Blackhawks To Host 2017 NHL Draft

On Thursday afternoon, the Chicago Blackhawks will host a press conference with Commissioner Gary Bettman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The expectation is that the group will announce the 2017 NHL Draft will be held in Chicago.

Chicago will now host both the NHL Draft and the NCAA Frozen Four in 2017, with a likely postseason appearance for the Blackhawks as well.

12 thoughts on “Blackhawks To Host 2017 NHL Draft

  1. Outstanding, Chicago continues to solidify itself as one of the best hockey markets in the US. Congrats Chicago Blackhawks! Chicago will likely have 2 drafts here this year.

  2. Wow…now that’s a great reason for a trip to Chicago…maybe we should have our own “Commited Indians” section where we can all meet each other casually and resoundly boo Bettman when he’s at the mic.

  3. Toronto fans an media are upset about what? Screw ’em..Toronto fans have been upset for so long that it’s become their default position about everything so they don’t even know why. They lost their minds a while back, poor souls.

    We need Fred Flinstone style “water buffalo” fur hats, with horns, as suggested by Ebony Raptor last summer. Can you imagine a group of a hundred Commited Indians hooting and holler’ing and raising hell. We can also be “Guardians of the Kane” throughout our celebration of our 4th Cup in seven. Someone suggest where I make my hotel reservations!

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