Blackhawks Waste Darling Effort, Lose In OT

The Blackhawks and Flames made a significant contribution to finding a cure for insomnia on Friday night.

Two goals were scored in regulation – one by each team – and they came 1:54 apart late in the first period. In the final 40 minutes of regulation, Chicago was credited with only 11 shots on net. The Blackhawks, officially, put three shots on net in the third period.

If not for Scott Darling, the Hawks easily could have lost the game in regulation.

Artem Anisimov scored his eighth of the season on the power play to tie the game at 16:59 into the first. He has now scored more goals this season in 20 games than he did in 52 last year.

With the second assist on Anisimov’s goal, Patrick Kane established a new career benchmark with a point in his 15th straight game.

But that was it for the Blackhawks offense.

Thankfully, Darling slammed the door on Calgary the rest of the way in regulation to keep his team alive and earn at least one point in the standings.

Chicago’s netminder made 18 saves in the final 40 minutes of regulation and faced six more in the overtime, one of which unfortunately got past him to win the game. Johnny Gaudreau found the back of the net to win the game for the Flames.

Darling faced 37 shots on the night and deserved a better fate, but Karri Ramo faced only 19 in nearly 62 minutes of hockey.

There weren’t many bright spots keeping eyes open in Chicago. Tanner Kero had another nice game, leading the Hawks with two takeaways in 14:50. He was also credited with one hit and one blocked shot and, even with Andrew Desjardins back in the lineup, remained a primary penalty killer. Chicago successfully killed all three Calgary power plays on the night.

The Blackhawks were credited with five hits in the game. As a team. Five.

Brent Seabrook, who Gaudreau beat to score the game-winner in overtime, led the Hawks with five blocked shots. He also led the Hawks in ice time, skating 26:40 in the loss. Duncan Keith blocked two shots in 26:23.

Trevor Daley skated only 12:09 and registered nothing in the box score. Michal Rozsival, who skated 12:35, blocked two shots and had one hit on the night.

Brandon Mashinter skated exactly nine minutes and did nothing. There’s a reason he’s still in Chicago, but whatever that is has been invisible on the ice since he was recalled from Rockford.

Teuvo Teravainen, who left the last game with an upper-body injury, remains day-to-day. Marko Dano was held out of the lineup because of an illness.

The Hawks will fly to Vancouver tonight to face the Canucks on Saturday night.

27 thoughts on “Blackhawks Waste Darling Effort, Lose In OT

  1. Good tie, overall they outplayed us and we got the tie being down in the game. This was the one Razor had crazy play. Van got us on a back to back, I think we do them this without getting the 2pts in this one.

  2. Lousy game. Team was flat and the majority of the team played poorly.

    Tab, I must have watched a different game than you. Darling did not play as well as your write up suggests. He wouldn’t have faced as many shots if he wasn’t coughing up so many rebounds. I thought it was one of his worst games as a Hawk.

    Hey, we got a point. We don’t have to wait to long for the next game.

    Go Hawks!!!

  3. Darling was good. Everyone else stunk to high heaven. The OT epitomized the game. No hustle. No sense of urgency. Fumbled pucks and bad passes. Darling with save after save until even he couldn’t overcome the stink that his teammates laid out there on the ice. The Hawks had 4 turnovers in the OT – FOUR!!!! It’s amazing it took the Flames as long as it did to get the game winning goal. Kane fumbling a pass that would have been a 3 on 1 instead of the 3 on 2 resulting in no shot on goal, which by the way was the primary theme of the night – no shots on goal. What was it – about half way through the 3rd period before they got the 1 of 4 shots on goal for the entire period. Panarin stunk tonight – fumbling the puck away about every other time he got it – including in OT. Seabrook was TERRIBLE all game long. If he wasn’t serving up pizzas he was missing on passes or not getting it out of the zone. How many times over the last 2 games did the Hawks have the puck within a few feet of the blue line with equal or a greater number of players digging for the puck than the opponent had and yet it must have been close to 90% of the time the Hawks couldn’t manage to clear the puck. Oh for a Hawk player that outweighs the opponent and is able to bulldoze the puck out of the zone. Nope – poke at it with their stick and watch the opponent keep the puck in the zone.

    OK – end of rant. I feel a little better. I don’t expect a win every game. But I expect an honest effort and that was about as far away from an honest effort as the team has made in some time.

  4. Oh, and allow me to rant just a bit more. I’ve commented before but it bears repeating – I;m sick and tired of all the lamenting about Toews and Hossa not having a steady LW to play with. Toews and Hossa are great player, both probably HOF’ers, it’s up to them to play better than they have. They’re the superstars. They should have been playing better than they have with anyone on their LW. That excuse should be put to bed. Hey Tazer, hey Hossa – stop playing patty cake out there and put the puck in the net. Your team needs you. Step it up.

  5. For the record, I was cooking food for 30min after to release and didn’t see the Q interview until now (Razor).

  6. Ya. pretty much a stinker, especially in OT…put Darling through the hoops thats for sure until he ran out of time and space..he did give up a lot of rebounds throughout the regulation time though. Sportsnet gave him 3rd star. Might be in the cards for anything Blackhawk because I had a real crappy day at work as well!. Hope Q gets the troops all together because I really want to beat the Canucks more than anyone else in the NHL, gotta beat ’em. Kaner: keep going with the points, rack ’em up, need a big day tomorrow.

  7. When 2-3 lines can’t generate offense as been the case since the season started? Tough to win games.

  8. Right on Morrison…Nesterenko those hosers in Vancouver…totally redeem yourselfs. Now Eric, he was a guy with some elbows eh!

  9. Hopefully they make a determined effort in Vancouver to make amends for the stink they laid tonight. Key word there being “effort”. I hope to not see the Sedins playing keep away with Rozsival and Daley on the ice. And please – no goals by Burrows. That might be more than I can bear.

  10. They stole a good point after a stinker. That’s good news.

    I also thought during the game that the bottom lines weren’t very aggressive with the hits and all that.
    I mean Garbutt, Mashinter, Desjardins, Tikhonov should use their body much more. Make some hits… not necessary to hurt the other team, but to get you going.

    The Flames were rolling 5 Dmen. There should have been 5 hits for any bottom pairs shift cycle. Wear them down… help the top 2 lines.

  11. Rockford recap …

    The Ice Hogs lost 2-1 in a shootout in Milwaukee. They were trailing 1-0 late in the game and Hartman scored on a wrap around with 3 minutes left to tie it. Visentin in goal for Rockford and it sounded like he had a very good game until the shootout when he got beat twice.

    More interesting was the Ice Hogs lineup. I can now better understand bringing in Josh Brittain LW on a tryout.McNeill & Vinnie HINObsession both out of the lineup and Chris De Sousa, who is normally a LW, played center. De Sousa by the way had another aggressive game, Mills commented how noticeable he is out there.

    On defense, it was Pokka, Schilling, Svedberg, Gotovets, Gustafsson, and Valleau. Those who did not play included Cumiskey, Kyle Baun, McNeill and Vinnie as mentioned, Dennis Robertson on defense, and Ryan Haggerty is still out. So they are a little banged up down there The other comment by Mills was how well Cameron Schilling skates, and my observation is yes, he moves pretty well and has good size. He would not be out of place as a depth call up if needed.

    They play at home on Sunday with the Stanley Cup in attendance and the game is sold out.

  12. Totally agree with ER’S rant. Seabrook played a lot of minutes but was awful. 72 gave the puck up last night more than he did the entire year. Both guys helped JH score the OT goal. Too many of our guys haven’t been able to finish. Add to that a total of just 19 shots last night. I did think 14, 65, and 67 brought some energy. Oh well, two mediocre efforts in a row but yet 3 points. Hopefully they’ll take it to the sisters tonight.

  13. Tab- thx for the 1st line… complete snoozer!!!

    ER- yes, 19/81 have to be better… BUT- my rant about LW or 3rd C is really about two things… Should SB add a D guy or scoring/forward??? (assuming they will be in position to make run/TDL)???

    2nd- paying $3.3M for 12 min. 5th/6th D… is that really affordable w/ Sved/Gust?
    AND lack of scoring thus far??? and 30% cap on 2 guys???

    Hoss- is getting old… 19 has a lot of miles and plays the toughest D… THEY need a little help!!!

  14. This season is approaching the quarter mark. And to date we have gotten virtually nothing offensively from Kruger, Des Jardins, Garbutt, Tik, Teuvo and even Shaw. I like Kero a great deal, but he is doubtful going to be an early offensive contributor. Dano is a developing wildcard. And…Hossa is clearly slowing down offensively. Which when you add all these ups it has also had a profound impact on the offensive contributions of Toews, because he just hasn’t been afforded to play with enough dynamic offensive contributors which has served to profoundly impact his generation in my view. Finally, we have a point man on defense in Daley that has been anemic and weak on both ends of the ice.

    I’ll say it again. The collection of forwards we have don’t all fit together.

  15. The team wasn’t sharp. They left Darling out to dry too many times and their timing was way off. They lost a lot of opportunities by being slow to pass or pull the trigger in the offensive zone. They were caught from behind too many times . Heavily out shot + heavily out hit = loss. I’m sure they’ll do better against the Canucks.

    I’d really like to see Kane and Panarin on the ice at the same time during 3 on 3 overtime. All that ice and all that skill. If only one of them were a center.

  16. Maybe the OT strategy is start with 19-81-2, win the draw and retain possession until 88-72-7 can jump over the boards, then score. Simple, pick up the extra point and move on. :)

  17. Darling really did keep them in it. They earn a “point” they are playing with little effort and still it’s a one goal game? Lots of talent here, the revised third line from my watch looked good, they held their own and could be a physical puck possession line, with more goal scoring than the 4th line. Other wise crap game, i think Can-nucks will play the same game and same results?

    Late night and lame game

    go hawks

  18. MtM- agree w/ What Nucks will bring…

    Last year- I thought Nucks really made Hawks look weak/anemic in meetings…

    Frustrated Hawks…

    Hawks need to shut down – the “Hawk Killer” – Jannik Hansen!!!

  19. Wall – I think stabilizing the D and figuring out their zone exits needs to be the priority. They’re only getting push from Keith and if he’s eating the hard minutes then that really limits his ability to generate things going forward.

  20. Also Toews needs to start producing. He’s been a passenger or carrying something. Not good.

    A player of his calibre ought to be able to impose his will with more authority and that just isn’t happening. LW or not they need more from him at the other end.

    Time to give kooga full reign with the Bolland role and get Toews out against some bums.

  21. great road game ,.,.hell when did losing a 1,.,.2 o.t. road game o.t. loss become a tragedy .
    Darling musta played his ass off ,.facing over 35 shots.

  22. Hawk Head – it was not a great game by the Hawks, road or otherwise. You can argue that picking up a point from a road game is OK, but the 2-1 score does not accurately portray how poorly the Hawks played. Luckily for the Hawks the opponent was the woebegone Flames and Darling stopped a lot of high quality scoring chances or the Hawks would never have gotten the game to OT.

  23. Tab………….fans tend to forget that Tazer has responsibilities way beyond scoring. He plays against the top center of the opposition every game. He has to win face offs and the puck position battles on every drop of the puck against every top opposition center, every game. He plays 200 feet of ice, every game.

    He plays against the oppositions 2 best defensemen all the time, every shift. He takes a beating like no other center in hockey because he is relentless in his pursuit of perfection. He has to drop the gloves with bigger players than himself because he is getting tired of the beatings that he has taken over the years.

    He plays hurt when most players will not dress. He pushes his team mates to be better than they need to be because he will not accept mediocrity. So after all of this, if the guy has a 10, 12 or 15 game scoring slump, cut him some slack, he does everything really well besides just score. Maybe we should be asking why isn’t Crosby or Backes on a scoring tear this year. To me, it doesn’t matter, Tazer has 3 Cup rings.

  24. Tab, my post was pointed directly at the Toews detractors, not you. You were just being your “sarcastic” self. We all know you’re a Tazer fan.

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