23 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Mike Paliotta

  1. Paliotta and Johns have a great shot to join Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmarsson next season. van Riemsdyk looms as well if he can overcome a major injury.

  2. So Seabrook, Runblad, and Rosi are the right-handed d-men now.

    How many of those spots do we see open next year?

    Next year is the last year of Seabs contract too I believe. Although, I think his leadership in the room is huge.

  3. Good thing the Hawks are signing these big guys – they can reach up and help put the sky back into the firmament from whence it fell yesterday. :)

  4. The press release indicates we are burning the first year of the 2 year entry level deal. Does this mean that he will also play in at least one game for the Hawks this year? Also is he eligible for the AHL playoffs in Rockford? Nice to see SB gets this one done. The organization’s defensive depth is very strong and may provide an asset or two to trade for a promising young forward to fill one of the many openings we will likely have next year.

  5. Both Paliotta and Baun will play a game or two or three for the Blackhawks before year’s end. They are not eligible for the NHL playoffs, not sure about the AHL playoffs.

    Paliotta’s camp said it was a one on one heart to heart with Stan Bowman which convinced him to sign with the Blackhawks.

    Nice job getting both of these done, I wonder if any more are in the hopper. The Baun signing sure was a surprise.

  6. Do you suppose Stan convincing says anything about what the Hawks think of Johns? Hawks have the opposite problem most teams have. Too many right shot dmen. Pokka, Johns, Paliotta, Seabrook.

  7. They’re very high on Pokka, Johns, and of course TVR. With Johns, he’s missed time this year but has been playing well lately. All things being equal I could see them wanting him to get a little more AHL time next year although I’d bet he’ll at least sniff the NHL.

    Pokka they have time with, it’s no rush but he may be the most ready of all the D prospects (TVR excluded).

    They sure have options at right defense, that’s for sure.

    Mattson (their other senior) is still in the hunt with North Dakota, He has been kind of meh for 3+ years but really turned it on starting in January this year. Blackhawks development people have been very hands on with him and the ND staff regarding his progress and it’s interesting to note Stan Bowman talked this kid up right after prospect camp last year.

    I don’t know how much of a prospect Mattson is, but the whole situation bears watching, especially how he does in these last tournament games. Blackhawks are very invested in that North Dakota program.

  8. Palliota is more insurance at D spot…
    like wihawkfan stated… Just makes SB’s life easier this off season with Cap/trade options… Crow, Seabs, Sharp, Bickell, Shaw… any one or two of these guys could be moved (for the highest/right price)… SB will have 2 players that MIGHT fit into Seabs shoes quickly…

  9. Im glad to hear this deal got done. Also nice to know the Internet was just rumors. Lets hope both these kids turn out to be players.

  10. I am totally stoked by this signing. You have to give Stan credit for closing the deal. In reading the remarks by Paliotta’s agent to Scott Powers of Espn, it really sounded like Paliotta had Kevin Hayes-itis and was worried his path to the NHL was blocked. But Stan’s power of persuasion convinced him he will be a Hawk and has a great future.

    In other words, Stan was able to close the deal. Good job.

  11. Baun is ineligible to play anywhere but the NHL, but I don’t believe he can play in the playoffs. Not that he would’ve played anyway. Paliotta I don’t think is eligible either because he wasnt on the icehogs roster at the deadline. Like Teuvo and Nordstrom.

  12. Should clarify on Paliotta, he can play for the hawks. Don’t think he’s eligible for the Rockford playoffs.

  13. I don’t see #7 going anywhere….. Just look at #32, he’s not great but is serviceable…..

    7 can easily play as long or longer and is much better than 32. I think 7 will be signed to a reasonable deal in order to stay with his pals & a chance at another cup or 2…..

  14. It cracks me up that some of the same people who regularly bitch about Quenneville not playing younger players are more than willing to slot a minor leaguer and/or college kid into Brent Seabrook’s role in October.

    If you think the presence of Paliotta and/or Johns makes Seabrook expendable this summer, my advice is simple: log off. You’re drunk.

  15. Paliotta is eligible to play in the playoffs since he was under the Hawks control. The Brawny man is not.

    Johns has been injured all year on and off so kind of difficult to gauge what is there. But from what I’ve seen he moves very well for a large man and can make a pass so those are neat things.

    It would be entertaining to see Paliotta smash some people since the hawks have been awful to watch (with the exception of the NYR and Shaaaaaks game) lately.

  16. Could not agree with Tab more. Seabs is an established top pair NHL dman, the prospects are promising but have yet to make the jump to the NHL and establish that they can play in the league. Look around the NHL, expansion is coming. There are enough good goalies to expand the league now but not enough defensemen for the teams that are already in the NHL. If you have a top dman you keep him because they are too hard to find and harder to acquire.

  17. Senior leadership is critical in playoff hockey. Some suggest it is more critical to success in playoff hockey than any other sport.

    Maybe this is why Q leans on his vets so much.

    Either way Seabs is one of the most senior leaders on the hawks. He, sharp and Duncs go back to the time before the Hawks knew success. I don’t see him as expendable yet.

  18. I don’t see them moving Seabrook but even at that there will be spots open. Figure Oduya, Rosival and Timonen will be gone. I would imagine Stan will look for a veteran Dman but Johns, Paliotta and TVR should all be in the mix for spots. I wonder if the Hawks will move Raanta and maybe sign Nilsson the goalie that came in the Leddy trade. This off season should be very interesting a lot of pieces on the move.

  19. I believe Seabrook has one more year reaming on his deal for around 5.7 million. Anything after that is up in the air.

  20. Zamboni/Tab/Mike, I see/want Seabsy boy staying for many more yrs. Bowman has said several times its not easy to get top quality players, so you reload with role players when you have to. Plus when these guys are ready and have enough games under their belts, how stout is this D core for when we load up again. The Calvary is coming for the yrs coming up. We do also have some pretty nasty two-way FW as well that are good checking type players. Were going to be fast and snot knocking. Going to be a thing of Beauty.


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