Blackhawks Top Smartest Spenders in Sports List

On Thursday, Bloomberg BusinessWeek released their rankings of the smartest spenders in sports – and the Chicago Blackhawks are number one.

They ranked all 122 franchises in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. Only two NHL teams – the Hawks and Bruins (third) – are among the top 10 overall. Here are their details for the Blackhawks:

bloomberg rank

7 thoughts on “Blackhawks Top Smartest Spenders in Sports List

  1. There are so many people who are important parts of this success, but it starts with Rocky…and his liquor store business is run very much the same way.

  2. Well of course! We all knew that. No better bang for your buck than the Blackhawks…an inspiration to all of us….perhaps the Cubs should pay a visit to Stan and find out what to do and hows it done…heck they could even take public transit to get there.

  3. The Cubs probably had the right person to lead their affairs and that was John McDonough. He worked wonders as the Marketing Chief for a team that consistently underachieved. Very inspired by Rocky’s leadership…and his first hire “big” hire was John…I think the Bowman’s got involved after John arrived.

  4. It would be a mistake to overlook any contributor. Rocky, McDonough, Q, Bowman, all the players, even the Chicago fans and market. Synergy. Team sport, team effort. Not only do the Hawks pay well and draft well, players are willing to give a discount to play for a winner in a market like Chicago, because there’s so much non-salary money to be made. Then there’s the ego stroke skating in the UC…

    All that said, Pete has it right. What a shame the Cubs are so hopeless that even McDonough couldn’t do it.

  5. This is a night and day shift from the days of “dollar Bill”, when we were usually ranked in the bottom of most lists…..

  6. Cubs’ marketing—even Clark Cub—is not the problem. Poor talent evaluation and over paying guys like Alfonso Soriano, is (hopefully was).

  7. Right Mark…after subtracting out the bare essentials of spending, trying to compute quotients of dollar Bill’s results per dollar spent would have produced a divide by zero error. Grin.
    A wise man once told me you can expect to get back what you dish out to your people 7-fold, so if you want to crap on them do so at your own peril.
    Interesting that “only 2 of the top 10 were hockey teams.” This compares teams to their league averages, it does not delve into profitability, so I don’t know what you can read into the NHL having slightly fewer than it’s share of top 10’s, since the grading is “on a curve” against your own league. Parity?

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