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  1. Lots of noise in Edmonton regarding Seabrook.

    Tell me it isn’t so please. I’d projectile vo….

  2. I have a hard time believing the Hawks would trade Seabrook to a WC team unless the return was HUGE. I think SB would rather give away Sharp and Bickell than devastate his already thin D group. Besides, I am sure several teams have inquired about Seabrook.

    I read yesterday where RasMoose makes 40 players under contract. Of course the Hawks have yet to sign a couple of RFAs…..namely Kruger and Nordstrom. Bottom line is the Hawks actually need to get some contracts done, but SB still has a couple of months to sort things out.

  3. The rumor out of Edmonton is highlighted by Oscar Klefbom coming back. Apparently the Oilers and their fans they don’t want to give up Darnell Nurse. I think its all just noise anyway.

    You would assume something has to give soon, with Oduya & Kruger waiting and dead weight still sitting on the roster.

    F’ing Sharp!

  4. SSHM…. Sharp has held up his end. I believe, under his modified no movement contract, it was Sharp’s obligation to submit 10 teams he would allow to be traded. I have read he did that early on. SB simply has not been able to make a deal with any of those ten. Reasons could be many…..no need, no Cap space, SB doesn’t like the return etc. This means that Sharp gets to approve a trade to a team not on his list. If the Hawks have treated him fairly, Sharp will accept a trade outside his 10 teams.

    Bickell also has a modified NMC, I do not know the specifics but I am guessing it is not as restricting as Sharps.

  5. As i wrote before stan has to be listening to offers for seabrook. Like it or not with the cap being as constricting stan has to have a list of the so called core players he would trade if he cant move bickell, versteeg, and sharp. That list is probably seabrook, crawford and hammer. They would generate the most return. I would crawford would be first to go if possible but with seabs turning 30 and needing a new contract he would be 2nd on that list.

  6. @ Mike

    Sharp has played “up to” his contact in well over 100 games stretching back to the playoffs in 14, and that doesn’t take into consideration about his locker room and off ice noise which may or may not be true. Bickell has NEVER justified his contract with the exception of 2013 when he looked like a world beater! Even at the time it look like an awful deal! Both of the these players can’t take off the Indian Head soon enough. However, between the 2 it’s F’ING Sharp by a mile! rip that letter from his sweater and get him the bleep outa town!

  7. I doubt whether there is much traction to the rumours but I also didn’t see the Saad deal coming. Theres also a very slim chance the Oilers would give up Klefbom. That’d actually look like a decent deal for the Hawks in a year or two.

    I’d be some pissed if it was Seabrook leaving while Sharp and Bickell stayed behind. That said it’ll take a big $$ over a pretty long duration to sign him when he goes UFA next year.

    Still waiting to see that lineup of teams ready to give up primo draft picks and prospects for Sharp like I was assured would happen. I mean if Bollig can fetch a third there must be a lineup of teams ready to give up stars and first rounders for a guy of Sharps quality and value.

  8. SSHM, I simply was making the point that Sharp has given his list of teams as his contract specify. BUT I actually agree with you 100%. Yes I like Sharp as a player and I am glad he (was) a Hawk. But the last couple of years have been different……Taking dumb retaliatory penalties, not sticking up for his teammates and who knows about the rumors. I said a year ago he should lose his “A”.

  9. If some of the rumors prove correct, his time might be coming to an end very shortly, but only time will if that is actually the case.

    I heard a rumor that Kruger’s deal in principal is actually completed and he is in a holding pattern. If that is accurate you would have to assume the same for Oduya as well.

  10. Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty out 12 weeks with knee injury. Does this open the door for a Sharp trade??????

  11. Mike
    Sharp may have had an “off year” last year but two years ago? I think not.
    CHI 82 34 44 77 pts.
    Not too shabby.

  12. Zero chance that Seabrook is traded. Wishful thinking coming out of that frozen out of the way hell hole called Edmonton.

    Zero chance that Crawford gets dealt as well. Remember the hawks are trying to win another cup and besides that he has a bullet proof no trade contract.

    Like the Saad deal the next one will have no advance warning, that’s how Stan rolls.

  13. Trevor Daley (D) and Ryan Garbutt (F).
    Gonna miss Sharpie a lot, but I realize he had to be moved.

  14. Traded 6.75mm for 5.1mm BUT get 2 NHL ready players. Not a bad return, but would have rather got prospects/2016 draft picks. But the Hawks are under cap at the moment

  15. Correction, Dallas retains .9mm of Garbutt’s salary so the Hawks traded 6.7mm for 4.2mm. Saves the Hawks 2.5mm in cap space

  16. Daley will fit in nicely as a 2nd pair defenseman but Garbutt is nothing but a goon. Not much skill coming from Mr slew foot. I hope he does not impede the progress of Dano and Panarin. Sorry to see Johns go. The cupboard is getting bare.

  17. Stars are assuming half of Garbutt’s salary which is $1.8M ($900k cap hit for Hawks).

    Will we keep any of our D prospects or trade them all?????

  18. Well, fu(k. The Hawks were forced to include Johns as the price to be paid to get Sharp off the books. I absolutely loved Johns and his potential. Dammit. Dammit. The key to this deal (which there isn’t one) is hoping Q can get Garbutt to clean up his game. If that can happen then he has very good two way potential and can play the PK. And he can flat out skate. But he has been a total douche bag on skates in Dallas. Daley is terrible. There is no way to sugarcoat.

  19. I thought Daily was good, but I’m hearing he’s a disaster in his own zone….so not too happy with this trade. I get it was a salary dump but Bowman seems to be depleting the prospect pool. Grosses me out that they had more faith in Runblad than Johns, too.

  20. If it took Johns to be included to dump Sharp (and to a division rival no less) then this tells me with certainty that Bickell is untradeable. We are stuck with that $4 M albatross. And this means no chance Oduya can fit. And adding Garbutt and his potential to be major on the PK means we also are likely to concede on Kruger. Very sad night for me because I loved Johns. Dahlbeck, Paliotta and Johns all gone. Pokka is it.

  21. I heard we are trying to get Bollig back for a 2nd rounder. Bollig, Carcillo, Garbutt will be our 3rd line. GEEZ…

    Pissed about Johns!!!! Clendening, Dahlbeck, Paliotta, and now Johns. Sorry TVR does nothing for me. Can’t believe Johns is gone. Was so looking forward to him.

  22. The Dallas fans seem happy to get rid of Daley. Hopefully his off year last year was a result of his hip injury. If not, he won’t fit in as I would hope as a second pair guy.

  23. Again people, the Hawks had a gun to their head. This trade PROVES there was no market for Sharp and nobody wants to help out the Hawks. We had to give up our best and most promising defenseman prospect in order to get rid of Sharp….AND be willing to take on Daley. And it gets worse because this surely telegraphs Stan will be unable to unload Bickell or Versteeg.

  24. You are right hawks1961, DAL fans are thrilled Daley is gone. He even had 16 goals last season and they still are happy he’s gone. This is a head scratcher for sure.

    I believe that there are other dominoes ready to fall and this was just the fuel needed to get the other deals going (atleast I hope). Buckle up Hawk fans, the ride is about to get bumpy (or bumpier)!!

    I bet Tab is sitting there struggling writing this one up. He’s probably desperately trying to put a positive spin on it. Can’t wait to see his take.

  25. Rufus is right, there is NO market for Bickell. I bet Stan can’t give him away for free. The sad reality is that the bum will take a roster spot away from a player that can actually produce. The team will be much weaker with Bickell.

  26. Will wait for the next blog to fully comment on this trade, but a few quick thoughts:

    Rufus, you are overreacting. No market for Sharp? Please. They just got two good NHL players for him and Johns and Dallas kept some salary. Who cares what Dallas fans think? They aren’t the be-all end-all of trade evaluations.

    On the trade teleconference, Bowman is talking up the young Swedish defensemen in the system.

    I will say I do not like giving up both Johns and Paliotta in one week. They need some “mean” on the blueline and keep trading it away.

    More on this trade tomorrow.

  27. Ugh… Just brutal. We don’t really have any cards left to play to try to get rid of Bickell, plus can’t free up more room to sign 16 and 27. 2015/2016 not looking so good right about now…

    It still feels like SB could have gotten something done before the draft if his asking price for Sharp had been lower (a pick a prospect and a player was the original asking price and this is what we got while also having to give up Johns???). SB looks like he played a game of chicken with a train and just got flattened. Really should have tried harder to move Sharp when there was somewhat of a market.

  28. Daley makes Runblad look like Duncan Keith in the defensive zone. He is horrendous defensive player. And how on earth can that ever possibly for within the patented Q style of play that has contributed to our elite status? Answer is it can’t. And it gets worse. Daley’s skating ability has eroded to the point of an ancient Rosival status. I could give a rat’s ass that he scored a lot from the point on a bad horrendously coached Dallas team.

  29. No chance we move Bickell or Versteeg unless we toss in Pokka or draft picks. Meaning Kruger is now done in Chicago unless Stan makes me even more sad and trades Shaw to make for some cap room.

  30. Oduya coming back is a fluid situation per Bowman on the call. This tells me the dealing isn’t finished although I’ve learned not to take what Bowman says as gospel.

  31. Only chance Kruger or Oduya can come back is if Stan is a miracle worker and can unload Daley plus add prospects and draft picks in order to find any sort of taker in Bickell and Versteeg. I live in fear right now that Shaw is being actively shopped to open up money, and the Hawks plan on resurrecting Garbutt from douchebaggery to somehow become the new Shaw.

  32. re: Rufus’ “no chance we move Bickell or Versteeg” – go ahead and look at the surplus of forwards in the organization right now. I don’t think Pokka goes anywhere, and I doubt Bowman includes picks. But McNeill? Danault?

  33. Zero chance that Seabrook is traded. Wishful thinking coming out of that frozen out of the way hell hole called Edmonton.

    It became a lot less of a hell hole the second the Oilers won the draft lottery wouldn’t you say?

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