21 thoughts on “Blackhawks Unveil Stadium Series Jerseys

  1. No words can really explain how I fell about this…this…this thing.

    I hope this is not how the jerseys will look like in couple of seasons when Adidas deal begin?

    Minus the ads……

  2. What the fucks going on with the shit on the collar. I’m all for black. I love their whites. Combining both is an absolute atrocity.

  3. Actually, I don’t find it too bad. You knew they had to do something different or there would be no point (and no jersey sales which is THE point) – but I was expecting worse so I’m OK with this for ONE game.

    I think the 4 stars on the collar is supposed to represent Chicago like on the Chicago flag.

  4. Jonathan Toews Male Model. Too bad we lost Sharpie, he would have looked cutesy in that outfit. Marketing should have modeled Panarin instead, with that great mop of his. Don’t forget the ladies marketing! Actually they are not bad, lots of things went through my head…flower power sixties meet high tech, first time the Indian Head clashes ( maybe a multi colored feather splash in its place, but that would be pure sacrilege), Carolina third jersey, you know the one they should be using all the time, and wow big numbers, the better to see you with from the stands I suppose. They will sell a ton of them! Stick it to the Wild and whup ’em at home.

  5. Not sure if they can ever get these outdoor sweater perfect but this is pretty good (way better then most of them, which look terrible) other then 4 star general collar.

  6. PUG UGLY, UGH, UGH,UGH. I would have gone back to the 1940’s sweater of alternating red and white horizontal stripes with the indian head.

  7. When you start with the best, where can you go but down? I think they are fine for
    what they are served as.

  8. I like em, its ok to do some different things for this types of games. It seems like the Hawks get picked alot by the league for these types of games so I’m fine with them offering up some new looks!

  9. Who cares! Just an ingenious marketing money grab. Just think how far marketing of athletics has progressed over the last 30-40 years. Just another temptation for the impulsive masses to increase their indebtedness.

  10. The jersey looks like George Carlin took Toews and Kane on a bogus journey.

    However, in that scenario 19 and 88 will save the world. I don’t mind that they’re wearing a strange, 80’s vision of the future, jersey for a one time outdoor game.

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