Blackhawks Select Adam Boqvist

With the eighth overall selection in the 2018 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks select defensemen Adam Boqvist.

Adam Boqvist
DOB: 08/15/2000
Shoots: Right
6-0, 165

Ranked #9 by McKeen’s Hockey
Ranked #10 by TSN/McKenzie
Ranked #2 by NHL Central Scouting (EU Skaters)
Ranked #7 by Corey Pronman (The Athletic)
Ranked #11 by
Ranked #7 by Future Considerations
Ranked #9 by ISS Hockey

Pronman scouting report from The Athletic:

  • Skating: 55
  • Puck Skills: 65
  • Physical Game: 35
  • Hockey sense: 65

“Boqvist started off his draft season with one of the best Ivan Hlinka performances I’ve seen from a defenseman. He struggled at times at the pro level, but did quite well versus his peer group and projects very well due to his high-end skill set. His hands and IQ all get very high grades. He’s very skilled and creative with the puck, on top of displaying top-level, if not elite, vision. He also has great offensive instincts and knows how to jump into the attack and create chances. Boqvist made some of the best passes and most creative plays I saw from any prospect at any level this season. What I love about him is his attacking mindset. He’s always looking to jump up and make a play, looking for opportunities and wants to make a difference in the game. He attacks like a soccer player who will use one touch passes as a way to open seams to get a through pass. Boqvist skates well with the ability to lead a rush and he closes his gaps well defensively, but his skating isn’t as much of a standout trait as his brain. His shot from the point is quite good as well and he’s very skilled at getting it through traffic, showing high shot generation numbers everywhere he goes. On defense, he’s small and not that physical. I’ve seen him make stops effectively versus players his age — not at an elite level, but more than passable. Versus men he’s struggled to win battles as a small, slight player.

Sweden’s U18 coach Torgny Bendelin said: “I like his skills. I like his attitude. He’s very calm. His playing sense is very, very high.”

Scouting report from

“A dynamic offensive defenceman that can carry plays with the puck on his stick. A highly mobile and nimble skater that moves with fluidity, balance, and confidence. Utilizes an active stick and creates turnovers frequently. Could be more proactive in his own end, but has shown progression in understanding lanes and reading unfolding plays; most of his best defensive work comes through the neutral zone, as there is a lot less time and space to work with, and it is in those moments that Boqvist shines.

Offensively, Boqvist is electric; he has the toolbox of a top line forward. Slick puckhandling ability paired with excellent vision and positional awareness makes him a dangerous threat every time he is on the ice. He also takes advantage of the attention and bodies he draws towards himself in creating space for teammates. All-in-all, Adam Boqvist is a complete offensive defenseman who knows how to get the puck from point A to the back of the net, and can make it happen all by himself.” (Curtis Joe, EP 2017)

33 thoughts on “Blackhawks Select Adam Boqvist

  1. Surprised as heck by the pick. That being said congrats to the kid. Fast small and skilled. Another right handed dman.
    Sportsnet can was saying they were going with a dman no matter what. Boqvist, Bouchard and Dobson were on there radar also.

  2. Can somebody please explain to me why, why, why did we not take Dobson??!!!! Argggghhhhh!!!!

  3. We picked him over those other guys for a reason. That’s who we want/think will be better or fits our system/league style better.

    Whats up with Kellys face on that.

  4. First, he’s 17.

    Second, the Hawks have 15 defensemen signed for next season right now.

    Third, he has a tremendously high ceiling. And gives the Blackhawks three potentially special right-handed defensemen (Jokiharju, Mitchell & Boqvist).

  5. When Detroit took Zadina I was getting my hopes up for Hughes … and then Vancouver came along and snatched him up. It reminded me how much I hate Vancouver.

    But … moving on … I’m OK with picking Boqvist. I would have preferred Dobson or Bouchard over Boqvist but after Dahlin and Hughes any of those three could end up the best of the three. I think Boqvist is the better skater between the three but he’s probably also the least ready to step into the NHL.

    Bottom line – I’m stoked with the Hawks getting a top-10 pick and I’m looking forward to #27.

  6. All picks are a gamble but this seems to be way out there. Passing on a dman in Dobson ranked as high as 4th for a smaller dman ranked as low as 12th takes guts if nothing else.

    Sounds like he has tons of skill and at 17 he may still grow an inch or two. Wishing him all the best!

    He is two perhaps three years away at best. I personally doubt Bowman will be around by the time he is a regular in the Hawk lineup.

  7. I have mixed emotions on the pick. On the plus side he is an outstanding skater which I believe is critical in today’s game. Given his size and age it will be at least two years before we see him The Hawks have been consistent with early round picks to look for high end skill regardless of size. That being said it feels like we are trying to corner the market on small d-men.

  8. One takeaway from the Boqvist pick is that they took a player that (most likely) isn’t going to play for the Hawks for a year of two or three – so does that say the Hawks are more in a rebuild mode than they’re willing to admit? I think a lot of people thought the Hawks would try to get a player at #8 that can step into the lineup next season in order to maximize the last years of their aging core. Now maybe they still do something in free agency or via trade but it looks more like they’re building their d-corps for the future rather than the present.

  9. Totally disappointed with both picks. I think it’s telling that first thing analysts said on both is that they expected them to be available later (translation: they don’t see it). We could have had Dobson, Wahlstrom, Bouchard, Veleno, etc, etc and we end up with two more smurfs.

  10. 165 lbs

    couple of concussions


    couple of years away

    what’s not to like…. easy to pass on Wahlstrom- please tell me I am dreaming

  11. I’m with Wall. I was praying Wahlstrom would drop to us, and elated when he did. The Hawks really needed a big, strong power forward with skill. The Boqvist pick is a big, big gamble. Something tells me Stan, Q, or even both won’t be in Chicago when and if ever this kid is ready to make the jump.

  12. I remember a couple years ago I looked at teams like Carolina and Philadelphia and one or two others and thought they were really stockpiling a stable of good young d-men and now it’s paying off for those teams as those players have matured into good young NHL d-men. That is the hope for our Hawks – that in 2 or 3 years the Hawks will have a good young d-corps – not big but fast and offensively skilled.

    Potential 2020/21 lineup:


  13. The photo at top of story says it all…

    Ya got Bowman giving Kelley a look like… “are you sure we just made that pick?”
    “Mark- you are kidding – right??”

    Kelley –looks like Jim Ignatowski after a few eight-balls!!!

    WOW!!! These clowns – get paid to that???

  14. drafting for the future. Well add ufa/trade. Need that 81/4 type ufa this summer/and or next summer. By the time these prospects are ready were deep.

    Smaller, shorter, fast skilled skating, the new league style for Defenseman.

  15. I guess I am in the minority on this pick. If the Hawks were going to draft a small puck-moving defenseman this was the guy to grab. 3 months ago Boqvist was being talked as about the best D prospect after Dahlin. Elite shot and vision plus he is 17 so there is time for him to grow. Sounds like he will play in Sweden for another season. Hopefully, by then the Hawks can sort out their blue line. No doubt this kid helps the Hawks pathetic powerplay. Hopefully he will be at the Hawks rookie camp.

    How about Colorado getting Philipp Grubauer and Orpik for a 2nd rounder. It sure seems like Wash is making room for Carlson to stay. The winner of the night through Sweet Lou and the Islanders, Walhstrom, and Dobson because the Yotes and Rangers make odd selections. If they find a goalie and manage to keep JT91 they are a playoff team.

  16. I’m still at they have 9(?) dmen signed and at least two (three? maybe four?) good prospects coming >>>> WHY not Wahlstrom?

  17. DD – going into the draft this year the Hawks had lots of d-prospects but most of them were not top-4 caliber. Jokiharju and Mitchell have a chance to be top-4 but probably more realistically #3/#4 than #1/#2 types. Boqvist is definitely a top-4 prospect and likely a future #1/#2. Beaudin is in the same category as Jokiharju and Mitchell so essentially the Hawks now have (4) top-4 d-prospects in the system.

  18. ok………….in that video posted here at 0:14 I’m pretty sure he gives away the puck…

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