Blackhawks Sign Dylan Strome

On Sunday afternoon, in the middle of the Bears losing to the Packers yet somehow backing into a playoff berth, the Blackhawks announced the team has signed center Dylan Strome to a two-year, $6M extension.

Strome, 23, had been a restricted free agent. Originally a first round pick (#3 overall) by Arizona in 2015, the Blackhawks acquired Strome in a trade for Nick Schmaltz.

Strome now slots into the top center position for the Blackhawks while veteran captain Jonathan Toews is away from the team. If/when Toews returns, Strome would remain to top-six forward with Kirby Dach out for the regular season after suffering a wrist injury.

He had 12 goals and 26 assists for the Blackhawks last season.

The second year on Strome’s contract makes him arguably the top player on Chicago’s roster to be eligible for the expansion draft after the 2021 season.

36 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Dylan Strome

  1. Please, someone tell me what I’m missing on the deal of $3MM AAV on this guy! How does Stan’s talk about Strome’s value not being up to what Strome’s agent align with a two year deal of $6MM?

  2. Well…they needed another center and Strome ? Well he needs a job. He will have a chance to perform this year, hopefully he takes advantage.

  3. Good signing may be dcat has bounce back year with strome unless coal tin breaks up the chemistry why not ouch

  4. Big Indian there was talk of a 1 or 2 year deal being a sticking point. He would sign cheaper on a 1 year deal and be arbitration eligible or wanted more 2 years and give up 1 year of his eligibility, which apparently wad what Bowman wanted. Sounds like that was the case and Bowman could’ve be referring to that. Looking at what others signed for this off season, Strome’s agent may have just gotten one of the best deals of the summer for him.

  5. Mo, it’s $3.0M for Strome – not $3.6M.

    I think it’s a fair deal. Now let’s get on the ice and shoot pucks.

  6. Not crazy about it but its fine. Just want to add some good prospects & picks by taking on a caphit from teams who cant.

    And get some from expansion to.

    I do have nothing agsint 12 17 personally just want a loaded roster again.

  7. Some may be fine with the deal today but wait till you see Strome skate and takeup 1st line Center minutes matched up against other teams best.

  8. How about someone make a list of Bowman’s 1st round draft picks and for the ones (multiple) he has traded away, who did he receive in return?


  9. At 3 millions it’s a bit expensive I think …I was thinking more between 2 to 2.5 let see iff he perform well enough and if not he can be trade at the deadline this year or next year..I am a bit disappointed but maybe he will be the player he wish to be and hopefully he can play with DCat iff the Coach give them the player they need to make a strong trio.
    Hope we can get news from the day to day training camp ….the fans deserve to know what’s going on.

  10. This is disappointing that a player can be this bland and be compensated at $3 mil, especially given the dynamics in the league right now. Hopefully, he turns out to be a bargain, but it does not feel that way today.

    Strome must have a good agent. Agree with Ian above. This looks like one of the best player friendly contracts negotiated by an agent given that this player epitomized mediocrity last year.

    I would love to be wrong. Only 10 days until we start to find out!

  11. He’s likely going to play first line Center minutes. If he struggles, he gets exposed in the expansion draft as Tab noted. If he puts up points, he gives up his arbitration year and is on a reasonable, cost certainty for 2021-22 deal.

    Now it’s up to him. Time to put up.

  12. Face it, organization is desperate after more than a decade of Bowman mismanagement. Stan gets a promotion for his poor performance.

    Iceman, I have been posting the same thing since 2016. The list of returns who have stuck with the club from traded 1st round picks is pretty much blank.

  13. I’m not expecting Strome to perform especially well as a 1C. He doesn’t have the defensive or faceoff ability to match up against the O’Reilly’s, Bergeron’s, etc. and he doesn’t kill penalties. But he will have a full season to log a significant amount of offensive min both 5v5 and on the powerplay. If he performs well offensively, which I expect him to do, then I see no problem paying him 3mil against the cap-that’s about right for a low end 2C, high end 3C. I’m sure Bowman will be watching closely to see how Suter and Kurashev perform this year too. If either eclipses Strome, then he may be expendable down the road. But I don’t think it will be at the expansion draft. I disagree with Tab there. With Dach and possibly Toews both coming back from significant time off, the last thing the Hawks will do is expose Strome and leave themselves completely empty at center. He’ll be protected along with Cat and the Hawks will expose Nylander(daring Seattle to take him after surgery and rehab) and two of Murphy, DeHaan, Carlsson, and Zadorov with the hopes that Seattle grabs a defenseman from us where the Hawks have a surplus of younger, cheaper dmen waiting in Rockford. The blueline will be the most interesting development to watch this year imo. Who is looked at as a long term contributor and who can be moved, either at the trade deadline or exposed through the expansion draft??

  14. Thanks for the comments re: draft eligibility for Strome in the second year if the contract. I still find the compensation high, but hopefully he plays well it can be shuttled off if his play is inconsistent like it has been. He’s been given a gift and it’s up to him.

  15. Strome provides chemistry with Dcat but little else. Typical Bowman overpayment although the team is not going anywhere so it won’t make any difference.

  16. Bowman may be looking at Dach and Strome as the future 1 and 2 C. Toews has to reduce his role and transition away from top guy at some point. Maybe seeing the beginning of that now. He could still play a different top 6 role where his 2way play and fo ability is still taken advantage of for a year or 2 then transition to 3 C role.

    Big opportunity for Strome anyways, wonder if Colliton puts Kane and Cat with him this year now. Lots of chemmistry offensively but definitely some defensive question marks, i guess as long they score more than the opponents that’s the bottom line and may keep Kane happier this year too. If that happens, would expect Wallmark a stronger fo and defensive guy to matchup against other teams top guys with Kubalik and Janmark or maybe Suter eventually.

    Lots of options for expansion draft and maybe Strome especially with a subpar performance this season will be bait or sweetener for Seattle too.

  17. TAB: Please educate the masses with regard to the expansion draft.

    Sure, it’s too early to down in the weeds, but there has to be some sort of a plan being shaped. And, with the rebuild, injuries and the reference to, “The second year on Strome’s contract makes him arguably the top player on Chicago’s roster to be eligible for the expansion draft after the 2021 season.” I can’t help but look forward to how the front office will weigh player development vs. exposure to the draft.

  18. Strome is an average skater and at the dot. Above average passer with a decent shot. Below average at forechecking and D. He is a 3C, not a 2C as some are saying. Is still young. Hopefully will improve.

  19. Original6 & Jordy good points.

    If Towes returns this season, Hawks will be at or very close to top of the cap again. For a rebuilding team. With no goalie.

    If you are going young and on a rebuild, how are you possibly at the high end of the cap? This isn’t 2015 or prior thereto anymore. The team sucks bc of the GM. The GM — who has a new boss, his mirror — needlessly added salary upon salary for this season instead of simply letting young players on entry level contracts get their feet wet (especially in a short, wasted season w no goalies) so everyone can see whether they can play or not.

    By the way, where is Bowman to address The Dach debacle? And all other matters? Hiding out w Ryan Pace.

  20. I don’t see Strome lining up against some of the #1Cs in the Central – I’m thinking of McKinnon, Aho, Barkov, Point – his defensive skills just aren’t there and his foot speed as well – if he has improved in those areas then great but I can’t assume that he has

    And I wouldn’t play DCat Strome and Kane together except for situational need so here’s what I would do to start the season bearing in my mind that Suter is an unknown and new to the league and may prove top 6 material as the season progresses but not to start

    Kubalik Soderberg Kane – to match up vs Cs listed above (Kub is on his wrong wing which may be a problem or not) – Soderberg is stronger defensively than Strome and a better skater
    DCat Strome Janmark – keep the besties together and Janmark gives them speed and a puck hound
    Suter Wallmark Shaw – Shaw is going to play IMO – Suter after a while may move into top 6
    Carp Pirri Kampf – I see a lot of players like Hagel/Kurashev’Chalupa/Highmore rotating into the line up probably often on the 4th line to start – it’s still the NHL and you have to earn your TOI – by season’s end the young guys who prove worthy will be playing regularly – I think they could use some offense from Pirri in the line up and on PP2 at least to start – it’s also possible Kurashev wins this spot out of camp (that would be nice)

    On D – I’d pair an oldie with a newbie and have 3 pairs that are played pretty much equal TOI

    I don’t think there’s room for Smith on the roster – maybe the taxi squad and if you lose him on waivers (which you won’t) all the better

    Keith Mitchell
    Murphy Boquist
    Carlsson DeHaan – this puts Calvin on his off side but I think Carlsson needs to be on his correct side

    Seabs can rotate in but I don’t see the need to give 7 a regular line up spot

  21. The above post was from me – somehow my handle got changed without my knowledge ; )

  22. Oops – I forgot Big Z on D

    He will need to play every day so I’ll put him in instead of Carlsson to start (they’re both LD) but this could easily change by season’s end with a trade of a D man

    Carlsson still needs to play and deserves his opportunity based on his play

    There really are 8 D men to choose from (including Carlsson and Seabs) so a trade sooner than later may be the cards

  23. Maybe Bowman has these players to trade at deadline for prospects/picks and fill in for now. In terms of being at the cap and noone will trade for stuff right now.

    When we have full roster and more young wave ready 19 at 2c with young players on 3rd like 29 65 25 was or 10 80 86 was.

    Which means 88 has to be 1st line then. Is 12 here? and do you have 12 with 88 or 3rd? So maybe 19 would have to be 3c just so you have lots of options for 1st and 2nd with 88 12.

  24. Was only mad at Danault trade even though I understand going for 4 in a row after not adding in 2014 and that could have made a difference so Bowman didnt no want to add again in 2016 it makes sense.

    This 3 m is too high and when were at the point where its rebuild and no more players like Maatta Haan Shaw other that can play bt where just not ready yet. Ok fine then why at cap and why not keep lower caphits so we have the oppertunity to take on caphits of other teams players to add good prospect/pick.

    This does makes a difference because it takes that away and that is a wasted oppertunity. Better not waste the expansion oppertunity. These are key building blocks needed to get back to top 5 team.

  25. Ugh. I am not a fan of the massively overrated and disappointing Strome. I suppose under the circumstances of the Hawks being God awful in 2021 and with Toews and Dach missing that somebody has to play Center.

  26. If Strome has a big year and took a 1 year lower deal, he would refuse qo and have ability go to arbitration and who knows how high that award could be. This avoids that and makes him more moveable or cheaper to keep next year. True caphit will be right at the 81.5m limit opening day now but with Dach and Nylander on ltir for year 1.8m in ltir space should be available plus they take 3.35m in potential performance bonuses off the table, easing those worries. 16.5m in capspace should sign rfas like Zadorov, Carlsson, Suter, Nylander, Wallmark, Kampf and Hagel if they want to keep them on nhl roster. Then in 2 years almost all contracts expire in and job evaluation at that point wil tell us what the roster is after that, so Stromes caphit shouldn’t pose any issues in managing the cap.

  27. As someone said earlier, a borderline tank team with no goalie right on the cap limit? Does not reflect well on management knowing what they are doing.

    When is the last time Stan signed someone to a contract and you said, ‘wow, that cap number is lower than I’d thought it would be.’ There are other GMs around that seem t0 manage to do this with regularity….St Louis, Tampa, Boston, Yzerman in Det, etc.

  28. Kubalik caphit was somewhat wow and Debrincat people felt good about only being 6 not 7/7.5 then he played the next yr.

    When we were loaded Bowman did good and keeping Rozy at .600 instead of his 2.0 and others but when were not loaded/rebuilding some of the caphits are too much. If it doesnt matter until were deep then who cares.

    Without Crow and/or another top 10 goalie we donot have to worry about 17th pick and beating a playoff team.

  29. Somebody commented that Strome wouldn’t be able to match up with the top #1C’s in the league and used O’Reilly and Bergeron as examples of top C’s. Well, guess what – he won’t actually face either O’Reilly or Bergeron this season because the Hawks won’t play St.Louis or Boston this season. They will play only the teams in their division which I believe are: TB, FLA, DET, CAR. NSH, DAL, and CBJ – and after looking at those 7 teams I think the Central Division has to have the worst set of top line centers in the league. The only one’s that might be considered in the top half of the league in terms of hard to play against are Florida (Barkov), Nashville (Johansen) and Columbus (Debois).

  30. I disagree EB…Sebastian Aho in Carolina is a fantastic player. So much so Montreal offer sheeted him a year ago. Braden Point on Tampa Bay is probably a top ten player in the whole league based on what he did in the playoffs. Probably only Detroit does not have a center that would flat out embarrass Strome if matched up with him, even Tyler Seguin on Dallas, while not top half of the league, skates circles around Strome and made it to the Cup final last year.

  31. I agree Aho and Point are great players – I was responding to a previous post that I may have misinterpreted to mean Strome would struggle against O’Reilly and Bergeron type centers which I took to mean centers who are Selke type players.

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