overtime ever in NHL history and it was Handzus that got the winning goal thereby denying LA a 4-1 series win.” – is a response to my (…”Q’s loyalty to Handzus last post season”)comment, I don’t believe or ever claimed Q and Handzus singularly cost Chicago the Cup. However, you might honestly consider weighing that GWG against the fatigue factor playing mostly only 8 or 9 forwards during most of the post season and the overall ineffectiveness of Handzus (including hinderence to line mates?). The Hawks came so close, but who knows how it might have played-out if Q was able/willing to roll four lines at least most of the time? I do NOT claim to know if Regin, Morin, or whoever would have been more effective…and I’m certain Q went with the players he believed gave the Hawks the best chance to win, but, in hindsight maybe he was wrong? I know he’s earned respect and the benefit-of-the doubt, and I trust that if there was anything to be learned from the outcome, he has.

    As for Leddy dropping his stick – WHO KNOWS? It should have been a penalty, but (especially in the playoffs…and I really DO NOT get WHY there are different rules, or a different way of interpreting the rules in the post season) they call them, or not call them the way they do.

    I’m with you on TT…and I’m relatively certain he will be “a special player”.

  35. While I am enjoying a few weeks in Austrian Alps, sadly my net connection is slow. I have buffering issues with live streaming so watching games is not happening thus far. I can get WGN though via a radio feed which has been fun. Pity the guys left a point on the table against Caps. I have never been a big fan of these extravaganzas, but Bettman likes the league exposure. Conditions make the games kind of a crap shoot, where if its a pond game who cares. However, points mean something at the end of the day in the NHL. I hope the Hawks aren’t playing these for a few years.

    Sad to see Versteeg hurt, but very interested to see what TT can do. I think this kid knows he has to take defensive responsibility. He has said often he likes that aspect of the game. He can be a strong transitional player with his anticipatory skills. His greatest asset may be on the power play with Kaner. Those 2 guys can cause other teams fits because of how quickly they can move the puck tape to tape and get to open ice. It should be fun to watch as this develops over the next few weeks. Of all the young guys coming up through the system in recent years, TT looks like he has the goods to succeed at the NHL level.

    Mining Man, your comments regarding the so called ‘myth” surrounding last years heartbreaking loss to the Kings being placed at Q’s feet due to lineup decisions remains open to debate. It has been discussed at length and both sides make reasonable points. I agree wholeheartedly though with Dickie Dunn’s response. I can only add that a key no call went against the Hawks prior to the series winning goal. I am not sure what Leddy could have done. The play happened right in front of me at the UC. Williams slashed Leddy’s stick out of his hands. The play resulted in a turnover to the player that committed the foul. On all counts it’s a penalty, but it was let go. What was Leddy to do? It’s history now, but I was livid at the time that fucking Williams got away with that one. Hawks had plenty of chances to put those guys away in OT and didn’t get it done.

    So the Hawks have a lineup now that can challenge for the Cup. That’s all we can ask. Q skating 4 lines helped immensely during the recent run of wins. I think Joel learned from last year. If the Hawks can skate relatively healthy into playoffs we are likely to see them make a deep run. First half of the season has been very encouraging. The Jan-Feb stretch is always challenging for all teams. There will likely be some stinkers before the end of Feb. Hawks have a good mix. They haven;t forgotten the pain of a game 7 elimination loss at home, and that’s a strong motivator.

    Happy New Year everyone and

    Lets Go Hawks!

  36. icehogst says:
    January 3, 2015 at 12:33 pm
    Yo Joey Z. How distinguish between the two dots? What am I missing dammit.

    Pokka…….. ????

    Just my silly sense of humor, no offense intended ……..

  37. Morrison-cap geek had his signing age at age 19, but his signing date before he turned 19. That’s what threw me for a loop. Unless he lights the world on fire, I have a feeling he is back in Rockford. He was the youngest player in the 2012 draft. Ryan Hartman was born a week or 2 later and had to be a 2013 draft pick

  38. And holy crap, without capgeek what are we gonna do? Capgeek fueled so many fanstoked rumors. I hope the best for Matthew Wuest, the owner of capgeek who announced due to health issues capgeek has ceased operations. Get well soon Mr Wuest. You’re resource has been remarkably accurate and valuable to everyone following hockey.

  39. Allow me a little indulgence please – I’m going to put the cart before the horse.

    Let’s assume TT plays well enough to stay with the Hawks, not necessarilty PPG, but well enough to prove he belongs. And let’s assume the 20-19-81 and 10-91-88 are playing well enough that Q doesn’t want to break them up. And let’s assume the PK is still effective with 16-28 the top forwards on the PK unit. And let’s acknowledge Q’s insistence of having a Carcillo type player on the roster. And let’s recall that Bickell is the only size on the roster and has proven his worth in the playoffs.

    Now, I believe the Hawks are carrying only 7 d-men (2-4-5-7-27-32-34), so if the cap permits they could have 14 forwards (20-19-81-10-91-88-29-16-65-42-86-28-13-23) – so there isn’t a question of who gets sent down to Rockford when Versteeg comes back – the question is what will the bottom-6 will look like.

    My proposal is to put Versteeg with TT to give him a skill player to play with – regardless of whether TT is centering the 3rd or 4th line. How the rest of the bottom-6 is put together – I don’t know, but I like the idea of TT and Versteeg together.

  40. Thanks everyone for clearing it up for me.

    That’s a good question ER. The Hawks have plenty of options that’s for sure. Right now, Q isn’t too pleased with Carcillo’s play so he’ll be out for a little bit it seems.

    How bout these lines?
    23-65-29 (don’t love Shaw playing pivot but that’s a pretty good third line)
    42-16-42 (shut down checking line)

    Also, I am in the camp that is believing more and more in Rundblad. I believe down the stretch we should rest Rozy to keep him in better shape for the playoffs. Any word on TvR? I wouldn’t mind seeing him with 5 on the back end.

  41. Capgeek must go by the 9/15 date (in addition to the contract date and birthday date). That would make sense in why they have his age/old seasons where they have them. Which would mean he could only elc slide the one year. (I think)

    Teravainen was born 4 days later, hes a top5 pick in the ’13 draft. Regardless of when he is one of the 12 FW, this is a match made in Heaven that had to have all of those things happen for it.

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