Blackhawks Recall Viktor Svedberg

On Thursday morning, the Blackhawks announced today they have recalled defenseman Viktor Svedberg from Rockford and reassigned defenseman Ville Pokka to the IceHogs.

Pokka was still on the roster for Opening Night, and his name was called as the team skated onto the ice, but he was… absent on Wednesday night. Coach Joel Quenneville hinted at Svedberg being recalled in his comments after the Hawks fell 3-2 to the Rangers.

The Blackhawks also reassigned forward Corey Tropp from the Rockford IceHogs to the Albany Devils of the American Hockey League. Tropp was acquired in the trade sending Brandon Saad to Columbus.

25 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Viktor Svedberg

  1. Be interesting to see who he replaces. It’s either 5 or 6. Wouldn’t be totally shocked if it was 6 that came out.

  2. I think Svedberg will go in for Rundblad for the Islander game. TVR and Svedberg together is really inexperienced so I wonder if they will jostle all three pairs.

    I wonder what Svedberg’s nickname is. Sveds or Sveddy? “Sveddy” is reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live skit …

  3. Good tweet from Brian Hedger commenting With Svedberg up and Pokka down the Blackhawks now have about $1M in cap room … as long as Rozsival remains on LTIR.

  4. Ernie – the Isles have the most nasty 4th line in the NFL. They are praying Rundbland plays in their home/arena opener. Much more difficult feasting on Svedberg who doesn’t shit himself and jump every time he sees even a mild hit coming.

  5. Does Runblad have a 2 way contract I don’t think so but I was just wondering if that might be another option for the Hawks. He just never seems to be comfortable. I’d like to see TVR play with one of the big three.

  6. Stan and Q clearly have differing opinions on Rundblad. For some reason Stan seems something redeeming in his play, but Q just can’t stomach it.

    Heck Rundy played 18 + minutes last night and was not on the ice for the any goals against ( which Q has said is a threshold has a defenseman), yet he’s out.

    While I’m not defending Rundblad, his play is often very shaky, it’s just so obvious that he’s a Stan guy and not a Q guy.

  7. Craig, we don’t know for sure Runblad gets the short straw tomorrow … it was just me speculating. Could be TVR too. But knowing history, I’d guess Rundblad sits.

    On a bigger picture note, I’d guess they’ll give these bottom three guys (TvR, Rundblad, Svedberg) 10 games or so to show they can hack it. Can’t wait much longer than that for experiments, the conference is ultra competitive and points are at a premium. There’s a balancing act.

    Sometimes these things sort themselves out. Let’s hope it comes down to a hard decision. Although I think it’s unrealistic to basically blame every loss on the bottom defense guys. Daley and Keith were both running around a bit last night.

  8. He does not have a 2-way. He would need waivers to be sent down as well. With his salary and offensive production someone would pick him up. If someone didn’t he makes I think 1.05. So all but 100k would come off the cap if he were unclaimed and sent down.

  9. The Swedish pylon on ice. Lovely. Have to say I hate this completely unless he is very selectively going to see ice time.

  10. Agree with Rufus. Regarding Rundblad, Q ices the team. Not Stan. Here’s why Rundblad is still on the Hawks.

    He still has some value. While defensively he needs work his offense and salary would keep teams interested. He was a rfa last year. Because he had some value the Hawks didn’t want to just let him become a UFA so they tendered him a contract. Rundblad unlike a lot of RFA’s accepted the offer. Most RFAs decline and go to arbitration because the minimum tender is only slightly more than the previous contract. Since he is not waiver exempt they’re hesitant to lose him for nothing. It’s not that they like him a lot. They just think he has enough value to not want to lose him for nothing.

  11. Hof, good analysis. If Svedberg turns into a viable number 6 defenseman and Roszival is back around, say Thanksgiving and with Cumiskey waiting in the wings in Rockford, we might see a Jeremy Morin type deal in December in which Stan moves Rundblad to a team in need of right handed shot for very little return.

    Stan is smart enough to realize that with the Hawks up against the salary cap, he cannot have a 1 million dollar salary in the press box, whom the Coach simply won’t play.

  12. Any assessment made after only one is at best incomplete. All players have strengths and weaknesses and a very good top half of the d-corps with a poor bottom half doesn’t necessarily doom the Hawks but it does reduce the margin of error the team defense has to play well as a unit. But those are the cards we’re dealt and thus the mission to be accomplished – to play cohesively enough as a group to overcome individual player weaknesses. I don’t think Svedberg will change the overall effectiveness of d-corps. The only hope to overcome that deficiency is play good defense as a 5-man unit. The Hawks have shown they are very good at that. However, there are new forwards that have to (1) understand their role, and (2) execute effectively. If the forwards play well defensively, then the deficiencies of the bottom group of d-men can be mitigated to a large degree.

    The result of playing a defense-first style, not unlike the way they have played over the past few seasons that saw them win the Jennings twice, is that 5-on-5 scoring will probably be less than it could be otherwise. Which makes scoring on the PP crucial for the Hawks success. The PP has been only so-so for several years now, but there is reason to be optimistic it can and will be better, possibly much better. With the addition of TT, Panarin and Daley, the Hawks have 3 new weapons that can make a huge difference in PP efficiency. And, they will probably have to so long as the Hawks have to favor the defensive side of the ice.

  13. Thanks ER, makes total sense. That’s why we’re fortunate to have Q as coach and his emphasis on the 200 ft game.

  14. Next 4 games (3 on the road) will tell you a lot about how this defense thing turns out. If the Hawks get 5 points out of these first five games, expect this rotation thing to continue. If the wheels fall off, then a flurry of activity is coming.

    On another note, Hogs (with Marko Dano) open in San Jose tonite. Praying he gets off to a good start so the Kyle Baun experiment can be over

  15. ER- speaking of PP…

    that 2nd unit is SO much better at moving the puck and attacking the PK versus 1st unit…. weakness of 2nd Unit appears to be entry…

    But I think TT/81/72 are the “Real” 1st unit PP-imo- looked much better in limited PP time 1st game

  16. Couple lineup thoughts:

    Blue Line – if Svedberg is going to dress, mix up the pairs. Let Hjalmarsson skate w/ Daley, Keith w/ TvR & Seabrook babysit Svedberg. Put Daley w/ someone who communicates so he can get comfortable. The drawback of skating almost all kids in every preseason game is now the lineup needs to figure out who does what w/ who…

    Forwards – get Garbutt on the ice more, Bickell on the bench more. I liked aspects of Shaw’s game but he freelanced too much on Wednesday night (because nobody came w/ him). I’d like to see Garbutt w/ Shaw. Lots of snarl there.

    PP – I agree w/ wall’s comment that the TT-Hossa-Panarin PP unit looked good. Interesting that they opted for 2 & 7 on the back end of the primary PP unit on Opening Night. Unfortunately, only one power play vs the Rangers so sample size far too small to comment too much, but i thought the first unit did a nice job of moving the puck. Just – as always – need to get it to the net more frequently.

  17. If Bar gut can keep his head about things and play as he should, he might win me over to some degree. But him wearing 28 does not agree with me at all

  18. Tab- agree on your Blue line…
    2/TvR skated together a few times last year… and looked good
    also- like hiding Daley w/ Best defender 4… 6 can be the “O”/ and 4 can be the “D”

    same with 7 (can be the pinching “O” agressive d-man.. Svedberg- leans back to the D side of the ice (cheats back- so he doesn’t get burned)

    Observations of watching other games last nite…
    WOW- Wild/Avs was a track meet
    Preds- will be very good
    Bolts- 3 on 3- will win almost every time!!! Still fastest team in league… scary,
    I love Kucherov- he is going to be very rich soon

    I wish Fabbri was picked instead of Schmaltz… in 2014
    Very similar in size and talent… BUT- Fabbri plays like his hair is on fire…
    Schmaltz- kind of drifts like Bickell (with skills)… Hope I am really wrong on this one… BUT- I really think Fabbri will be much better than Schmaltz

  19. Like the blue line combos, Tab. Would like to see the bottom two lines look like this:


  20. Tikhonov skated w/ the third line during the morning skate on Friday fwiw. Baun/Garbutt w/ 4th.

    I wouldn’t mind giving Tikhonov some run to see what he’s got. Roll Garbutt-Shaw-Tikhonov and Desjardins-Kruger-Baun

  21. Great shout out RD about the sacrilegious use of Larm’s hallowed number 28. Garbutt experiment will be interesting to watch. He was a loose cannon with Dallas and of course known to take, how do we say “liberties”?? The rules within the rules. Q won’t tolerate that, but Garbutt brings some definite sand paper to his game and will benefit the Hawks if he plays on right side of that edge.

    Lets Go Hawks!

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