Blackhawks Show No Sympathy For The Devils

The Hawks were pleased to meet Keith Kinkaid, making his first NHL start in net for New Jersey. In spite of his fantastic performance over 65 minutes, he didn’t need to guess the names of the two Chicago snipers to beat him in the shootout. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane finished the deal and Scott Darling won again.

Sharp NJ

All Rolling Stones references aside, Kinkaid played a magnificent game. He stopped 37 of 39 to keep the Devils in the game, but the skills competition proved to be too much.

New Jersey got on the board first when Jordan Tootoo beat Darling at 15:11 for his second goal of the season. They held the lead for 15 minutes, but Bryan Bickell converted a 3-on-1 to tie the game in the middle of the second period. Patrick Sharp, playing for the first time in more than a month, was credited with the only assist on the tying tally.

Less than 30 seconds after the Bickell goal, the Blackhawks got a four-minute advantage after Daniel Carcillo got whacked in the face by a high stick from Jacob Josefson. Credit the Devils for taking away passing lanes and blocking shots; the Hawks held the puck in the offensive zone for almost the entire four minutes but couldn’t cash in on the opportunity.

The Devils took the lead back early in the third, as Stephen Gionta tipped a puck out of the air past Darling less than three minutes in. Thankfully, Duncan Keith jumped into the rush late in the period and Kinkaid kicked a rebound directly to Keith’s stick for Chicago’s second goal.

Chicago got another power play late in the overtime when Jaromir Jagr, the ageless wonder, hooked Kane as he danced through traffic. The Hawks weren’t able to capitalize again, and the game went to the shootout.

Darling held up his end of the bargain in the skills competition, stopping Martin Havlat and Jagr as Toews and Kane earned the second point.

Toews got hit in the face with a puck during the game and won only eight of 21 faceoffs while also serving the only Blackhawks penalty of the evening. He was credited with an assist on Keith’s goal, however, and picked up one takeaway in 20:56 in the game.

Sharp returned with a nice performance, skating with Bickell and Andrew Shaw. He tied Hossa for the team lead with five shots on net and was credited with two takeaways in 17:22, including 2:15 on the power play. On that line, Shaw won seven of 10 faceoffs in the game and Bickell woke up to play 12:47 with a team-leading four hits.

Keith skated 30:36 in the game and led the team with three takeaways. Rookie Klas Dahlbeck skated only 9:54 and tied Brent Seabrook for the team lead with two blocked shots, but was unable to knock the puck away from the net that ended up the second Devils goal.

Carcillo skated 6:25 with one hit.

Darling wasn’t as crisp as he looked in Nashville, but made some timely saves in the third period to keep the score close. He stopped 22 of 24 to win for the fourth time in five starts this year. He improved to 2-0 in the shootout as well, and has allowed only nine goals in his five appearances.

42 thoughts on “Blackhawks Show No Sympathy For The Devils

  1. Had to listen to this one on the radio. Nothing like a radio broadcast to get you all nervous and heighten your senses! Was really worried several times and especially the last five minutes…..I work with a guy who is a die hard Devils fan and I would never hear the end of it had they lost. So worries evaporated away …thanks to big effort from Darling and the defense. It was not a pretty win I gather but a win. Toews and Kane are truly remarkable…you could just feel those shootout goals before they even happened.

  2. Guess who has struggled much of the year and is now second in the Western Conference in points? Go Hawks!!! They win with 27 seconds left last week. Watching this game, the puck was not bouncing our way and the Devils seemed up for the Hawks. Guess who found a way to win. It seems to me that a magical year is taking shape… Again, Go Hawks!!!!

  3. Wow!!! Just noticed the Hawks are tied with the most wins in the NHL with the Islanders. Both have 19 wins. I sure hope we don’t play them in the finals because there is no way we would win against them since they have Nick Leddy…Hahahaha!!! NOT! Stoking the fire boys. LMAO.

  4. What a great shootout goal by Kane. That was intimidation by skill. And after doing it he skated back to the bench like it was no big deal. Awesome goal. When Kane has the puck in the offensive zone the other team is on its heels. Darling is big in the net. Go Hawks.

  5. That goal by Kaner was similar to the one he had on Howard on the road. Didn’t need as big of a double leg kick to get the flinch. Just a little head fake.

  6. Remember last year how many points the Hawks lost in SO’S? It was almost comical how poorly they did, yet here we are this year and the guys are just surgically going about their business with good work being done by all the keepers and some fine sharp shooting to grab the extra points.

    Some good goaltending at both ends. Seabrook pinching in at the right point and giving extra effort to keep possession was huge to set up tying goal late. Nice shot by Bicks too to tie game up earlier.

    What’s important is that while the Hawks played well in spurts, overall the effort was below what we have been seeing the past few weeks. To get the win while not playing great on the road says confidence is high in Hawks dressing room. A better effort likely at the next stop in Boston.

    Yes, ftr, a great goal by Fro last night. I always liked that guy, and in his last year year with the Hawks he really caused other teams big problems with his speed and tenacity. Another salary cap issue. The guy was paid well, and despite doing lots of things really well, he wasn’t able to score enough goals to justify the cost of keeping him. I watched him a few times in drills at morning skates before games take extra shooting practice. The guy had very quick hands as I recall, and was picking corners like there was no tomorrow. Yet, he seldom buried shots during games. I wish him well.

    RD, how brutal for Stones fans last week losing Bobby and Mac in 2 days? RIP guys.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  7. Sasquatch in the net proved enough again. Devils defensively are pretty solid, they back check as well as anyone and close the gaps quickly making this was a tuff game offensively for the Hawks, but the Hawks speed still made the difference and “Sasquatch” Darling was like a picnic table in front of the net tuff to sneak the puck by. Sharp looked good and thank god he is back. Go Hawks!

  8. Phil, it is still my belief that Hawks could have kept 67 for one more year…
    he had 1yr. left at $2.2 I think… So no 26 and about $1M left over… SB could have found a way… And Hawks would have beaten Kings w 67 !!!

  9. Wall, maybe you are correct regarding Fro’s contract. I was under the impression he was in a contract year and could not be re-signed given cap issues and other priorities. If you are right about him having a year left, it was a bad move by SB. Lack of depth last year clearly mattered down the stretch IMO as core guys were worn out by the time we got LA in CF. Hawks were indeed maybe one guy away from getting the Cup last year. Never mind Zus at center issues with the 2 line. Yikes, was that a mess or what?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  10. Re: Dbeck… I thought he made some bad reads and was slow to react in transition…
    Still way better/smarter than Cden – but NOT as good as I hoped (took a step back from 1st game)… but hopefully can “learn” to anticipate better…

    Which brings me back to TvR… TvR is/was very gifted at reading the play… extremely good IQ/anticipation skills… Both Cden/Dbeck are WAY behind TvR in that regard… and I don’t know if they will ever “have it”… They both seem very timid in going to challenge a play behind the net or on boards… They wait (at side of crease) for something to happen… as Opposed to TvR- who almost always broke up the play on boards with a stick or a box out of the O… before the Play materialized… I don’t know if it is partly Coaches telling Hogs to be safe (and Cden/Dbeck thinking too much/statues)… OR TvR – just being that Great at reading the play (and attacking like the other 5 D guys)

  11. It was crazy when Kane won the shoot out how EASY he made it look. Kane has really taken his game to the next level. The celebration from Kane too was amazing,…NOTHING. business as usual, the expectation is there. Toews and Kane expected to score, the Hawks expected to win. I’ll say it again the Hawks have proved me wrong this year.

    Funny how Sharp comes back and the Hawks have one of their worst games of the season. Dalbeck didn’t play that well either. For a defensive defensemen I thought his game was okay.

  12. Does anyone have more goals that hit a goal keeper’s glove and then skip off into the net than Bicks? A TV broadcast once talked about his old school stick with some severe (allowable) curve. That coupled with his quick wrists and power on his shot must make it really hard for the goalie to pick up, even with no one in front of him.

    Watched some of the Kings game last night (a loss to Buffalo). They still win a tremendous amount of board battles, but something doesn’t look right with Kopitar. Like more than just bad puck luck.

  13. I loved the goal by Bickell, and the awesome takeaway by Sharp that caused it. Bickell can really shoot the puck, which further reminds me what an interesting case he is. I think he has all the tools to be an amazing power forward, but seems to shy away from that role. There were times last night where he could of made some hits on the devils D and kind of let up. What is the story with this guy? And further more if you are Bowman, what do you do with him? He is great in the post season, but do you chance that he can keep that trend going?
    I have know idea what I would do in Bowmans shoes with this guy. Especially with the current cap concerns.

  14. Hawks play with alot of heart. Devils brought their A game and played well enough to win against most teams. Our guys never quit, unlike other Chicago teams. What a great time to be a Hawks fan.

  15. Uncle Hoss, your Bickell comments are well taken. The guy is an enigma just like our old buddy Buff. These guys drive us fans nuts of course, but can you imagine being a fellow player, and coaching staff on up? You just shake your head and wonder whats going on in the heads of that kind of player. They have the physical tools to take their game to the next level. We have seen what could be. Yet the light doesn’t go on inside these guys all the time. Who knows? Bicks has been paid some nice money. He needs to earn it game in and game out. We only get a glimmer here and there. Nice passes and of course the guy has a very good shot and lightening fast release. Guy should be providing screens, going to the net hard and parking his ass there. Imagine little Shaw in Bicks body? Carnage everywhere…

  16. Just some of my thoughts on Bickell. I personally think he lack’s hockey IQ he doesn’t think and see the game well. Specifically his lack of anticipation and on ice vision, which for me is why he appears lost at times and just floats in other games or disappears. I’m not saying the guy is stupid but certain players think the game better then others.

    On the flip side the guy is a horse! Absolutely brings it in the playoffs. In a grueling 82 game season he can’t possibly play at that pace during the reg season. Would everyone like more of course. I’ve come to the realization that he will NEVER put it all together. That ship has passed for me, its like Jay Cutler. He’s 28 this is his game, he’s not going to have a breakout season at 29. Its okay to skate him on the 3rd or forth line just tamper your expectations.

    However break that glass during the playoff and unleash that guy for those 16 necessary wins!

  17. I was pretty impressed with the NJ young D corp.
    I thought they did a very good job of checking/shadowing Hawks and Winning Board Battles… wouldn’t mind seeing one of them on Hawks for Cden, Morin, + ???

  18. When I watch Bickell try to hit people this year, he is bouncing off of them. We all know he lost weight (apparently 15 pounds, looks like more) and I think it’s not giving him the results he wanted. He can’t even post up in front of the net anymore without being easily moved. I really feel like he just has a bad weight distribution and his core/legs aren’t nearly strong enough.

    That game was absolutely miserable to watch. Really sloppy play, really bad passing, ice was crap. Ugh.

    Anyway, still funny to me that people thought these Hawks were capable of missing the playoffs.

    As far as the Frolik conversation, Ben Smith did a wonderful job of replacing him last year. The bigger problem was Bollig replacing Stalberg and Zombie Handzus replacing Fountain of Youth Handzus.

  19. If (when) the Hawks beat the Bruins tomorrow, they will be the first team in the NHL to have 20 wins this season. Go back 3 or 4 weeks and consider what the season looked like then vs. now!


    this is great stuff! I also listened to the last 5 in reg and OT on the radio. They all feel like PO games!

  20. Morrison…I was at that game in Detroit and when I saw the goal last night I had a similar thought when I saw last night’s goal…just got the goalie to move slightly to Kane’s right and then used that left shot to snap it home.

  21. 1961, I have felt that way before, but I am just hesitant. I am more inclined to agree with SouthSide. If the case is his style of play is too rough to keep up over a 82 game season and that allows him to ramp it up during the playoffs, then I say keep the big bastard. We have enough depth to cover for him during the season. My biggest worry though is that eventually his playoff production just wont be there, and we will be stuck with his contract. It’s a tough call for sure.

  22. Like you Hoss I worry that 29’s playoff production will wane. The Hawks do have enough talent to carry him during the regular season. I have always had a problem with his attitude. I am especially worried about his cap hit for next year. I guess we will just have to put up with the guy and hope he comes through in the playoffs. Maybe Stan can find a GM who will take him before next year.

  23. The one thing that I really like about this team is it’s “resiliency”. Teams try to pound them into the third row and somehow we just keep rolling. It al most seems like there are times when they purposely suck the other team into our zone and then, POW, two quick passes and we have an odd man break the other way.

    There are times when Hammer and Johnny O get pounded into the boards but they seem to keep puck control and get the puck out of our zone and force the play through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone.

    I like our consistency, puck control, speed and resiliency. If we can keep the injuries to a minimum I think we can go real deep into the playoffs. Let’s face it, the Kings got a lucky bounce last year. This year, it goes our way!!

  24. Smitty did, but a 28-16-67 would have been sick.

    “It make me sick. My allergy, puke every time, bleugh! Like that, puke.”

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong, and if I am, I’ll eat a bug…but I don’t the usual suspects posting the latest on Jeremy Morin today. What happened? Did the dipstick crowd run out of irrational and batcrap goofy statements in support of the guy?

  26. Not at all, Rufus. Here’s another one for you: I believe that if Morin was given all the games and all the ice time that Bickell gets, he’d have more points than Bickell at this point in the year.

    If they didn’t mess with Morin’s mind and confidence by skating him two shifts in the first, none in the second, one at the start of the third, then sit him the rest of the game for some minor “mistake” or whatever–just let the guy rotate in with his line consistently–he’d produce.

  27. I didn’t watch the game (probably a game Phil would try to unload his tickets for if it were at home) so I have nothing much to contribute except that it is hilarious to see Rufus beat on the Morin thing still.

    And I think that Bickell trying to drop weight was weird. Probably could have kept the lbs and done more oly lifts for some extra turbo.

  28. Yes AJ, it might have been one of those games where you take the money as a season ticket holder if had been Devils at the UC last night. RTF, you clearly are back for another round of the “Morin Follies”. Apparently it ain’t over till you say it is. Meanwhile most of us here have stated our cases pro or con for Mr Morin and are content to just sit back and wait. I really don’t think many of us are losing as much sleep over this situation Rufus as you are.

  29. Good evening Mr. Rufus: Hope you are doing well. You need some work on your grammar — basic sentence construction. We’ll give you a pass since you entertain some of us, at least intermittently. Ivan B. is spot on, I concur wholeheartedly, halfheartedly, and even heartlessly. I don’t recall one pro-Morin post preceding your perennial bashing of him. Please refrain from sophomoric cheap shots at the pro-Morin crowd. Candidly, we are not even a pro-Morin crowd, we just observe the games, understand hockey, and call it like we see it. No one is saying Morin will turn into Mike Bossy overnight; however, he has a better chance at that (albeit a slim one), than some of the outrageous positions you have advocated (i.e., Pekka Rinne …. ha ha ha) coming to fruition. Keep up the fine posts. Have a pleasant evening.

  30. P.S. I was at work all day. Further, that’s not very nice, labeling us as dipsticks; I thought that was a device utilized on cars.

  31. Hilarious! Rufus complains when people bring up Morin (in an article about Morin yesterday, no less!) and then when nobody brings up Morin the next day because he’s playing in the AHL on a “conditioning assignment” then Rufus brings up Morin himself complaining that nobody is talking about Morin (in an article about the Blackhawks victory which has nothing to do with Morin)

    That is truly ridiculous. He is like a cartoon character of that guy we all know who is always the loudmouth know-it-all in every situation, and yet we’ve become so use to his unique brand of “trolling” and attention seeking behavior that we’ve learned to ignore it and even sometimes amuse ourselves with it.

  32. HawksNation4All — that was the most entertaining post ever! Outstanding. I am in tears laughing, I started coughing violently b/c of it. Thanks for turning my mundane day into comedy central.

  33. P.S. Watching Leafs @ Wings, nice to see Detroit giving young players like Morin (experience-wise) regular shifts. They (Babcock) have interspersed them into their lineup nicely.

  34. i am really impressed with ben smith so far, especially his board work, but i’ve yet to see smith score a goal the way fro did the other night.

  35. I’ll take the bait…

    The Blackhawks would be 5 time repeat Stanley Cup winners if only Morin were allowed to play regular minutes and get comfortable in his role. In addition, if allowed, he could have filled a hole in the Cubs roster as a inning-eating starter in the hockey off season. The ebola outbreak could have been stopped had Mr. Morin been allowed to travel to Africa to test his ground-breaking antiviral drug. He was once considered as the replacement vocalist for Van Halen before Gary Cherone got the job which would have saved the band. He was also on his way to stop the Fukushima tsunami but was unfortunately recalled to Rockford before boarding the plane. So many things Mr. Morin could do, if just given the chance.

    I don’t see many people pining for Morin, more curious about what he could contribute if given minutes. Since the team is doing well, it doesn’t really matter. But it would be nice to know if he’s worth keeping for the eventual re-load vs. just dumping him for a mid-round pick. The ship has likely sailed there so we’ll find out when he shows up on another team. Or on Mars discovering water for the eventual population of the planet by humanity.

  36. Yes, Chev, and I can hear Morin saying, that because of how busy he is with all those amazing accomplishments “I don’t always play hockey for Coach Q, but when I do, I play hard”.

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