Blackhawks Waste Dach’s First Goal, Lose in Shootout

After a strong NHL debut, Kirby Dach broke through in the first period.

The Vegas Golden Knights came to Chicago in the midst of a stretch of four games in six days and the Hawks got after them early. Chicago out-shot Vegas 12-8 in the first period and got on the board first.

Dach scored his first career NHL goal at 16:15 into the first. Olli Maatta and Dylan Strome were credited with the assists, and Erik Gustafsson reportedly collected the souvenir from the net for the third overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft.

The Blackhawks out-shot the Golden Knights 12-9 in the second period and the penalty kill unit did tremendous work to maintain the one-goal lead.

After two periods the Hawks’ defense was on point and Dach had the only goal. Chicago’s power play was 0-for-4 but Vegas’ was as well.

When the third period began Connor Murphy wasn’t on the bench.

Marc-Andre Fleury went to the bench with two minutes left in regulation and the Golden Knights made it pay. Mark Stone set up Nick Holden with a pretty pass and he was able to beat Robin Lehner to tie the game with 93 seconds left.

Vegas out-shot the Hawks 15-7 in the third period and the game went to overtime.

Lehner faced 32 shots in regulation; Fleury faced 31.

Duncan Keith (25:54) was the only Chicago defenseman over 20 minutes when regulation ended.

Gustafsson was on the ice with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to begin overtime. That trio was stuck on the ice for more than 60 seconds to begin the overtime period but were able to get off without any damage.

David Kampf broke up a breakaway nicely in the middle of the overtime to prevent a shot on net but the passing wasn’t very good for Chicago in the extra session.

With 98 seconds left in the overtime Toews went to the box for tripping.

Chicago sent out Keith, Calvin de Haan and Ryan Carpenter to start the 4-on-3 penalty kill and they did well to eventually get the puck out. Kampf replaced Carpenter and Lehner made a marvelous save with 22.8 seconds left.

Five extra minutes couldn’t decide the game so we headed to the skills challenge.

Toews scored on the first shot of the shootout. Former Blackhawk Brandon Pirri shot first for Vegas and was denied.

Kane shot second and was rejected by Fleury. Jonathan Marchessault then converted for Vegas.

Alex DeBrincat failed to beat Fleury and defenseman Shea Theodore won the game for the visitors.

Carpenter had a good night against his former teammates. He skated 17:50 with three blocked shots and won 11 of 21 faceoffs.

Dach skated only 8:22 with two takeaways. Strome was limited to 9:01. The two won one of three combined faceoffs.

DeBrincat led Chicago with five shots on net and was also credited with two blocked shots and two hits.

Toews won seven of 17 at the dot and had two shots on net in 21:19.

de Haan led Chicago with seven hits.

65 thoughts on “Blackhawks Waste Dach’s First Goal, Lose in Shootout

  1. Losing games they should be winning, that will turn around.
    Unbelievable games for Lehner and Saad, Maatta and Carpenter too. Competed for 65 mins. win would’ve been better but liked what they showed tonight.

  2. A good effort again, but the Hawks can’t put anyone away late.Vegas ties the game late and wins, the Jets did the same, and the Caps won a game that was tied midway thru the third period. Too many veterans on this team for that to keep happening. Anyways, congratulations to Dach on his first ever goal. He doesn’t look bad at all.

  3. Surprised at the game flow chart. Other than the last half of the 3rd they really felt like the dominant team. I’d be curious to see a heat map, if more of those attempts were from further out.

  4. It’s not just about competing! It’s about putting players in a position to succeed. Strome has 1 goal 3 assists versus Nick Schmaltz 3goals 6 assists! Dcat is lost without him. And Strome on the wing is idiotic by the coach. He is too slow and weak to battle the boards!
    Toews has 1 goal 1 assist playing with Dcat and Shaw??? Or CAGG? JC is losing these games not the players who are trying hard. They can grind it out all they want but once again, if this coach cannot figure out he needs to load up his top 6 then every night the goalies will need to make 35 saves a night to hopefully win games. Tonight in Boston Marchand Bergeron Pasternak once again created huge offence versus the Leafs. We have Dcat Toews Shaw? Nonsense. Doesn’t scare anyone!
    How much of Kampf do we need to see or Kubalik who is a horrible passer. For that 3rd line to create offence, well actually it’s just Saad doing it all by himself being a bulldog. He will be spent by game 20! Perlini is better than 8, 91, and 92!
    20 19 88
    12 17 11
    65 77 92
    (15)91 22 8(91)
    NO MORE KAMPF on a 3rd line!!!
    JC did this last year until he realized he was out of the playoffs which was too late when he reunited 19 & 88! Add 20! Your GM says he add depth then load up on the 2 first lines. Makes no sense to have Dach as a 2nd line center at 18 years old. Starting teh game with the 4th line was another shot at the vets that was classless by the coach. Really? At home? Kane and Toews not starting a game? Telling you JC has no idea what he’s doing! And that’s all on the GM.
    The least offensive team in the NHL is in Chicago, thx JC!
    Happy for Dach but he needs to play 3rd line center to get some confidence and experience. And some PP time on 2nd Unit.

  5. Quick question…would you rather have Henri Jokiharju and Saarela or Nylander and McCoshen??..Bowman’s argument for trading Jokiharju was that the Hawks had depth at Defense and it was worth it to trade for someone like Nylander, who Bowman believes has a lot of untapped offensive potential..doesn’t that sound like Saarela??..and hasn’t he at least proved that he can score goals at the AHL level repeatedly.. unlike feels like Bowman keeps giving up players that have proven that they can perform(Joki already showed he can defend at the NHL level and Saarela already showed he can score goals repeatedly) for players that may be able to reach some higher may have worked in the case of Strome(although I’d like to see him with another productive year before I consider it a clear cut win of a trade for the Hawks), but I don’t think I’m a fan of the ”lightning in a bottle” strategy that Bowman seems to be employing as he tweaks this roster..are Mitchell, Boqvist and Beaudin such sure fire answers? I must be missing something..and if the organization had zero issue with trading a 20 year old defenseman who is playing 17 min a night with his new team, then why replace him with a forward who is playing bottom line minutes..if they’re so enamored with his top 6 potential, then why isn’t he playing top six minutes? Shouldn’t the top 6 be Nylander-Toews-Kane and Cat-Strome-Shaw? Your bottom six finally has enough depth to play solid defense across the third and fourth lines..the top two lines should be offensive zone lines least in my mind anyway..

  6. Nylander getting some PP time. Kid has earned it. Been working hard on the ice and shown skill. Strome’s ice time has me wondering if he’ll go the way of Anisimov. Pushed aside and forgotten about.

  7. Hull just be Perlini’s agent. No other person on the planet would pine as hard as Hull has for Perlini to just be handed a top 6 role. If only Perlini showed that same fire.

  8. Yea, didnt see game but based on what I read and saw score was 1-0 Blackhawks in 2nd. So we outplayed or played even with WAS and VEG, two of the top teams. So to me we have done well overall, except for points, since first 2 games, which we did not have 44 and 5.

    Carpenter looks like our new Krugs?

  9. Goldenrug – good analysis.

    Slayforever – good point hard to argue.

    Hull65 – cutting thru your bantering, great point, Strome must play center w Debrincat. Kane needs to play w those two guys.

    Good evening.

  10. I believe the organization thinks Mitchell, Boqvist and maybe Beaudin and possible Vlassic are better or equal or near then Buckaroo. With Hann and Maatta we do not need 6 Defensemen while we have 2 7 5. Basically yes some of these guys are sure fire and some are just going to be good

  11. Nothing agaisnt 92 I owuld like a better player for Buckaroo but maybe that was the best offer we got and he wasnt staying here because of Collitan.

    Not saying 17 needs to prove it a line without 12 but he should or put up good numbers and play good on another line to get these higher caphit. Otherwise what is fair to his play and stats I guess not other similar players in the league. Bridge deal for everyone of these guys.

  12. Very good compete level tonight, which is what is needed every game. That is the primary ingredient in winning games. The compete level they had tonight will result in wins – not all the time but a lot of the time.

    They’re still a work in progress. The PP is a mess and that needs to get straightened out and if their PP was working like it should they win the game tonight and probably one of the other 1-goal losses.

    Dach looks like he belongs to me. He plays a 200 foot games and he makes plays. He should have had at least one assist tonight but Fleury made outstanding saves.

    Toews looked a little better tonight – emphasis on the word “little”. Baby steps. Hopefully he gets back to the way he played last season. If he does the Hawks will be in much better shape to win games and maybe make the playoffs.

    Oh yeah – and Lehner was pretty good.

    Lots of positive takeaways from this game.

  13. Pleased with the effort.

    Fix the top 6. Do it now. Enough of this silliness. Shaw is more effective as a bottom 6 guy. Give Toews 2 players who have offensive talent. Experiment with Strome on wing needs to end. Time to mix Kubalik and Saad into top six. Kneelander too. We have a solid 4th line now. Give us a top 6 please that can score some goals.

    Carpenter – now we see why we was hired. Super game for him. A man at the dot and excellent decisions out there.

    Keith – his best game of the year. We need that more, especially with Murphy down.

    Robin looked more like Superman!!

    Kneelander on PP1 – BDT. A RIGHTY that gives the guys more options!! Of course, it took 50 seconds to have possession in offensive zone on each of the first two PPs, but better movement, looks and passing when actually setup.

  14. Good post Ebony Raptor. No problem at all with the effort.

    Two things : “you are what your record says you are “ -Bill Parcells.
    In our case 2-3-2. Meh. 2 wins out of 7 games. Demoralizing.

    Secondly, Jeremy Colliton’s judgment on who he likes is starting to get a bit questionable. He did not like Henry Jokiharju at all for some reason. Now, Strome appears to be in his crosshairs. Perlini has been banished.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Strome-Dcat-Perlini line have something really good going last year ?

    To me, if I were McDonough I would have boy wonder on a very short leash.

  15. It was a good game other than some PP flop time (ie-momentum killer time). It really seems they are more committed to defense and this is cutting down their goal scoring chances-not likely to see Kane’s 100 points and D-Cats 40. (unless the PP becomes much better)
    Yes get 12 and 17 together, but they will need a strong skater who helps out the other way. Therefore not Perlini, unless he’s changed, because he has the size and skating to be that guy.

    We have a #1 goalie and then a good back-up. Times a changing.

  16. Craig true enough, winning games like this that they should be winning will change that. Defense is improving, though Murphy will hurt there, may have helped late in game, Lehner has put the Trotz system thing to bed and Crawford will have better starts coming.

    A solid bottom 6 that posters here noted daily we lacked for a few years was lacking is back. Now some of them want to dismantle it so they can complain about it again i guess. Pk showing signs of life and becoming an asset. Obviously the top 6 and pp mostly the same players, need to pick it up, that will come. Maybe Dach part of it, time will tell. I have critized Colliton since hired and said playoff success may be with another coach, but like alot of things we are seeing right now and team looks close to taking a big step in direction.

  17. I hate it that they didn’t get the two points, but the team played relatively well. Fleury vs. Lehner was a great matchup. The Blackhawks just aren’t really very sharp on their passing and their feeds/finishes. Captain Obvious here to remind everyone of the open nets missed, broken sticks, passes that aren’t quite on the tape. But the compete level looks better. I think the team is improving bit by bit and that can certainly lead to better team point production. Like everyone else, I like Dach too. I love how he always ends up at the net.

  18. re: slayerforever’s comment “Bowman’s argument for trading Jokiharju was that the Hawks had depth at Defense and it was worth it to trade for someone like Nylander”

    The Blackhawks have a lot of puck-moving defensemen coming (Boqvist, Beaudin, Mitchell, Krys) and already have Keith (in theory) in that capacity (albeit diminished) and Gustafsson for the rest of this year (unless/until they trade him) at the NHL level. Jokiharju was more NHL-ready than any of those four kids when they dealt him, but there was no room on the NHL roster. The Blackhawks dealt from an area of depth and acquired another lottery ticket just as Bowman did w/ Strome.

    With that being said, the McCoshen deal is indeed a head scratcher. Especially after you lose Carl Dahlstrom for nothing via waivers. I understand that perhaps Saarela wanted out because he wants to be on an NHL roster (he did in Carolina) but to do it for another defenseman is odd.

  19. Tab possible it’s a move to add depth in Rfd. Looks like as menti9ned before having a successful year there is a priority too. Gilbert and Boqvist already missed time and carrying 18 fwds meant alot of healthy scratches to get them all some playing time.

  20. Regardless if Kirby Dach is nhl ready or not if Colliton is only going to give Dach eight minutes of ice time a game Dach should be sent back to jr.
    What is the point of Kane, Towes and Keith playing such heavy minutes?

  21. Another really entertaining game to watch. Two really good efforts by the Hawks 5 on 5 and they come away with 1 point. Just because the effort last night was strong for what looked like 65 minutes doesn’t matter. That is 2nd straight game they should have skated off with 2 pts. and didn’t put the game away. It was Holtby for the Caps and Fleury last night that made the difference. Opposing goalies just a little better, and sadly this Hawks PP that has to get consistently better. The inept PP the past 2 games at the UC just sucked all the energy out of the building. Sitting in the stands one gets the feeling that each PP unit is lacking in confidence. Speaking of lacking confidence, D Cat is really pressing to start the year. His timing/concentration just isn’t there right now. Same with Gus. This team needs 12, 19 to name a few to start scoring goals. Sure Toews is a notorious slow starter, but Hawks can ill afford to give away points playing in such a tough division early in the season.

    Good for Dach. Right place at the right time. I like what I see from him. The dilemma is what to do with him? This Hawks team imo can use all the talent they can get. They are not an offensive juggernaut. Dach certainly appears to have the tools. Can this present Hawks roster get the job done without Dach? Will Dach actually benefit from playing with players well below his talent? The NHL formula is let the kid develop more just below the NHL, but can the Hawks afford to do this? I’m curious what the group here thinks.

    This is a year the Hawks desperately NEED to make the playoffs, because if they don’t the fan base(which is already grumbling) is going to start walking away. I think this is already happening. Of course the dedicated Hawks hockey fans will stick around, but the 2010-2015 come lately people are falling off the whoohoo wagon as I look around in my section at the UC. It started last year and is even more so here early in the season. Lots of very casual fans in the seats that were not there 2-5 years ago. Tickets can be bought below face value for every game as season ticket holders just want “some” money back when they choose not to attend. 3-5 years ago tickets could be sold at face value and usually at a premium. Not so anymore, and that’s 2 years now this has been going on. As with everything else is all about the money and Hawks tickets have been going up every year. I actually split my season seats 3 ways for the first time this year. I can attend ANY game I want at a lower price through NHL ticket Exchange in my section than what I paid for my seats. So why not split the cost with some other solid fans I know?

    If the Hawks keep playing 5 on 5 the way they have in this little stretch, some wins have to string together. Goaltending has been overall solid. Special teams have to get better especially the PP which has been performing dare I say like the Bears offense. This team has to keep working hard. Feels like it’s close.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  22. I agree it was fun watching those first two lines fly last year, but the end result was a non-playoff year. I understand the frustration over JC’s lines but I’ve seen this team get consistently better defensively through seven games and I think JC is trading defense for offense. My guess is that they believe talent will eventually help these defensively responsible lines gel offensively.
    I think this approach sucks for players and fans alike at the moment because it is the ‘pay me now’ option but we will be glad next spring that we didn’t opt for ‘pay me later’ in October for flashy goals and a couple of early season wins.

    The injury to Murphy will tell us a lot over the next couple of weeks. If the D stays solid then it would indicate Colliton’s system is taking hold and he is employing lines that emphasize D first. I think the teams stars will adjust on O and the goals will come.

  23. Re; THE BAWB comments, I think defensively we are seeing some improvement with forwards coming back and doing their jobs in the Hawks end. I thought Duncan Keith had a very good game last night as he appeared to be really focused and physically engaged. This is a step in the right direction. Hawks willing to try and block more shots is also promising. Pity that Murphy has been injured. He doesn’t skate that well, but he provides some muscle in the back. Gilbert apart from his bad hiccup against Flyers in the opener played pretty well. Maybe he gets a nod.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  24. Ian – it is nice to have some good bottom 6 players. Last year I was trying to explain to some on this board that Saad and Kampf were part of an important build of a 3rd line, and that Saad wasn’t needed in the top 6 when we couldn’t matchup against anyone defensively. We were scoring plenty of goals last year, but couldn’t stop the puck from going in. We needed to make some changes. Those two anchored a line that began the process of keeping the puck out of the net. I was here defending JC’s move to build that line.

    But times have changed, and the need for change is of a different kind this year. Defense is better (mostly because of personnel changes) and the 3rd line has been built, works and has shown the team and its fans the importance of work ethic. It is – as everyone here has been saying – the most consistent and effective line we have (despite the Kampf haters). But the top 6 is a disaster – the eye test here is a blinding black hole of failure. The studs are playing more like duds. We’ve changed the seats on the deck many times already by moving role players around in the top 6, but the ship is still sinking. We simply are not going to be a defensive juggernaut this year, so we best find a way to score some goals. I will argue that Shaw and Caggiula are more bottom six than top 6 players, but both can be effective at times in top 6 roles. They likely can fill the roles of Saad and Kubalik with a reasonable amount of effectiveness on the 3rd line. Lets give Saad and Kubalik a shot with Toews to see if it can work. Nylander is not your prototypical 4th liner and likely will have more success in the league in the top 9, probably top 6. He is learning on the 4th line to grind and work defensively – all good things that will make him a better player. Can he carry those skills up the lineup? He and JC seem to be communicating. Let’s give it a shot.

    It’s not like the top 6 can score fewer goals if we get some better offensive talent up there. The bottom 6 has a lot more quality to choose from this year than last. We can easily make a 3rd and 4th line from the group we have this year, players perhaps working in more appropriate roles for their talents. It’s a big upgrade for this team – let’s use it.

    Kubalik is an upgrade – middle 6 type guy who can likely play top line some day soon. Obvious offensive gifts and has proved that he works hard at both ends. Reward him. Saad we know about – best back-checker on the team. Yes, better than 19 at it too. He will continue to be that player wherever he is in the lineup. Nylander now trying to prove himself. What do we really have to lose? We simply are not good enough to win 1-0 and 2-1 all year.

    Remember – and this is a huge point – the biggest advantage of a 3rd line that can shut down the other team is when you are playing at home and control the matchups. That run is coming to an end. The 3rd line as it is now, will become less effective on the road, and the top scoring lines are going to see WORSE matchups. It’s unlikely the top 6 – as built now – are suddenly going to score in bunches against better defensive lines on the road. We’ve been controlling the matchups and our best isn’t good enough against other teams we want them to play against.

    19 worked hard last night. 88 was seen back-checking and grinding in the corners. Nice work ethic from the leaders on the team. Now lets get them in a better position to have offensive success. We are dead in a month, if not sooner, if they don’t get going.

    I think the PP will start being more effective with the current changes made. May take a game or so, but the setup is better and players are now in positions to have more success.

  25. You rarely get something for nothing – as in you rarely get better defense without paying for it with a little less offense. It’s designed that way for the forwards to play more on the defensive side of the puck than the offensive side of the puck. The desired result is giving up fewer chances for the opponent to score and the accepted cost is fewer chances for your team to score. The missing ingredient for winning games is that the power play is not chipping in. If that gets corrected – more wins will come.

  26. Silent, i remember that last season and was initially doubtful on Kampf at 3c. Watching them be the top line and at times dominant against opposition top lines, through pre season and to start season, after a few years of mediocre bottom 6 lines, see their value as defense keeps you in games.

    Also remember your argument to me then was how important that line was on the road because of inability to get preferred matchups, it would limit the opposing teams mismatches with Toews still being a strong shutdown C. I did agree with that at the time and still do.
    Eventually Kampfs lack of offense, injuries or as a line they hit a roadblock will dictate changes, but for now i prefer to see them give steadying influence to rest of the lines when opposing teams pushing back.

  27. Guess my point is if defense is solid, that can keep the ship right until offense picks it up, which it will. As we saw last couple of years, offense can’t carry the defense. Offense is there some games, not there others. A good solid defense can be there every night, as a rule and carry the offense until the big guns figure it out offensively.

  28. Thanks for the responses. Will be interesting to see what is done, if anything.

    Again, with the changes made to the power play, I believe it has a better chance for success. And yes, I agree that will make a difference in winning some low scoring games.

    The direction of the NHL play is not in a more conservative/low scoring approach. The game is getting faster and built more toward a scoring environment. Hopefully we don’t sit around and hope that our offense will get going. It won’t take long to find ourselves out of the race this year.

    But I do agree that panicking won’t help either.

  29. I had deep concerns a week ago and since then we have improved our play significantly, albeit without much to show for it. I agree that tweaks need to be made to the top two lines but we had several grade A chances last night. If not for Fleury we should have had at least 3 goals. My suggestion for a tweak is to put Kane back on the top line with 19 and either 65 or 77. To me the 3rd line then becomes the new 2nd line and the new 3rd line would be 17, 12 and 65 or 77. I also think Lehner should get 2 of the 3 games this weekend – he looks very big and confident in the net, it’s a shame he didn’t get a shutout last nite. He was in position and got a piece of the shot.

  30. The Hawks missed Murphy on the 6 on 5 at the end and had to resort to Seabs which ended predictably – I was praying for a stoppage in play so they could get de Haan out there instead

    No issue with the compete but I’m also questioning the top 6 and the TOI for Dach and Strome which are just way too low – Dach had more going on in his 2nd game than his first and yet gets less TOI by 5 minutes and Strome under 10 minutes is not right

    Toews’ best shift was when 88 was put up with him and 12 – no surprise so continue that

    The top 9 are clearly 19, 88, 20, 77, 92, 8, 12, 17 and 65

    Make 3 lines out of those players with 19-88 together, 12-17 together and Kampf on the 4th line with 22 and 91

    If you want to keep Dach at centre then


    DCat with Toews doesn’t work and Strome on the wing doesn’t work and Nylander is playing himself into the top 9 – fix it already!

    The more I see of Gus the less I like him and I already didn’t like him much at all – can’t wait for the Boq train to arrive!

  31. Silent, we are 8 games on and the Toews line has had 92, 88 as wingers then 91,88, then 12, 91 and 12, 65 to 12, 92 . The Strome line has had wingers 12, 65 then 65, 88 now 17, 88 with 77 in middle. I would prefer he stay with combos like Ms suggested for a few games and less blender trying to make it happen. Hopefully the changes on pp help, Kane seems to work better on pp when he has a someone new to surprise opponents, Strome, Gus last year, Debrincat and Panarin in recent years. So hope he makes 92 a goal scorer.

    Wrap Colliton broke up 20, 64 , 8 one game and cost the team a loss, you can read the write ups and posts of how it worked, wasn’t pretty.

  32. Hull love your posts but you are way off on Perlini the guy just can’t bring it all the time. As far as who plays with Toews, he should make anyone he plays with better. Toews needs to find his game from last year because it’s not here now.

  33. The bottom 2 lines have been together, pretty much since training camp. Coach C had 88 & 19 with a revolving door wing. Last year it was 91. It worked well. Last year, 12-17-11 was a high energy line. This year? Coach C has carved up that whole line and Perlini can’t even sniff the damn ice. I really like Saad on that 3rd line. There’s zero pressure on him to be more than what he is capable of doing. He’s thriving on that 3rd line. Kampf could and SHOULD be replaced by Dach. 20-77-8 would be a dangerous and responsible line. Kampf could take that 4C spot. 22 is probably a better 4C but, he’s also a PK warrior.
    Coach C seems like he’s flailing with the top 6. He scrambled the lines and now they’re not producing at all. That’s just foolishness. Admit you made a mistake and get the top 2 lines back in order…and actually give Perlini time on that 2nd line. When he flourishes, great. When he flounders, he can sit for a few. But, he’s not even being given a shot.

  34. I am not a big fan of constant change in linemates, and I think chemistry is best obtained through consistent lines in practice and games. Having said that, the love for the previous coach of this team abounded to some here to the highest levels ever in my following of sports. He was known for………. his line blender. It more frequently than not did not get results. He broke it out constantly, much to my dismay, and sometimes to the player’s dismay (I remember Hossa throwing the idea of the line blender under the bus in newsprint). If it led him to be a hall of fame coach, it can’t be the worst tactic in the world.

    Until the players don’t respond, or maybe until we have a team with a lot less talent, incapable of making a coach look like a hall of famer.

    I am a Saad fan – make no mistake. And proud of it. I love the dedication to defensive effort while being an offensive player. He tirelessly works to slow down the other team. He is frequently first off on a line change to allow Kane (when playing right wing) onto the ice. Not the most talented with his offense. Needs softer hands and better ability to finish (pretty much the same thing in his case). He leads by example. Hossa was underappreciated for the same conduct, but obviously had better offensive skills. I hoped and thought Saad would have a break-out year with his offense this year, but he may not be in a position to have that happen. The Hawks need scoring at a higher rate than they are getting. I just don’t see it happening with the top 6 they have right now.

    Coaches are judged on results. Except for Barry Trotz, not many coaches get let go after winning a championship. JC is already being judged here, and not in a positive way. I remain in his camp. I think the line juggling is his way to find out who meshes the way he wants. Joki didn’t fit his mold. Perlini appears to be in the same boat.

    I don’t see the changes stopping until the team gets consistent, and that may not happen until the changes stop. Funny how that works.

  35. Looks like the plan is going to be, keep Dach on Hl roster for the year, use ltir when callups needed this year and run with $44,500 cap space left after performance bonuses addressed when everybody healthy. Trading a forward off nhl roster a poss8bility too, Perlini obvious choice.

  36. Ian Silent, before I read the posts since the ones you mention this. It was when 64 was out, and 91 for some part of that to, when we didnt do good in the 2nd 40 games. it was the first time we didnt have enough of the checking line we did for the most part of games 30-82, with not having any depth. We have the depth now.

    People say we wernt good in 72-82 but really we had to go like 17-2 to make it, after going like 15-5 before that. Good teams go 17-2 for a stretch BOS did, but no one is doing that for games 63-82, when they Have to.

    43 25-9

    I think we went something liek 13-7, then a good 12-2, but then 5-5. You just cant go 17-2 you have to right at the games 62-82. You can when your rolling and its like somewhere between games 10-70.

  37. Ian – I hear you about 20-64-8 and I agreed when they were broken up in that game that they should have been kept together and remain together in the next games but times are different now

    No matter how good they might be the Hawks are going nowhere if Kampf’s line is their best line

    Kampf has more shots on goal than Toews and Saad is playing great – do you think Kampf is benefiting from having Saad on his wing? – answer – yes

    So maybe in order to create more scoring from the top 6 and Toews in particular Saad needs to move up to bring some of his mojo to Toews

    I think we all agree this version of Toews we’ve been seeing isn’t getting the Hawks into the playoffs

  38. Re: Dach – I think you nailed it Ian

    My guess Dach is here to stay but for goodness sake give him more than 8 minutes TOI

  39. Exactly Craig! Dcat Strome Perlini down the stretch had chemistry. I am not Perlini’s agent but since when does a guy drafted in the 6th or 7th round like Kubalik, never ploayed an NHL game, has one goal prerseason game against a weak lineup, deserve more ice time than Perlini. This coach’s style is alson very Swedish like defensive which is not the Hawks (Kane) identity. Pet Kampf does absolutely nothing to help Saad score goals and neither does Kubalik, Time to change these lines befoe we fall back out of the playoffs by November! JC did it last year by trying reinvent hockey! After career season by Kane and Toews, coach decides to plsit them up? I thought our genius GM got some depth at forward! Well, not freally because he got players who have never really made it in the NHL. Nylander, Kubalik, Saarela, Quenneville…etc…Woukd have rather traded for proven NHLer who can score like James Neal!
    20 19 88
    12 17 11
    65 77 92
    64(15) 22 8 (92)
    Shaw on a CUP team is a GREAT 4TH LINE PLAYER! Let’s remember that JC.
    By the way, did we need Zach Smith, who will be o waivers by 2020!

  40. There is no banter here, just an opinion and commone sense. Every NHL team that is a playoff contender has their best 2 players playing together! Look who is the number one line (at #2 as well) in Colorado, Florida, Edmonton, San Jose, Preds, Boston, Leafs, Washington, Pens, Jets, Flyers, Vegas, etc… So what does JC do? He puts Toews with two smallish forwards Dcat, Shaw or Cagg??? Need to get Kane and Teows going not Kubalik and Kampf, nobody cares about those two players, or Cagg.

  41. MS, the thought to have 3 pairs of FW lines, was once 77 is ready. Well here he is and he looks fine to stay 82 games.

    Ian, I would do that for now. Keep what works the same and arrange the top 6 better, it cant work any worse.

    77 19 88
    12 17 92/65
    20 64 8
    91 22

    Then tweak from there as we get more guys that work together. Its really a no brainer.

  42. To me it was see what games 6-10 are, not first 5 games which are always getting up to speed. With the stupid sch, I was going to go with games 10-20 to see how team is this yr.

    It is basically that, first 5 we wernt good and now getting up to speed. 10-20 is going to be how the team is.

    Record not what it should be, but we have played good since first 2 games, that did not have 44 and 5.

    0-2 sucked
    2-0-1 played decent to good
    0-1-1 played better then the 2-0-1 games

    Looks like once we got after first 5 games, up to speed, and a more normal sch, which is still not right.

    Think were going to do really good games 10-20 for a stretch in there and put ourselves in a better situation then, 6-2-2 & 3-16, the 9-18 start we had last yr.

    Even a 10-10 start we are still there, with 62 games to put up a number like 35-20-7. That would have it there.

  43. Were not keeping 3rd line then I think this for now.

    20 19 8
    12 17 88
    77 65 92
    91 64 22

    Tweak from there with whos going good.

  44. As Craig menti9ned groin injuries caan take awhile, but the ltir move done right away was a capspace move. Usually ltir is done after spending time on ir and not rushed.
    The only other options available to callup a dman were to send Dach back to juniors, or Nylander or Kubalik to Rfd or waive somebody pn Nhl roster. With only $44,500 cap room available after performance bonuses cpubted in daily hit, even waiving Perlini would have come up short of space needed to recall Gilbert or say a Wedin when Murphy back. 874,500+ 44,500 is only $919,000 roughly of the needed $925,000. So appears the decision to keep Dach may havr been made.

  45. Hopefully we can compete against a rather poor quality Philadelphia team.

    Hopefully we don’t sink to their level.

    I’m hopeful today. Hopefully.

  46. Know that we know that, just arrange the top 6 better. Like Silent said it cant be anyworse and even though you want to keep lines the same for awhile, they need to work first somewhat, then do that.

    65/77 19 88
    12 17 65/77
    20 64 8
    92 22 91

  47. Blessing in disguise with 5 hurt, 2 and 44 could be very good top pair even thought not left right.

    Funny when we were making pairs with top 9, 20 19 77 88 12 17, this is here now 77 88.

  48. When doing the top 6 when its a mess like this. Sometimes going back to wait did not work before might work now later.

  49. Mo see 88 working well with 17 and 77. Strome likes to set up just outside crease area and Dach goes right to greasy areas. Kane with a new secret weapon becomes dangerous and makes linemates scorers, look forward to them lighting it up.
    Nylanders 5 mins on 1st pp last game threw ice times off normal. May be time to split 19 and 88 on pp units too to try and spark them.
    Then get pp and Kane line going and look at a 20 19 reunion maybe on a pp unit first.

  50. Good ideas, I like having 20 19 and 19 88 together and apart on PP then they can create stuff and keep the 4 lines the same, per say. Good way to do that.

    77 88 thing is the thing that we need to have 19 88 on different lines again. Like you 17 77 88 can work good based on style. I just do not like 12 19 on the line for whatever they do not unless the 3rd is the missing ingredient.

    Seems like Collitan does the stuff people say here and other site, just takes a bit longer to pull the trigger, then he does though. People say stay the same lines for time and adjust this is a mess. Its timing and I like how Q went with bad things and made them good. For example the pizza line, 23 91 88, those guys sucked for a game with lots of giveaways and where put on the line together as punnishedment and whala thay became a really good line, that also allowed us to spread the better players over 3 lines which had 10 80 86 on 3rd because of Steeger and Richy working well on 2nd.

    Lets get deep baybaaaay!

  51. PP so bad just split squad it instead of doing what should make sense loading up. Split squad going to see 2nd unit for part of PP, that squad gets more good shots.

    The thing with the PP is other yrs we wernt good to but we always got good or really good shots on maybe half the PP. Now we get what. Split squad it and see if that outside the box brings really good shots.

  52. Mo if 17, 77, and 88 start clicking then to me be the time to move 20 up with 19 and 12 to try and spark them. You could put 65 or 92 down the lineup in Saads spot, whichever one works better, or maybe Kampf then on 4th, put them there with 91 and 22.
    15 and 11 give lots of options if injuries happen.

  53. Mo could see lines at some point of top 6

    20 19 12
    17 77 88 if fos issue Colliton has put 22 on to take fo and head to bench.

    Then a bottom 6 of
    8 64 65
    91 22 92

    Still have your matchup lones. Not disruptive to whats working too much, 65 a good swap for 20 there.

    If 2 and 44 click as top pair and one of Gilbert or Koekkoek work good with Gus on 3rd pair, could be a decent roster pretty quick.

  54. Could have a 8, 65, 92 3rd line if that’s what is wanted, should give a bit of offense, not sure Shaw at 3C is something we’ll see as he has been strictly winger so far.

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