Blackhawks Voted Greatest NHL Uniform

On Tuesday, the NHL announced the Chicago Blackhawks have “the greatest uniform” in the game.

According to the release, slmost 6 million votes were cast between Nov. 28 to Dec. 31 to determine the winner.

For more information, visit Below is the final leaderboard:

16 thoughts on “Blackhawks Voted Greatest NHL Uniform

  1. Although I am partial to the Hawk logo, any NHL original 6 logo has to be on the list. Those logo’s set the standard for the league.

  2. Now if only Addidas will remove that stupid collar id be happy, I absolutely hate it and I can’t stop looking at it

  3. I agree in full with Southside Hawkman. Those collars look like they should be on a school girls uniform. No surprise that the Blackhawks finished first. Very surprised that Anaheim was so high up on the list.

  4. Reebok didn’t do anything to theirs. Theirs were not terrible looking. Team could go with same color sweater for collar and have the tiny part above collar be other color.

  5. The mighty ducks logo is 3rd fave? What? That belongs on the worst list, not the best. Or the variation that they wore, the one with the angry duck-faced goalie brandishing his goalie stick like a weapon. That was an all time loser, too.

  6. Agreed. I think it’s clear that Chief Blackhawk is the greatest logo in all of sports but that supid freaking ducks logo being on the list negates all credability of the taste of the voters in this poll, IMO. That one is the absolute worst ever for me.

  7. Agree, but that’s not saying much. What is their current logo, anyway? Is that a duck’s bill? A duck’s wing? A UFO? Oh, and Corey Perry is a beady-eyed prick. Just had to throw that in there.

  8. Again, this is the Original Goldenrug. I don’t know who that un- original pecker is at5:04. But I like his choices…except for the Sharks.

  9. the Mighty Ducks movie still holds up….only Disney movie with a DUI….
    “Breath, blood, or urine?”
    “No thanks, I’m full.”

    “HEY SHUT UP! I thought we came here to play hockey.”
    “You think losing is funny?”

  10. Typical nonsensical and non-historied modern-day voter results. Do agree with the Whalers and North Stars, however. Whalers had a beautifully complete, symmetric logo with a cool color scheme.

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