Blackhawks RFA Update: Rasmussen Receives Offer, Carey Does Not

According to ESPN Chicago’s Scott Powers, the Blackhawks submitted a qualifying offer to restricted free-agent forward Dennis Rasmussen, but did not submit one for forward Matt Carey, according to sources.

Rasmussen, who turns 25 on Friday, signed as a free agent with the Blackhawks on June 10, 2014 and was briefly recalled when Kris Versteeg was placed on LTIR.

7 thoughts on “Blackhawks RFA Update: Rasmussen Receives Offer, Carey Does Not

  1. I like Rasmussen, I thought he was impressive when I saw him at the rookie camp, it wouldn’t shock me to see him on the big club this season. I know he has underwhelmed in RFD

  2. SSHM- Moose and Olofsson were both better than average skaters in Camp…
    that stood out- and had decent size- Hayden as well

    I really think Olofsson- can make the team in next 3-5 years- really progressed well this year.

  3. Agreed on Olofsson. I saw him play when the Steel came to my home rink in Muskegon last year. He’s an impressive player for his age. Good size and can skate.

  4. Speaking of Muskegon…what happened to Iacopelli last year? He had a monster draft year and underwhelmed last year.

  5. Pretty sure Iacopelli is heading to Western Michigan Univ. in a couple months, we’ll see how he develops. I can’t see him spending more than 2 years in college if he progresses, he’s already 21.

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