4 thoughts on “Blackhawks vs Canucks: Visual Evidence of A Bad Call

  1. No way the linesman could have seen this one. The angle he’s at, it probably looks like the puck is on the line. Now, if he’s straddling the line, like he’s supposed to be, he can see the that puck did indeed get out of the zone.

    I can live with a bad penalty call…but to have two calls/non-calls affect goals, and thus the outcome, I can’t accept that, and neither should the league.

  2. The no offside call is upsetting but also a hard call to make in real timeat the position he was in. The interference call, however, was completely ridiculous. For a ref to take away a goal with a hunch there was interference just shouldn’t happen. They are supposed to call what they see not what the goalies wine about. Game should have been 4-3 with the Nucks falling to the Hawks once again.

  3. actually there is no way to tell if there is white between the puck and the line. from this angle it looks like it’s still on the line. besides if it was offside the entire hawks bench would have erupted in protest.

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