85 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Dominik Kubalik To Two-Year Extension

  1. I was afraid that he was going to be more expensive since he is arbitration eligible. If he ended up in arbitration, I figured he would get closer to something in the 4-5 mil per year range. 30 goals scored in less than a full season could cost a lot…

    I think it’s fair to Kubalik and won’t break the Hawks bank. Nice to get this done.

    Strome next?

  2. Happy to have Kubalik back with the team. That’s the good news. The bad news is what the hell are the Hawks going to come with to replace Lehner and Crow?? Those two kept the Hawks imo from maybe being the worst team in the West this past season. I’l be requesting refunds for next years UC games assuming fans won’t be in the stands because of the pandemic, and because this team roster at present, needs a lot of help. Even if they try and work out something to get fans into arenas I’m not going anytime soon. Wishing all of you good health!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  3. Here’s my wish and hope for the 2021 Hawks – the young players improve and get experience. That’s it. The win/loss record doesn’t matter to me because I expect it to be bad so the bar is so low that I will only be pleased if they do better than expected instead of being displeased if they don’t win much.

    Don’t worry about the goalies not being good enough to win games. Let it sort out as the season progresses. If none of the 3 goalies proves to be good enough than we can check them off and move on from them the following season.

    If the team has to be bad before it can be good again (and I think it does), then let it be bad for a season or two and enjoy watching the young players improve. It’s kind of akin to watching other Chicago pro sport teams through the years where the team sucked but some of the players were fun to watch. We will be able to see these young players growing into their prime years and that’s exciting.

    Looking forward to seeing Mitchell and Kalynuk make their NHL debuts.
    Looking forward to seeing Boqvist and Dach going into their 2nd seasons.
    Looking forward to Cat and Strome having bounce back years.
    Looking forward to seeing if Kubalik can duplicate his rookie year.
    Looking forward to seeing what Pius Suter will do.
    Looking forward to seeing if Nylander can be as good most of the time versus only once in a while.
    Looking to see if any of the 3 goalies are keepers.
    Looking forward to see how Colliton handles the team.
    And more …

  4. Very nice contract for the Hawks – still an RFA after two years. The only comment I will make on the goalie situation is that these three guys have a chance they will never get again to be the #1 guy. Most of the time guys like this never really get a shot at #1. Will be interesting to see how we use the extra cap room from this goalie strategy. Haven’t heard anything regarding Strome – I will not be surprised if he is traded.

  5. Really good news for this young team ,leaving at least 500.000$ per year for other players .i was thinking 4 to 4.5 millions/ year
    Excellent news..
    For I don’t know what reason I have the feeling the Hawks will offer 2-3 millions/ year to Strome …not more. Or bye bye Strome

  6. Very team friendly deal. This team is gonna have to score 5+ goals a night to overcome the shoddy defense and goaltending.

  7. I think Strome comes in around 2.5 for 2 years

    If l’m reading the Hawks cap situation correctly and I’m right about Strome.s AAV the Hawks should have 3.5 to 4 mil to spend

    Assuming they stick with their 3 headed goalie situation then they could spend on a FW like Andreas Jonson from TOR whose cap hit is 3.4

    TOR is already a mil over the cap and still have to sign Mikayev and Dermott

    Jonson still has upside – at least a quality 3rd liner maybe a top 6

    Also good signing of Kube

  8. Just to clarify for Jonson to come to CHI it would have to be a trade but as I said the Leafs need to shed salary

  9. ER- good list! Add awesome years for Toews & Kane and let’s get this list off to Santa- Pronto! Season starts 7 days after Christmas

  10. for those who B&W about bowman’s bringing in people who dont work out, are you going to b&w if he does nothing this year. Seeing what Kubs and Sub’s got paid, great value. What I see some free agents making this year, Some of you need to rethink your Bowman blows. I imagine the boards would be lit up if Stan spent money on Jack Johnson or Wennberg, man Joel I hope u did not give FL advice on that one.

    Now, after the dust settles, if Alex Galchenyuk wants to come cheap ($1M) to play wing with Dach and Kane or on the Strome/DCat line, bring it on Stan. Cant be worse than Nylander. Krug to the Blues was a wash in they lose AP, not a big drop.

    Are there any wings we can add cheap that will make an impact. I was hoping Bobby Ryan but “He gone” as the great one used to say.

  11. Best draft ever.
    Annoint the GM as Supreme Being and hand his wonder boy coach the Septer of Dominance.

    Rebuild huh?
    Only took the Supreme Being 4 years of failure to reach that conclusion?
    What a mensa.

  12. PP< Imagine being wild, pred, jets, oiler fans. Where are the Kings and Penguins who were on top with the Hawks. Not much better. Stan had to overcome Sharp, Oduya, Nik H steep decline, Bickells injury which cost TT, Hossa health, Richards retirement, and vermette was not resigned. That is half your roster leaving only Kane, Toews, Crow, and two declining DEF in Keith and Seabrook. The Hawks were in trouble after winning this last cup, not because of Bowman, but talent pipeline stopped or was traded away. Say what you will about Timmo but I would take that trade to win one last cup because it was going to be our last. We should or could have had 4 if not for a missed call against the Kings.

    I am shocked we are this close to being a decent team with a pipeline of solid DEF and OFF which could make us competitive in a few years. The Vegas series showed me the Hawks can complete as they did with 2.5 lines and a very shaky DEF against a solid team. Now, goalie needs to be addressed but lets see what we got. I dont expect much this year, but just seeing Dach and Kubs gives me hope the Hawks have a few pieces and if 2 of our DEF guys can be Top Line guys, we are that much closer.

    Anybody bring Kahun back for Dcat/Strome line. If memory is correct, they actually did ok together.

  13. On the cheap I’ll go with Vesey. Bigger than Kahun and has scored 16, 17, 18 goals in a season. Little more expensive Anthanasiou and Haula. Both have scored 30 in a season.

    If 2mil is needed buy out Smith. Needed offense to play next year and score 5 plus goals a game.

  14. Anything less than $4 Million for Kubalik was a win for the Hawks. Good signing.

    Also no Lance Bouma, Tommy Wingels, Chris Kunitz type underwhelming additions on day one of free agency. That’s totally fine.

    Canadiens G-M Marc Bergevin said recently that GM’s make horrible mistakes and overpayments on day 1 of free agency (usually July 1). He said the smart GM’s put their phone aside then start looking around on day 2.

    Good advice with a flat cap in place.

    Stan will likely be all ears when it comes to Saad and teams not getting what they want in free agency and perhaps seeking a trade. Lots of time in between now and January 1

  15. Vesey works. Two trades to watch in the future to see if they pan out. The Gus traded netted us Landon Slaggert and the Lehner trade landed us Drew Commesso. Hopefully he is the goalie of the future.

    Also the 5th round pick we acquired from Arizona in the Hoosa Trade, gave us Kubs.

  16. I would like to keep Saad, if the price of Tanev is $4.5M, Saad at $6 for the year is a bargain. Who signs Jack Johnson. Seriously,

    I am sorry but Crow goes to Jersey for 2 years at $3.9M. Baffled Crow. What could Bowman have offered if not $3.5M as reported.

  17. I rather like the new PP persona. I’m pretty sure it won’t last but at least for a while it’s kinda fun.

  18. I wish Corey well.

    I can’t blame him for wanting $7.4M guaranteed (2 years) over $3.5M guaranteed (1 year) – I know I would.

  19. Saad Toews Kubalik
    Anthanasiou Dach Kane
    Vesey Strome DCat
    Martin Carpenter Highmore

    Keith Murphy
    deHaan Boq
    Seabs Mitchell

    Subban Liken

    Work Kuylak Suter in and out.

  20. JR,
    The Hawks were very high on J. Vesey, when he went UFA. I like him exactly where you put him on the third line. 15 to 18 goal scorer.

    Pius Suter is on the team. Brandon Pirri is likely on the team. Stan did not acquire these guys to squeeze them out on UFA day.

  21. How many bad decisions did Colorado GM Joe Sakic make Friday. Answer =0. He supposedly is “all in “ next year.

    Does anybody on this board really think that St. Louis is set for the future with Justin Faulk and Torey Krug as their top 2 defensemen ?

    The Rangers signed Jack Johnson. Ugh. Brutal.

    Stan had a good day. Kubalik stays for under $4 Million. Subban will compete with Lankinen and Delia, much like the Bubble before Crawford returned. And no stupid perplexing moves.

  22. Devils draft Dawes for long term, look solid in goal with Blackwood short term and give Crawford what he wants to shore up position. Blackhawks draft Comesso for long term, with question in short term in nets, let Crawford go and resign another one of their question marks. Very opposite looking short term, see how it works for both teams.

  23. ER obviously 7.8 is better than. 3.5 but it’s New Jersey they’re not contenders they’re probably not a playoff team and he’ll probably split time with Blackwood rather than be the #1 he would have been in CHI

    If he’s so worried about his health or abilities that the guaranteed second year is so important to him then fine but I really don’t think this is the type of landing spot he had in mind when he turned down Stan’s offer

    I’m not crying over spilt milk just pointing out that Crow IMO over estimated what he would get on the open market

    Nevertheless I wish him well but it seems unfortunate to me that he’s going to finish his distinguished career in relative obscurity when he could have been the clear #1 and fan favourite here with a good chance to get a better contract next year

    Seems like he blew it

  24. Wrap, I have similar thoughts but didn’t want to throw shade at Crawford as he rides out of town. Maybe it is about being the #1 guy but it’s a rare person who considers something other than money as the primary factor. And I don’t mean that to imply it’s some kind of character flaw – most people, including myself, have money very high up on our priority list for workplace considerations.

    Maybe I’m a little too intoxicated with this whole “new direction” thing. I’m envisioning it play out as a lot less now with the promise of a lot more in 2-3 years. Maybe it will end up being working the middle rather than working the extremes. I hope not because I believe trying to find some middle ground will result in finding and staying in that middle ground for the foreseeable future. Better to get a bounce from hitting bottom to propel you into greater heights.

  25. It took Crawford exactly one day to get what he wanted.

    Makes one wonder if Supreme Being GM really wanted him around.
    His history of stupid contracts and dumbass trades (of which there is a plethora) questions it.

    Supreme Being did not draft Crawford.

    Crawford toiled for 7 years in the minors before getting his shot, but not until Supreme Being thought it better to sign a washed up Marty Turco first in 2011.

    Lord knows the Being did not want Q around.

    Yet he kept his job while his boss got canned.

    But full disclosure: Recent concussion history on Crawford needed to be considered.

    However his recent playoff performance shows a damn solid presence in net.

    One that is worth a two year deal.

    He signed for 8 mill to go to NJ.

    One would think he would sign for 7 mill and stay put with his original team……
    If Supreme Being wanted him.

  26. I believe the term is what Crawford wanted and the money is just a little gravy. If he was offered a 2 year deal to stay for 3.5m or even a little less wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed.

  27. Devils have a ton of cap space to absorb his cap hit if injured, plus replacement as well, risk is less too.

  28. Crawford said loud and clear that he wants to play a lot of games…means 70% off the games minimum ( if healthy )
    The money was not really important for him he said a few months ago . He wants to Play Hockey .
    Happy for him that he found a nice team ..Sens had another Hawks Goalie before …and it works well for Anderson so it will be fine for Crow …

  29. “It took Crawford exactly one day to get what he wanted”. I gotta agree with Wrap – I have a tough time seeing Crow breaking out the Champagne after signing a two year deal with the Devils. I understand his reasoning and wish him the best but splitting time in New Jersey for the next couple years seems less than exciting from a competitive standpoint. His name was linked to some top teams like the Av’s but obviously he didn’t receive a better offer financially. For the Hawks goaltending will be a huge question mark. As I said yesterday these 3 guys have the biggest opportunity of their careers so maybe someone steps up. Also the rest of the team will have to be more focused on the defensive part of the game which would be nice to see.

  30. Would love to see Stan nab either Vesey, Matt Nieto or Kahun for under $1 million. That’s the pond we are fishing in.

  31. Wow the Crow not that much difference to not stay here .400k that seems weak to me and why I donot understand why we couldnt meet in middle for him.

    Guess were going with 1.075 goalies so we can add in other positions and play the younger players with 2 19 88 20.

  32. Other then the Crow not being here I like that if these goalies do good and bad so our record is bottom 5 we ll get what we need the most another gem like 77.

    Ian says there are 3 top pair defensemen in 21 draft in first 5 picks. Yes Yes.

  33. Thats PIT goalie got 6.25 ouch and VAN with a top 5 goalie now look out for there young wave. WAS gets rangers goalie interesting for a 2 yrs.

    Salary cap spreading the players out more. BOS loses there best Defensemen and even if they add a ufa he ll be older. There not going to be as good now.

  34. Nice to read this and tell it how it is. Only BOS became a top 5 team again from the top teams of that decade/2008-2018. They did it by sucking for 2 yrs and getting good draft picks/4 1sts and a really good team system. Now without Krug there in trouble.

    Those teams are not good anymore as well the difference is we have a good young wave now those teams donot. Well LA will start to with getting top 5 picks every yr but theyll be behind us by the tim ethey are ready.

    HAWKS 2030 ER 2021
    October 9, 2020 at 9:23 pm
    PP< Imagine being wild, pred, jets, oiler fans. Where are the Kings and Penguins who were on top with the Hawks. Not much better. Stan had to overcome Sharp, Oduya, Nik H steep decline, Bickells injury which cost TT, Hossa health, Richards retirement, and vermette was not resigned. That is half your roster leaving only Kane, Toews, Crow, and two declining DEF in Keith and Seabrook. The Hawks were in trouble after winning this last cup, not because of Bowman, but talent pipeline stopped or was traded away. Say what you will about Timmo but I would take that trade to win one last cup because it was going to be our last. We should or could have had 4 if not for a missed call against the Kings.

  35. Rather have Brett Ritchie or Josh Leivo for size. If you want to bring back a retread Brouwer Knott and J Hayes are bigger. Kahun did out score them.

  36. Corey Crawford confirms Hawks offered him a one year deal and refused to get into a back and forth negotiation. That was their offer, period. Welcome to the business world Corey where revenue is way down and wages are depressed.

  37. From a top-9 perspective, the Hawks have 6 guys “locked in” – Toews, Kane, Saad, Kubalik, Cat, Dach. They have 3 guys that will probably play in the top-9 – Strome, Nylander, Suter. That’s 9. If Shaw comes back – that’s 10, although he could join a crowded group of 4th liners.

    I don’t see a spot for a free agent forward unless the Hawks trade someone (Saad/Strome?). Plus I’d rather give guys like Kurashev and Hagel an opportunity before signing a Kahun or Nieto.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind bringing in a rock solid wrecking ball kind of player to play 4th line so long as he’s cheap and long term. We have enough 4th liners but none of them put fear into opponents or are overly hard to play against.

  38. Dylan Strome would be wise to accept his qualifying offer and hope to have a good year then try to get a better contract next off season. Plenty of 3rd line centers like Brassard and Haula out there that will only get a 1-year, $800,000 offer.

  39. We can add one player ufa/trade wise just not to many. Were not going to add anymore ‘temp’ or ‘tank’ ufas. Bowman did that when we could and it might work. Now it wont so were trading Maatta Smith others and its time for young wave they get closer each yr. Going to happen at some point anyways/nows the time.

    Plus Bowman isint being held down on anything anymore. So he can do it the way he wants now./fully. Watch Bowman do really good these 3yrs adding to young wave with younger players with upside.

    Who ever we have and add we want excellent skating fast and plays Defense at FW positions. Can be smurfs just not everyone.

    Need the speed need. Whole roster wise so we can play like that. Then let the wave establish itself before we ride.

  40. Read this from draft thread.

    I like the what the hawks did in the first round. I thought Reichle was one of the best players for Germany in the exhibition game last fall. The kid was “noticeable” several times while playing against the Hawks. Reichle even shook off a huge dirty hit by Gilbert along the boards.
    The kid definitely did not look out of place playing against nhl men.

    What I like is that with Dach and Reichle were drafting excellent playes that can play the big style game so we can play through. Interesting thats our 1sts picks these couple drafts after skilled smurfs.

  41. Craig – regarding Strome you might be right but I think he gets closer to $2 per

    As for fitting in a free agent forward – in my mind Nylander is a 13th forward until he proves otherwise so that leaves a spot open either in top 9 or on the 4th line depending on where Shaw fits in

    I would have been interested in Nick Cousins to for some more sandpaper but he just signed with NSH

    However I doubt Stan sees it my way so I’m not expecting a free agent forward to be signed

  42. Jordan Greenway gets $4.2m for two years ($2.1 per year). Big rugged winger the same age as Strome. I can’t see Strome getting more than this. I have to believe most people would take Greenway in a heartbeat if offered the choice of him or Strome.

    The revenue crunch is sure making free agency a lot different. Krug reports that the Bruins pulled their offer, Tyson Barrie on verge of signing one year deal and lots of short term deals. Greiss gets a similar contract to Crow to go to Detroit.

  43. Personally i don’t see any big money spent on fas, i think anything added will come from trades and be younger players. Actually think something like that could very well happen. Teams needing to dump cap and Bowman has created some available space, could be looking for a way to use it there.
    With some these young players poised to take strides forward, not using this season to find a goalie for next few season would a huge waste. If one of 3 under contract shows that he can be the guy, all well and good but to regress and go through another dumpster fire type year that we saw a few years ago with no answer in sight would be a huge mistake in my mind. At least Crawford coming back was at the end of that tunnel, pretty demoralizing and big wasted opportunity to a developing roster not to try legitimately find an answer to that problem.

    After all this committment to rebuild catch phrase now was already underway for the forwards who if ready have been playing for the most part. Defensively Maatta a number of reasons and Koekkoek we talked about all year the possibility of them moving on to let the younger prospects play, see how Seabrook and Dehaan play out in that picture. The only real difference in roster in last few days that we weren’t sure of was Crawford, so committment to rebuild starts there, Commesso one piece now find the other one.

  44. Cagguila and Koekkoek not signed yet, from Bowmans comnents sounded like there is an offer they could still return for yet.

  45. Unless the Hawks miraculously sign or obtain at least a strong defensive center and 2 to 3 physical forwards,this team looks to be just as soft and easy to play against as last year’s team minus the goaltending.

  46. Wings got Greiss for 2 years 7.2….if Crawford wouldn’t take 3.5, I wouldn’t have minded Greiss for 3.6

  47. Tim W ,well we got Pirri back lol , is he a physical presents …talk about going backwards ….gonna be the laughing stock of the league…I didn’t think it could possibly get worse ….but …..it has .

  48. MS, I would not be one who would take Greenway over Strome – not by a long shot. Strome gets a bad rap but his offensive numbers are pretty good. Greenway has played 2 seasons in the NHL – he played 81 games in 2018/19 and scored 24 points (0.29ppg) and 67 games in 2019/20 and scored 28 points (0.41ppg). Strome played 78 games in 2018/19 and scored 57 points (0.73ppg) and 58 games in 2019/20 and scored 38 points (0.65ppg). Granted, points aren’t everything and Greenway does some things better than Strome – but offensively they aren’t even close. Strome is a top-6 player and Greenway is not.

  49. Strome should not get 2MM per. He did not perform consistently enough. I’ve seen people in other places talk about how he will eat up money left in the cap. I hope that’s not the case. Don’t ‘hate’ the guy as a hockey player, just don’t think he’s the answer long term unless he decides to get on his horse each and every game. If he were to do that it would be a different story.

    If the team wants a third line center for the future, go with someone else. I agree with Craig N.’s assessment that Strome should take a lower paying gig and play up to where he shows he can play at that pay level, since he’s been given a qualifying offer. At a low cap hit, he could still be on the roster but give the team other options.

  50. Hawk2015 – if you didn’t think it could get worse than least year then you’re not that old – the Hawks got Kane and Toews in back to back drafts because they outright sucked as in Mark Bell kinda sucked or Adrian Aucoin kinda sucked or Keith Magnuson coach kinda sucked and on and on it goes

    This year’s Hawks team beat the Oilers in a 5 game series and acquitted themselves reasonably well considering their inexperience vs Vegas – say what you will they’re nowhere near as bad as those other teams

    As for being the laughing stock of the league it’s possible sure but far from certain – I don’t have your crystal ball so I’m gonna let it play out

    The main problem appears to be goaltending – if one of the three in net steps up big time or Stan gets a veteran if it becomes clear that one of the 3 isn’t going to step up they might yet be competitive

    Like some others I’m looking forward to seeing this youth movement and how it shakes out

  51. Strome,s skating and soft defensive play will continue to make him a 3rd line Center at best.If he has not improved his skating by now,its not going to happen.

  52. Wraparound, my concern is that they will feign competitiveness. Stuck in mediocrity for a decade.

    As I argued 3 years ago, they should have let Toews and Kane go. Rebuilt with a big set of good prospects and extra draft picks.

    Meanwhile, we could watch the team develop while smiling as Toews and Kane had good shots at hoisting another cup or two. Win-win scenario.

    For all of you who think the Hawks can rebuild in time for Toews and Kane…bless your little heart.

  53. ER – No argument on the offensive side of the puck but that is far from the full measure of value. Greenway is a big, physical dude who took a pretty big step forward last year. Strome has a lot of offensive skills but he has not significantly improved his skating or defensive shortcomings. I know who I would take between the two but I would like nothing more than to see a new and improved Strome next year if he is still a Hawk.

  54. BLS – stuck in mediocrity is a legit concern no doubt and we saw that for years with past Hawk teams and front offices but the idea of as you say ‘letting T and K go’ 3 years ago (ie. 2017) is fraught with difficulty because they both have NMC or are you saying that they shouldn’t have been signed at all to their current contracts which were signed before they won the Cup in 2015? (although they didn’t take effect until after the Cup win)

  55. IMO if Strome hasn’t improved his skating (which he should be able to do with a concerted effort and a good skating coach) for this coming season he won’t be long in a Hawk uniform

    Just a small improvement in his skating would make a huge difference for him at both ends of the ice

  56. No offense BLS, but dumping Kane and Toews for a slew of picks WAS laughable.

    The Chicago Blackhawks have been around since 1926.

    At no time in 94 years of existence has this organization ever won 3 Cups in 6 years.

    They won two in the 1930’s and had a Cup winner in 1961.

    They got damn close in 1965 and 1971 and 1973, I believe.
    Each time Montreal beat them in the SCF

    After that it was a sweep by Pittsburgh in 1992 SCF, then nothing til 2010.

    Point is you don’t trade the two most important players to bring you 3 Cups in 6 years.

    A smart GM retools around them.
    (See Jim Rutherford in Pittsburgh with Malkin and Crosby since 2009).

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Being in Chicago is not a smart GM.

    Evidence is what we see on the ice since 2015. It has his fingerprints all over it.

    But you make a good point….now it may be too late to rebuild around Kane and Toews, as the Supreme Being is touting a rebuild, long after the retool train left the station.

    Yet the man stays employed and not too many seem to take umbrage with that.


  57. They had to be signed. Would have been great if it was for Crosby’s 9m but we don’t know the contract discussions so have to assume 10.5 was neccessary.

    My thought was to work with them after the Nashville disaster and subsequent years for a trade that they would agree with. In no way would I advocate screwing them. As noted, with an NMC you couldn’t even if you wanted to.

    The question is would Toews and Kane prefer to be on a competitive team or a rebuilding team? What would a Colorado or Vegas have given up for one of them. How much salary would the Hawks have to eat?

    I love the Hawks but I also enjoy watching my favorite players on other teams. Imagine Toews on Colorado? Imagine Kane on Vegas? Now that would be fun.

  58. I don’t have the wherewithal to quantify this in any provable way but my opinion is that Strome’s main problem is stamina. Having nothing more to base that opinion on than my observations of him in games when the TV camera happens to show him. It seems like his skating is noticeably worse at the end of shifts than it is at the beginning of shifts. He doesn’t look quick or fast at any time but he looks like he’s skating in slush with a piano on his back when he’s out there for a long shift. It get’s exacerbated when he’s stuck in the d-zone trying to chase the puck. I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad defender but when he’s out of gas he can’t be a good defender.

    Is there a way to improve his stamina so that he can maintain his energy through more than 30 seconds? Stamina zaps everyone at some point but his stamina level is very low.

  59. Nikita Zadorov’s agent supposedly tweeted that he’s been traded to the Hawks with possibly Saad going back to Colorado.

  60. PP i don’t take umbrage at Bowman for doing a job that his boss wants him to do. Same reason i don’t take umbrage at Seabrook for his contract and his skills diminishing. Do i agree with all his moves no, like this current trade comes up short for me. Fact is we are just passengers and not driving so gotta hope they get to the destination.

  61. Saying Zaitsev signed his 3..2m qo and Blackhawks retained 1m, cleared 1.8m in capspace if another move is following, maybe

  62. What makes it more amazing is the Supreme Being retooled the 2010 team into the 2013 team, albeit he had a core of 7 guys,………… so one would think he would know how to do it again.


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