13 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Bass, Labrie to Rockford

  1. Sharp-Toews-Hossa

    Assuming of course Versteeg is dumped.

  2. Rufus, When would that 4th line ever see the ice? Shaw with Bicks and Morin present a tough matchup and Kruger with Smith and Regin could at least play against some 2nd lines and don’t forget Kruger and Smith will probably be on the PK together.
    Damn Rufus, you kinda depressed me with that group of forwards.

  3. Rufus is taking lineup advice from Q, apparently.

    Morin and Mashinter on the ice together would be a disaster. Morin needs to be put in a place where he has a chance to succeed. The fourth line with a guy that is incapable of skating is not that place.

    I like the top 6 (obviously). Morin on the wing with Shaw and Bickell makes sense (as much as I want to see Shaw on a wing, he can’t be until TT is ready). I still really don’t think Mashinter makes the team… he can’t make the team… I won’t let him make the team. That leaves your 4th line as a Versteeg/Kruger/Smith (unless Versteeg is traded, then enter Regin and you have an insane checking line).

  4. He might not play everynight ala bollig, but he will be in the 14 guys they roster and he will rotate in. Top 6 is a given, and then I think we will see 29/65/16/28 in some line every night.

    The last 2 spots will rotate Morin, Steeger (if on the team), Regin and Mash. No one will play enough to look really good and they will all look really bad, cuz their mistakes will be magnified by being “removed” from night to night.

  5. You guys are starting to worry me.
    If RTF is on target and any 3d pairing that includes Rosival………..
    If the Hawks are tied or behind Q will use only 3 lines and 2 defense pairings.

    That would be a huge gamble come playoff time. Seabs, Kieth, Oduya, Sharp, Richards and Hoss are not spring chickens. Q MUST manage their minutes wisely. Another reason trading Oduya makes the most sense. Hammer can protect the rookies MUCH better than Rosival can. Leddy has proved extremely durable. Using him to soak up minutes seems more logical.

  6. Stop hurting my heart guys!

    I think him making the team is dependent on the trade that is made. If Versteeg is cut loose, I can see him making it, but that’s pretty much the only case. I hope… ugh, wishful thinking.

  7. It does scare you a lot to think we may have to put up with a forward that can’t be counted on when we have sent down young players that could do so much more. I guess we wait to see what the final roster looks like and say a little prayer!

  8. Seems very clear that Bowman and Q want an enforcer on the roster and Mash looks to be the guy. I’m good with that. What I’m not good with is Regin and Versteeg both on this roster while Nordstrom and Danualt go to Rockford. Or Cumiesky and Runblad presumably making the roster whole Clendening and the desperately needed skills of Johns go to Rockford.

    Can we just get the cap clearing space trade done already. Let’s go please !

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