Blackhawks Sink Sharks In San Jose

After getting their tails whipped in Vancouver, the Blackhawks had a few days off before getting back on the ice in San Jose. With fresh legs

Chicago got off to a strong start as Brent Seabrook opened the scoring 8:39 into the game. With the primary assist on the goal, Patrick Kane extended his point streak to 17 games.

It took more than 13 minutes for the Sharks to get a shot on net, but they were able to get a puck past Corey Crawford at 14:56 as Joe Pavelski made a great pass to a wide open Brent Burns for the power play goal. The game was tied for less than 90 seconds, however.

Ryan Garbutt, who was in the box when Burns tied the game, made a great play to get the puck up the ice for Jonathan Toews to lead a 2-on-1 with Seabrook on his wing. Toews took the shot and made it count, and the Hawks had the lead back.

After controlling most of the action in the first, the Hawks were on their heels more in the second period. The only tally in the sandwich stanza came off the stick of Duncan Keith, who registered his third goal since returning from injury. Kane and Artemi Panarin were credited with assists for the second time in the game.

Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn’t stay out of the box in the first two periods, which opened the door for the Sharks to generate scoring chances. San Jose put 17 shots on net through 40 minutes, 10 of which came with the advantage. After Pavelski scored on the Sharks’ first power play of the game, the Hawks successfully killed four San Jose advantages.

It took 11 minutes for the offense to come in the third period, but any glimmer of hope the Sharks had was quickly extinguished.

Patrick Marleau cut the lead to 3-2 at 11:20, but the Hawks were able to extend the lead back to two only 67 seconds later. A Niklas Hjalmarsson shot was redirected by Tanner Kero, and Andrew Desjardins was in the right place at the right time. Desjardins scored his first of the year against his former team to push the lead to 4-2 in favor of the visitors.

Toews was dominant, winning 14 of 16 faceoffs to start the game with his go-ahead goal. He was separated from Marian Hossa again on Wednesday night, skating most of the night with Garbutt and Andrew Shaw. Chicago’s captain has two goals and an assist in his last two games.

Shaw deposited an empty net goal with 43 seconds left for his second point of the game. He finished tied with Garbutt and… wait for it… Kane for the team lead with three hits as well.

Keith finished with the game-winning goal and was plus-three in 29:23 on the ice. He also blocked one shot. Trevor van Riemsdyk led Chicago with three blocked shots in 19:45 as the Hawks once again relied heavily on their top for defensemen. Michal Rozsival skated only 9:53 and Trevor Daley was on the ice for just 12:23 in the victory.

Brandon Mashinter continues wasting a roster spot. He skated 5:10 with two hits. He provides no value to the NHL club. Desjardins scored and was credited with one hit and one takeaway but only skated 6:32.

Crawford had a strong performance, stopping 27 of 29 in the victory. Martin Jones did all he could to keep San Jose in the game, but finished surrendering four of Chicago’s five goals against 25 shots.

The Hawks return to the ice in Anaheim for a West Coast matinee against the Ducks. Puck drop is set for 4 pm CT at the Honda Center on Friday afternoon.

49 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sink Sharks In San Jose

  1. Kero is a reliable bottom 6 forward for sure, Dano and Daley start to look like they belong too. I guess Q is the only one who prefers Mashinter over Tikhonov. Hope he will go to Rockford when TT will come back…

  2. Super solid effort from Keith and Seabrook and real compete level and focus from Crawford. This is how we play and its great to see the bounceback after that meltdown in Vancouver. Nice that Desi got one on the great redirect from Kero, get that dude feeling a bit better about himself. Super strong night from Toews and Kane as well and a good individual bounceback from Panarin just made the whole thing a joy to behold. Q gotta be happy. Bring on da Ducks, can’t wait.

  3. Nice to see a solid performance except for some boneheaded penalties. Keith being Keith on the huge 3rd goal – 29 plus minutes and +3 to boot. Kero is here to stay and Daley looking much better. Let’s finish the trip strong with two more wins here in LA.

  4. Merry Christmas fellas ,.,.happy Thanks givinnnnn,.,.my American friends
    For all you Mashinter dislikers ,..,He was the reason for the game winning goal tonight. Nuff said.
    Hossa on route for career low in points at this pace,.,.,Hoss not quite finding his place ,.,.,perhaps with the influx of youngfellas ,.,Great mentor. Hoss needs to find a steady line ,.,.,he,s the odd man struggling.

    Just a thought.
    Great goaltending.

  5. Nice bounce back game for Crawford.

    Only negative comment I have is they took a couple bad penalties.

    I like Tazer skating with Garbutt and Shaw – he’s been getting better chances than when he was with Hossa and the LW du jour . Maybe the Toews-Hossa line had gotten a little stale and the split up has revitalized both of them.

    Early start on Friday.

    Go Hawks ! ! ! !

  6. Fabulous effort by the Hawks. Interesting point by Pat Foley at the end of the game that the Hawks always play well coming off their 2 day trip to Vegas. These guys know a good thing and they are going to play their balls off not to lose that carrot/reward.

    Really liking Tanner Kero’s two way responsible game, penalty killing.

    Daley had a glorious chance to win doubters over when the game was 3-2. Walks down the slot and puts a missile wide. C’mon man bury one.

  7. Kero tip off post and Dejon ping rebound goal. Reminiscent of.

    Frozal tip off post and Bolly ping rebound goal. 17 seconds.

    Wirtz said it on the Hat Trick.

  8. Scrolling past Morrison’s usual drunken jibberish, Ice Hogs also won last night, 3-2 in overtime. Gustafsson with the game winner on a juicy rebound of a Svedberg point blast on a power play. Morin had a two point night, goal and assist.

    Daniel Paille was signed to an AHL deal for the remainder of the season.

    Ice Hogs play Friday vs. the Wolves, should be on TV locally here in Chicagoland.

  9. Apparently Toews dislikes all the crap I’ve been slinging his way. Two dominating performances in a row. You’re welcome.

    And holy cow Patrick Kane.

  10. Sleeping Sharks no forecheck no five on five pressure. Hawks ready and rested.
    This blog likes to play Vita-Mix with lines suggestions ho-hum. BUT Coach Q is doing a great job of finding combinations and shaking things up.

    Last night ( vs. sleeping sharks) was the first game in along time we had all 4 lines be productive. Very good balance, all 4, lines from simple forecheck on 4th line, to puck Possession with Hossa and Marcus. To the top line where Toews lwho ooks like he’s on fire, playing like a man possessed lately. Dezi even gets his first!

    while no line dominated Coach Q got production, protection or possession from all of them. This team can Vita-Mix these lines in many ways.

    Watch Close,The Artist Panarin is sadly not back checking like he did weeks ago ( to make team) sort of why a guy like Morin is not here! Hope it’s not a trend, lots of reaching, and slashing and poke from behind NOT SKATING BACK. Kane is making him look bad!

    Garbutt is here to stay, love his speed, his size is good and his ability to get to the net with FORCE. Dano just needs time, that KID is a KEEPER, he’ll make mistakes but few and will get better and better.

    As “blabbed” before by me Daley is solid, his defense is much better and he can carry the puck up and thru neutral ice, missed a few open nets but was in perfect position!

    BURNS is a BEAST loved watching him last night like Toews what a competitor! LumberJack on Steel Burns Baby Burns!

    Go hawks

  11. Hawks best or 2nd best game of year??? (excluding penalties) pretty dominant in cycle/possession game…

    Breakouts/exits from their own zone allowed for a lot of speed…
    So where does TT fit into this line up right now??? what line/position???
    And does it make Hawks better??? (Skill wise he is WAY better than some)…

    But- does the possession/cycle time go down when TT plays 1st RW???

    Easy to put him on 4th RW and sit Mash… But- that will also change 4th line Dynamics in big way (and do you want TT skating 6 minutes + 2 on PP)???

    Interesting Looks to come???

    In My eyes– TT is best suited on Kane line… (as are most)… But TT’s Game looks best there… where Kane can sometimes Generate “The 1 man cycle”…

    TT- right now seems like a “cycle Killer”… imo

    Once again- No TT hate- I actually really like him/rooting for him… Just speaking some Opinions

  12. Toews knows, he knows on the current line his “job” is to score, get pucks to the net! With Hossa his “job” was puck possession and defense vs. top lines and back check which means you don’t take chance on the offensive end. That’s why line combinations mean a lot, we really cant afford to have Toews just be a shut down defender and penalty killer anymore, he is just TOO GOOD! He can do too much!

    I love that Hossa adds value to any line he’s on, he makes any LINE STABLE for the hockey experts out there, Having Hossa float to make any line more stable and more mobile on any of the 4 lines is as a BIG Advantage as BIG as KANE being able to play back to back shifts and play on any line and be productive. Coach Q flexibility.

    Go Q

  13. Have we reached the point of having to grudgingly accept that Mashinter is now a regular starter? For as much as all us hockey blog experts lament the idiocy of Mashinter being in the lineup – he’s there and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. This of course means that there is one or two guys not in the lineup that are better hockey players than Mashinter, but it seems we’re going to just have to accept that and move on. It isn’t the first time Q’s lineup decisions have been questioned, if not down right scoffed at, and even though he isn’t above making the wrong decision every once in a while, he has made enough right decisions over the years to have earned the benefit of the doubt, albeit grudgingly at times – like this one.

  14. Clearly the best road effort of the year. First period they had the Sharks heads spinning. Five on five was all Hawks last night which was very impressive. It seemed collectively that the fold up late in the 3rd against the Nucks left a bad taste in their mouths. I liked the lines last night, but please get better soon TT, and send Mashinter packing with a one way ticket. Kero keeps doing the little things really well. Dano could start lighting it up if he would just relax. He and Hoss are getting lots of quality chances. Panerin is still a force, but looks a little tired to me the past few games.

    Were it not for great goal tending by Jones in the 1st Hawks would have walked away with that game. I really liked that the Hawks didn’t just go into defensive shell late in the 3rd. They kept countering Sharks offensive forays with some quality pressure. Crow was on his game last night and I hope we see more of that in the Ducks/Kings games.

    Refs made some odd calls and no calls last night for both teams. I thought the Kruger unsportsmanlike call was really bogus. Pavelsky pushed Kruger into Jones. I thought Eddie really messed that one up on the tv feed.

    Let’s hope the guys carry a positive vibe into the Ducks game tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  15. Good updat Hof. I would imagine Rundblad has to be headed for a conditioning assignment soon in Rockford. Heck Calgary just sent Ladislav Smid down to get some work. If a guy with that much NHL experience can be sent to the A to get some game action, then it should stand to reason that the Hawks have nothing to lose by having him change spots with Gustufsson.

  16. My guess is Mashinter is with the team through the trip and not beyond. As for Morin … I believe it’s being suggested in jest, but it won’t happen.

  17. I think it’s pretty interesting how Coach Q has used the Panarin-Anisimov-Kane line.
    Mixed and matched all the other players… but those hot 3.

  18. All we have to do is sign Mashinter to a $2 Million Dollar a year contract so we can trade him away for a third round pick like SB did with Bollig.

  19. Good game versus a mess in San Jose. Good observation above on Panarin. He has indeed gotten lazy on defense and I’m sure Q is soon to read him the riot act. This can be the malaise of the Russian forwards who arrive in the NHL. They start to get arrogant and sloppy. Yes, that is stereotype but I could care less because it has been proven true. St Louis in fact is dealing with a little bit of this with Tarasenko right now. He’s starting to play like a diva and Hitchcock is not happy.

    Tanner Kero is making Marcus Kruger replaceable. Yep, you read that right. And nobody is a bigger fan of Kruger than me.

    Hossa is getting old. These things happen. Key is if he can still rise to the ocassion in the spring and into the playoffs. Which I know he can. But it starts to become an inevitable dilemma when a player so important and so good for so long simply is on the decline.

    Mashinter has been ok for what he is. Q long ago earned the benefit of the doubt on these things. Tik has done nothing to suggest that he is anything more than a highly paid interpreter and babysitter for Panarin.

  20. Rufus, that’s a fine summation (especially the fact of poor Russian back-checking) but what, no Daley comments today? Give him his due, he’s much improved. Though the s.o.b. still can’t hit the net…I would endorse some kind of a rest program for Marian Hossa. Why not, he’s earned it, and his Springtime value cannot be overestimated. Play him every 3 out of 4 games. Doesn’t make sense for him to keep grinding night in and night out.

  21. Another hope…

    Hope Danault can come back (quick and fully) from hip surgery…

    I think he could bring something to bottom 6 For Hawks… if he plays like he did for Hogs last year.

    which would make Mash go away!!!

  22. RTF – agree with the comment on Kero even though it would be painful to see Kruger go. With Panarin I hadn’t noticed the back check issue as much as his failed attempts to stick handle through multiple players in the neutral zone. Still gotta love the amazing skill he has. Lastly, I gotta say that I have not understood the negative comments on Shaw this year. Every game I have seen he has worked as hard as anyone and I would really like to see the pairing with Garbutt and Toews continue for a decent stretch – nice combo of skill and sandpaper.

  23. Wall, I think Teravainen would just be on 4th line, unless you have him on 1st and Shawzer on 4th. Where do you put 24 with 67 making the lineup and 86 coming back.

    I like Q having 56 and 81 together with diff centers, it reminds me of 82 and 81 when they wernt on 1st line, then they were later at the go to moments.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If TVR is just a guy he is a pretty good guy. I think he played one of his best games last night. Good game against a tired SJ team in the trap game. The Hawks arent good enough to give away points, good thing they didnt.

  25. Wow some of the posters must be getting into the turkey and sauce (hic)
    Some confusing sentences lately.

  26. Wall – I don’t think you touch the second line. Shaw Toews and TT may be an option. Anyone but Mashinter at this point? I dunno man. I listened to the radio broadcast and it sounded like they were firing on all cylinders. Today’s game should be interesting.

  27. How about:

    28 (LW) – 19 – 86
    72 (LW) – 15 – 88
    56 (LW) – 67 – 81
    65 (LW) – 16 – 11 or 14

  28. ^ I like those lines a lot and like having Hossa on the third line to help mentor Dano and to limit some of Hossa’s minutes so he doesn’t get burned out over a long season.

  29. AJ, and Broker-

    Once 86 returns… I still am not sold with Him on 1st line… Cuz Toews is such a great cycle guy… and I don’t see TT as that type/to support cycle…

    TT- worked well w/ 10/Vmette last year… and I can’t recall any of that lines goals coming off of Possession/Cycles… their chances came in transition and off of Forecheck/TO’s… (not that Sharp can’t cycle- he can)… but Sharp also can/plays that shoot 1st off the Rush game… while Vmette- played more like 15 does now… just jumps in (smartly, at right time) on boards, and finds good support spots…

    And I have liked 56/16/81 in small sample…
    TT on 4th for 6-8 minutes doesn’t work…

    So it’s back to TT plays best w Kane in my eyes…
    I know Danault hasn’t even played this year (but his game is similar to Vmette’s in a lot of ways) (at least how Vmette played after Q benched him)… 80 became a “digger” and a “crasher”… for 10/86

  30. “So it’s back to TT plays best w Kane in my eyes”

    I do get your point, Wall but I wouldn’t break up the 2nd line. I would try him as a RW1 and let Tazer change up his game some. Having Garbutt or Shaw on LW1. Can’t Tazer play more like Vermette? Tazer can do it all!!

  31. Also Wall… I would like to see what 67 can do with 56 & 81. Kero is really coming on and has shown some pretty good jump. I know 16 has done pretty well with 56 & 81.

  32. Broker- Yes, TT RW1- is worth a few games look… BUT- TT/19/81… looked really off… (at least TT did) , and I felt 81 getting frustrated (imo) chasing…

    So was it TT on LW issue??? or his Lack of Cycle game? or both?
    I guess we will find out… if TT does indeed get slotted as RW1

    other option is TT RW3,,, but then it’s Back to 81 RW1,,, which has looked “off” all year

  33. Teuvo has looked good playing left when he was with Kane, when Panarin got bumped up. Panarin didn’t gel on the top line either, for whatever that’s worth.

  34. Let’s not dumb down Toews to Vermette’s level. If Toews had 5 points we’d all be screaming bloody murder.

  35. Wall, granted it was the pp. But I seem to remember Kane and Teuvo in the playoffs last year having cycles going and had all of us salivating about what they’d look like together this year.

  36. Ernie, playing a different way is not necessarily “dumbing down” but I guess your entitled to your opinion, whatever.

  37. The hell with Teuvo on the top line. Let this vastly and ridiculously overrated Finn earn playing time. And he is NOT a damned LW, so putting with Toews and Hossa is a terrible idea. Stick him on the 4th line. And if he can’t finally get his shit together on that line then trade his ass. It is the height of insanity how much excuse making is made for Teuvo. And entire Stanley Cup champion roster is supposed to adapt to Teuvo and not the other fucking way around. Insanity. He doesn’t fit. End of subject.

  38. Perhaps Tab would be so gracious to forward my email address to you. I don’t want to muddy up the board and make things public that shouldn’t be. Surely he’d get something in return for his generosity and for making this such a great place for us.

  39. Wayne, he’s starting Terevainen at C over Kero. Not Mashinter. They want Teuvo to be a center long term, if he’s healthy they’ve got to get him in there. Not a big deal to sit the kid Kero out for a game. By the way, Kero will be with the ice girls at the Lantern downtown Naperville Monday night 7-8:30 11/30, the things you learn from posters on the wall of the men’s room …

    And by the way if anyone goes, the burgers are fantastic and so are the wings. $6 pitchers of Bud and Bud Light on Mondays. Oldest saloon in Naperville, great place.

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