Blackhawks Send 5 More To Rockford

After placing them on waivers Monday, the Blackhawks assigned Spencer Abbott, Sam Carrick, Pierre-Cedric Labrie, Viktor Svedberg and Cameron Schilling to Rockford on Tuesday.

Chicago’s active roster now includes 17 forwards, eight defenseman and three goaltenders.

16 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send 5 More To Rockford

  1. Is Keith expected to miss time to start the season? If so, between he and Hammer might we see no more cuts on the back end?

  2. Duncan Keith playing tonight, Toews out of the lineup as expected.

    Other scratch of interest … McNeill.

  3. Hummm …why Keith play tonight …maybe he is ready ?
    Hope Motte,Fortin,and schmaltz play tonight ..

  4. Interested to hear others take on Schmaltz, Hinostroza and Motte. How likely is it all three are on the ice in the opener?

  5. The last update we had on Keith was he was going to miss at least 4 pre-season games.

    Personally, I think Hinostroza has a better shot to make the team that Schmaltz to start the year.

  6. I still believe the Keith was never as banged up as it appeared. He likely sat down w Hawks management and discussed the WCH and all probably determined rest was best. Dunks has nothing to prove at this point in his HOF career.

  7. The roster is really starting to take shape now. Heard a Q presser discussing Manshinter and Tootoo and if the play the same role. His answer was basically yes. The bob mckenzie take was really good. Thanks to whoever posted it.

    Panarin/toews/ &

    &= In no order Panik, Fortin(less likely) Schmaltz, Motte, and a fighter.

  8. Schmaltz needs some time in Rockford. Clearly has a nice skillset but needs to get more comfortable playing with the big boys. Taking the line combo’s listed by SSHM my guess is that the slots are filled by Panik, Motte, Hartman and Rasmussen on lines 1-4. Hino may also be in the mix but I don’t see him as a 4th line center. Will be fun to see how the young guys do tonight with more regulars in the lineup.

  9. Southside- I see problems with that lineup. It looks like only two lines will be able to score. Desi and Kruger have very limited offensive ability. I would put them together on the 4rth line instead of watering down two lines offensively. Q said Panarin and Kane have a special chemistry. Why then would he separate the two? I know, I know, more balanced scoring. I am not buying it. Keep 72, 88 & 15 together. I wouldn’t waste a spot with either Tootoo or Mash. Hockey today is all about speed and skill. Those chumps have neither. schmaltz may have some growing pains but I sure would rather have him on the ice than Moose, Mash or Tootoo.

  10. Tonights anticipated lines:


    Keith-van Riemsdyk

    This should be an interesting/fun game to watch

  11. I agree with the both of you on many points. The lineup is flawed. Without a doubt the Hawks are trying to force Toews and Panarin together. They like these pairs idea. They have been hinting this for a while now since they need to spoon feed so many kids this yr.

    Mash and Tootoo are probably both a wasted spot. I think is all but a conclusion that Hossa slots down with Kruger, add Motte and that’s a very strong shutdown line.

    Hartman LOL I literally forgot about him because he has been non-existent on the ice. Opposite of him guys like Fortin, Hino and Forsling have played themselves on the roster. Although I think only Hino makes the cut. Moose is probably in the mix somewhere on the 4th line.

  12. I know he hasn’t shown a thing but McNeil has a very nice 13/14th forward salary. Every dollar will count this year toward paying whatever bonuses are met.

  13. They ended up being a one-line team last year. They haven’t improved and with age may have gotten worse. They haven’t drafted well. So their solution is to split up the one line. Prediction: one and done again in playoffs. Hope I’m wrong.

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