Blackhawks Sign Garret Ross

The Blackhawks have reportedly agreed to terms with Garret Ross on a three-year entry-level contract. According to the website of the Saginaw Spirit, Ross will report to Rockford.

Ross, who will turn 21 at the end of May, was a teammate of Brandon Saad’s at Saginaw last year. The Blackhawks selected him in the fifth round (139th overall) of the 2012 Draft.

He finished the 2012-13 season ranked (in the OHL):

  • 4th (tie) with 44 goals
  • 4th with four short-handed goals
  • 7th with 90 points
  • 15th (tie) with 46 assists
  • 14th in plus-minus (plus-31), and
  • 14th with 114 penalty minutes
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4 Responses to Blackhawks Sign Garret Ross

  1. EbonyRaptor says:

    So with the signing of Ross, does that mean the Hawks are now back at the maximum of 50 contracts?

    I read K.Hayes was going back to Boston College, so don’t need a contract there, but I thought Stephen Johns had decided to leave Notre Dame and sign with the Hawks – meaning the Hawks would have to be under the 50 maximum in order to sign Johns.

    Just curious if anyone has the scoop on any of that.

  2. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I’m excited to see this kid play, he has had a heck of a season and has gone from just a prospect to top tier prospect. Hopefully he keeps it up. Go Hawks!

    For all those stat nerds out there,….it looks like it will be Hawks v Wings in the 1st round or possibly Hawks v Dallas (Phx loss last night all but knocked them out)

  3. Dave says:

    Nothing has been said about Johns yet. He has 1 year remaining.

  4. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I counted 49 players under contract on salary cap geek,…including max sauve(best name ever) and not including Ross

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