18 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Ryan Hartman To Rockford

  1. Hopefully this means Hossa is ready to go and will be reunited with Toews and Panarin on the first line with Garbutt going back to the third line with Dano and Kero. The Hawks sure missed Hossa’s defensive minded play last night.

  2. Agree with the above and also get the sense (and have heard) they will look at a lot of the Rockford players this year for short stretches as the salary cap allows. Blackhawks want to reward good play & production in Rockford and they like the idea of spoon feeding these guys some NHL experience. How far will it extend, who knows.

    As a “by the way” … both Kyle Baun and Daniel Paille have zero points this year in the AHL. Which isn’t the be-all-end-all but it’s maybe worth mentioning. Hopefully they both pick it up.

  3. Hartman needs work on his game. I wasn’t impressed. But he has ability and could be a legitimate piece at some point.

  4. Hossa to return. Tikhonov = 13th forward.

    I doubt Morin suits up for the Hawks, that ship has sailed. Ted Dent likes him because he is a good AHL scorer.

  5. Craig is right and this is the last year of Morin’s contract before he becomes RFA. My guess is they’ll simply non tender him this summer so he can try to jump start his career elsewhere.

  6. Rufus, I see you’re alive and well! Good to see. Any reason why you haven’t commented on the Patrick Kane story Tab posted? We’d love to hear what you have to say!

  7. Hartman has some game just needs some more seasoning. If Morin and another prospect McNeill ever make it to the NHL it won’t be with the Hawks. I think a forward that might come up later once he’s healthy and has time to shake off the rust it might be Danult.

  8. Hossa won’t play tonight. I like the idea of Panarin or Kane on the first line with Toews. It would complement Toew’s playmaking and really put pressure on other team’s defense. How about all three on the first line? Nuclear option II.

  9. I saw that second period this pm. I thought I was watching Monday Night Raw instead of a hockey game.

    By the way, in that second period the Jackets did not record one shot on goal. The announcers mentioned that this was some sort of record but I was distracted and didn’t hear the full details.

  10. From the “not a big deal” department … Daniel Paille a scratch tonight for the Ice Hogs at Grand Rapids.

  11. From the “still not a big deal” department – Daniel Paille is with Rockford on an AHL contract. Would need to sign with the NHL club to join the Blackhawks, and he certainly isn’t going to fix the offensive struggles.

  12. Ice Hogs win 4-1 in Grand Rapids tonight. Goals by Hartman, PC Labrie short handed, Bickell on a power play tip in, and Nolan Valleau, his first pro goal. Leighton in goal. Grand Rapids scored the 1st goal and Rockford came back with the next four.

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