Blackhawks Unveil Reverse Retro Alternate Jerseys

On Monday morning, the NHL and Adidas revealed the new Reverse Retro jerseys for all 31 teams for the 2021 season.

The Blackhawks’ sweaters are a variation on the white alternate design that was worn between 1937-55, when the Blackhawks had their famous barber pole-striped jerseys for their primary uniform.

You can see all of the new alternate jerseys here. The jerseys will be for sale on Dec. 1,,, and team stores.

21 thoughts on “Blackhawks Unveil Reverse Retro Alternate Jerseys

  1. Let’s give Stan the benefit of doubt maybe mcdummy was meddling in decisions we should know fast this year is going to be a test good luck Stan you have a tremendous task at hand

  2. I guess I’m the only person who thinks this team may be better this year…aside from the goaltending of course which…hey the opportunity is there for all three goalies…who wants the net??? The biggest problem last year was the depth forwards and size on defense. Both issues were addressed. The rookies and debrincat are a year more seasoned. Again the Blackhawks were robbed of a higher draft pick this year. The rangers did not deserve the first overall pick.

    Throw in the fact they dont know what they are doing and as I said previously the minor league is questionable would not shock me if teams were allowed to keep extra prospects on main roster which could be beneficial to this current team.

    Regarding the jersey it’s nice they use the 40s logo I do like that but past that not a big fan. Do Adidas jerseys still bell like a dress? I see people wearing them and they look like a dress, no really they get wider toward the hip. Nevermind the collar on the red and white the dress look is….well it’s not for me.

    Not to mention the material Adidas authentics use is similar to that of reebok premier which means lots of easy snagging and pulling on the fabric, not a sturdy quality. Thanks for sharing though I’m sure plenty of people will buy

  3. Lots of Chinese knockoffs will be purchased of this. Just like the majority of regular jerseys. Not a lot of jerseys bought at regular price from the real manufacturer, except for the cheaper Reebok premier jerseys with the flat plasticky shoulder patches that aren’t embroidered. And a lot of those are knockoffs.

  4. Look, I know I’m old & my eyesight is deteriorating, so please correct me (nicely if possible): isn’t that a hoody rather than a sweater (aka jersey)?

  5. I wonder if a Canadian or US company could make those sweaters ,maybe they don’t have the Equipment or expertise to produce them .

    Honest Guy …I agree that we probably have a better team Then last year.
    I hope that Shaw will retire and enjoy life with his family . That would open a nice spot for a young kid .would love to see Lankinen in the net

  6. Indian, yea also the ‘indos’ are knockoffs. The real/regulation jerseys are made in Canada when it was rebook/not sure for addidass/prob the same.

    They are about 350 each and you can get them on ebay from some Canadian sellers/thats where I got my 19 jersey. The jersey before that was the ones they made with that 4 way stretch stuff and the sweat rolled into the gloves and boots/the players told them and they made new ones in a mth.

    Understand people donot have 350 plus nameplate number fees. How can you wear a jersey with silk screen printed for the patchs on shoulders/ouch.

  7. The Addiasses are not as good as the rebooks for looks. The collar by addiass ruined the jerseys. This at least has a normal looking collar which makes it the only jersey adiass has made for us the is acceptable. Although it makes it look like EDM.

    Honest, I know the rebook/real ones are straight at body length/its the arms that have the elbow pad area wider.

    I wont buy another jersey until addiass is not making them. NOt sure ‘whos up next’ better not be addiass.

    For making collars the way they did they should not be allowed to mkae jerses again for hockey.

  8. Not sure about Shawzer though Seabs is going to play and hes 100% for first time in 10 yrs and hes 10 yrs older. So he has that needed size and plays the way we need for who we havnt had. OFF/DEF D pairs and clear the net.

    Now Seabs can at least move fast enough to play good.

  9. Honest Guy,I am with you on being encouraged on this year’s team.Mitchell,Kalynuk,Suter,Hagel,Kurashev,Carllson,Morrison,Beaudin,and the acquisitions of Janmark,Wallmark,and the Monster D Man from the Avalanche should give us a very different team.I am optimistic.

  10. A revenue generating move if ever there was one – but in the year 2020 – perfectly understandable and acceptable. Hopefully the NHL sells a bunch to help keep the lights on.

  11. I’ve been on the trade deHaan or Murphy bandwagon lately with the rationale being we need a young d-man playing rather than a guy who won’t be part of the team in 3-4 years. However, with the possibility of a shortened/condensed schedule – it may prove useful to go with an 8-man D-corps to facilitate a rotation in/out of the starting lineup. Keep deHaan as LD substitute and Seabrook as RD substitute to go with a starting lineup of:


    It would keep everyone fresh and give the young players a game in the press box every 4th or 5th game to observe and absorb.

  12. The Devils should do something different than the red and green alternate. Adidas announced new “Reverse Retro” jerseys for every team. The New Jersey Devils were very predictably the red and green alternates they had when they first came into the league. It looks like it is going to be heavy on the green. There was already a joke that the other retro jerseys the Devils have worn were Christmas tree jerseys, but this is taking that to another level.

  13. Everyone on here should check out the clip of Kirby Dachs skate pass from a team canada camp practice

  14. Got a site we can see the kirby skate pass? I had a pretty slick pass myself a couple weeks ago in a pick up game, late in the game the pace was picking up, puck was in the air I had one guy bearing down on me from my back and another right in front of me space was limited. I had an short outlet pass but he was pretty well covered with a third guy in between him and me. Puck was in the air I think it was a big rebound off our teams goalie anyway it was about waist height in the air I bat it down to my left skate which is facing back toward the net, my teammate who is barely open is to my left so after batting it out of the air to my left skate i quickly kick it to my right skate and immediately kick it from my right skate through the narrow lane to my teammate who was to my left. I thought it was pretty slick. But it’s hard to even be in the scenario for such an opportunity

  15. Thats the old back inside sweep pass/shot we used to do in soccer when we were younger. Brings back memories.

    Wait until Dach gets more comfortable/then starts his prime yrs/ Hes going to take over the league like 19/88 did/ At least in terms of being one of the top elite players in league. Not sure who next dynasty core players are for any team.

    Also reminds me of Shawzer jumping higher then anyone else out of the crowd and heading the puck like he was scoring a soccer goal. The salmon who jumped the highest.

  16. i’ve got alternate jersey($$$ fleece) burnout

    just wear our damn sweaters. maybe even white at home for a spell

  17. I wore road jersey at home in 2013 and we got tie on Hoss PP tying goal against CAL. Then next game wore strange brew flannel and we smoked WIN 4-0 or 4-1 I forget/Sharpy scored the 4th goal and it was snipe. I donot have a home jersey just road jersey they look more iconic being white.

    Plus everytime I see the white road jersey I get chill from the Kaner goal in PHI and the Tazer goal and Bolly goal in BOS. Chills.

  18. Always was a fan of the white jersey at home so as to see the opposing team’s colored jersey. A wish to come true would be that the NHL implement that the first half of the season the home team wear white and the second half wear their colors at home.

    This way it pleases both sides of which jersey one preferers some what. Most people here do remember that back in the day the white was the home jersey.

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