Blackhawks Sign Chris Kunitz

The Blackhawks announced at noon EST on Sunday that the team has signed forward Chris Kunitz to a one-year deal. CapFriendly is reporting the deal has a $1M cap hit.

Kunitz, who will turn 39 in September, spent one year in Tampa. He scored 13 goals with 16 assists in 82 games with the Lightning last year. He was part of all three Stanley Cup championships in Pittsburgh.

Kunitz has appeared in 966 career regular season games with the Ducks, Penguins and Lightning.

29 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Chris Kunitz

  1. I hope this signing is as a 13/14 forward to mentor young guys on playing bottom 6 roles and to push them a little for playing time

    Sort of a Jamal Mayers role – if they’re expecting more than that that’s not good

    I still believe they will add a more impactful player – here’s hoping

  2. I am disgusted with this signing. Tab, please tell me why I shouldn’t be.

    Been reading this blog for a few years. But I need an explanation on this move.

    A very good draft, then this. Is Stan bipolar maybe? No disrespect intended, a serious question.

  3. Adding older players with steadily declining numbers to an aging core with steadily declining numbers?? Over the past two years, losing players like Panarin, Hjalmarsson, Danault, Shaw and Teravainen, for so little in return, I truly cannot understand why Stan Bowman is employed. Is hope a strategy?

  4. Stan`s trying to get us to tank again and perhaps be in the raffle for first overall pick next year .
    Can`t wait to hear Stan`s press conference after today`s great job .

    Complete bullshit .

    Well we could bring Sharp and Carcillo back ,might be a hell of a line .

    Keep up the great work Stan .

  5. Don’t mind as Wraparound as said 13th or 14th depth mentor forward, Taking Martinsons spot for comparable caphit not the end of the world.

  6. Looks like the Hawks are done for today – they clearly don’t want to getting into any big bidding wars which is good

    If they wait for prices to come down a little they could get good value – or maybe they have trades to complete

    This isn’t the end of the additions yet

  7. 4th line player. Don’t like the signing much. But he did put up good numbers last year. Plays physical and pk’s.
    And even if you want a young player on the 4th line. How does under 10 minute of playing time a night help their development?

  8. Kunitz should end up being a good mentor for young players, hopefully in Rockford.

  9. oh, I should have mentioned this signing was coming before so no one was surprised. His wife is from the suburbs so he’s just making the wife happy coming here.

  10. Bowman and crew just want to hear people bitch and whine. It amuses them.

    Going to enjoy all the ledge jumper thinkers/future GMs comments.

  11. Enough with the Stan bashing. He rebuilt the team after it was gutted in 2010 b/c of Tallon’s absent-mindedness. Rebuilt the team in 2013 after it was gutted by the salary cap. Sure, he’s made some bad moves, but the job is art, not science. (sorry to all the quants out there…) What GMs have done better than Stan? Lamoriello? Put the Devils in worse cap position than the Hawks, despite not winning a Cup in years. He’s definitely done a better job than the Kings’ former GM and Shero in Pittsburgh. Is Rutherford a genius? He certainly wasn’t in Carolina. The Caps’ GM was seen as an idiot last summer for not getting on top of the salary cap. So, 10 months later, they win the Cup.

    The Bread Man trade looks bad now, but if it hadn’t been done, he’d be gone now. Same with NH to the Coyotes. Many of the other trades owe themselves to Q’s obstinate refusal to adjust his system to his players. Imagine if the Hawks still had Kempney, Leddy, and Daley with a coach who used them properly. The HAwks’ #1 problem is the D, and Q is a major reason for this.

  12. Great posts. Reggie Fleming’s is the best – Timonen. Hawktalk is the runner up. Most of us in agreement that signing an old guy prevents one of our youngsters from delevoping.

  13. I’m OK with this signing. Kunitz is going to be expected to play big minutes in a top-6 role but he would be fine in a bottom-6 role for a cool $1M.

  14. the more I think about this the more irritated I get. I bet you any money says kunitz approached the blackhawks about playing here and not visa versa

  15. I remember alot of posters saying the dressing room needed more character and leadership, well it just got it.

  16. At such a small cap hit, relatively speaking, I’m not that concerned about this. I don’t think the team is finished with acquisitions yet. I’ll try to be glass half full.

  17. This isn’t a terrible move, he still has value in the bottom 6. I am more disappointed in the $3 million they gave Ward.

  18. Good veteran influence-wow the reaction is predictable–the Hawks have bigger problems than this 1 million. The team is a middle of the pack team. no matter what they do-get use to it.
    The reaction is that of a team that is very relevant. It had its run now it’s trying to change for the future-post core. It’s tricky to do with 88 and 19. (7)

  19. He is an upgrade over what Sharp and Duclair gave them last year. And playing him on the 4th line is crazy, this guy is a proven player and a winner. He may not play every game but I bet we get his all when he does play. I like it for the money.

  20. No knock on Kunitz at all. I don’t mind this signing as Q likes to say. It’s what they haven’t done thus far that disturbs me ie signing a quality top 6 line mate for Kane and schmaltz.

  21. James Neal at 5.75 aav….would have should have….goal scorer with nasty to his game would have looked nice with Kane and schmaltz

  22. Demo i think Neal is getting paid by the Flames for what he did for someone else. Rewarding your own players is the right thing to do but do you really think Neal will be anywhere near the player he was lasy couple of years in 3, 4 ir 5 years time. I don’t think Flames got value on that contract.

  23. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this years crop of big name free agents go down as one of the most overvalued and overpayed, Taveres included. Maybe Bowman is smarter than people think, i believe staying away from the temptation of bigger names and taking route he took in small risk, short deals was correct. Be in a better position to make some trades, over the summer.

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