Blackhawks Sign Trevor van Riemsdyk To 2-Year Extension

On Tuesday morning, the Chicago Blackhawks announced a two-year extension with defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk, which runs through the end of the 2017-18. The deal carries a cap hit of $825,000.

van Riemsdyk, 23, appeared in 18 regular season games with the Blackhawks last year, picking up one assist. Injuries derailed his rookie campaign, but he was able to return to the lineup for four Stanley Cup Final games as he helped the Hawks win a Stanley Cup championship.

39 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Trevor van Riemsdyk To 2-Year Extension

  1. Good signing @ $800K for 2 more seasons after 2015/16. Showed he can be reliable and play either side. He probably will never be more than a 5/6, but if he can stay healthy he can help the Hawks.

  2. I would have thought he would have waited. His stock was low now after battling injuries. He took a cut in pay to sign now. Good signing for a 5/6, that’s probably his ceiling. As of now the Hawks dont need a 1,2, or 3.

  3. Good signing. van Riemsdyk isn’t going to be more than a 5 or 6 defenseman, but he is a good option for this team. All eyes will now turn to Stephen Johns stepping up and winning a job in camp. I love the kid despite his last season being mostly wiped out by a procession of injuries. I can’t see a scenario where Oduya can be back but apparently Stan sees a sliver of hope.

  4. The knock on TVR in my eyes is his health. The kid has failed to stay healthy in the better part of 2 years. I can see TVR eventually being a 2nd pair d-man. He has good hockey IQ and vision and can hopefully bulk up. This was a great time for SB to lock him up.

    If he is a 5/6 guy 800K is a nice value and in 2 yrs you can trade him or cut him lose. If he becomes a 2 pair guy he will get new paper to justify the signing. Solid move.

  5. Tarasenko’s deal is probably about right. I mean if O’Reilly got 7.5…he probably left some on the table

  6. I’m not surprised that Tarasenko got $7.5M, in fact I’m a little surprised he didn’t get more. If ROR is worth $7.5M these days, Tarasenko is certainly worth at least that.

    Elite scorer who will terrorize the Hawks for the next 8 years … unfortunately.

  7. I think it’s awesome. There is no way he lives up to that deal. He is still pretty young @ 23 and is going to be on everybody’s radar now. Lets hope the Hawks keep cutting that team of turds down to size come spring.

  8. Put me down for a TVR believer, I liked what I saw early and I think his confidence was coming on when he got hurt the 1st time and I think he has more to offer offensively. Good IQ, could use a little more muscle. As far as the injuries, I don’t think that would have been any different for anybody else had they’ve been in his position, shit happens, not like he was slacking, he’s not Karpotzov, I believe he can be a 4, might depend what are the other options at 4. Also heard a few minutes ago about a report from Florida about a deal for Sharpe was agreed to and was waiting on a no trade lift from somebody on Florida, this was on wscr 670 chicago. Am trying to dig up any more on this.

  9. Bill, on another site that Sharp to Florida trade speculation was reported yesterday and the issue is supposedly that Sharp has some requirement to waive his NTC that apparently needs Florida ownership to approve and so far they have not approved.

  10. Rumor out of florida is Sharp is headed to Panthers and the deal has been agreed to and only a florida players needs to waive his no trade for the deal to be approved

  11. Assuming the Hawks can’t re-sign Oduya, don’t the Hawks need a left shooting D-Man on the 5/6 pairing? I assume Hjalmerson will move to the left-side this year on the 3/4 pairing if Oduya’s gone. Svedberg and Cumiskey are lefties but I don’t think either of those guys are the answer. I think that Cameron Schilling guy is a lefty but not sure.

    Who am I missing?

  12. Southside – what I read is not that a Florida player had to waive – it was that Sharp had some kind of requirement that he wanted Florida to agree to – such as if Florida was not competitive next season that Florida would try to trade him to a competitive team – and Tallon needed to get ownership approval for that type of requirement and ownership chose not to approve it … at least so far.

  13. Thanks ER, if it was one of theirs waiving, the guys with movement clauses are Bolland 5/5.5mil. Campbell 7mil 1 year Jokanin and 38 yr. old Mitchell. So the Sharpe waiving his sounds like it makes more sense to me. We’ll see I guess.

  14. @ ER

    It sounds like a bunch a bs rumors anyways. Two stories are circulating one that a florida player needs to be notified and another that FLA ownership needs to sign off on the deal. Guess we will find out soon enough.
    Mtl is also rumored to have an offer on the table. Clearly SB is busy working the phones and working on the best deal.

  15. TvR as a second pairing on a good team is a real big stretch. He lacks the physical game AND the skating athleticism to fall in that league. He seems like he can be a smart grindy type defender. The problem is he needs to be paired with a true blue liner on the one hand, but he’s not going to be a puck mover. So on the flip side be needs to be paired with a puck mover. He’s a limited skill “tweener” and hence really why is contact is perfectly fair. I like the kid but I’m not remotely crazy about his potential. He fills a need for the shorter term…sorta, but at least he is cheap.

  16. Sounds like the Sharp to Florida rumors are completely b.s. or Sharp is unwilling to allow the move to happen.

  17. If TvR can stay healthy, he can be the 3LD or the 3RD for the next three seasons for under $1M per – that is solid.

  18. Here are the Florida players with restricted trade clauses in their contracts

    Dave Bolland (limited; details unknown)
    Brad Boyes (limited; can list up to 10 teams he will not accept trade to)
    Brian Campbell (limited; can list up to 8 teams he will accept trade to)
    Jussi Jokinen (limited; details unknown)
    Willie Mitchell (limited; details unknown)
    Roberto Luongo Tomas Fleischmann (limited; details unknown)
    Scottie Upshall (limited; details unknown)

  19. re: Sharp to Florida – he was never asked to waive his NTC, so him not going to Florida has nothing to do w/ him waiving or not waiving anything. Sorry, Rufus, SSHM, etc.

    Also, in reference to a few of the emails I’ve received over the last couple days about the so-called Sharp-to-Florida rumors – if a writer continually posts garbage rumors, and then says “the usual suspects” are coming out in saying it’s not happening (and those “usual suspects” are actually credible), it might be time to look elsewhere for “rumors.” There is no Buzz around Sharp to Florida.

  20. Locking up TVR for an additional 2 years is another good move by SB. Did anyone notice that TVR literally jumped over all the so called highly rated defensemen playing with the Ice Hogs this year? Sort of reminds me how Saad did the same thing a few years back.
    For coach Q to rely on TVR to play on the 5-6 pairings until he got injured, and then rush him back in the playoffs when he was cleared to play, tells me a lot how high the organization is on him.

  21. Should I/we be concerned about the lack of Stan Bowman’s moves to address the salary cap situation at this point, or do I/we just need to be more patient?

  22. Tab I see what you did there …

    The fact is, “something” will happen before the season starts simply because it has to.

    We can all presume it’s Sharp, and it makes sense he’d be the one(s) moved. But these potential trades have a LOT of moving parts … no movement clauses being one of those parts and many more we’re not privy to. It’s not as easy as one GM calling another and saying I’ll give you Player A for Player B. Not in today’s game … these trades are primarily contract and money driven.

    It’s fun to read the rumors I guess, whether you choose to buy into them is a personal choice. Lots of people have connections, some at higher levels than others but let’s not forget there’s a ton of gamesmanship regarding what kind of message comes out. Agents leak things all the time and the truth is not always at the top of their agenda.

  23. Just to add, the one thing about Bowman is it always gets done. They are always cap compliant when the season starts. He does not operate on the fan’s timetable … he can’t. As for statements like “he would have had more leverage and gotten a better return if he’d have made x deal two months sooner” well sorry to break it to you, but all that is speculation only. It’s your best guess and remember there are tons of details you just don’t know and that’s because you’re not in the room.

    I myself hear things in Rockford from time to time … players on other teams they might be interested in, what people in the organization think about certain players, and so on. But I certainly don’t take myself seriously because it’s not full information and it’s not the complete picture. Remember there are a lot of decision makers in the Blackhawk chain of command, lots of people have influential voices so unless you’re (the collective “you’re”, not singling anyone out) in the room, you really don’t know.

    That’s one big reason why I’ve learned to be patient with these personnel moves. They happen at their own speed due to many variables.

  24. Hof, I don’t think it’s merely speculation that trade options dry up as time goes by, which is to say trade option dry up when potential trade partners chose to make trades with other teams rather than wait for Stan to lower his demands. Specific details of potential trades are merely speculation – but not that Stan has a more difficult time to trade Sharp now than he had before or at the draft.

  25. ER, we don’t know what Bowman’s specific demands are. We know what has been speculated but that’s all.

    We can piece things together and come to our own conclusions, i.e. he had a better opportunity to move Sharp at the draft but the fact is, we just don’t know.

    I personally don’t believe anything Eklunc says (for one) because he gets a ton of his info from agents … and agents have an agenda.

  26. Hof, It’s more than mere speculation to know that when other teams trade for players that could have been sharp – they are no longer in a position to trade for Sharp because most teams don’t have cap space to take on Sharp’s cap hit.

    I find it hard to believe the rumor that Stan was asking for a top-6 player, a top prospect AND a 1st round pick for Sharp – so I don’t think he was being that unrealistic and therefore I don’t think that was the reason he hasn’t gotten the Sharp trade done yet – but there must be some reason it hasn’t happened yet and if some of the 10 teams on Sharp’s NTC list are no longer interested in acquiring Sharp because they’ve moved on and acquired another top-6 winger, then Stan’s maybe should have done something differently than whatever it was he did.

  27. I wouldn’t panic but I do believe there is cause for concern in getting a deal that the Hawks organization can be comfortable with. Is Sharp really an asset that other teams would want? Let’s see. Over the next two years a team will be on the hook for close to $12M. Sharp, at this point in his career, projects to give you 15-25 goals a year. Let’s guesstimate that he will give you 20 goals per year. That averages out to $300,000 per goal. I would think it would not be difficult for a team to get a replacement player who scores 15 goals a year for half of what Sharp makes. That comes out to $200,000 per goal. The $100,000 per goal a team saves can help provide another asset. Is the difference of five goals per year, at a significant premium per goal, an appropriate inducement for a team to part with anything of value?

    This obviously is a simplification and does not factor in anything else Sharp can provide a team. But clearly this is what a potential trade partner is looking at. That’s not an asset in my book for teams trying to figure out their cap situation down the road. In my opinion, that’s why there has been no movement on a trade. I suspect the main sticking point is how much the Hawks will have to take back in salary in order for a trade to go down. Then the discussion turns to what asset a team will give you in return for Sharp. Perhaps another stumbling block.

    Even a team with tons of cap space (Florida?) will make the same economic calculations on their spreadsheets. As famously stated during the Watergate era, “money talks and bullshit walks.” Which brings us to Bryan Bickell.

  28. “Hof, It’s more than mere speculation to know that when other teams trade for players that could have been sharp – they are no longer in a position to trade for Sharp because most teams don’t have cap space to take on Sharp’s cap hit.”

    Hmmm … and how do we know for certain those teams who traded for someone else were interested in Sharp to begin with? Washington, for instance. Some blogger and Eklund maybe said they were but that’s not gospel in my book. That’s speculation. Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t.

    What I find interesting and humorous is when a trade finally goes down and maybe the return is less than most fans want. They immediately say, “if Bowman would’ve traded him sooner he could’ve gotten more. Idiot!!”

    And my response to that is, how do you know? How do you KNOW they could have gotten more? Are you on the inside, or are you just piecing together speculation from shadowy sources and accepting it as fact?

    I am certainly not saying Bowman is infallible. No one is. Because they’ve won, his job to re-tool the roster is tougher. There are tons of variables complicating his ability to do things. Regardless, he needs to rise above and deliver. We’ll see what he does and when. His only real deadline is the beginning of the season.

  29. It’s fairly evident to me that Bowman can’t find a taker for a 34 year Sharp who dropped off the face of the cliff ever since the Soti Olympics and is owed $11 M and comes with off the ice “concerns”. I think Bowman isn’t holding out but rather can’t really find a market. I assume the Hawks will need to include prospects or draft picks to move Sharp. Which brings us to Bickell. Who on this planet is going to take him? $4 M per for two more seasons for a guy that is a dime a dozen type that can be picked up for next to nothing. And Versteeg? Ugh.

  30. So, worse case scenario is that the Hawks can’t trade Sharp, Bickell, Versteeg or Crawford and choose not to trade Seabrook. They are currently 1.2M over the cap with 12 forwards, 4 d-men and 2 goalies. I supposed they may be able to trade Shaw and if they don’t take back salary the net would be a little over $1M after adding a cheap replacement player. So now they’re only a couple hundred K over the cap but still have only 4 d-men on the roster (2/4/5/7).

    Hmmm …

    Maybe I should just go to sleep and wake up when the season is about to start.

  31. ER you can go to sleep if you want but if you think back to last year they got the Leddy deal done, it took some time but it got done.

    There could be lots of reasons why these deals aren’t done yet. None of us know, we don’t make hockey trades for a living, we are not in the business. I admit it’s even plausible there’s zero market for these guys although I don’t believe that, history tells me otherwise.

    You can angst over this all you want but remember a couple days ago you were angsting about Raanta and Nilsson and you’re ok with that now right.

    Things will get done. They’ve been doing something every day, yesterday it TvR to a new deal, an excellent forward thinking move in my opinion.

  32. Hof, I agree the Hawks will be compliant when the season starts – they won’t have to forfeit games – the world will continue on.

    But the difference between the long drawn out trade of Leddy last season and this burgeoning Sharp trade fiasco is that unlike last season, there is a time critical aspect in the re-signing of Oduya. The assumptions being that Oduya hasn’t signed with another team yet because the Hawks want to re-sign him for a reasonable and affordable cap hit and he wants the same thing. The other assumption is that he has other options that won’t last for ever so he either has to be guaranteed a contract with the Hawks or he’ll have to sign with another team while there is another team willing to sign him.

    The Hawks success is predicated on team defense and therefore Oduya at a cap friendly deal is a big step toward being a legitimate contender again next season.

  33. Everything has been said on TVR . . . he needs to BULK UP and play a lot more physical period. Very light on his skates which is NOT GOOD even in high school! He revealed some promise on the offensive end early but not a pure defensemen. Got banged up playing with little boys in AHL so he could be injury prone. HENCE my rant on day one GET IN THE GYM!

    Anyway . . .when the rubber biscuit drops on the ice on opening day I’ll know more.

  34. From today’s Bleacher Report:

    “There’s been some talk of Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman Brent Seabrook as a trade target, much of it coming from ‘Oilers Now’ host Bob Stauffer.”

    The article goes on to say that Seabrook is probably going to get $7M for seven years. Wow! How good will Seabrook still be in 2020? (How good will Hossa be for that matter?)

    Fwiw, I was critical of trading a 22 year old asset with at least ten good years ahead of him. However, one could argue it may be a different story for a 3o year old defensemen with perhaps four or five decent years left.

  35. Hof – ER. Great dialogue.
    I have to side with Hof here ER. I have full confidence that SB will get this done and he will also get it done right. A lot of different things need to come together at the same time when these deals are done. More-so when restricted movement/trade clauses are added to the fold, and they may involve more than one player in a deal.
    When I think of Oduya’s situation as well as Marcus Kruger, they and their agents show a hell of a lot of trust and respect for SB and the Blackhawks organization. I don’t think you would see that trust with a players future with most other teams – if any. That, IMO speaks volumes. Can’t wait to see the next move. Can’t wait for next season to begin. Wait until all the newcomers get to experience the Blackhawks convention and they realize just what type of organization and fan base they now belong to.
    Go Hawks

  36. ER & Hof – another difference between the Leddy trade and this year is that the Hawks had a full roster + over the salary cap. This year, their a few players short of a full roster + are over the salary cap.

    I am not so sure there is a strategic advantage to wait things out all summer long without a full roster; especially when it appears as though you have the 27 camp and 16 camp waiting to see how things fall.

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