Blackhawks Send Raanta, Hartman To Rockford

On Sunday night, the Blackhawks announced a few roster moves that will certainly fix everything they hope will help get the team out of their current funk.

The Hawks recalled forward Joakim Nordstrom and goaltender Scott Darling from the IceHogs and reassigned forward Ryan Hartman and goaltender Antti Raanta to Rockford.

26 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Raanta, Hartman To Rockford

  1. They are going to give Darling a chance. I am happy with the move. Crawford isn’t doing enough to help the team through this rough patch.

  2. Please do well Darling… so SB can trade Crow for something while 50 still has some value… (which I don’t think he has)

    Really- what value does Crow bring Hawks in trade??? I think very little-
    But I would love to hear some opinions.. So – let’s say we get a Draft pick for him or bottom 6 player… what does that say about his Contract??? I don’t think SB would get much– which completely justifies my Bitching about his Contract for 2 years!!!

    But- it also solves next year’s cap issue.

  3. I love to pile on the goalie as much as the next guy, BUT, Crawford has a bunch of names in front of him on the “broken” list.

  4. So he is just as good or bad as the people in front of him. I think I agree with that as well. But aren’t the very best goalies supposed to be able to lift the team out of the rough patches in a season? With salary cap issues looming…….

  5. I just have a bad feeling that without Crawford in the playoffs, we have nothing. I fear he will be a guy we miss a lot more if he is gone.

  6. Is it my favorite time of the year already? The time when everybody on the team plays lifeless and like shit, but clearly it is all Crow’s fault and we need to trade him to anybody for whatever they’re willing to give us!!! This will make the team better!

  7. Crow does seem to have a persistent problem with stopping pucks with his catching hand and gives up an inordinate amount of goals over his catcher. teams do seem to have figured that out. With that said he has had periods of exceptional play this year and a team with a mediocre goalie goalie does not bode well for a long cup run. Doubt that this year Raanta or Darling could carry the team during the cup run.

  8. For you Crawford haters, just curious. How many holes do you need him to dig this team out of? The defense continues to go into deep lapses since the LA series last spring. You can’t expect him to win by himself every night.

  9. Insanity run amuk. Crow is a core strength of this team. A team with the weakest roster since the Q era in Chicago began. If you bozos think the Hawks even sniff the playoffs with Darling as the goaltender then good fu(k!ng Lord I don’t know what to say.

  10. Puzzled by why Hartman is being sent down. He brought a great physical effort, and a spark to his shifts. I know Q is a great coach but I still scratch my head at his veteran loyalty in terms of ice time. How do you expect players to mature when you refuse to give them solid shots?

  11. Hartman did nothing the last two games. I have been at rhe UC and watched him intently. Let’s not make this another sorry ass bashing of Quenneville who, 9 times out of 10, has been deadly accurate in his assessment of young talent that lands on his doorstep.

  12. If Stan Bo doesn’t make a big move of some sort I really think the hawks are going to get smashed in the first round. Other than our obvious issues on the back end, Shaw Sharp and my boy Bickell have been completely invisible, meaningless shoulder goals don’t count.
    I would love to see us get Eller from Montreal as others have suggested, but unfortunately I think the blue line takes priority…

  13. Sam- yes there was better D in front of Antti… cuz Antti was not making a lot of money… so they can take that $$$ and PAY for better D… That has always been my point…

    Crow is a good goalie… But if I can bank $4-$5M, and pay for better skaters…
    I like my chances…

  14. please stop blaming Crawford. I’m not a fan of his at all. But he has done nothing to loose these games. Sure maybe 1 goal he’d like to have back. How about the 2 guys left wide open in the slot today? Defense standing still watching players skate by? Forwards not taking their assignment? The holes on this team start with defense. Go to forwards and end with goaltending. And if you really wanna fix this mess? Why send down a back up goalie and a 4th line winger? Doesn’t make sense.

  15. Boynton and Sopel were the third pairing. Hahahahaha.

    That Hawks team was stupid good at scoring goals. Way more offensive talent. Take a look at those playoff series in 2010. No.way. This team replicates that.

    And if not for Crow this team is fighting with the Kings for a wild card spot.

  16. Rufus, my comment was not directed at you. Nor do I care about anything you ever have to say. Didn’t you retire from this board? It’s time to hang ’em up because honestly nobody here cares for your two cents. Keep the change.

  17. I agree with those that defend Corey. When the team is losing the Crow haters always surface. No way you look at the Hawks recent slump and blame CC. For example look at the Wild this year. THAT team really had some issues between the pipes and the team was playing as though they knew the softies were going to go in their own net every game. Their record reflected this. Frequent soft goals takes the steam out of hockey teams when it happens regularly. So the Wild throw the dart against the wall and Dubnyk comes and plays well. Guess, what Wild start winning games because they have confidence their goalie is keeping pucks out when the team makes mistakes.

    So While Corey let a couple soft goals in against the Avs after that game was out of hand in the 3rd, he other wise has not been the reason this team is losing games. There has been basically zero production out of the 3rd and 4th lines from almost 2 months. Sharp hasn’t been scoring. Kaner shut down recently and Toazer isn’t exactly lighting it up. You score 1-2 goals a game you won’t win many. Until the last 2 games Hawks have been losing lots of 1 goal games. They have been close even with 2 lines doing ALL of the scoring.

    I ahve no problem with Darling being the back up guy moving forward. CC is the Hawks guy unless some sort of great trade offer gets dangled in front of the Bowmans. Corey got paid what successful goalies in the league get. People can dislike Crawford for whatever reasons they want, but he has been a winning goalie for this team and was not only huge in the 2013 Cup run, but was very good last year in playoffs as well. People have short memories.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  18. In 2010 the team scored more goals (that yr had 3 of the highest 4 players in playoff history for points) and gave up more as well (I think still top5 gaa). In 2013 we were 1or2 in gaa. In 2015 were 1or2 in gaa (but were not scoring as much as we did in 2013)(that 8 games in a row in oct. with 0,1 or 2 goals didn’t help that or did)

    This being the numbers after our annual JAN/FEB slump. What where the numbers right after our annual NOV/DEC streaking. After we play good in MAR/APR, then we can see if were near the 2013 gfa.

    The three highest goal differential teams, NAS STL and CHI are in the same division with the hardest sch. in league. Whats a good sign of a good team. We are tied with them (within 5goal diff) without having as high of WLT record. If we were 27games over .500 we would be +60, not 40 before these two games.

  19. I agree with you Phil that are way more problems with the team than just Crawford, however Crawford gave up two soft goals in the first period against the Bruins where Rask makes a huge save on Kane in front of the net and stones Versteeg on the breakaway. If Rask lets those two in this game is a different story but he doesn’t and the Bruins get out of their slump.

  20. Goldenbladz, I agree with you completely about Rask making 2 big saves to keep Bruins in the hunt Sunday. That stacked pads save against Kane was a real beauty. Wow! The Versteeg breakaway was also a good one as well. I didn’t blame Corey on the 2nd goal that was deflected by Eriksson. The first goal from Bergeron might have been stopped had Corey been more active with his stick. Never mind Rozy who was just asleep on the play. I would not say that either goal was soft. Did Rask out duel CC in that 1st Period before the dam broke, absolutely.

    Along with the rest of the crowd at the UC tonight, its going to be a “what have you done lately” type atmosphere. Fans will be very forgiving if the Hawks play well, but if they start to stink the joint out again, it will get ugly. Panthers should not be taken lightly as they are in the hunt for playoff qualifying point as well. Let’s hope the guys show up and play well in front of Darling tonight.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

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