Blackhawks Tank Empty Against Oilers

On Saturday night, the Blackhawks trailed 3-0 in Vancouver. They came back and won that game.

In Edmonton, the Blackhawks decided to try it again. Unfortunately, the 2016-17 Oilers aren’t a push-over and the Hawks finished the game trailing 5-0.

Monday night was the first time budding superstar Connor McDavid faced the Blackhawks, but goaltender Cam Talbot stole the show. The Blackhawks weren’t very good throughout the night and failed to consistently get bodies in front of Talbot, but he made big saves when he needed to and earned a good home win.

Talbot stopped ten shots in the first period and 18 more in the second, but only had to stop three in the final 20 minutes as the Blackhawks disappeared offensively. The 5-0 final marked the second time this season Chicago has been shutout; the other came in Winnipeg to begin this Circus Trip.

McDavid was as-advertised, picking up assists on the Oilers’ two first period goals. Oscar Klefbom scored 2:49 into the game and Leon Draisaitl scored a power play goal with 34 seconds left in the first, redirecting a Klefbom shot that was also set up by McDavid.

Edmonton added only one goal in the second when Andrej Sekera scored with eight seconds left in the period.

Anton Slepyshev extended the lead to 4-0 at 7:17 into the third. With 85 seconds left, Draisaitl scored his second power play goal of the night and put the final nail in the Blackhawks’ coffin.

The Blackhawks killed two of four penalties and failed on both of their power play opportunities.

Corey Crawford had a very average night, allowing all five goals against 27 shots. With five shots on net each, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov combined for 15 of the Hawks’ 27 shots on goal, however.

One positive for the Hawks was coach Joel Quenneville sticking with the lines he started throughout. Nick Schmaltz led the Hawks with three takeaways and added one hit and one takeaway in 15:46 – almost all of which was spent with Toews and Kane. His former linemate at North Dakota, Drake Caggiula, had an assist in the game for Edmonton.

Ryan Hartman did a good job of getting under the skin of a few Oilers, but that doesn’t show up in the box score… like everything else Hartman did on Monday night. Hartman had zeroes across the board in 12:12. Tyler Motte, in his second game back from injury, got lit up hard a couple times. He skated 2:25 short-handed in the game with Dennis Rasmussen a healthy scratch; Andrew Desjardins dressed in place of Rasmussen.

The Hawks are back on the ice in San Jose on Wednesday night.

21 thoughts on “Blackhawks Tank Empty Against Oilers

  1. This is not the Oilers team of yore. They shut us down pretty good. Each time we got something going it fizzled real quick and went no where. Talbot was determined to stonewall us. So I guess we are mortal afterall.

  2. Am I reading that gameflow chart wrong, or does it show that the hawks overwhelmingly controlled possession towards the second half of the game? And yet the goals just kept coming for the oilers….

  3. Oilers are finally on the cusp of being an elite team. And with all due respect to Mr. Crosby, Mr. Kane and Mr. Stamkos, young Connor McDavid is on the cusp of becoming THE best and most dynamic player in the NHL. He is a monster superstar in the making. Good for Edmonton, and good for the NHL and fans of the game.

    The Hawks have been blessed with some pixie dust magic the first quarter of the season. Still a very good team of course and some good youngsters in the mix (Forsling, Kempny, Motte) but we may take a step back to the mean for this group. SCREAMING need for a viable LW to put on that top line. I am sure Bowman will scour the four corners of the NHL looking for a veteran rental at some point.

    And not to stir the pot, but saw an interesting article out of Canada last evening that mentioned a number of players coming up for contracts. Suggested that Panarin will have no problem getting 5 years and $7 M per. If indeed those are the terms, then he is a lead pipe cinch to go the way of Brandon Saad and be moved next summer. I can’t see how the Hawks can legitimately fit him in at $6 M and still fill out a roster. But anything beyond $6 M per is simply non-possible.

    But let’s worry about that in June.

  4. Lots of shots on net in the first two periods which was good to see ….. just didn’t convert. Third period, well I think Edmonton was determined that what happened in Calgary wasn’t going to happen in their building.
    McDavid is as advertised. Man, what speed with the puck. And their team speed on the back check was top notch as well.
    Expecting Crawford to come back strong after this less than stellar outing.
    Carry on, boys.
    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  5. Talbot played great , crawford not one of his better games oilers got the pp opportunities and took advantage of them blackhawks outplayed them 5 on 5 a couple of successful pks and crow make a couple of saves and could easily have won nothing too drastic here.

  6. Missed the game so i wont make any comments based on ice play. What i will say is this Oilers team is on the cusp after years of bad. McDavid is a generational talent.

  7. RTF- I am with you… Hawks finally playing – “decent/tougher” schedule… and look to be a Non-Factor PO team… they could make it to 2nd PO round with a favorable 1st round opponent… and Just as easily lose in 1st round…

    I am still a seller- really- best thing that could happen to Hawks is a “2015 Kane/Toews” Cap saving injury… that would allow them to buy the Best/Expensive fitting rental on market!!! then Hawks would have a legit shot of competing for a cup.

    Teams out East- are kinda stacked for Cup this year… Tampa/Rangers/Pens look pretty darn deep…

  8. While I agree that great goaltending is important, there’s also a good case to be made that the Hawks settling into a rotation and the kids getting better will help the team improve. No need for a potentially catastrophic injury this year because I don’t see the Blackhawks needing to add a significant piece. This is a good, deep blue line group and Hossa is playing like a…. 30 year old. Look around the Western Conference. Saying this team isn’t good enough to win the conference is hilarious given the state of affairs in the West.

  9. Tab- I do agree with Your Take on a a weak -ass Western Conference this year- looks like the AFC and NFC North divisions… weak and lots of parity…

    But- not needing to add a significant piece??? While I really do like the Rookies- and agree they will/should get better… this team- as is- is missing something??? Couple kids are just not physically mature enough- yet…

    And Toews/ w/o LW still seems to be an issue… Even with Kane

  10. “NEED” to add a significant piece — do the cost/benefit analysis of Ladd, Flieschmann, Weise, and Ehrhoff. I agree with Tab, “No need for a potentially catastrophic injury…don’t see the Blackhawks needing to add a significant piece.” Stick with the young players – they will develop.

    Learn from mistakes — sign Panarin to a long-term extension (skip the bridge).

  11. Speed oriented teams like the Oilers and Jets will give the Hawks fits during the one and done games of the regular season. However IMO, things will be different in a 7 game series. The Jets and Oilers wow you with their youthful skill but they lack depth of experience that is invaluable in the playoffs. That lends to streaky performances……seem unbeatable for two weeks then crap for two weeks. Their time is coming and they sure look like the future of the NHL. But grinding teams like the Wild, Sharks and Ducks worry me more in a 7 game series.

    That said, after years of high draft picks the Oilers and Jets are putting together impressive contenders.

  12. I still say get Panik off any line where scoring is required. Yes he got 6 early goals and good for him, but he’s come back to earth and he fumbles away more chances than anyone else on the team. I like his speed and when he plays physical and he has shown he can bang in the puck from in close but he should do that on the 4th line with the other guys who are offense averse. He should not be mucking up offensive changes with Toews-Kane or Hinostroza-Hartman.

    Leave Schmaltz with Toews-Kane, at least until a better option comes along. He is showing improvement in being engaged in all 3 zones and he has the skill and speed to play in the top-6.

    Here ya go:


  13. Crow had a rare off night-
    I like some of the things I see, especially Schmaltz and Hino–and of course the play of Hoss-(Schmaltz is smart and will be very effective)
    I think they haven’t played as well as their record and need to continue to improve to be a real force this year. Hopefully they can go 1-1-1 in the next three.
    I find myself more optimistic then I thought, even with a poor PK, and taking periods off,
    –love McDavids speed with the puck. RTF is right about him.

  14. Maybe its time we talk about Toews lack of production with anyone. I’m tired of people giving him a pass just because of what he did in the past. This guy has played sub par with all not just left wing, he has the league MVP on his right and still no scoring. He makes lots of money time to start earning it by scoring and setting up his mates whoever they are, he’s the superstar

  15. I fin it funny that people tuck tail and run after a 2nd loss since the first 5 games. Thought make it longer then just the 2nd loss. Its Fucking embarrassing.

    Long road trip (and adding first game back home after long rod trip to it) these 8 games, 4-4/3-3-2 is fine especially after a 9-0-2 stretch. Just do not want to lose ground by being less then 8 over .500 at that point.

    Other then STL winning two games, going to 4 over, every top team and good team in conference was around 2 over. Were are lucky for that. now that’s pixie dust.

    Cant wait for the young guys as they get better our team is going to just cream those punks from Syracuse.

  16. There is something not quite right with the team here . We have been shut out twice in the past 4 games , have been playing from behind for ,.,.well plenty of games in the recent past .If Crow and Hoss were not playing lights out, we would be calling for Q,s head . Our first periods have been lack luster ,.,second period not much better ,.
    Panik , Desi , Tootoo ,the mix of kids in the line -up and Kruger for that matter can,t score ,.,.As we have seen in the past 3 rd and 4 th line scoring can win some games,.,.and cups . Just not enough finish when you come off our top 4 or 5 forwards . Sad to say Hoss having a great year on a team that is in Re -Construction mode . The sky is not falling ,but , the teething pains are sure apparent .

  17. ….our aging champions are doing well better than I thought…infusion of young talent helps but the long circus road trip is coming to an end….a hiccup in Edmonton….lol….but Blackhawk roster problems are apparent to all by now…main problem is we don’t have time or patience for player development after all of that great scouting and have to rely on rental players in the playoffs because we can’t afford them for the entire season…but all in all still a great team with the best coaching and management….

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