Blackhawks Sign Carl Dahlstrom

On Thursday afternoon the Chicago Blackhawks announced the team has agreed to a three-year entry level contract with defenseman Carl Dahlstrom.

The conract will begin with the 2016-17 season; Dahlstrom had already joined Rockford on an AHL tryout contract for the second spring in a row. He was a third round pick by the Hawks in 2013.

18 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Carl Dahlstrom

  1. Nice player. Gustafasson like. Sixth defenseman type.

  2. Nothing like Gustafson.. Except for both being Swedish. Big stay at home guy.

    I got a bull elk I need mounted. Interested?

  3. Scouting Report

    With great size and a real edge to his game, he can make an impact along the blueline. He moves the puck well and already displays reliability and consistency.

    Is not going to be a quarterback on the power play, and he may never produce impressive offensive numbers at the National Hockey League level.

    Career Potential:
    Big, steady and reliable defenseman with some upside.


  4. So this describes a bigger version of Rosival as a ceiling and I’m not sure what kind of floor.

  5. Outside of Pokka’s potential, Forsling is the cream of the crop. If one of Dahlstrom or Norell turns into an NHLer that is a bonus.

    It is encouraging that Stan and company believe they are worthy of contracts.

    We all know about the trades of Johns, Paliotta and Dahlbeck. Add to that Dillon Fournier has lost almost 2 full years of development to injury and when he was healthy, was not ready for the AHL. Another 2nd rounder – Justin Holl – is now developing in the Leafs organization.

  6. I’ve never seen this guy play but with the exception of size his stats are underwhelming. Hopefully the Hawks scouts see something in him other than not wanting to get nothing from another second round draft pick.

  7. I believe Dahlstrom was actually a second round pick. Thought I read somewhere that he switched to defense after playing forward early on – hopefully he will be a late bloomer as we could use his size. Craig N – it will also be interesting to see how Dennis Gilbert develops at Notre Dame – I thought he was impressive as a freshman.

  8. MS – agree, Gilbert had a very good year at Notre Dame. I grew up in the same town as his father – Tonawanda, NY.

    When I was back there in December, one of Gilbert’s former hockey coaches told me, he likely will spend 2 years at Notre Dame, then look to turn pro.

  9. Speaking of Hammer…and in regards to Dahlstrom’s stats.

    Hjalmarsson’s age 19 year in the SEL 37 games played- 2 goals 0 assists. 2 points

    Dahlstrom’s age 20 year 1 goal 7 assists in 50 games played

    Dahlstrom’s age 19 year 3 goals 3 assists.

    Not saying he’s the next Hjalmarsson. But he’s got size, and plays a similar game.

  10. do defense men wear different leg guards than forwards it seems that hammer is always getting dinged on the inside of leg or knee do they have a wrap around guard for defense as opposed to the forward style of leg pad front of leg and side

  11. Totally unrelated, but since Bobby brought up equipment….

    The NBA has approved the use of ads on jerseys.

    Insert 4 letter word here.

  12. Saw Dahlstrom and originally got him confused with former Hawks prospect Klas Dahlbeck. I think its pretty fair to saw both play a very similar game with Carl being slightly bigger, both are typical stay at home defenseman, and neither are flashy.

  13. My four letter word is bad. (in honor of Joe Biden). It would be a crime for the Indian head to be just a little patch on the shoulder with a big Reebok on the front.

  14. According to futures he is the 5th best d prospect in the organization &

    Talent Analysis

    Dahlstrom is a rangy, stay-at-home defenseman. He is mobile and has a big frame at 6’3, even though he still needs to work on filling it out. The Swedish blueliner is still capable of using his body to move players around, but is generally a player that will maintain his defensive posture rather than chase a big hit. Not a player to push the envelope much offensively, Dahlstrom is nonetheless capable of making a good breakout pass and getting the puck on net. He plays a smart, safe gamewith the puck on his stick, but may not be a player that generates a ton of offense as he transitions to the pro level.


    Dahlstrom is skating for Linkoping in his second SHL season in 2015-16. Blackhawks fans got a glimpse of the big defenseman at the end of the last season when he skated in two games with AHL affiliate Rockford. Dahlstrom’s size, skating ability and skill level make him an intriguing prospect but he remains a long-term project at this point.

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