Blackhawks Sign Kyle Cumiskey

On Thursday morning, the Blackhawks announced the team has agreed to a one-year deal with veteran defenseman Kyle Cumiskey.

Cumiskey, 28, appeared in seven regular season and nine postseason games for the Blackhawks last season.


9 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Kyle Cumiskey

  1. What does it mean for Pokka? He stays in Rockford for the year (predictable).

    What does it mean for Svedberg? Probably a one-way ticket to join Pokka sooner than later.

  2. Uuurgh nothing like bringing the band back together except that member of the band wasnt a member of 3 of the 4 SCF wins in the Tampa series.

  3. Tab if (when) Svedberg goes back to Rockford I think a little more seasoning won’t hurt. I know he made mistakes but I saw enough in his game for hope. I was hoping to see some activity on the forward front the third line is nonexistent which is a waste of Tevo’s talent and were still looking for a LW for the first line. Garbut is a bottom six forward which we have too many of. I know the season is young but apparently Bickell missed his wake up call.

  4. So they sign Cuniskey and immediately put him on waivers and he’ll clear. He’ll get sent to Rockford where he’ll be an emergency call up guy. For the short term, I don’t think it affects Svedberg at all, unless they swing a trade.

    Rozsival coming off LTIR will force a change of some sort … I’m guessing he’s still a good 2-3 weeks away.

  5. They rewarded Cumiskey by giving him a one way deal, so he gets 575k if he plays in Rockford or Chicago. Of course if he’s in Rockford he doesn’t count vs. the cap. So that loyalty-is-a-two-way-street concept is in play here. Good for him!

  6. Cumiskey is a good role player and in an emergency I trust him more than Runblad. It won’t hurt to have him in Rockford.

  7. I am not wild about 26 or 5 but at least they can skate. In a perfect world we unload 29 and get a top 4 d-man. Wishful thinking I know. Svedberg needs to spend the year in Rockford. The guy can’t skate and he has a slow stick. For a big guy he sure doesn’t pack a punch on his checks.

  8. Cumiskey assigned to Rockford, so he cleared waivers. He’s not ready to suit up and play just yet, probably another two weeks, maybe a bit more.

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