Blackhawks Recall Vince Hinostroza

On Friday afternoon, the Blackhawks recalled forward Vincent Hinostroza from the IceHogs and assigned forward Kyle Baun to Rockford.

Hinostroza, 21, was drafted by the Blackhawks in the sixth round (169th overall) in the 2012 NHL Draft. He spent two years at Notre Dame before signing with Chicago last spring, appearing in five games with the IceHogs. He has one assist in two AHL contests this season.

28 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Vince Hinostroza

  1. He has an offensive flair to his game. Is he defensively responsible? Q has a short leash as we well know. We ll find out soon enough. Savoi Faire, Italian version?

  2. Does VH play left wing ? What are his strengths and what does need to improve upon ? I don’t know so would appreciate the info .


  3. I thought he played very well (what I saw) during the pre-season…good with the puck in traffic. Will C the third line?

  4. Meanwhile, Dano, a proven NHL scorer (who also makes less than $1m wiseguy), rots in the AHL while we struggle to score.

  5. Yeah sure What’s. Rots in the AHL … he’s played two games. Get a grip.

    What is the matter with some of you people, have you never heard of developing players? My God.

  6. It’s been a sloppy start if the year for the hawks. Van Riemsdyk has been their best performer on D and that’s a problem. Keith and Seabrook are playing preseason type of games.
    I feel that’s where the team is suffering. The D are way behind in their game level and that kind of exposes the whole deal.

    I’m not really surprised about this start of a season.I do feel, though, that it’s kind of pointless going with basically 3 lines in every game and wasting Teravainen in that position. With that in mind this Hinostroza move is a good sign. It frees Teravainen on to the wing and that gives you more offensive ice time. Which creates momentum. Dano shouldn’t be way behind.

    And I’m still waiting for Coach Q to put Anisimov-Panarin on the 3rd line. Maybe with Tikhonov. Give Panarin more freedom and 2 guys who can attack the front net. This should also activate Anisimov, who’s a playmaker, instead of having him be a front net presence on every shift. Make it every other shift.

    So many situations and combinations the Hawks have to go trough. That takes time. growing pains. When the D steps up these tweaks should be more effective. Until then they’ll go around .500.

  7. If hinostroza plays, and plays center. It lets Teuvo play the top line. Puts Shaw on wing. And maybe Bickell sits and Garbutt plays on that 3rd line

  8. Ernie – i don’t see it as a given. Teravainen might play wing for Hinostroza, he might play with Kane and Panarin goes with Toews. The point is it gives them options.
    The problem is that if you don’t give Hinostroza a top wing that line will not play a lot and you kind of expose the youngster. I mean… Teravainen who’s way ahead in his development couldn’t do much as a 3 C with little besides him.

    I would love to see a Teravainen-Hinostroza-Kane line. I think that would be fun, but it might be too much of a reach and who’s taking the face-offs there ?

  9. Dum dum, the Panarin-Anisimov-Kane line has been the most effective. Why would you bump 2/3 of the line down to play with Tikhonov?

    You could also say you’re bumping Kane from that line. It’s the same. Where do you put 88 in your scenario?

  10. If you want to make wholesale changes that I don’t think are necessary. You could have a Russian 3rd line. Then have a smattering of Toews, Kane,Hossa,Teravainen, Shaw and Hinostroza as top 6.

    I don’t think you blow up the second line to solve other problems.

  11. You have to bring players up to see if they can do the job at the NHL level. You can’t let them rot in the minors, we have too much invested in them to not let them have a shot up here.

    That being said, we need a third line center. This is the time of year to bring up a young guy and see if he can contribute and give this team a spark.

    I don’t always agree with HOF, but SB and Q need to develop the young talent and see if they can play at the NHL level. Let’s not lose our focus, here.

  12. I think the 3c issue would have been resolved had Danault not been hurt. Could have bumped Kruger up, or plugged Danault there. One name we don’t hear or talk about a lot is McNeil. Wonder if he ever gets his chance.

  13. Ernie – because there’s to much skill on that 2nd line, while on the 3rd line there’s isn’t much. So you spread the wealth.

    Of course, if Hinostroza plays the problem is solved, in theory, by putting Teravainen at wing on his line.

  14. It is very young in the season, Guys from Rockford will get their chances, guys get hurt, are ineffective, etc. With this Vinny H. move they tipped their hand they’re not happy with their 3rd line center, plus they wanted to get Baun playing instead of being the 13th forward. So it makes sense.

    I’m a great one for preaching patience but it falls on deaf ears on this board with the “I want it NOW” crowd so I’ll try to back off it …

  15. Its good to share the correct attitude to those who lack faith.

    For the time being, Lets go now. Get out there and stick em.

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