42 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Adam Boqvist to London

  1. this was the right call.

    anyone watching him try to defend NHL regulars last night could see he is going to be a really good player but keeping him in the NHL right now is like moving a 10 year old who is really good in math into a college differential equations class.

  2. Probably best move for him. Don’t understand Q saying he would play all 3 games this week and the comment about not ruling out starting the season, though.

  3. Good point, Ian. My guess is Q is looking at him and thinking, ‘hell, he is better than half my defense core at 18 years old!’

    Then some of the management / player development people got in the equation and said he needs to get to London and start playing. Watching him try to defend men right now is kind of a pointless exercise.

  4. Agree Mike and Ian – he’s gonna be star this kid but not yet, maybe starting as early as next year though

    His errors last night were overshadowed big time by Keith’s, Seabrook’s and Manning’s so Q thinking he’s already better than 1/2 his D men is about right ; )

  5. Good move with Boqvist.

    All is said and done except one forward getting moved to Rockford and hos to handle the goalie situation. If Crawford is close maybe you keep 3 goalies until he is ready to play?

  6. The first issue here is ,.,.,when Q lips are moving it`s bullshit .
    You thought last year was a bust ……ha ..you ain`t seen nothing yet .ba ba baby you just ain`t seen nothing yet ,.,.here`s something you ain`t ever gonna forget ba ba ba baby you aint seen nothing yet . Thank you B.T.O . nuff said .

  7. Stan should be on the phone non-stop for defensive help. By all indications, this Manning signing is going to be a disaster and Q is just going to force feed him into a top 4 role all season. Ugggh

  8. As bleak as the defence looks this year, a year from now Jokiharju, Boqvist seem like locks, Mitchell quite possibly signs at end of this year and Beaudin will be 20 yrs. old at start of next season and be a in strong contention to win a spot too. A year could make a big difference.

  9. I noticed that no one has directly commented on ALL the breakaways and not in just the last game! I never saw so many breakaways in a single game before. Is this miget hockey? If that happens in the regular season games Crow should say I want to retire NOW!
    Is # 22 a wing or a D-man, if he is a D-man don’t send him to Rockford, just release him, he was repeatedly beaten or just standing around. For all you Q haters keep him and Q will surely have a stroke or heart attack.

  10. Big talent but slight of size. It’s the right move. He will get killed in the nhl and watched a couple of redwings take runs at him last night. Let him grow into his man body first.

  11. Prior to the Cubs winning a couple years ago the mantra was wait until next year. I’m thinking that the Cubs aren’t using that anymore maybe the Hawks could borrow it to replace One Goal. Because that’s what us Hawks fans need to keep reminding ourselves – wait until next year. This is a rebuilding year and possibly next year will be too. The urge to trade building blocks of the future for a guy that will make the team marginally better this season is not good asset management and will result in bad to mediocre teams for the foreseeable future. We need to bite the bullet this year and NOT trade any players or draft picks that may be contributors on the 2020/21 team and beyond.

    Most likely the Hawks will suck this season. Take it and remember – wait until next year.

  12. guys it’s only one (admittedly dreadful on the D end) pre-season game

    There were positives on the O end and by Dec. we could have 4 Dmen who didn’t play last night (Murphy, Forsling, Joki and Gus) in the line up plus 1 goalie who also didn’t play (CC).

    If we can tread water until then all is not lost although if as Craig suggests Manning plays top 4 minutes then all truly may be lost – I’m hoping Q sees what we all see

  13. For as much as we hear about Bowman and Crew, were doing the right thing with every move we make, when it comes to the younger players and prospects.

    Excellent decisions for reloading the team.

  14. Would feel bad, if we knew no one was coming.
    Were deep again, at some point in next 82/123-164 games.
    We could be top 3 in GF and GA.
    Which means we win a top pick. If were going to suck, then make sure we play top 3 and 3 and get that top pick. Crow can take his time getting back into it fulltime.

  15. It looks like Toronto will do with same two goalies as last year-so Pickard and Sparks both can’t be kept-Sparks probably put on waivers at some point.

  16. I like the idea of Sparks. Noonan do you think they would take Sparks with Crawford who looks now from his workout videos he could be back at some point, and Ward with a nmc and can’t be waived. They would have to put Sparks through waivers again or go with 3 goalies in that scenario.

  17. Craig – spot on re Manning. I was hard on Oesterle last year, but he is Norris Trophy material compared to manning. He was terrible last year in Philly and nothing has changed.

    The early returns on Bowman’s trifecta free agent signings not good. We have addressed Manning; Ward has a great agent, the language in his contract is an utter disaster, and so is his play. Kunitz makes Sharp last year look like Mike Bossy; it is an utter waste of a forward slot for a talented young player like Highmore.

  18. I have been saying this all long for the last several years, Bowman has no eye for talent, for drafting, for trading and certainly for signing free agents. Once again, he and his scouts Mark Kelley and Pierre Gauthier are awful. Ward, Manning, Davidson, Kunitz and Kruger are useless signings. All that money waste instead of signing James Neil or JVR or Tatar….anyone how actually has talent. We are hoping for undrafted players like Kahun, Edjsell, Fortin and Highmore to make a difference??? Sad!! We have no one forward to be excited about except for NICK SCHMALTZ.
    There was a reason why those guys were never drafted…including Rutta!!! And we are all getting tired of Coach Q’s obsession with players playing elsewhere but their natural position. Unite Kane, Saad and Schmaltz..STOP THE NONSENSE… Saad is being paid $6million and he is on a 3rd line???
    Boqvist will be well coached in London. Good move! By the way, Veleno doing well in Detroit! Evan Bouchard a stud with size on Defense. We did not need to draft 2 dmen this past June! We need a 1st round pick winger who can score, skate and has size!
    Oh yeah, Ryan Hartman for Nicolas Baudin because Edjsell cannot skate.
    We need Coaxch Q and Bowman to go off into the sunset and let someone else coach and draft well. Hawks prospects are rated near the bottom of the league. 160lbs Dylan Sikura , 6th round pick, does not scare anyone.

  19. I wouldn’t bet the farm on Sikura becoming a star player but then I wouldn’t bet the farm on any variable in sports. I think Sikura will be a top-6 player at some point over the next couple years. The 160 lbs Teuvo didn’t scare anyone either when he came into the league but he scored 64 points last season. I use Teuvo as a comparison because they are about the same build with about the same skill set. Remember Teuvo spent half his rookie year in Rockford. We shall see.

  20. Its the yr of the FWs.
    We ll have to play like TOR does, top 3 GF and GA.

    We have D coming/very good prospects.
    FWs will be ready and waiting for them.

  21. Hull65 makes some good points .my 2 bit take on some things…..keep hearing we are re building ,well that my be true but as a stop gap bring in some quality help in the mean time . …Most certainly in a D position ,..,,huge glaring hole there . Did our management group learn anything last year ? NOPE .

  22. Hull65-your bias is showing when you leave out Debrincat-ask teams who they would rather have straight up from the Hawks, and I think Schmaltz is a really nice player.

  23. agree Noonan and to add Beaudin looks to have more upside than Hartman. Hull this years draft was all about Dmen and next years draft will be about forwards. D take longer to groom so it should work well in 2-3 years

  24. 31 years old 44 points in 81 games- 5.75 million for 5 years

    27 years old 34 points in 82 games- 5.3 million for 4 more years (wasnt a free agent)

    29 years old 54 points in 81 games (stacked offensive team)- 7million for 5 years

    Absolutely not for any of the players listed. No way you dip into free agency for any sort of star unless its a Hossa type contract. They’re almost always never worth it.

  25. We were bitching about Saad’s production and you want an older player for similar dollars and similar production? You need to go away and eat that steel toe Bobby was wearing if you think you you’re right

  26. Hull65, you’re assessments are generally accurate. You go a bit overboard, but as the old saying goes, you yell b/c you care. Bowman & Q have done — and continue to do — a lot of good things. The problem is that in the last couple of years, the number of bad decisions they make in their respective jobs continues to increase, while the number of good decisions correspondingly has decreased. That isn’t going to cut it, particularly when other teams have improved.

    All this being said, I will remain optimistic and in sports you never know, that’s why they play the games. Assuming Crawford isn’t healthy, maybe Delia or someone like Sparks (as someone recently posted) will come out of nowhere and man the ship. If Crawford is healthy, that changes (positively) the entire dynamic and mindset of the 18 skaters in front of him. As Q loves to say, “we’ll see.”

  27. “If” CC returns, a big IF in my opinion…

    And the expectations are for him to return to his old form……

    We are in for a big disappointment.

    Of course I could be wrong & he has a strong season.

    But I doubt it.

    Maybe if he had the core in their prime…

    There would be too much pressure on him with the current defense in front of him…

  28. My projected lineup for oct.4

    Kahun – Toews – DeBrincat
    Saad – Schmaltz – Kane
    Kunitz – Anisimov – Sikura
    Kruger – Johnson – Hayden

    Keith – Jokiharju
    Gustafsson – Seabrook
    Manning – Rutta

    Delia (because i hate Forsberg)

  29. A couple of months ago, I posted that from Jan. 1 last year we were the second worst team in the league. We are entering this year with basically that same team (i.e. no CC) and, as others have correctly noted, three poor UFA signings in Manning, Ward, and Kunitz. So far, the only new guy to get at all excited about is Kahun.

    At forward we still have some talent but we have a lot of holes too. However, the blue line is a shambles and the goaltending worse. I fully expect us to be bottom 5 in the first half. I doubt morale is where it needs to be either, and if we get slapped around in the first couple of months it won’t help.

    Rocky raised ticket prices for this year and he has already come out and said he wants results. but he is unlikely to get them. If it plays out like this I am guessing that either Stan or Q is gone early next year. That’s what it feels like to me.

  30. Nice catch JR. Veleno sent back Sept 24.

    Steven, flip Kahun and Debrincat. I think Kampf and Johnson are on the roster. I dont think Sikura is. I think Martinsen should be 13th. Hayden and Martinsen are interchangeable.

  31. The next time Boqvist is with the team, he may be playing for a new Coach. Not calling for Quennville to be fired, it’s just the way it is.

  32. It’s obvious Bowman didn’t want sign any multi year deals heading into a reload this season, having money to secure extensions for rfas and not have bonus carryovers, the priority . A couple of exhibition games doesn’t make the offseason signings a failure by a long shot. Time will tell on that one. The potential is there for goaltending situation to work itself out by next season, not concerned other avenues available there if needed.

    Going down to Rockford doesn’t mean by any stretch that a player is not good enough for NHL as some would havd you believe. Fortin, Highmore and Ejdsell will all quite likely get another opportunity as they are being given a chance to earn it now.

  33. I hold no illusions that this is going t9 be a banner year. Personally, I would rather have seen Nalimov brought over for reps in the AHL than the Ward signing. We all know that this rebuild is in full swing, let’s act like it…take our licks at the league basement for a couple of seasons and set ourselves up for another strong decade. Blowing money on 3rd rate goaltenders and giving them nmc’s coupled with old forwards and bottom pairing down aren’t moving this ball forward.

  34. Sacrifice … this is what we will deal with for those three cups we lifted. Stop calling for everyone to be fired and be thankful we won 3. We will rebuild and do it again. I’m sure most any team would take 3 cups in 8 years.

  35. JD it appeared that was the issue with Nalimov, he doesn’t want to plau in AHL and Bowman wanted to play another year in KHL before making any sort of committment to him. Iñ the end he went back and assuming he has a hood year it seems he will get a chance next season.
    They are saying Crawford taking regular practicing with team next week, so maybe they are serious he will be back sooner, rather than later.
    Kinda of adds up, why Bowman didn’t give Nalimov a shot this season, if he believed Crawford was in the pucture.

  36. “Nice catch JR. Veleno sent back Sept 24.

    Steven, flip Kahun and Debrincat. I think Kampf and Johnson are on the roster. I dont think Sikura is. I think Martinsen should be 13th. Hayden and Martinsen are interchangeable.”


    I look at it as 3 Cups in 6 yrs, is what we won (really should have had 4).
    Any yr (these transition yrs) after those 6yrs, doesn’t count in the length.

    That’s right , we suck for a couple. Add top picks and reload, while keeping the better core/and other players. Reloading the gun, not putting an entire new together from scratch.

  37. I thought he was going to return to Sweden? Better here by far to get used to North America, playing style, rink size…..

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