20 thoughts on “Blackhawks vs Wild Schedule Announced

  1. I hate these 8:30 starts! At least it’s a Friday, but all that means is there will be more really drunk people at the start of the game. All of these goofy late start are because of TV scheduling that completely favors the teams playing in the East Conf.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. @Phil- Actually, I now live on the e-coast and assure you I/we dislike these later start times more than you do, had some serious late nites the past series! Friday’s Hawks game is the only game currently scheduled (unless they’re going to throw in the TB/Det-Habs game earlier?), so it looks like it’s more for the benefit of the w-coast fans. The Sunday game is normal 7:30pm CT- yes?

  3. Ya… as a fan in Florida, those 9:30pm starts are ROUGH! but its playoff time and you do what you have to… lol

    Neg- yes Sunday is a little earlier, so yay for that… and i assume the Habs v TB/Det game will be Friday at 7 (then following the same schedule as the Hawks/Wild). and without looking at venue availability, I’d assume the Calgary/Anaheim series will probably be Thurs/Sun/Wed/Friday/Sun/Tues/Thursday…

  4. Agree…..hate the late starts (I am on the east coast too) and NBCSN does a decent scheduling job. However, I am not a fan of Doc Emerick. Radio or no sound is better

  5. Yes it is definitely rough to watch these late games on the East coast try ATL time as it’s one hour later than EST. Most people here are Habs and Bruins fans.

  6. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the option to have No announcers for TV games? Just ambient crowd noise from the arenas?

    I feel for you Hawks fans in the Eastern time zone. If in fact these late starts are for the benefit of West coast viewers, that is complete BS. Punish the rest of the country for what?? I must say 3 good nights of normal sleep has me back feeling pretty rested. Get it while you can. Some late nights await us…

    Lets Go Hawks!

  7. Or if announcers just announced the game and didn’t pester the viewers with their silly banter and obtuse opinions. When Foley calls a game and just calls a game it is great. When he gets silly he turns into Hawk and I want to throw things at the TV (and I’m a Sox fan). Same thing with Doc Emrick. Great when calling the game. Pretty obnoxious when the maligning commentary about a players life story starts.

    All the charity pumping can go away as well. Literally all of it. Something to be said for the whole “when you give to the poor do not sound a trumpet before you” thing.

  8. If I’m at home… i’ll DVR the game and in the first few minutes FF and RWD, taking the time to sync the TV picture and to the sound on the WGN APP so i can get the radio feed. So much better, but kinda a pain…

  9. Phil, I have wanted that for awhile. That option and the option to have whatever channel (with its own announcers) you want. You pay for the channel, then you should get that channel (no blackouts/local/etc). It could be on several channels and you get all of them. The league can have a tv package where they have all home/road team tv announcers as part of the hockey package for an extra fee/include it for free with the current hockey tv package. The money goes to salary cap fund.

    Tim, I do that when it brings good vibes.

  10. C’mon…Doc Emerick is fabulous! ….who else belts out “Drive”….not as good as Cam Cole though.

  11. Mining Man re: Doc. I have never forgiven him for blowing Kane’s Cup winning goal call. Worst in NHL history. Most of us thought it was in straight away simply because Kane’s body language said he knew, and Leighton looked behind him.

    Mo, NHL Center Ice is a subscription that does give viewers a choice to watch home or away broadcasts during reg season. I don’t think so in playoffs. Your additional suggestions though all make sense. I mean, we are paying for most of this stuff via cable or satellite feeds anyway.

    Now can we just get more replays at the UC?? Pleeeeease???

    Lets Go Hawks!

  12. All of you living on the east coast and complaining about the time, I live in Sweden! The games starts about 3:00 AM, so shut up :)

  13. I live in Minnesota so I get NHL gamecenter in order to get the Hawks. I get about 60 Hawk games on Gamecenter and the rest I get on Nbcsn or NHL network. During the playoffs I get no games on Gamecenter. You should hear the local sports guys talking about how Minnesota is going to take out the Hawks. The Wild are a good team but IMHO a bit overrated. Shut down Parise and the Hawks will take them out.

  14. I agree Phil- Doc sucks. I will also never forgive him for screwing up Kane’s big moment.

  15. C’mon…Doc Emerick is fabulous! ….who else belts out “Drive”….not as good as Bob Cole though.

  16. Hawks1961, good of you to post regarding Minny media confidence ahead of this series. It is as though they believe this will be a cake walk, and that the Hawks will not offer much resistance. I think the entire goalie comparison is amusing in that up in Minny Dubnyk is completely given the benefit of the doubt as being superior while Corey Crawford(whose name IS on the Cup) and Darling are written off as mediocre. Oh yes, and Kane’s series clinching goal was due to pure luck last year. Never mind the Wild were gifted a 2 goal lead by Jake Allen(Santa Claus) Sunday, and the Blues couldn’t bury any quality scoring chances due to playing hit the goalie. What the hell has Dubnyk ever won in his not so distinguished career, except the hot goalie award the past few months?? We’re going to find out over the next week or so.

    Wild are of course the hot team, but lets get the puck dropped and see what they have left in the tank. Apart from the holes in the Hawks 3rd d pairing, Hawks still skate 4 pretty decent lines last I checked.

    I have great respect for the Wild and their system that Yeo has sold to those guys. They are challenging to play against, especially when they get the lead. They have quick skaters and their d men can jump into plays with the best of them. I’m glad their fans are jacked up. So are Hawks fans. This is what playoffs are all about.

    Two nights of rest guys and gals and then off we ago again.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  17. You hit the nail on the head Phil. The local media and some of my Wild friends keep referring to the Hawks goaltending as mediocre. I point out that the Hawks were tied with Montreal in goals allowed but that argument doesn’t fly here. They think Dubnyk in invincible. They guy sure has secured a great reputation after only 4 months of work. They are worried about Kane and Toews of course but I have heard several pundits express concern about Bickel. Should be a great series. On paper the Hawks forwards (with the insertion of 86 for 23) are better than last year. Kane doesn’t have to drag Zus around and Bolig’s defensive lapses are gone. I hope Q gives somebody else a shot other than 44, but I don’t see it happening. I would like to see Cumiskey with his speed. Sure wish Friday would hurray up and get here. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas.

  18. Hawks1961 – Even Pat “What do I know about hockey?” Reusse has anointed the Wild SC champs.

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