7 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Brandon Bollig To Rockford

  1. We have a bunch of Clever Mother’s on the site now huh? How many of u would give your left nut to have Bollig out there tonight to bash Stasney’s skull for that cheap shot?

    For Wall and any of the other smart guys calling for Hayes, Smith, Morrin etc we will miss Bollig. Especially as this streak goes on and teams take more and more liberties.

    But go ahead smart guys” Big Gulps huh” really flippin funny

  2. Ryan, WTF are you talking about? Didn’t the Hawks have Tough guys Mayers and Cbomb in the line up??? That alone should of been enough- according to your logic – to deter anyone from throwing a cheap shot at the Hawks… NOT!!!!

    Guys take cheap shots in all physical/competitive sports!

    Secondly, I would have preferred to see Mayers dropped off of Roster— Too OLD!
    Too SLOW!

  3. No Wall. Mayers and Carcillo are not the same as Bollig. Especially when we see the Av’s 3 times in 12 days.

    Then when we get into April and see the Blues 4 times and Pred’s 5 times having Bollig might be necessary. Dropping Mayers fine, but we have only one enforcer and that is Bollig. I would like to have that guy around late in this season he will be necessary.

  4. And Wall you know I respect you as much as any poster on this site. You are great. but nobody from the AHL replaces Bollig even if they can skate better and put more points up. And I love Ben Smith don’t get me wrong. But messing with Karma and sending a player down during the streak got us 3 injured players and nobody to enforce and that pisses me off.

  5. I am sure Bolig will be back. He needs ice time. Maybe the timing was bad but how could Q know he would be short forwards. Hossa, I believe was rostered for the game and was an unreplaceable late scratch.

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