Blackhawks Send Tyler Motte To Rockford

On Tuesday morning the Blackhawks assigned forward Tyler Motte to Rockford.

Motte, 21, has four goals and three assists in 32 games with the Blackhawks this season. He has one point since Nov. 5, a goal against Ottawa on Dec. 20 at the United Center. Motte skated 10:14 against St. Louis in the Winter Classic.

18 thoughts on “Blackhawks Send Tyler Motte To Rockford

  1. Hopefully he gets some confidence back in his game and comes back later not a bad idea considering limited ice time he is getting

  2. Agree with Ian. Maybe just needs some more seasoning and confidence. Definitely got some talent, which he showed early in the season with some strong moves to the net for scoring chances.

  3. I think Ras is doing a good job but ideally he is fourth line LW/C. That third line LW slot should be Motte’s over the next couple of years, but he he’s got to play his way into it. He is clearly a hard worker so a couple of months in Rockford with lots of ice time and clearly defined areas to improve upon should be good for him.

  4. Well they need a whipping boy and who better than a guy with hustle ,a competitive spirit , and a defensive conscience . I was on the Hawks web site ,looking up Mottes stats for the past 5 games but,.,.,.,.he is nowhere to be found ,not ;in the system not on the roster ,.,.,was wanting to see his plus minus over the past 5 games . Hoss coming back i presume ?????? Or did i miss a call up ? No reason to panic ,.,.,at this pace we will be in the running for first overall pick 2017 .

  5. I disagree Hawkhead, at this pace we will be struggling to make the playoffs next year. Only one line that reliably generates chances. The goaltending is the only reason we’re sitting where we are right now, and history says that stellar goaltending is unsustainable. Unless your last name is Price.

  6. He was -2 and averaging under 8 and half mins. Ice time with 7shots a couple of hits and blocks and 1 giveaway no takeaways in his last 5 games

  7. Really smart by staff to get 8 and 64 time in Rockford. Its hard to go right from college to league. 48 and 38 have benefited from the time they had there. These guys are only going to get better and you have kind of have to fail (not that they did) before you can have success. 65, 20 and 86 got time there and none of them tore it up/did good at first pts wise in the league.

    Its a good time to do this as well. The teams that didn’t do as good as they really are or as good to be in a good position are going to play desperate and hurt themselves to get 2 pts in games 40-60 to have a chance to play to make playoffs and are going to get banged up in doing so but they have no choice. Those teams seasons are on the line in games 40-60.

    Is better to have guy like 70, 11 and 67 during this time when games are like that, depending on who your playing. It will get 67 more experience and we have another guy of that type who can play depth wise. These guys and the young guys/as they get better development in Rockford.

    This stuff doesnt happen overnight. This is part of the process and these guys are doing really god for anybody thought they would before any games were played.

    Were certain things might seem like a setback, there actually going to make the team better for after the deadline.

  8. Another thing is we could add a good FW now instead of deadline by having Krugs 3.05 caphit on ltir and then make it work after 21days. Still be able to add a depth FW at deadline if we wanted.

  9. Morrison – the only issue I have w/ maxing the cap out to the last cent this regular season is it pushes a lot of money (Campbell, Panarin bonuses) over to next year… again. the more money that can come off the current season to free up future cap space the better.

  10. Sure, still can add a FW at 50% 2m for 1m caphit and not have a similar 1m caphit guy on 23man. Same space as before for bonuses and we add a good FW. Donot think we need to add much as young guys are good/get better every 20 games.

  11. Your right as well on we wouldn’t bank the cap space we are with Krugs on ltir, so if were not adding a FW now and not until deadline its better to bank as much as possible for bonuses that yr and do it at deadline like the 50% so we can keep the extra cap space for that yr.

  12. The only deal I might be interested in is Vrbata. Other than that save the space for those bonuses.

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