Blackhawks Sign Nicolas Beaudin

On Friday afternoon the Blackhawks announced that they have agreed to terms on a three-year, entry-level contract with defenseman Nicolas Beaudin. The deal has a $1,166,700 AAV.

Beaudin, 19, was the Blackhawks’ second pick in the first round (#27 overall) in the 2018 NHL Draft. He will remain with the Drummondville Voltigeurs (QMJHL), where he has nine points in nine games this season.

22 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Nicolas Beaudin

  1. Maybe he will be in a Blackhawks uniform next season, said he was following same routine as Jokiharju to prepare himself.

  2. imo- he was better in viewings than Boqvist

    Like Both Mitchell and Beaudin better… than Boqvist and Joker… Joker- has been way better so far – better than I thought he would be.

    Hope that Boqvist kid pans out… lot’s of concussions- in early career

  3. Congrats to the kid. Whether its next year or whenever hopefully he becomes a part of the future top 4 for the defense.

  4. It is an exciting thing to think about the blue line of the future and how it will look and who develops.


    Young guys in Rockford
    What’s their development and future entail.
    Depending on trades. Compliance Buy outs. LTIR.
    The numerous young dmen in Rockford and still to be signed
    Krys,Shea,Massie,Ess, in college.
    Ryzcek in chl. Norell rights in Shl.
    Laavainen in the Liga. Galvas in the Czech league.

    It will be exciting and an exercise in patience if they decide to build up through their draft picks. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all develops over the next few years.

  5. Interesting thing about the contract no A or B bonuses scheduled for year year one besides the signing bonus of $92k.
    Just like Jokiharju. 300k & 425k in years 2 and 3.
    Might not mean anything, but to me it seems they expect him to make a jump to the NHL like Jokiharju after a year from being drafted.

  6. That’s the thought and belief of being deep/loaded again.
    It starts with those 4 and others already here/and coming.

    It could take 2 yrs (counting this yr) but this could be a top 3 group of D in league, like way NAS did it.

    Just want to see a couple FW get established each yr, so when these guys are ready/which 4or5 of them will be in the group of 6, the FWs are already ready to go. Cant wait longer then that for 19/88, to have a pretty good amount of yrs with them.

  7. Agreed. Forward wise I really believe they need to get back to the old formula (just my opinion)
    Strong top 6 but missing that second line center like in the early years.
    You figure Toews Kane Debrincat saad & schmaltz. You go out and get a player like mark stone in free agency. Big, good speed two way play with power forward capabilities. Right handed. He’s your true replacement for hossa.
    You can trade anisimov, maybe schmaltz but I’d rather see a bridge deal. 2 to 3 years.
    Figure out your bottom 6.
    Any combo. Spread it out with
    Edjsell/Kahun/Schmaltz/Sikura from Rockford and up in Chicago.
    Let’s be realistic shalunov is an option if he comes over.
    The other two Russians are years away. Nobody in college besides Barrett, foo and Jake wise that interest the hawks for the future from college. Entwhistle,Kurasev,Hagel are interesting options going forward.
    So is soderlund and nordgren. I do like their futures as a part of the team going forward.
    In Rockford and the edge of the roster who separates themselves.
    Fortin,Johnson,Kampf,Hayden, Highmore,Louis,Noel, maybe Tyler Sikura.

  8. Wall,
    Shouldn’t Mitchell and Beaudin both look better than Boqvist at this time?
    In a year from now Boqvist will probably be a lot better than he is right now.
    All three at the the exact same age should be the time for comparison.
    Hopefully all three will work out, time will tell.

  9. 27, yes yes.

    Yea, I thought the same since 72 and 15. We were better with a guy who could play center, like 26 and 91. Then having a/most ideal 2nd line center like 15. In know we wernt deep in 17/18/and19 like 11 and 12. The balance was better with that formula, go back to it/these are not the drones your looking for. Also had a really good 3rd and 4th center to go along with a, can play center like hands and richy.

    Boqvist is really a 19 draft player.

  10. Great night for Hawk prospects.
    Mitchell from Denver is fantastic. He truly controls the flow of the play when the puck is on his stick. Saw a bunch of shifts from the London Knights game, Boqvist has amazing skill and his defensive positioning is very very good.
    I have a feeling the Hawks love Lucas Carlsson. He’s had a solid start to the season in Rockford as a 21-year-old. Getting lots of minutes.
    Jake Massie is now a top pair defenseman for Vermont. Ryan Shea is Northeastern’s shut down defenseman.

  11. Good points Craig, also Gravel another solid night in goal with a 31 of 33 save win for Mooseheads. He will alost certainly have another year in juniors next season, but could see him as a mid season callup in 20-21 season maybe if all continues as is.
    Also Kurashev had 2g and 1a while winning 12 out of 17 on the dot last night.

  12. Love the possibilities and updates-hopefully 2 or 3 of the young guys will be more Datsyuk than Filatov. That final step is the big one and most pan out as mediocre to below.
    It’s harder to go wrong with the high compete, great skaters like Soderlund. Still we need another winger and/or center with top level offensive skills like D-Cat and Kane- the buzz saws like Soderlund will fill out the bottom 6.
    How this all comes together with Kane-Toews and their eventual shrinking window will be interesting.

    Can Hayden please play before Kunitz, it’s embarassing. Why is Hayden getting the Kempny treatment?

  13. It looks like it will be the Hawks and Kings fighting it out to have the most ping pong balls in the Jack Hughes lottery.

    7-game losing streak. Nothing much to add.

  14. 0-6-2 holy shit were might have a chance at a top 7 pick.
    Donot want that but its ok, for now.

    We saw the good play in the 6-2-2 start without a full roster. Its there to do good like that, just need a full, then complete roster to be deep again.

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