Blackhawks Sign D Steve Montador

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed veteran defenseman Steve Montador to a four-year, $11M contract.

Chicago’s financial commitment to the blue line is now more significant. Here’s the breakdown (listed number is player’s cap hit):

Brent Seabrook $ 5,800,000
Duncan Keith $   5,538,462
Niklas Hjalmarsson $   3,500,000
Steve Montador $   2,750,000
Nick Leddy $   1,116,666
Chris Campoli  TBD
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One Response to Blackhawks Sign D Steve Montador

  1. Steve says:

    Mont goes from 1.55 last year to 2.75 with us for 4 years. HOLY COW. How does that make sense.

    That is almost all the overage from brower and soupy being gone. That is 5M, now about half that is gone. How is that any good?

    7.1 soup better than 2.75 mont and 3.1 olez (5.85 total) ????????????????????

    This is nuts. 1.75 for Mont is ok.

    But I guess in this market, prices are going up, so little quality and floors have to be met. Prices are going up from the bottom up. See Kopecky.

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