Blackhawks Sign Alex DeBrincat to 3-Year Extension

Thursday morning the Blackhawks announced the team and forward Alex DeBrincat have agreed on a three-year extension. The deal has a $6.4M AAV.

75 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Alex DeBrincat to 3-Year Extension

  1. A win-win for both the Hawks and the Cat! It buys them time to get out from under some of these heavy contracts before they have to sign him to a long-term deal for $10-11m. He’s a great teammate; he understands that agreeing to a bridge deal gives the Hawks flexibility for the next few years …so they can afford his buddy Strome, too.

  2. So glad this is done and out of the way so we don’t have to talk about it all season.
    Kudos to Stan, kudos to Alex and YAY for all of us.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  3. Debrincat comes from money, smart guy, cut a fair deal for himself and the Hawks. The guy watches Disney Channel and kids’ shows; one less thing for Bowman to worry about and eliminates a topic for all of us to waste time on blogging. Lastly, this will make Strome’s contract likely far more reasonable, absent Strome getting bad advice.

    Good day to all.

  4. Oufff…thats really good for the Hawks and D cat.
    Really good move from Stan …now maybe a 12-14 millions for 3 years with Stroom .??
    That would take pressure off 5he kids for next 4 years and everybody would be Happy
    Thats a huge News ..

  5. Steal. As far as caphit. 9mil year 3 means it starts from there, but he’d still be an RFA

  6. Year four is 9m to keep him rfa, so next contract talks starts at 9m per year and up not down. Good for next few year’s ‘caphit for sure.

  7. Doesn’t this mean that Toews, Kane and Debrincat will all be due a new contract in the same year? Maybe Boqvist and Dach too? Let’s hope the cap rises significantly by then.

  8. Definitely focusing on the next 4 years for winning again and flexibility now at a price likely down the road for the future it appears.

  9. Pucklogic that’s correct, assuming with new cba and tv deals by then, he’s betting that will lead to bigger cap increases again, next few years likely limited increases, so buying flexibility now in hope of a way out then.

  10. The only person under contract right now when this deal expires is Seabrook for 1 more year, gotta think status on that one changes by then.

  11. Yippee-kay-yay! Happy this is done and as Stefanie points out – now we won’t have to talk about it all season.

    Once Strome gets signed (assuming a 3-year deal too) – we’ll have the top four offensive stars locked up through the 2022/23 season which means there is a 4-year window to compete for a Cup while T&K are still playing well.

  12. It’s too early to sign Strome unless he will sign cheap, which he won’t if he’s smart. Yes, he had a strong year last year once he got to the Hawks, but 50 games is not enough to determine if it was for real. We have to get at least 1/4 of the way through the season to make sure it is permanent.

    As was mentioned above, DeBrincat has proven to be a good teammate by taking this deal. However, he has to look a lot better than he did in pre-season. He struggled in the exhibition season with puck control and turnovers. He needs to just keep shooting. He has that awesome release and needs to use it to generate goals and rebounds.

  13. You wonder if d-cat is sliding into Saad’s Spot salary wise. Saad was interviewed in Europe and seemed surprised that he was on the third line and not on the power play. He said – if I’m just a depth player then it is what is and I will go out and do my best.
    Hmmmm. Sounds pretty disappointed with his role.

  14. Wonder what changed Bowmans aporoach, from last years comments of continuing on the slow rebuild with patience path this year, to now where it’s a 4 year window to win now. If Dach and Boqvist don’t burn an elc year this season all big names it appears are up for extension in 4 years time. Almost like his directive came to put a winning product on ice asap. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some young stars moving within next year to expedite this approach now. The talk if playing and continue developing the next core seems to have gone away as have most of the posts on here championing that approach.

  15. This makes sense. Gotta like Debrincat for not being greedy.

    As for Strome, he is not joined at the hip to Debrincat. As I posted earlier, if Kurashev (or someone else) can compete for the 3C slot next year and with 19 and 77 slotted in, the need to sign Strome isn’t necessarily that clear. Bottom line, it’s a competition and while it’s so far, so good with him he still has a lot to prove.

  16. Ian – In hindsight SB’s comments last year may have been made to “buy time” during the horror show we were watching. In reality the window on T&K is closing and I think you have to go for it with urgency. I’m not sure what the alternative is. The window for this group will be closed in no more than 4 years, quite possibly earlier if there is continued deterioration from key older players. I don’t see both T&K getting new contracts when the current ones expire – this is more and more a younger mans game. Worrying about which contracts expire in any given year is a luxury that just doesn’t matter right now. The question to be answered fairly quickly is do we have enough talent to be competitive and how will that be improved in the next 1-2 years. We need both Dach and Boqvist to be top tier players pretty quickly for that to work.

  17. What scares me is how inept Bowman has been at drafting talent. DeBrincat is an island in the sea of deficiency that Bowman has drafted. I looked over the years where he’s been at the helm for this and it’s abysmal. Rarely anyone not named DeBrincat or Teräväinen has amounted to much. Now going back further and I see a fair amount of quality players at even later rounds by previous GM. Not a lot of faith in our future through drafting while Bowman is at the helm and if it’s truly a young mans game then were in for a long dry patch (that’s already started!!).

  18. MS agreed and posted often to that point last year, usually with alot of disagreement on it from alot of other posters. Still believe in going for it in 19 and 88 window is right thing to do, as i did then. Just seems the drafts for young D to develop as next core and such were little more than buying time to me, somethung has changed. Seems to be alot more urgency on now all of a sudden and very little about the longer term picture.

    I would say Dach chances of sticking this year are pretty high now.

  19. Not only does the 9m last year begin talks but his RFA qualifying offer must be higher than that to be a viable QO…10 percent higher I think.
    Good for the Hawks now, pretty much guarantees cat gets paid VERY well past 2022-23 if still in Chicago.
    Good move for all.

  20. I am glad Dcat signed, but he did not give a hometown discount. His agent did like Brayden pointe and Matthew T. He just guaranteed his next contract will be 10 million + per yr with yr 3 being at 9 million. In general the money being spent on these young players is crazy. I refuse to spend $300 + for a ticket and hope the team has a good game.

  21. Jim – In the interests of accuracy and off the top of my head, without looking back at actual drafting records (and there’s probably players I’m forgetting) in addition to DCat, Teuvo there’s Shaw, Saad, Johns, Danault, K. Hayes

    Not as bad as you suggest and that’s without a 1st round draft choice most years

    And so far Boqvist and Dach seem like good picks as well

  22. Dcat’s AAV keeps the window open and that’s what we want

    Good for Alex and good job Stan – not only a good contract but good to get it done now and not have it drag out

    It’s gonna look like an even better deal if DCat pots 40 ish goals each year of the contract which is very possible

  23. Jim wants to go into the Stan vs Dale draft record debate.

    Tallon was the GM from June 21, 2005 until July 14, 2009.

    2005. Hjalmarsson. Nobody else. Skille was 7th overall.

    2006. Other than Toews at 3rd… There was 1 NHL game played for the other 8 players.

    2007. Other than Kane at 1st, 10 NHL games played between 6 players.

    2008. The Kyle Beach draft. Drafted 11th overall. Ben Smith had 237 games. Lalonde had 1.

    2009. Dylan Olsen played 124 games. Pirri has played 260. Froese 110. Kruger 520. Hardly anything to write home about.

    Nordstrom 90th 352 games.
    Johns 60th 150 games
    Saad 43rd 570 games
    Dahlbeck 79 130 games
    Shaw 139 504 games
    Hinostroza 169th 178 games
    Dahlstrom 51st 49 games
    Hayden 74th 113 games
    Motte 121st 153 games
    Sikura 178th 38 games

    So there’s 5 years of Tallon vs the first 5 years of Bowman. Tallon had an average 1st pick of 10th. Bowman for those first 5 years, up until 2014 had an average first pick of 22nd with zero top 10 picks. Tallon had 2 top 3 picks a 7th and and 11th. “But Tallon had a say in previous drafts…” Stan has been in the building since 01. Was promoted to Director of hockey ops when Tallon got the GM job.

  24. Stan did a phenomenal job staggering contracts. Let’s look at what happens in years to come.

    Summer 2020- Debrincat contract starts. Strome, Kubalik, and Caggiula need paper. Gus, Lehner, Crawford become UFA. Crawford won’t be back, ditto Gus unless it’s a Gardiner type deal. Debrincat and Crawford deals nullify themselves. Lehner shouldn’t get much more splitting games. Dach, Boqvist, Kurashev, Beaudin have their ELCs start(assuming they don’t start this year). The current USA tv deal worth 200m a year expires. The current Canadian deal signed in 2014 is 324m USD. Negotiations start at 350m. Instantly adds 2.5m to the cap alone.

    2021- Saad and Smith are UFA (if they’re here). Seattle enters the league. Expansion draft occurs. Seabrook probably gone by now. The new Seattle revenue stream is calculated into HRR, cap jumps. The current CBA expires. Who knows what happens. Does cap increase?

    2022- Dach, Boqvist, Beaudin,Kurashev etc enter the 3rd year of ELC. Murphy, deHaan, Maatta are UFAs.

    2023-Kane, Toews, Debrincat, Keith all expire. Keith probably retires or takes a big cut cap wise (will be making 1.5m by that time. Kane and Toews, while their AAV is 10.5, their actual salary the last 2 years of contract are 6.9m. So it’s not unimaginable to think they take that amount as their AAV while Debrincat is due 9m+ for a Qualifying offer. And Dach and Boqvist finish their ELC and need new paper. Provided they play 9 or less.

  25. Correction. US tv deal expires after 21/22 season. Too much going on to keep it all straight, but you get the point

  26. Thanks Rusty for all the detail especially on the draft records of Tallon vs Bowman

    I knew there would be players I forgot to mention and chief among them is Nordstrom and Hinostroza both competent NHLers

    However you didn’t mention K, Hayes who was drafted 24th overall in 2010, Bowman’s first draft and to date has played 381 NHL games

  27. So d-cat signs a 3 year extension. 4 more years of him.
    Maatta : 3 years on his deal.
    deHaan : 3 years on his deal.
    Shaw : 3 years on his deal.
    Toews and Kane have 4 years left.

    Seems pretty obviou, the focus / “window” to win another Cup is the next 3 to 4 years. Should be exciting.

  28. Just got back from the farms doing the nutrition feed.

    ER, you were right with the bridge contracts. Good call. Everyone said we be happy with 7 or so. This is most excellent.

    Bring on a #1 Defensemen in the summer.

  29. Should be alot of hockey next 2 or 3 years, whatever will be will be after that i guess.

    Rusty, Hartman 141 games on Bowmans resume too. Not sure with all big stars contracts ready to expire same year, i would say doing a good job of staggering them with this one, seems just the opposite now.

    Mo draft may have played a part but talking about spending in free agency before that and lottery just added to it. Just seems like priority now is all the eggs in short term basket now.

  30. Mo, If you see a couple contracts moved or a ltir coming on the blueline by next summer and Gus not resigned, then a no. 1 defensemam coming, still need to work for some space for that move yet.

  31. Wrap, I left out all first round picks of the Bowman era as Jim was focused on mod round gems. The only 2 first round selections Tallon hit on were 19 and 88.

    Bowman despite picking much later picked up Hayes, Danault,Teuvo, Hartman, and Schmaltz. Granted not in the 19/88 echelon. But they weren’t top 3 picks either. Other than McNeil, he had every day NHL players as 1st round picks in his first 5 drafts. Something Tallon couldn’t say.

  32. The beauty is we have the flexibility to do it any way we need want to. While were at it, were deep in every position and have some blue chip players coming and some very good ones in addition. These 2 transition yrs were worth the wait. We got two top 5 draft quality players because of doing it that way. Tank ufas.

    We need #1 Defensemen or other key position, we have the sources now. With guys ready to fill in that are better quality or equal.

  33. If Dach doesn’t stay with the Hawks for more than 9 games and is sent back to Saskatoon – it means his ELC slides a year which would align the expiration of his ELC with all the other contracts expiring after the 2022/23 season. Same goes for Boqvist if his ELC slides a year. If Strome signs a 3-year bridge deal – then it could be Toews, Kane, Keith, Cat, Strome, Dach and Boqvist all with expiring contracts at the same time.

  34. EB if you were Bowman and if you were planning on being around in 4 yrs, would you set yourself up to have to deal with that kind of situation. Knowing no extensions can be negotiated until after July 1st one year before.

  35. I caution about buying a 1D. The AAV, as well as term they’re going to want being in the 28-30 year range. That means either draft or trade then sign. Does Columbus realize they’re probably not going to contend?

    Perhaps in the off-season if you’re absolutely positive Dach is a center you can swing a Seth Jones for Strome, Mitchell/Beaudin/Carlsson/Krys, Barratt, and a pick.

    Rather have that than pay 30 year olds Josi or Pietrangelo 8 for 6-8. Barrie will be 29 and isn’t what I’d call a 1. Lightning may be beginning to sour on Sergachev and they’re going to have cap issues. Don’t think Sergachev is the 1d everyone thought though.

  36. Again, sure you have the RFA you hope are worth good money. But without the cap jumping 12 million(and it could) 19/88’s new deals should be closer to the 6.9m salary they would be making then. The last 3 years of their deals they have salaries of 7, 6.9, and 6.9. Debrincat’s new deal starts with a 9. Duncan Keith expires and his jersey hangs from the rafters. 4 years from now is so far out it’s unbelievable. Think about it. 2015 they won a cup. 2019…3rd overall pick after two 1st round exits and 2 missed playoffs.

  37. Sergachev not much, if any of an upgrade on Murphy. Columbus probably want alot of draft picks and prospects if their going rebuild mode to get Seth Jones, he could still be part of it at his age but definitely what you want.
    Think Blues will keep Pietrangelo, be surprised if he walks. Barrie you overpay for.
    The other thing is if Boqvist takes Gus spot, not a sure thing but likely it seems. It’s win now mode so not going to have any other rookies on blueline and to take on a big caphit more than one defenseman need to be moved, so filling out the rest of blueline becomes an issue. If Gilbert as ready as it seemed, he might take no, 7 spot but doubtful he gets a regular spot too.

  38. Something could be worked out no doubt, what that is Rusty remains to be seen, my point is would you set yourself up to a situation like that in 4 years. Can’t imagine why you would.

  39. Anyways on with this season my prediction is 4th in division and 1st wildcard spot, with a 13 pt improvement.

  40. Ian, I agree it is pretty weird that Stan would intentionally do that so maybe it’s more a case of it just kind of working out that way – what with 3-year bridge deals being all the rage all of a sudden. But – that’s 4 years down the road so I’m not going to worry about is until we get there.

  41. A bunch of people here said during summer we needed a #1 Defensemen. That was the only thing we didnt have and need it to win. I am for any #1 Defensemen, not just that guy. I for get when, July, we made a list of every ufa and tradeable #1 Defensemen there were coming in next 2 yrs and there were quite a few.

  42. I’ve said it, totally agree with Saad, who is being wasted by this coach. On this team that has not made the playoffs the last 2 seasons, how can you justify Saad not playing in the top 6? He is our best power forward by a mile and yet he plays 13-14 minutes a game. How can he not be on the PP’s 2nd unit? This will make Saad very sour and he will ask for a trade which will give us nothing becuase his value will be low but I can tell you over 20 teams in the league would have Saad in the top six. How can 92, 91, 8, or 65 be ahead of Saad? 6million a year and he’s on the 3rd line? Too bad but we will soon have lost PANARIN and SAAD.

  43. And let’s hold off Strome…Besides his PP points, his 5 x 5 is horrible. And if he wants to earn Dcat money then he needs to dominate 5 x 5 against top tier teams not Ottawa???

  44. Saad put up the same numbers in Columbus. Quit your bitchin

    Ian, with the trade and extension the blue’s did with Faulk, I just don’t see them keeping Pietrangelo, Faulk, Parayko long term all on the right side.

  45. Pietrangelo is playing on top pair left side with Faulk. Parayako is paured with Boumeester on 2nd pair. Likely need a replacement for Boumeester so can’t see them gutting top 4 if they can sign him.

    Mo not sure they ‘ll go after a no.1 guy next season if Keith, Dehaan and Boqvist, Murphy plus Maatta, Seabrook pairings work out. May feel 3 solid pairs for next few years is how they go. The hit there with a minimum salary 7th is in 26.5m range to keep them around, which is a pretty high cost blueline. Looking at least 5om for forwards likely more, next year and need a goalie signed and backup. Not alot of wiggle room.

  46. Hull, Saad isn’t a high ceiling offensive prospect anymore. His game is a very good 2way fwd. Watch the Philly game and see if i’m wrong. I think you see Kampf line spends alot of 5 on 5 time against their top scoring line shutting them down, creating some scoring chances doing it. Then 19 is able to play more offensive with 88 against next line. Then Strome line gets alot of matchups against less skilled lines to score and take pressure of them not being as strong defensively. To me thats not a bad thing if Colliton gets that type of matchups. If defense is looking solid and more offense can be added at 3c later on then go for it then. Take care of what needed addressed first.

    Would you not be ranting daily about how bad a job Bowman did fixing the defense if they show no improvement. Think you might’ve already in preseason.

  47. Completely agree that Saad is being wasted. Slap in the face that 92 gets the top line vs him. Saad is a Quenneville guy, someone who knew how to use him. His speed and forecheck forces turnovers, which allows the smurfs on team to score. Something Colliton doesn’t get. Keep 91 out there, after awhile his effort doesn’t matter because he can’t move guys off the puck. Saad is one of the only guys on this team who is hard to play against, and, possesses the skill that justifies top line consideration.

  48. I am going with 3 seed, depending on other teams records. Theres nothing wrong with the 4 or 5 seed. Its a good stepping stone on our way to the 1 or 2 seed again in 2 yrs when were deep and quality deep.

  49. Ian, it’s a waste of time. Not going to change we people’s opinion. Their bias is too strong. Especially Hull.

  50. YEa Saader was 3rd line when we were quality deep in 13 14 15. When we needed to stop the BOS line that smeared PIT against the wall and no other team, in the east, could, who was it that did it. It was 20 19 81. Need to have different looks when needed or war tactics like Q did when he played those series with 10 26 88 and then around game 4 released the line that no team could touch, 29 19 88, at the right time in the series.

    Its tactics like that that win you the Cup, when your going against the best teams of this decade like we did. Play not your best lines and players at the start. Let the other team settle in to that and our team match it. Then when its game 3 get the better player lines in there. Then when its game 4 and on bring on the 29 19 88 line.

  51. Prior to the Hawks reacquiring Saad. Tortorella contemplated making him a healthy scratch. Torts benched him for an entire 3rd period of a close game.

    Last year Quenneville gave him a white jersey in practice. Usually reserved for the healthy scratches. So don’t spew bs on how he’s a Q guy and Colliton is using him wrong.

  52. Thats why I would like to see a playoff style lines like this once were rolling.

    20 19 65
    12 17 8
    15 77 88
    91 22 64

  53. For the checking 4th line was good during season and then deadline add quality faceoff center we got in 13 and 15 it allowed 36 and 65 to stack that 4th line.

    This time around I see 15 as the 36 and 65 to stack the 4th line like that.

  54. Who scores the first goal this season? I remember one year I think it was Bollig.

    I’ll go Kubalik this year.

  55. I’ll go with Gus, pp on first goal.

    It seems to me when you mention Q and Saad, alot of peoples opinion were his hands are shot, no touch aroumd the net and should be used in 3rd line role, back 2 years ago and at the start of last season.

  56. I would prefer Saad on PP2 rather than Seabrook or Keith

    And if Dach becomes 3C then Saad will score more as a result

    We’ll see…

  57. Before Saad signed the six yr at 6 million , it was said that once he got the big money he wouldn’t be as motivated. Seems to be true. Pietrangelo will retire a Blue. With regards to trades , we have to be realistic. Seth Jones for Strome will never happen

  58. Remember to were playing without our 2nd pair. 44 5 is an outstanding 2nd pair shutdown pair. Thats like playing without 27 4 for a game. Cant wait to see our group with the 2nd pair.

  59. And double shifting 88 on the 4th line game 1??? Why? JC did this last year and burnt him out and if you can’t have a 4th line playing minutes then something is wrong especially game one!

  60. The way we played the 2nd I want to see this I posted ealier.

    October 4, 2019 at 11:33 am
    Thats why I would like to see a playoff style lines like this once were rolling.

    20 19 65
    12 17 8
    15 77 88
    91 22 64

  61. The first 5 or so games are always, getting up to speed but that was shitty.

    2nd pair not playing makes a big difference, when we play. We play a way too many shitty 2nd periods but usually play good or really good in 1st and 3rd and OT. Cant play like that even with 3 top pairs. Not blaming the D. Just like last yr when Dals and Murf were ready. When Murf and Haan are ready we have a good group.

    Sch is done to try to screw us, every yr, so we get about 5 games when every teams is at 10. Have to go by games over .500 and not points when looking at the standings for the first 2 mths.

  62. Hull, not sure if you know or not, but 2 points in October is the same as 2 points in April. Oh, and they don’t play for another 6 days!!

    Any other front office gripes I can straighten you out on while?

  63. I am thinking, hoping is not good enough, that not having as many games as every other team in league, I think, is a blessing. Like the first 12 games in 2013. A sch design ed to screw us backfires on the league sch makers.

    We wernt as good as we should be or are in the preseason games and this one game and can prob expect for the fist 5 or so games with that much gap in between games.

    By not playing 10 games when every other team in league does, we have the oppertunity to get going. Play 5 more games, when were playing. We play 10 games now with other teams games played we might be 5-5.

    We are Way better then this, even for first 5 or so games.

    Starting with game 6 and on, move your ass.

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