Blackhawks Select Philipp Kurashev

With the 120th overall selection in the 2018 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks select forward Philipp Kurashev.

Philipp Kurashev
DOB: 10/12/99
Shoots: Left
6-0, 190

Ranked #61 by Corey Pronman (The Athletic)
Ranked #61 by NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters)
Ranked #89 by TSN/McKenzie
Ranked #80 by McKeen’s Hockey
Ranked #79 by
Ranked #53 by Future Considerarions
Ranked #76 by ISS Hockey

Pronman scouting report from The Athletic:

  • Skating: 50
  • Puck Skills: 55
  • Physical Game: 40
  • Hockey sense: 60

“Kurashev is an intriguing player with a lot of upside. Few prospects outside the first round will possess his combination of size, plus skill and intelligence. He’s a great playmaker with the instincts to create chances off the perimeter and has enough speed to generate a lot of clean entries. He can make high-level creative plays and can finish chances, too. His main issue is off the puck, as he’s not a very physical player whose effort isn’t always there in battles. I do think he understands how to play the center position competently though but will need to play harder to do so well as a pro. Kurashev didn’t have a fantastic 18-year-old season production-wise given his talent level, and I know that’s raised concerns among evaluators I’ve talked to over his consistency, especially with his effort levels already in question.”

6 thoughts on “Blackhawks Select Philipp Kurashev

  1. Relax guys– Bettman gave Bowman the heads up… Starting Next year– ALL CHECKING will be illegal…

    That new rule– Will make that 165 lb. # 8 Pick look really – BIG

  2. Sorry I just spit my beverage when someone legit felt like they needed to qualify a 5th round pick as “borderline.” Isn’t that the definition of mid- to late-round pick? LOL Thanks, Morrison.

  3. Got sick of everybody mostly dumping on draft because of size etc when it has good picks.

    So funny is good thing.

  4. very very good player , good hockey vision , very good skater , intelligent ,

    hockey sense ect..

    very good selection by chicago hawks .

    I see him more more times

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