Blackhawks Roster Set For Preseason Opener

The preliminary roster for the Blackhawks’ preseason opener is out, and it’s highlighted by both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

On the blue line, new alternate captain Brent Seabrook leads a group that will include new addition Trevor Daley and David Rundblad. Veterans Jan Hejda and Lubomir Visnovsky are expected to play; they are both on PTO contracts with the Hawks. Viktor Svedberg is the sixth defenseman listed for tonight’s contest.

Scott Darling and Mark Visentin will be the two goaltenders.

Up front, Marian Hossa and Teuvo Teravainen will join Toews and Kane in a sea of new faces. Artem Anisimov, Ryan Garbutt, Daniel Paille, Marko Dano and Ryan Haggerty are all new to the organization, while Andrew Desjardins, Kyle Baun and Dennis Rasmussen saw action with the Hawks previously.

Here are the lines from the morning skate:


Anisimov and Dano were acquired in the trade sending Brandon Saad to Columbus this summer. Dano has spent time on the top line with Toews and Hossa and has looked fantastic in scrimmages.

Garbutt, with Daley, came over in the deal that sent Patrick Sharp and Stephen Johns to Dallas.

Paille, like Hejda and Visnovsky, is on a PTO contract.

18 thoughts on “Blackhawks Roster Set For Preseason Opener

  1. A shame Panarin is little banged up, was looking forward to seeing him, since he is a complete wildcard.

    Wonder if Mark Visentin will get the start, he should be a good one. Releasing him was an odd decision for Phx.

  2. It is a shame I will be out of town for the next few weeks. Normally, pre season games for me at the UC are just an exercise in getting my eyes re-acclimated to watching fast paced NHL hockey. This year though with sooo many new players, there is clearly something extra to evaluate with the new guys as well some of the line combos that will get thrown out there. I will be watching this space for some insights from you guys about what has been going on. It’s going to be an interesting year for everyone connected with the Hawks organization as the team is coming off a Cup winner, the big changes on the ice, and of course storm cloud Kane. Bring it on.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  3. I’m counting down the hours … for the start of a preseason game … and I don’t care how pathetic that is.

    Go Hawks ! ! ! !

  4. Our lineup is going to look really interesting this year with all of the new faces. I am really excited to see the team that takes the ice on October 7th.
    If the mid shows heart and has a high compete level, I can see Panarin filling the void ole streaky Sharp left behind. Looks like Dano is fitting in on the top line as well!

  5. Quenneville saying a bunch of cuts will happen early this weekend. Rockford’s training camp starts on Saturday.

  6. In Southbend, Lubomir Visnovsky showed some SLICK hands at the blue line. The guy can make serious plays and make things happen.

  7. ^ With Visnovsky I think it all comes down to how much he’s got left in the tank at age 39 and how is his body holding up. No doubt he’s always had the skills.

    Too early to talk about guys making or not making the team, but part of it will come down to whether they carry 7 or 8 defensemen and similarly 13 or 14 forwards. And of course salary cap issues. This is always a fun time of year to see how they piece things together.

    We also have to remember these PTO guys are auditioning for other teams too by their play in training camp. There are usually tons of scouts at these exhibition games and as camp progresses needs become clearer.

    And there are always a few trades across the league toward the end of camp.

  8. Nice to be reading about real hockey and not Grand Jury schedules!

    Tab, Hof or others – What is your take on the Hawks assessment of Mark McNeill? I am probably reading too much into the roster for the first exhibition but I think it is a bit of a statement when Haggerty and Baun dress ahead of a former first round pick who seems to have done all that the organization has asked of him. Last year he was sent down from camp before Danault and he was never called up during the year. Has there ever been any talk (or whispers) that the Hawks have soured on the guy? I have never seen the guy play so I have no opinion on his future but it just seems odd the way they have treated him over the last year.

  9. MS – great question re: McNeil. IMO, there’s no question the investments the Blackhawks have made over the last 10 months in college free agents and European players indicates the organization doesn’t feel there are many long-term NHL roster players at the top of the depth chart in Rockford; if they felt McNeil was going to be part of the 2015-16 roster, why spend money on Tikhonov or Baun? It’s also telling who gets invited to Chicago when there’s an opportunity, whether it be by injury or as a black ace for the postseason. Unfortunately for McNeil, he’s been absent from those lists.

    I think McNeil has a future in the NHL, but I’m not sold on the idea it’s in Chicago. He may be a player on the move sooner than later.

  10. MS, I thought from June on the Blackhawks would trade McNeill sometime before the season starts. Obviously it hasn’t happened yet and may not. I think he’s entering the last year of his entry level deal so that factors in as well – he’ll get a little more expensive next year and they traded Clendening for much the same reason.

    I have no insight as to whether the organization has soured on McNeill or not. The only thing i do know is Ted Dent and the Rockford coaching staff wanted him to improve his consistency, i.e. bring it every night. In his defense, McNeill did have the injury bug following him around last year.

    I don’t know what else another year in Rockford will do for MM so (just my guess) I would not be surprised to see him dealt toward the end of camp.

  11. It’s hard to believe that 2, 4, and 7 have had time to refill the tanks after the very short summer. I wish Q would just tell those 3 not to show up until first of November.

  12. MS- I never was a fan of McNeill (and always hated Cden)… but watched him play several games for Hogs last year… he actually played better than I thought he would… one of few Hog prospects with hands/shot/ skated quicker than I thought…

    But at end of day- don’t see him making Hawks any higher than a bottom 6 guy….
    And drafted as “power guy”… is laughable- listed at 6’1 or 2″… much closer to 5’11 -imo

    Hof- is right- I can see this guy being traded…
    Not a power guy- and Baun, Hartman, Motte, Danault, can “play” the bottom 6 better than him…

    Olofsson and Hino- are only chances of current non-Hawk prospects that can maybe crack top 6 in near future ( I have doubts about Schmaltz)….

    I do like Motte

  13. One thing about McNeill that is probably part of the equation and hence a tell as to how the Hawks view him is that he is in the 3rd and last year of his ELC and he still hasn’t so much as a cup of coffee with the big club. After this season the Hawks have to make a decision on whether or not to re-sign him or essentially cut bait and move on. It’s been an unusual situation and things like not even bringing him up as a black ace after the Icehogs season ended seems like they almost went out of their way to disrespect him. Are they playing mind games with him in an attempt to spur him to play better and more consistently? I get the feeling there’s some underlying thing about McNeill that bothers the Hawks brass but then why haven’t they traded him and recouped something for that 1st round draft pick. The evidence isn’t making sense.

  14. ER – I completely agree with your comments – it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Maybe he hasn’t been moved yet since they don’t want to acknowledge a weak pick in the middle of the first round. It sure seems like he is not in the Hawks future plans. Let’s hope we do better with one of the college guys (Taggerty, Baun or Kero).

  15. Visnovsky become a target last playoffs for the Capitals. They went after him with bad intentions and finally they concussed him after a huge/kind of dirty Hit.
    He might be a down the road option, someone you get later in the season as an insurance/”better him that Rundblad” option.

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