18 thoughts on “Blackhawks Release Lineup For Second Preseason Game

  1. Hope to see Lankineen in goal to start the game..Holm, Johnson ,Wedin , Carlson ,Fortin ,Entwhistle ..are the guys i really would like to look at.
    Fortin need to show what he can do Now ….or Rockford for ever .

  2. Tweet from Charlie Roomiroomilitus (or whatever his name is)

    #Blackhawks game-players lines and pairings:



  3. Neither Boqvist or Nylander playing tonight but I doubt either one has secured an opening night roster spot (yet).

    With deHaan practicing with the team for the first time today it’s a good sign he could be ready for the start of the season – which probably means Boqvist starts in Rockford unless he absolutely blows away the competition in the preseason games.

    I’d rather have deHaan ready to go on opening day than Boqvist in the lineup because I think Boqvist has a lot to prove defensively and he should do that in Rockford. We all know he’s already NHL ready from an offensive standpoint – but he needs to show it consistently in the d-zone against grown men.

  4. Interesting Shaw with Stome and Debrincat tonight. Saad with Toews and Kane in not playing tonight roster scrimmage. Speculated as tomorrow nights lineup. May change and mean nothing too.

  5. It would be interesting to see Strome playing without Debrincat and see how he does. I am not saying Debrincat is carrying him, but Debrincat has shown he will score playing with anyone. I don’t know if Strome is the same. I know an exhibition game is a very small sample but I think how big/long a contract Strome should get is still an open question. I like Strome, but to get the big bucks you really should be a guy who can drive production on most any line and in Strome’s case that is uncertain.

  6. If those lineups hold for tonight and tomorrow night, last nights top line of Nylander, Kampf, Saarela wouldn’t play and could be the possible top line Saturday again. Dach return could change that too.

  7. Wonder if looking at something like
    20 19 88
    12 17 65

    For top 2 lines to start year to see. Take advantage of 77 and 92 chemistry they showed together in rookie camp earlier on for a 3rd line. Kampf and Saarela getting first look as a fit at C/W with others earning a shot too.
    Perlini almost sounds like he wants to test waiver wire for another chance somewhere else.
    If Boqvist looks ready wouldn’t be surprised to see a dman moved early in the year to make room to call him up, not necessarily Gus either.

  8. Ian – which bubble guys have to pass through waivers (Dahlstrom, Koekok, Perlini, Saarela, Sikura, etc.) to be sent to Rockford?

  9. Ms, Saarela, Nylander, Kubalik, Wedin exempt for year, Sikura has 54 games left. Perlini, Quenneville, Kampf, Carpenter, Dahlstrom, Koekkoek, Holm all need to clear waivers.

  10. Ian – saw those lines as well and think this is likely JC’s first try at lines 1 and 2 and I like it


    I think Boq should play in RKF until Gus is traded – who else would you trade from the D starting 6?

    Plus Boq has to show if he can play his game vs men before the Hawks pull the trigger on a Gus trade IMO

  11. Wrap if only one of even, Holm, Dahlstrom and Koekkoek passed through waivers, 2 will likely be exposed anyways then maybe go with a 2 56 44 27 pairings and 5, 6, 7 round out the D. With injuries likely all 3 get lots of playing time with callup depth in Rfd. Could move whoever made most sense, drew interest type of thing if a couple or all 3 clear of others.

  12. I would think everyone will play 2 games or more and more of the yonger guys because of way sch is for these pre season games because of europe rules games. Then when were passed pre season games the established players will get game for same thing. Who ever is playing game 1 2 3 4 5 and on might not be in game 12 13 14 15 and on. Thats what our guys said.

    That way everyone gets a fair shot at playing, more often. No matter who makes 23man roster, others will be playing at some point and some on 23man at game 1 might not be on roster after first 20 games. With basically everyone staying, just not where they started and overall just being that deep.

    Keep the guys that need it, developing. Then when ready ready and they will take over spot or share spot.

  13. ER, think same BoQ would be good to devleop in Rockford, though 2 or so games in first 5 games would be good for that.

    Ian, Coliton said he was trying things. Also said was going to go with multiple options and roles. So 19 88 and those guys on different lines I think we see both. As I expect many guys play and options to boot.

  14. Jordy, think same, though I think cant go by Anything in these scrimmages. It has to be regular season games and not the first 5 and for enough.

  15. Thats why I think 27 should get games, ready or not. Then go Rockford and get that valuable experience playing top min. Then do a Hammer for the 2nd 40 games.

  16. First game was a success by ‘playing’ standards. The second game is a garbage disposal. 4 more to get up to speed and in mayhem.

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