38 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Marcus Kruger

  1. Well done Stan! One year deal is to bridge until everything plays out this year. Too much uncertainty right now I figure. Nice to see Marcus get his contract. He handled this with the utmost class.

  2. Isn’t receiving good news a fun change of pace.

    I always liked Kruger, but my admiration for him has grown after he showed how much he wants to remain with the Hawks by waiting patiently all summer and then agreeing to take a 1 year deal. Outstanding.

  3. Getting a good player and class act like Kruger back makes me happy. He’ll be helping this team once again while meanwhile some angry black man is making Kaner his wife in a prison cell.

  4. Good to see Stan get the Kruger signing done. 16 is a class act. He is apparently more motivated by winning championships than money. At least we don’t have to worry about our penalty killing falling off a cliff next year with Kruger back in the fold.

  5. Re – Whelp “Kruger wasn’t a free agent so didn’t really have a choice in the matter of making more money”
    I beg to differ. Marcus Kruger was a restricted free agent – and correct me if I am wrong but – he could have signed an offer sheet with any club offering one to him. The Hawks would have had to match the offer in order to retain him.
    I believe Marcus let it be known in print as well as through his agent that he wanted to remain a Blackhawk and was willing to give them all the time they needed to make that a reality. To me that is absolute loyalty and not something you see very often in today’s game.
    Thank you Marcus!

  6. Whelp, I’d be very surprised if Kruger wouldn’t have received offer sheets if he hadn’t let it be known he wasn’t going to sign one because he wanted to re-sign with the Hawks. As an RFA, he could have easily forced the Hawks hands by signing an offer sheet and either have the Hawks match it or go to the other team. He is a very good player and a lot of teams would pay him handsomely to be their top penalty killer.

  7. Kruger just for 1,5. That´s steal.
    Tab is there any rule about minimal time between sign of two contracts?
    If not, Kruger has just one year so theoreticaly he can already discuss and sign another, this time long term with better money.

  8. Yep! Good news. I like Versteeg when healthy, never been a Nordstrom fan, and understand that cap room had to be made. Glad to have Kruger in the Blackhawks fold for sure now and wish Versteeg and Nordstrom the best of luck going forward.

  9. Glad to have this move done. In view of Kane issues and related uncertainty in Cap and roster situation, I look for 29 to remain a Hawk for the start of this year (at least.) I know he’d be good to move/exchange for a quality 4-5 D type, but that’s not going to happen imo. I am willing to stick with him and hope a year removed from leg issues and we’ll see a more physically consistent player with a net presence that provides a better value for the money.

  10. Only way you dump Bickell is by including a top prospect or two in the deal. He’s not going anywhere. And with Kane’s future very highly in doubt the cap doesn’t pose much of a problem.

  11. Nice to see Kruger signed and, as Tab said, with time for Stan to ink him to an extension. A much deserved extension and increase, I would imagine. Love the class and respect he showed throughout this process, love the way the guy plays the game, and happy he’s staying home.

  12. David, I’m not sure I understand your question “who would have the compensation had Kruger signed an offer sheet”, because the obvious answer is that the Hawks would have been compensated by the other team and the amount of that compensation would depend on Kruger’s AAV. But the point I was making to Whelp was that Kruger did have leverage and Kruger’s new contract may not have been entirely up to Hawks even though Kruger wasn’t UFA.

  13. Kruger had leverage the same way Brandon Saad had leverage. Any contending team would love a 3/4c who wins 55% of draws. Is a pk ace. Doesn’t miss time. 2 time cup champ. And Swedish Olympian. Saad and Kruger are motivated by different things. Or at least one has a better grasp of his worth to his team to go with the business side of the sport.

  14. Totally off topic here, so please forgive. But I’m sure going to miss Patrick Sharp. Seeing him with the star and not the Indian Head on his sweater will be odd. I’ll get used to it, I guess. Okay, I’m done. Carry on.

  15. Kane’s future with the hawks might have some doubt but he’ll still most likely be playing hockey next month(pending a suspension of course). Nice to see my fellow fans here are “optimistic”. Smh

  16. No chance Kane is playing hockey until there is much more positive clarity with this rape allegation. I agree with others that his time in Chicago is done unless he comes out of this thing squeaky clean.

  17. With the recent trade and signing of Kruger what is left for the Hawks to do cap wise for this year. I mean do they really have to trade Bickell.

  18. I hope Stan continues to bring in more Swedes they always play hard and have great team attitude. Tab is it possible that Gustafson is in the mix for the team 6th or 7th defense spot.

  19. Hawks are now right at the cap with 14 forwards (Toews, Kane, Hossa, Bickell, Anisimov, Shaw, Kruger, Tikhonov, Dano, Garbutt, Teravainen, Panarin, Desjardins, Morin), 6 Defenders (Seabrook, Keith, Hjalmarsson, Daley, Rundblad, van Riemsdyk), and 2 Goalies (Crawford, Darling). So we’ll at least need to move a forward and pick up a defender (assuming Kane’s salary is still on the roster).

  20. Tony- I hear you big time and I’m sure so do many others. They say change is good but surely some things must be as they are, like Sharpie not in a jolly green giant outfit, but it is not to be. Why not expand the bench size and the cap so that things are not so tight and exhaustive? Other professional sports have “substitutions” and larger benches. With the influx of high calibre American and European players this could be easily brought in. As I stated at the opening “change is good ” right!

  21. Agree with Shaacul: Kruger at $1.5M is a major steal. His value to the Hawks is a lot more. Hopefully, he will sign for longer term during the season for more of what he is worth.

    Bickell no longer has vertigo. He can check and screen. Maybe he will be able to do more with his stick.

    The Kane issue drags me down mentally everyday. Will cross fingers and hope for the best. How did the euphoria of last season disappear so quickly?

  22. Is Bickell overpaid – yes. But I really don’t have a problem with his play when he’s not injured. If the cap space is there to keep him I would have no problem if he plays for the Hawks this season … course I would also have no problem if he’s traded but if it’s not a must to do so – then hopefully he can be a veteran presence on a team with a lot of new faces and a few young guys that are being counted on to make a difference.

  23. Bickell was invisible for the better part of all of last year. He is essentially is playing this year to extend his career, anywhere! I don’t think Stan is going to overpay for under performance a second time around, … correct me if I’m wrong but was Bickell coming off any major injury? That and we seem to be pretty flush with forwards. Younger, and more productive, and less expensive seems like the way to go –

  24. Bickell is an enigma for sure. He’s one of those players who doesn’t play with the same consistency or with the same sense of urgency from game to game. Sometimes he’s basically invisible and other times he leads the team in hits and is a difference maker. Is it simply his personality or is it his knees? Maybe both?

    The point of my earlier post was that if they can’t trade him, he can still be useful, albeit not on a consistent basis.

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