Blackhawks, Vesey To Meet Wednesday

Every team in the NHL would love to have former Harvard forward Jimmy Vesey. And, starting Tuesday morning, the limited number the free agent has agreed to meet with have had a chance to pitch the college free agent.

According to numerous reports, the Maple Leafs, Islanders, Penguins and Devils met with Vesey on Tuesday. Mark Divver of The Providence Journal reported that the final three teams to pitch Vesey will be the Rangers, Blackhawks and Bruins on Wednesday. Multiple reports indicate Vesey’s hometown Bruins will get the final pitch of the process.

33 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Vesey To Meet Wednesday

  1. It feels like he had scheduled it this way on purpose. Ranked teams in order of his preference. Least preferred teams first day. Top 3 choices second day.

  2. If he really said to Detroit your too far from the East Coast why are we still in it?
    Tab? Is it just Detroit has too many forwards already?

  3. I think he was just being nice to Detroit. They had a thing on NHL network showing distances between city’s. Every city with the exception of Boston and maybe new York is a flight. So what’s the difference between a 50 minute flight and an hour and a half? Is it really that much of an impediment? Unless he wants a home cooked meal every night and he’s not getting that anywhere but Boston.

  4. Here’s the pitch: Come to Chicago for a couple years. Play with Toews, Hossa, Kane, etc. Win a Cup or two. Go get paid.

  5. I won’t lie, I’m sick and tired of the Jimmy Vesey saga. You’d think an 18 year old Wayne Gretzky was on the open market. It bothered me when Vesey told Nashville to pound sand and bailed. It bothers me even further this North America tour of his. He’s 23 years old and played his college hockey at Harvard. He was very good – not great – player his two final collegiate seasons. He skates well and has decent offensive projectability for the NHL. But who the frack does this punk think he is?!?

    I think Vesey signs with Boston, and I think that has been the plan all along. I’ll be pleased if he signs with Chicago, but not overwhelmed. Just end this garbage.

  6. LOL I love it how they can’t “Buy” a break now that there’s a salary cap.

    “Tell Detroit, ‘bullshit.’…”? Thanks Dickie

  7. Very rarely do I agree with Rufus but this is one of those times. After all this hoopla the pressure will be on Vesey to have a very productive first year. I have a feeling expectations are far removed from reality when it comes to Vesey. He is no Panarin. The hoopla surrounding 72 was far less.

  8. Right on, RTF.

    The next CBA should change to players being offered their ELC, should be treated the same.way as young players who HAVE paid their dues by playing in the AHL and or NHL…they should be an RFA, not a UFA.

    If a team makes no qualifying offer to a drafter player…fine, he’s a UFA. If the make a qualifying offer I fail to see why a player who has done NOTHING for the NHL gets preferred over all those thst honored and respected the draft process and went to play for the team thst picked them.

  9. the issue w/ Espo & RTF’s assertion that college players should be tied to the team that drafts them – you’re ignoring the ways the team benefits from the current system.

    If the Blackhawks draft a non-college player, they hold his draft rights for 2 years. They can then sign the player to a 3-year ELC, or he goes back into the pool (by pool, I mean under 20 yrs old they go back into the draft, over 20 they become a UFA). Thus, the organization owns that players’ rights BEFORE he reaches RFA for 5 years. If a player goes to college, the team can own his rights for up to 4 years BEFORE PAYING HIM A DIME, and then get 2 more years of ELC time at $925k before the player can negotiate their more lucrative second NHL contract.

    Both sides win under the current system, and I’m fine with it. In fact, I believe the NBA could benefit from having similar flexibility with teams retaining draft rights for players while they’re in college. But that’s another issue for another site and another day…

  10. I feel like the Penguins are serious contenders just by reading what Vesey is looking for, On the east coast, winning organization, and a chance play with elite players.

    How the mighty have fallen, the Red Wings weren’t even given a chance to meet w Vesey.

    Regardless of who Vesey pick’s I am confident the Hawks are doing everything in their power to add him. At the end of the day as a fan that’s what I want! No guarantee Vesey is any good or they sign him but they are doing everything in their power to make themselves better. Kudos to SB!

  11. I am also confident the SB will make a stronger pitch than Don Sweeny. That Also doesnt mean the Bruins wont land him afterall. Having heard Don Sweeny speak a number of times I’m not impressed with his decision making, actions and how he conducts himself.

  12. “Regardless of who Vesey pick’s I am confident the Hawks are doing everything in their power to add him. At the end of the day as a fan that’s what I want! No guarantee Vesey is any good or they sign him but they are doing everything in their power to make themselves better. Kudos to SB!”

    Ding, ding, ding. Great post and absolutely nailed it. Hawks pitching hard but can’t make up Vesey’s mind for him. If he chooses elsewhere, they move on, that same day. Onto other plans.

  13. Boston (or Pittsburgh) can have Vesey. I won’t lose any sleep. This thing has been dramatically overplayed by the Vesey camp from day one. And I’m not so sure I want a player who is going to be THAT under the microscope from day one and stands, in my opinion, of not having a whole lot of friends across the league to start his career with. Seriously, if I’m a blueliner for the Nashville Predators I think about putting this kid into the boards very, very hard the first chance I get.

  14. RTF, I think the media and fans have blown it up more than Vesey’s camp.

    He is working with the rules established by the league. No one can fault him for doing that. If it benefits him, good for him.

    I too am sick of hearing about it already.

  15. RTF you said the same things about Kane last year and we all know how that worked out. Give the kid a break and let it play out and enjoy the drama who knows he might be ” just a guy”

  16. Screw this unproven primadonna, I don’t want him in Chicago. He’s a distraction that this team DOSNT need!
    We’ve had enough the last few seasons!!
    Who does he think he is? Might be a bust at NHL level defensive play anyways!

  17. For the love of God can we not ever hear the words just a guy again. I too am sick of hearing about it already.

  18. That article is a great find and great read Tab. Vesey clearly has an excellent head on his shoulders, is very analytical and has a very logical perspective.

    Notice the Kane mention, the gold standard of offense. Smart for Stan B. to take Kane to Boston as part of the pitch. It might also foster some good will for Kane with his bosses after last summer’s fiasco.

    The Hawks believe Vesey’s the real deal and want him but they are not pinning all their hopes and dreams on this. The East Coast teams obviously have the geographical edge. The Hawks appear to be the only Western Conference team now in the hunt and we have a chance because, well, it’s the Hawks.

  19. I am not sure anymore if i want the Hawks to Land him … Steve is right ..Vesey will become a distraction ….It will bedifficult for teams to trust those kids from University …Hayes drop the Hawks ..Vesey drop the pred ….and how many other kids will do the same in the Future …Hawks will also have difficulty to sigh Hayden …he will probably do the same thing …we never heard him say …i want to Become a Hawks….many kids are glad to have a chance with the Hawks ….Motte Hino Hartman really wants to get on the Team but Hayden …euhhhh …never had info that he wants badly to play for the Hawks…never ….

  20. Another cup run is upcoming and although vesey bas potential for a rosey future i don t think his rookie season will be a make or break for this year

  21. imo- he will be better than average with most teams…

    and way better than average with the Hawks ( and I really believe Panarin would have “played” that way – if he wasn’t with Hawks/Kane last year)

    wts- kid has some very solid numbers (advanced stats)… BUT- Hawks would be Best fit for Kid’s style- imo

  22. Some goofball on wikipedia yesterday wrote he’s currently playing for the Hartford Whalers. It’s been corrected today, but thats kinda funny.

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