Blackhawks Shoot Down Jets In Winnipeg

Winnipeg – specifically Connor Hellebuyck – has had the Blackhawks number this season. On Friday night, the Blackhawks attacked the Jets’ goaltender early and often trying to reverse their fortunes.

Chicago took a 1-0 lead on Patrick Kane’s 18th of the year.

The snipe made Kane the Blackhawks’ all-time leading American-born goal scorer, and punctuated a strong opening 20 minutes for the visitors.

Aided by two power plays in the first period, Chicago out-shot Winnipeg 16-9 in the first period. Corey Crawford had a terrific period.

The second period saw Bryan Little tie the game at one 1:43 into the period after a flurry by the Jets. Chicago settled down in the middle stages of the period and controlled the action over the second ten minutes of the middle frame.

At 12:16 into the second, Kane added an assist as Artem Anisimov’s 19th of the season. Chicago’s top scoring line had two points each in the game’s first 40 minutes, with Artemi Panarin picking up an assist on both of the goals.

Chicago held a 26-16 shot advantage after two periods, with a few noticeable games. Brent Seabrook saved a would-be game-tying goal later in the second period when the puck slowly slipped through Crawford. Brian Campbell had one of his better games in recent memory as well, and the Ryan Hartman was playing a strong, physical game.

But the Hawks only led by one with 20 minutes to play.

Winnipeg brought it in the first 13 minutes of the third, but the Hawks shot blocking and Crawford’s solid play between the pipes held the lead. Niklas Hjalmarsson went to the box for tripping at 13:27 and the Jets attack continued. While the Jets had the advantage, Crawford continued to play exceptionally well and Chicago killed off the power play with less than five minutes left in regulation.

At 17:01, Duncan Keith extended the lead to 3-1.

But 24 seconds later, and with Hellebuyck on the bench, Marcus Kruger was sent to the penalty box for high sticking.

With Kruger in the box, Marian Hossa was able to shoot a turnover home from deep in his own zone for the empty net short-handed goal to make the score 4-1 in favor of the Blackhawks.

The Jets were still on the power play and after Seabrook blocked a couple (more) shots, Adam Lowry cut the lead to 4-2 with 71 seconds left in regulation. Hellebuyck stayed on the bench as the Hawks returned to full strength.

Keith picked off a pass and found Panarin at the blue line and the Bread Man scored into the empty net to make the lead 5-2 with 15 seconds left in regulation.

With the win, the Blackhawks improve to 11-6-0 since the beginning of the 2017 calendar year and have won their last four straight.

Panarin led Chicago with three points (one goal, two assists). Kane had one goal and one assist with a team-high six shots on net. And Anisimov also had a goal and an assist.

The blue line had a strong night across the board. Hjalmarsson was plus-five with an assist and a team-leading six blocked shots. Seabrook also had six blocked shots. And Keith had two points, two blocked shots and was a plus-four in the game.

Keith now has seven points (one goal, six assists) in four games in February, with two points in three of the four contests.

Crawford was stellar throughout, stopping 28 of 30 in the victory.

For the first time in February, Jonathan Toews was held without a point. But he put five shots on net and won 13 of 21 faceoffs with a blocked shot. Nick Schmaltz skated 14:54 and picked up an assist on Keith’s goal. And Ryan Hartman led the Hawks with three hits.

17 thoughts on “Blackhawks Shoot Down Jets In Winnipeg

  1. Maybe seabrooks and the defence as a groups best game of the year, pretty solid across the board with the big line leading the way and congratulations to kane. Schmaltz getting to be fun to watch and looking like he belongs on toews line, all lines looking good and crawford seems to be back in the groove with another big game. A bit more from the power play would nice to see tho.

  2. Good game all around. A good fast start and they kept up the pace all game long.

    Crawford was excellent which is nice for him to go into the break with positive thoughts from the game tonight.

    Seabrook was outstanding and Campbell had his best game in what seems like a long time. Hjalmarsson (+5) and Keith (+4) … yeah they were pretty good too.

    The younguns are playing with more consistency which bodes well with about 1/3 of the season left to continue to get better and build confidence.

    So now it’s on the the Edmonton McDavid’s which will be the third team in a row the Hawks will be seeking some retribution after taking it on the chin the last game against these guys.

  3. Wow a 4 game winning streak right after the clowns were spewing their negativity all over this board. Remember the head clown said we’d be sellers at the trade deadline! LOL.

    Thank God Stan the Man and Coach Q are running this organization and making the decisions instead of the head clown and his minions. The head clown wanted to ship Crawford out of town. He’s our best chance at winning a cup and the head clown wants to ship him out! Stan signed him to that extension which most negative hawk fans bemoaned. It’s a steal right now and he’d get more on the open market if he was eligible for free agency.

  4. STANTHEMAN you need some new material. Boring and predictable as always. Waiting for an original or clever or insightful post from you but getting nothing. Are you a hockey fan/aficionado/analyst like most of the men on this board, or just a 13 year old?

  5. John B. I slay thee with truth! How about Hossa. The clowns on here were saying he was washed up and he scored his 20th! Typical negative clown like hawk fans who can’t support their team. It’s ok to be critical of your team if you’re a Sabres fan, or Oilers fan etc but not if you’re a hawk fan. 3 Cups this decade has proven the negative clowns wrong so many times.

    P.S. Why don’t you get some original material instead of resorting to the 13 year old kid routine.

  6. Shit, Bread Man ate a little of the frog soup. Soupy needs to keep him away from that soup for another 5-10 games so were good player bonuses wise.

    When we play we play.

  7. Good-

    Seabrook – Great in the half-court game
    Cycle game
    Defensive awareness of where Laine was most of the nite


    Panarin scoring too much versus The weaker teams in NHL= Hawks paying bonus
    Jets- finally played Like their record!!!

  8. In a post last year I predicted that Hossa would have a bounce back year and prove all the naysayers wrong. Not to pat myself on the back, though that is what I just did, but simply to step back and admire the old pro at work. Hossa’s contribution to this team has always been important, at times exceptional, but always steady. All of us have admired his 200 foot game and his commitment to playing defense, but his influence on this particular team at this particulr time cannot be overstated. The example he sets for the kids day in and day out is invaluable. Without his 20 goals and veteran leadership, this would be a lesser team. I love watching him play and am so glad he wears the Indian Head. Congrats on your 20th Hoss from a grateful fan.

  9. Toews is producing between Panik and a developing Schmaltz.

    Hossa and Hartman continue to have solid chemistry when together. In Winnipeg, Hossa-Kruger-Rasmussen had terrific possession.

    Keith is putting points on the board nightly. Seabrook is playing his best hockey of the year. Campbell looks quicker and TvR had a solid this period.

    The Hawks are, again, in the top 3 in the West.

    Like the San Antonio Spurs, the Hawks grind out the regular season and occasionally drop games that make you scratch your head. But the overall body of work indicates they’re still among the best in the conference, whether some here want to acknowledge it or not.

  10. “It’s ok to be critical of your team if you’re a Sabres fan, or Oilers fan etc but not if you’re a hawk fan.” (STANTHEMAN) — I respectfully disagree.

    “3 Cups this decade has proven…” — I realize that the Hawks cannot win every year, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be critical when their performance doesn’t meet the standard they’ve set. This is a very good team with a lot of talent and there should be a lot of effort every game. There have been several games this season that they fell behind early it seemed because they weren’t ready at the start. There have been a few games they’ve let the opponent back into the game late. “consistency”, like Q says.

    GO HAWKS!!

  11. wholeheartedly agree with Dickie Dunn. there’s a difference between being critical and constantly whining about something somewhere.

    There a big area between Stan the man’s rose colored glasses and wall’s pessimism.

  12. Tab – Completely off topic but as we head towards the 5 day break it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the turnover that will take place next year. It sure appears that a lot of prospects will be heading to Rockford such as Dcat, Fortin, Knott, Hayden, Louis (?), Sikura (?) and possibly Snuggerud and Gilbert who may not see another college year as helping their development. This doesn’t include any of the European prospects and I assume Calnan will not be signed. This would be a lot more new blood than any recent year. Would like to hear other thoughts on this topic.

  13. “There a big area between Stan the man’s rose colored glasses and wall’s pessimism.” (Tab) — very well put.

  14. Tab .. I don’t have rose colored glasses I go off of what the hawks have accomplished this decade. If you listen to all the negative clowns on here you would think we were rooting for the sabres. That’s the point.

    Let’s examine the facts:

    (1) Toews – clowns are all over him despite him being the heart and soul of this club. Like one club executive said BEFORE the hawks had won any cups: “Kane will win you a scoring championship, Toews will win you a Cup”!

    (2) Kane – many clowns on here wanted to trade him. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed in hawk management and the rest is history.

    (3) Hossa – many clowns on here said he was done. He’s leading the club with 20 goals despite not playing on the first power play unit.

    (4) Crawford – the head clown has been trying to run him out of town for years along with many others. He’s our best chance at a Cup and his contract is relatively cheap right now compared to other top goalies.

    (5) Darling – the head clown as well as others wanted Raanta instead. Imagine if Coach Q wasn’t smart enough to replace Raanta with Darling in 2015. We would never have won the cup because he got us past Nashville.

    There are so many other examples but I’d rather play golf right now. If you can’t appreciate the hawks for what they have done and the fact that they have the heart of a champion then follow some other team. You won’t be any happier but at least your negativity will be warranted.

  15. Thanks for reminding us all, Stan, that the past is the past. The present is not the past, though many like to create alternatives to reality when remembering previous performances. What matters is the present and the future, but we should use the past to inform our expectations and temper our enthusiasm. Also, come up with a word other than clown. You’re resembling your remarks.

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