Blackhawks Roster For Boston Released

Based on the Hawks’ morning skate, the following appear to be the lines for the Blackhawks’ game in Boston.

Brandon Saad – David Kampf – Ryan Hartman
Lance Bouma – Vinnie Hinostroza – Tomas Jurco
Alex DeBrincat – Tanner Kero – John Hayden
Tommy Wingels – Laurent Dauphin – Jordin Tootoo

The following defensemen will are on the roster for the trip: Connor Murphy, Cody Franson, Gustav Forsling, Viktor Svedberg, Jan Rutta, Ville Pokka, Erik Gustafsson and Jordan Oesterle. Svedberg was placed on waiver by the Blackhawks on Sunday.

Corey Crawford and Collin Delia are the listed goaltenders.

30 thoughts on “Blackhawks Roster For Boston Released

  1. Saad/Kampf/Hartman line… could be a decent combo… IF it clicks…
    you have potential



    4th- Hayden or Wingels/AA/Hino or Flipper

    And- real possibility of SB trading AA… for other pieces and OR

    Hossa cap space/player

    Serious- scoring depth in this line-up,,, and Tons of match-up issues for other teams…

    1st/3rd/4th lines – could ALL be shut-down lines on any nite- cuz I think any of
    AA/19/64 can be used in that role at Center

  2. I wonder if the Hawks will send another 10 or so guys packing after this game since there will only be 2 preseason games left.

  3. I like the lineup for a preseason road game, especially with 2 preseason games remaining for the big shooters to get into a groove. We know what 19, 88, 10, 2 and 7 can do – let’s see more of the young guys audition for those 1 or 2 spots available.

  4. Hayden, Hinostroza, Jurco & Dauphin (in that order) are far, far better options and players than Wingels, Bouma & Tootoo. Who cares about one-way contracts? No one is going to claim any of those three players, and if they do, so what? Whoopee? Who cares? None of their salaries will count against the salary cap.

    It’s not like Bowman traded draft picks for any of those three guys like he did for Rundblad, keeping him hanging around in perpetuity. Anyone of those three making the roster is a disservice to the team and the better, younger deserving players.

  5. Iceman- I would add Kampf to the first bunch of guys… (better options)

    he might need a little “North American/game learning”… but kid Has IQ/skating/length going for him… seems like one of best PK options too!!!

  6. Kind of hope #15 does not get dealt. He gets to the net. As many guys as can do that I’m all for it.

    Looking really obvious that the PP and PK are going to be huge this year. With the new emphasis on increased slashing penalties, the special teams are going to be in play more.

    Wonder if the other leagues like AHL are adopting the same policies with regard to how penalties are called?

  7. Would have liked to see Fortin get a longer look but oh well. This lineup is pretty meh in my opinion. Still waiting on Jurco to start looking like a top 9 forward. This should be a good chance for him.

  8. With the emergence of Schmaltz as a our second line centre and with AA playing third line center we finally have the luxury of some real centre depth and you can imagine the matchup issues that will cause for other teams. 3 strong SCORING centers / lines that were perhaps not imagined before pre-season started. Yes , there are perhaps other pieces missing that AA could help fill but in my opinion this forward lineup is better served with AA as your 3rd line centre ( hopefully with Sharp and Hartman on his wings ) and will be harder to play and match up against than other options. I personally hope he doesn`t get traded now. He looks pretty good out there and will match up better now which is a competitive advantage for us. Unless you got a huge haul for him I wouldn`t trade him. Imagine Kero and Dauphin as your 3rd and fourth line centers. We`d be a lot weaker down the middle……..

  9. Wall, that is some balanced lines there. Like what I am reading about Kampf.

    Keep 15, he is the kind of player that would be a really good add at deadline, we already have.

  10. I agree, out with BOUMA, WINGELS, TOOTOO and I would throw out RUTTA, FORSLING, FRANSON and KEMPNY as well. RETIRE ROZY… trade for SHEO THEODORE…Get TVR back ????

    Or fire our GM and Scouting team who have not drafted an NHL DMAN since NIK HAMMER, or a winger since SAAD???

  11. Rozy retires….stuck with hit. LTIR from his injuries…no hit. Either way…no ice. We good?

    How the hell do you think you can trade for the only young marketable player Vegas has? Did you chew the varnish off your crib? How’s Jurco looking BTW?

  12. Forsling was really bad vs. B’s… really bad!!!

    I liked Kampf/Kero/Ruuta

    Flipper- skates hard… but he got rag dolled a few times… he is almost sure to go to IR playing like he has versus big boys… needs some more AHL and weights

  13. I think the Forsling strip and score pretty much sealed his fate. Gustaffson seemed adamant In the Tribune, he does not want to go back to Rockford. But at this point, I don’t see how he makes it over Oesterle.

    I am also assuming, Franson is on the team. You can’t have Keith-Seabrook and 5 guys with limited experience. The question to me is do they keep Pokka as number 8 ?

  14. Seabrook, Murphy and Franson will be the right side starters and Rutta gets his ice time in Rockford to start likely until one of them goes down or he plays his way unto a spot. Franson is a 3rd pair guy who can give limited minutes and some PP time, slow skater abd doesn’t factor on the PK. Pokka may be around or moved.
    The left side looks thin you got Keith and Kempny who so far has looked more like 3rd pair than 2nd and behind him Forsling, Gus and Oesterle don’t look like regulars. However they may each get a chance to step up once the season starts before anybody else brought in. Snuggerrud is dark horse but may need time to adapt his defense before he plays fulltime.

  15. I am pretty sure the Hawks drafted Hayden, Hinostroza, Hartman, and Dauphin as well as others after Saad. Not so easy to draft when you always have low or lowest pick. Jurco gotta go.

  16. Jax if Rutta can be a 3rd pair with Franson if one of them playing on the leftside then great. But if both have to play right then a committment seems made to Franson to be no.3 So playing regularly in Rockford is probably more beneficial than being a scratch in Chicago.

  17. Franson could not stick with Buffalo nor Toronto? And we hope for him to fill the void of ODUYA or CAMPBELL. Our Defense is worse than last year.
    The problem was no scoring on the 3rd and 4th line…
    All these PTO or Euro signings (except PAnarin and Neimi ) have been busts. I would bite the bullet and let POKKA and GUSTAFSON play as number 5 and 6 on D… This way we can properly see how our scouts and Bowman have performed drafting or trading for dmen….I think Snuggerud has potential and I thought Dalhstrom as well.
    VEGAS has some interesting dmen that might be available.

  18. Thinking about Vegas for awhile, MacPhee said yesterday that he did want move a dman before the season which doesn’t work for Blackhawks unless they move AA for one, Garrison be interesting. But if they do that why not move AA in 1st place and keep Hammer. Maybe move another after season starts if we need to do it.

  19. Franson was traded from Toronto to Nashville as a deadline deal as Toronto was rebuilding. It wasnt that he didnt stick…it was Toronto getting assets

    The assets were Brendan Leipsic, a 1st round pick. The pick was flipped for more picks to take Travis McDermott and Jeremy Bracco.

    Ironically the Bracco pick was once owned by the Hawks and was traded to Philadelphia in the Timonen deal.

    So a rental of Franson and Santorelli for Brendan Leipsic, Travis McDermott, and Jeremy Bracco.

  20. Like PANIK and therefore JURCO needs 20 games staright on the 3rd line to get a real chance to produce…Then we can speak about DEBRINK!

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