20 thoughts on “Blackhawks Shut Down Brad Richards

  1. This is where 80 starts to play as good as he really is at center. 10-80-86. 42 is ready for 4th line again or 39.

  2. Blessing in for 91. Gets some rest before playoffs. 4,2 and 81 could too for game 82 as well.

    This is where 80 starts to play as good as he really is at center. 10-80-86. 42 is ready for 4th line again or 39.

  3. I wonder if this is by design or is Richards really injured? I guess it doesn’t matter as long as he’s read to go by the playoffs. The rest should provide some level of recharge.

    And as Morrison commented – hopefully the move back to center kicks Vermette into gear. The best situation is to have Vermette at center and Shaw at wing – not vice versa.

  4. So Richards is the reason that Vermette can’t win faceoffs and isn’t playing well? I think the reason Vermette isn’t at center is because he isn’t winning faceoffs, not that the scoring juggernaut called Richards is holding him back. I’m hoping what someone posted earlier that he might have a wrist injury and not that he’s just bad all of a sudden.

  5. Nordstrom in for Desjardins. Amazing. This confirms Nordstrom has derogatory Q photos that Bollig passed along. Bowman makes a nice acquisition, under the radar like Handzus circa ’13, and Q has to spoil it. Tx Q :(

  6. P.S. Teavo Kruger & Desjardins wasn’t Frolik Kruger & Bolland, but it’s not tremendously far behind. Inserting Nordstrom on that line that has been dominating possession time, creating chances, defensively sound, and passing the eye test w/ flying colors is a misguided. Nordstrom is barely an NHL player; Desjardins offers far more.

  7. Gravy: I’ll posit that Vermette’s not playing well because Q is in his head. Why not play him at his natural spot? Why the quick hook–no more centering, few faceoffs– so quickly? Is that really the best way to get a solid guy going? To me this makes no sense.

    I’m no Cubs fan, but something Joe Maddon has said multiple times since being hired has stuck with me, because its logical: he wants his players to comfortable and loose and not think too much. Just go out there and play your game. Now obviously players have to meet their responsibilities, etc, but I think there’ s something to be said for not over-scrutinizing. It messes with workers when bosses do it, and I think it messes with players when coaches do too much of it.

    And I think Q does it too much, especially to the younger guys and now to Vermette.

    Over the course of his career, Vermette has proven to be a solid, consistent player. Get off his ass, Q! Let him play and he’ll give you the production you’re looking for.

    Just my two cents. And I got no rings, so whatever.

  8. P.S. #2 last point for the time being, playing a rookie first game ever off the street, and a fringe player who hasn’t played in a couple weeks? That sounds like 10 forwards, roll three lines Q. Why the rush to play Nordstrom? Is it Kane wearing his jersey in disguise? Good job Q :(

  9. Iceman, agreed all the way on 4th line. Desjardins offers an extra element–grit, hitting, some ferocity. And no drop off on skill. The TT-Kruger-Desjardins version of that line has been its best incarnation all year.

  10. He looked pretty good the last few games I thought but I guess having him fresh isn’t a terrible idea. It didn’t look like he was injured the last game… whatever. Maybe sit Hossa for the last one or two as well.

  11. Flatliner, Why did Q move a guy that was I believe in the top 3 in F.O.% before he got to the Hawks? I would go with he wasn’t producing. They traded a lot in my opinion to get him and isn’t some young call up that has a short leash. That’s why I’m leaning more towards an injury and it might even be his idea to move to the wing. If I’m right, he still will be paired with another center in the next games.

  12. Nevermind Vermette, at least he’s in the lineup. Maybe Desjardins is friends w/ Stalberg…

  13. Flatliner, Looks like I’m wrong. I didn’t have his F.O.#, but a .4 drop is not a big enough to move him out in my opinion. It also seems like he is surprised, so I don’t have a clue why he isn’t at center. I assumed that Q had moved him for a good reason. I don’t see that now. Maybe he will get a chance now that Richards is out. Disregard my previous posts.

  14. Wow makes you wonder what Q is doing. No way Nordstrom should play ahead of Desjardin and why move Shaw back to center when everyone in the world said he was playing so much better at wing, specially when you traded for one of the top faceoff guys in hockey. And what’s with the Rosey love affair? I know he’s a great coach that has won 2 cups and is going into the hall of fame but I can’t make sense of these moves in particular. Maybe some of you can explain to me the advantage the Hawks will have by playing 42 over 11, playing 65 at center over 80, and playing 32 every f’ing game?

  15. The Rosey love affair is because they have no one else. Hope too never see Runbad again, he makes Keith look less than average when paired together. Not playing Desjardin is crazy, 4th line has been awesome!!!!!

  16. while I have liked what Desjardins/adn 4th line have looked…

    I am actually interested in what 42/16/86 MIGHT be able to do…
    still good/fast forecheck…. 42 is another quick Euro/player… they might have some type of instinctive Euro/style – that could surprise everyone…

  17. Call me crazy but I understand what Q is doing. He’s putting guys in odd places now and to see how they perform. I fully expect that once these games matter Vermette will play center. Is there any team that the Hawks match up with better or worse in the West conf? There are no match ups to chase or division to go after, this conf is 8 deep grinder so these last games are meaning less as long as no one gets hurt. Maybe Q can motivate a few guys to step it up by making them uncomfortable.

  18. Unless your Stl and a division title and president trophy matters to you like their stupid GM said the other day. I guess when you are porenial little brother those matter.

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