11 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Teravainen, Dahlbeck to Rockford

  1. The trade the is coming, I’ll believe it when I see it, better be a good one because this is a train wreck.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if there is no trade. After Regin clears the hawks will be about 1.2 from compliance. If the Rozsival’s “injury” warrants a trip to LTIR the Hawks would have 900+ in space. They would sit at 13 forwards,6 Defenseman, and 2 goalies. Call up Johns to pair with Leddy and have Rundblad as your 7th. Cap compliance, and no trade. Also, I’ve asked before. But could the Hawks “loan” Rozsival to a Czech league team like they did with Huet?

  3. somewhere KHayes is tweeting @FreeTT

    Ernie… bad news on the Isles deal… was hoping for this Anders Lee kid…

    But- I kinda agree w/ You… Hawks can get under cap… and see how the D Kids are playing… as well as team… then if there a few injuries around the league and the Hawks suck (or a kid is +surprise)… SB might even be able to land better deal!!!

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