Blackhawks Waste Solid Effort From Crawford

The Blackhawks flew to Philly and had a lunchtime start and the only player who showed up on time was Corey Crawford.

Crawford stopped 21 of 24 and the Flyers added an empty net goal to make the final score 4-0. Brian Elliott picked up the shutout win.

Four Chicago forwards failed to put a shot on net. That group did not include Brandon Saad, who was scratched because of a shoulder injury, and Marcus Kruger, who was banged up in the Hawks’ last loss.

John Hayden and Andreas Martinsen were held to under ten minutes. Chris Kunitz saw some power play time. It didn’t help.

Jeremy Colliton has work to do, but the issues with the Blackhawks are clearly deeper than the man behind the bench. Until they start opening up ice time for younger players (read: Dylan Sikura) they will continue being disappointed by the performances of veterans they never needed to sign in the first place (read: Kunitz).

77 thoughts on “Blackhawks Waste Solid Effort From Crawford

  1. Quenneville was terrible at the helm and was rightly discharged. The new coach is equally at fault.

    Bowman loaded the roster for the coach, the talent and skill is overflowing. Its reminiscent of 2010 Cup roster. This isnt Bowman’s fault, he did a great job the last few years after the last Cup to sustain success.

    Just ask him.

    (Or his father, who likely told him privately something to the effect “Son, the team sucks. You aren’t any great shakes lately. Lets get rid of Quenneville because it will buy you time. It provides you cover for your misgivings”).

    Good day.

  2. aw, come on. manning had a good game. rutta’s the one who got beat on that play. nothing manning can do there. he has to go to the net to cover his guy.

    first period was closer to how we need to play. lots of chances and aggressive D. people actually winning battles. second period IDK WTF.

    we have too few players who beat checks or buy space. kane, toews, and kahun are best at it. schmaltz, hayden and kampf occasionally. that’s about it. not good enough. not even close.

    you know it’s bad when you’re slightly heartened that this loss was more competitive than previous losses.

    where was saad?

  3. Look at the goals, Keith bad turnover, as he said after he has got to be better. The already mentioned Manning goal. The turnover at Philly blueline and Kunitz’s inability to make any difference, plus an empty netter. None should have gone in.

    Agree with Edzo on pp, said before just play normal lines and never mind super combos. Let Kane play his fast paced game and ad lib where he is his best.

    Anybody else notice the drop off in production since AA moved to center on Kanes line. Don’t see how he makes Kane or anyone else for that matter effective at all just slows the pace on him. Still believe they put him there to try and some production from AA as doesn’t seem to want to play with anybody else.

  4. Basically, the Hawks are going to tank this year, get a first round pick and POSSIBLY trade a couple of players for maybe 3-4 more top 5 round draft picks. This is going to be a LONG season.

    I never thought that we would end up hoping to tank so we can draft higher picks. I never envisioned this situation after the run we had. This team looks lost, disinterested and just plain BAD.

  5. HAWKS were 6-2 when Schmaltz played centre with Kane and SAAD….Ever since the almost 5 million dollar man AA took over, we have not won a single game. Kane has slowed down. Kahun is an AHLer at best, Rutta another bust….Once again, I hope Wirtz wakes up and fires the Bowman’s and all their arrogant and sly entourage including the new coach. Hire Dean Lombardi or Doug Wilson next season!!! Get real hockey men to run the scouting department (amateur and Pro).
    I think the vets are throwing in the towel after COACH Q’s firing in the hope Wirtz wakes up and fires Bowman. But, I am not sure the owner knows anything about hockey either. This as everyone knows isn turning real ugly!

  6. The statement by Hawks executives that they expect this to be a playoff team is insulting to the fan base. Further it puts Colliton in an awful position. My view is let’s find out if Forsling, Sikura and Dahlstrom are NHL players. Worst case is that we end up with a top 5 pick (which may also be the case if we do nothing). I would also trade Keith if he can return a first plus a real prospect as I don’t see our issues being fixed by next year.

  7. Time for Rocky to put on his big boy pants. Bringing Barry (Red Wings) Smith and the firing of Q tells me that he is hoping, as before, that Scotty will right the ship and McD will continue with the publicity magic. No credit to Talon for contributing as the Bowmans re-write history. Rocky can stay hands-off and count coupons. Seems similar to GM Pulford and Bill Wirtz in days past.
    In the Cup years, the 3rd and 4th lines could carry the team when the big boys were recovering from the Olympics or taking the night off. Think Ladd, Buff,Brouwer, etc.
    This has not happened in the last three years; not enough talent.

  8. It’s getting quite clear-the start was a mirage and only served to fuel unrealistic expectations and make the chances of getting Hughes harder-too many holes.

    19 looked like himself for 2+ weeks-he was a difference maker again but perhaps that to was the exception, not the rule.

    When Keith makes mistakes the team really reduces it’s chances of winning.
    MS agree with your comment about insulting, or at least short-sighted. Optics

  9. the 2 in 12 days, then followed by 7 in 10 days, just hit us like it would/slow us down.
    We won or tied the first 8 of 10 games, with same roster, and can lose 8 of 10 (we just lost 6 of 7 games) just as easily.

    The roster is the same, it can be good or bad. Where just not deep/let quality deep.
    That’s fine, were transition/reloading.

    Have to see light/good players coming and sign good/higher end ufas and I think we will once were deep again. Until then who cares, stock the stock with high end picks. Its the best way to get better and we will benefit from a couple bad/records yrs.

    Rather add another top3 or 5 pick like Boqvist. Because once these guys are ready, like Buckaroo were going to be deep.
    Until then who cares, just enjoy the good 10 game spirts and forget these 10 games of bad/roster isint deep-makes the difference.

  10. Trade Crow at the deadline for high picks. Same with Keith. Desperate possible contenders will overpay.

  11. Time to gut the team and rebuild. But can we trust Bowman to make the needed trade deadline deals to cash in and start the rebuild, ala Hahn of Sox? Doubtful.

  12. Perhaps Rocky will call upon Hull65 to make all the personnel decisions, since Hull65 knows more than anyone else.

  13. Travis and Morrison met at me. Apparenlty most of the commenters here at this site are graduates of me. Fucking retards.

  14. Hull65 states a similar theme; however, if you filter out his emotions and repetitveness, he makes more sense than Bowman the last three years.

    In essence — and in fact — Bowman’s multiple transactions (not his drafting, he can spot young players) NHL level wise have torn down the team. I can’t recall one move that has worked out. He has been a one man wrecking crew.

    Maybe Bill Wirtz’s soul is haunting Rocky and infiltrated his mind. There is no way anyone with a semblance of hockey sense would agree with Bowman’s overview of the team and basis for firing Q.

  15. Iceman, agreed on all points. Bowman the main culprit in the demise. Q had his share of fuckups that aggravated things, but overall SB more to blame.

  16. Iceman…the new coach is equally at fault?

    No insinuation that he’s the next coming of Scotty Bowman but he’s been behind the bench for TWO games.

    Are you really serious? C’mon!

  17. Sadly, there is no need for all the angst after each loss. Water finds its level. And this exactly what the poorly constructed roster is. This roster is awful. Kane is playing 27 minutes a night because there truly is nobody else who might score a decisive or momentum changing goal.

    McDonoughS Achilles Heel is his faith in Stan Bowman. He should have moved Bowman to a business role within the organization on Tuesday when they fired Q.
    Instead listening to McDonough in his interview with David Kaplan this week, you would think that Stan Bowman is a genius. Stan’s trades and free agent signings have been flat out awful. The only saving grace is that Stan will have to save face now that there is nobody else to blame and Q is gone. He is going to do everything in his power to prop up Colliton. At least that’s what I hope.

  18. Mr Kimball, agree with the trading of Crawford and Keith. The idea when tanking is to get a top three pick. The Cubs did it and the White Sox are doing a good job of it now. I was called an idiot for wanting to trade D Cat at the beginning of year and package a big contract, like Seabrook’s, Remember gentlemen big and skilled (McDavid and Matthews) is better than small and skilled (D Cat). There is a reason D Cat was a second rounder.

  19. Some people should pay attention to the hof inductees and see an undersized undrafted Martin St. Louis and his multiple Art Ross and Hart trophies plus a Stanley Cup going into the hall. The reason Debrincat dropped to 2nd round because of his size but he has shown he can rise regardless. High end draft choice that the rest of the league missed.

  20. Playball-your right D-Cat is a chip-many teams would love to have him. In the right setting, especially the right five man unit on the power play he would thrive and perhaps get 40+ goals.
    Now think about this-why would a team starving for offence trade their. arguably most tradeable chip? And then start to look for a future 30 to 40 goal scorer? Makes no sense.

    He’s 20 years old.

  21. Yea, the best young players we have, are staying for a long time. Only if a better(maybe same) young player, that’s same age.

    A possible one would be 8 for Nylander, because of contract/caphits and be a hockey trade. The dream of trading some our best young players for draft picks, to maybe get a good young player in a yr/or2/or3. Spinkter says what.

  22. The anatomy of a dynasty in the NHL is that there is no dynasty. Out are the Kings, Hawks and soon the Pens. In are the Preds and Lightning. You could argue that the Lightning have been the most consistent in the Cap Era.

    I say rebuild. Don’t try to trade our way to the playoffs. All trades should look 2 to 3 years out. Let the kids play!!!!!

  23. Amen Halktalk-the team is floundering
    -it must drive Coach Q nuts that he went and Bowman didn’t join him. But I still think Q and the team needed the change and now if he wants he gets to pick a great spot.

  24. Noonan96, your comment on trading a 30 to 40 a year goal scorer for another makes sense. But the jury is still out on whether he can do it every year. By the way, 40 goals for him is out of the question. Look at his skill set. Instinctive player with good hands. Not explosive speed or quickness and cannot create his own chances like Kane or even Panerin.

  25. The second half of last year and now this year is the pain that the club has to go through until it hits rock bottom, cleans house, resets and can head back in the right direction. Counting games in hand, only the Kings have a worse record and we are fast closing in on them. And if you consider that this is with CC playing well it suggests the team in front of him is even worse than last year.

    Rocky has to be doing a (maybe not so) slow burn – I mean he is a Wirtz and there is money involved. The coaching change was a farce. As (I believe MS) posted, the playoff team comment was insulting. A lot more seats than bums these days.

    This is actually the best thing that could happen, because it is laying bare the truth (although I am sure there are still a few Stan moonies in denial).

  26. Sure, though not sure it could have got any worse then the last 50 games last yr and not having Crow or know for sure how he was (now we knows he fine, hopefully until hes played plenty of yrs). Plus these last 10 games and whatever ones will be like these/last 10 the rest of these 82. I think weve seen the worst and were past it. Theres just aftershocks and growing pains until were deep again.

    Thing is we came from the 7th dynasty team in hockey. That’s a elevation difference as ever.

    Like you said, take a step back/the father the better, to take two stpes forward. We got a (really top 3/age wise) top pick last yr an maybe if we tank/or play like these last 10 for half of the 82 games we might have a chance at another top 3 pick.

    I got a bad feeling (in terms of getting a top 3 pick) that the team will have hot and cold streak, just like the forst 10 and these second 10 games (even with not depth roster), to keep us away from that high a pick/even though that’s whats best for reloading.
    Were close to last (base on what you said) with 1 win/or tie in 7 games, we wont be in that spot when we win 5. Up and down, maybe hit a down games 70-80 has us where you said when it matters the most.
    PLaying in hardest division, helps us get higher pick/and get better competition.

    I think we see more/much more big difference starting next season when more of the really good players we have are ready and playing.
    Good day.

  27. Playball you might be right and I meant that only in the extreme right circumstance-(think playing with Kane and Seguin or Tavares/ Bergeron and an above average quarterback on the power play) Not too many guys have any potential to score 40 anymore-he could.

    The other above average skill he has is his vision and pass game but he needs the right guys in the mix-he is a shoot first guy with better than average touch.

  28. Not many in league score 40 anymore, unless its East conference (which is like a pac 10 defense).

    If Debrincat is anywhere near 40 goals in his prime of his prime yrs, like Sharpy did that’s cool and just what we need. A guy who can do what Sharpy did for 10 yrs.

  29. With Stone and Duchene in Ottawa, Eberle, Lee and Nelson not all going to be resigned by Isles of Panarin and Skinner as potential fas. There should be lots of options there for how much they want to spend. Nylander be a high price but still a possibility. Entwistle, Kurashev and Soderlund good candidates for roster upgrades next season. Not sure if any other young forwards be ready next year.
    A high draft choice this year could maybe be a nhl ready or quite soon but that remains to be seen. Debrincat and Kane going forward as your sure pieces to build around, Toews for now but will be reduced over next 3 or 4 of years. Saad ,Schmaltz, Sikura and Kahun hoped to be top 6 or top 9 candidates, so it will get better.

  30. Kimball…….100% agree……….trade Crow to a team like Winnipeg and get some high draft picks or solid, young players. Trade Keith to another contender and get whatever you can that can help in the coming years. Find a solid NHL goalie and get go get him.

    MOST of these players will not be here when the Hawks are contenders, again. Clean house and tank and get some high draft picks.

    This reminds me of the Cubs back in 2012. They fired their manager and hired a really good communicator who could “buffalo” his way through all the losses with bullshit. Then, when it LOOKED like they were trying to win(they really weren’t) the players all bought into the system. Then when all their trades and draft picks started to produce at the minor league level, they hired a playoff tested manager and became contenders. The White Sox are doing the same thing with the same manager, believe it or not.

    As a fan, please don’t fire a HOF coach and tell me a bunch of lies. Give it to me straight and let’s move forward.

  31. Of course Stan and McD are going to say in public that they expect to make the playoffs – why would they say we don’t expect to make the playoffs and are trying to lose

    Who’s is going to but tickets with that pitch

    It’s what every underachieving team does and it’s what most of us expect them to say – no surprise but behind closed doors I’m sure the conversation is much more realistic

  32. Ian, you know were adding one or two of those kind of players. With the really good players we already have coming, its going to sky rocket up fast when it does. So I guess make the wave stronger, we ll get rewarded in the end better that way.

  33. During the game when one of the Power Plays came about, Eddie O looked at the lineup and said that Kunitz had to be parked in front of the net. If he wasn’t, he had no business on the ice. Of course then I watched Kunitz during the entire PP. Kunitz was never anywhere near the front of the net.

    I agree we need to give the new guy some rope (no jokes about hanging here, please), but he says that the problems are easily corrected. That’s a (I’m assuming unintentional) slap in the face to the previous coaching staff. The problems are real. But I don’t see personnel changes soon. Colliton said on TV that Sikura et al need to be down in Rockford right now to gain confidence before coming into the NHL.

    So, John McD, this is a playoff team, and you expect this current coach to take them to the playoffs? It’s plenty early, but the results are plenty not good.

  34. It’s pretty obvious this years team is not a strong roster, but i think the foundation is good. The potential to add through draft and fas/trades when time is right, can be done. Keeping rfas that are potential stars is not an issue anymore. I hear people complaining about who was signed but ones like Neal, JVR etc. called for longer terms and more cap issues, tha.t really don’t make sense this year Hopeully Colliton is the right guy to get the most out of the younger players now and coming. Q ,as much as i don’t like how this went down, probably wasn’t real interested in a rebuild anyways. This could bounce back pretty quick after this season.
    Recliner agree goaltending has alot of unanswered questions. Have to wait and see what Nalimov and after him Gravel bring. Crawford looks like he can play a while yet. May have to resort to a trade or fa signing to fill the void at some point.

  35. Ian yes what I meant was it’s probably a bad idea to trade Crow unless the return is unbelievable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a proven player is almost always better than a hot prospect or a draft pick. Proven > Potential everytime. Especially…..especially in net.

    hell I think Seabrook is having a good year; shame it’s going to waste.
    Same with Toews and Kane. keith has been okay; maybe I’m wrong but I feel he can step it up when he wants to. The Joker has done well with him.

    Absolutely crazy to me people are suggesting packing Seabrook with picks, prospects, Dcat to move him. He’s doing fine and without looking I’m sure he’s better than a healthy chunk of defenseman in the league. Not to mention much better than the other defenseman on the team. see Rutta, Giveawaymaching-oh uh I mean Gus, Forsling who is rehabing in the minors, and who’s that other guy who is injured? I seriously can’t even remember his name; the guy we lost Hammer for.

    Anyway everyone seems to be talking about who is going to get traded but really maybe the bigger issue is who is going to request a trade, if anyone.

  36. Recliner agree on keeping Crawford, i would be more inclined to see if Ward waive his nmc at the deadline, if he keeps playing well. Maybe find a team struggling in goal a bit, wanting a backup playing well for stretch run and playoffs might overpay for him.

  37. What’s the point of trading Ward? What are you going to get for him that advances the needed rebuild? Nothing much.

    Trading Crawford, though, can likely net you some decent picks and or prospects, which DOES advance the rebuild.

    It’s all in or waste away into mediocrity. Why not do it right?

  38. Recliner said “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a proven player is almost always better than a hot prospect or a draft pick. Proven > Potential everytime.”

    Sure, but circumstances matter. Crow has a few good years left but will be in decline (or, with one more headshot, retired) by the time the rebuild bears fruit.

    We need to gut the team now. Recall how the Cowboys emerged when they got all those picks for Herschel Walker. A crazy unbalanced trade, yes, but it displays the concept.

    Crow and Keith are our best trade chips for doing a rebuild the right way. Gut and reload.

  39. I with you guys on not trading Crow, Dunks would be better since we have a lot of Defensemen on the way. If we were going to at all. Maybe trade Crow at deadline on contract yr, with a hand shake to come back july 1, so we can add a good pick.

  40. Theres not really much to, if you gut like that. Really only guys like 2, 15, 20.
    Lets face it these other players that people bitch about arnt staying midterm wise anyways. Like Ian, a lot of the pieces are already here/developing.
    I f we traded Crow, it could take 3 yrs before were good. I am looking at next yr were good/not deep, then get deeper each yr with drafts coming in when ready.

  41. Morrison, that’ll be too late. Trade him (if he agrees) while he still has high value. Like the Sox did with Sale. Hes damn good and a team on the cusp will pay out for him. We are about to go down the drain, so having a good goalie means nothing in the grander scheme of things. If Theo Epstein was running the Hawks he’d dump Cro and Keith st the deadline to reboot.

  42. I guess it depends on how quick you feel this can turn around. I believe there is potential in the next year or two. Keith and Crawford can be valuable pieces yet of a very good team. Roles may change, playing time reduced as with Toews. With the rest of skilled young defence that started with Jokiharju coming. Forwards on the roster, combined with acquisitions fa or trades plus a draft next summer thats big on forwards especially centers and possibility of some good forwards developing in the system. This could be a very good forward group by next season quite easily. Restarting a reload thats already happening makes little sense, when what they can still contribute is likely alot greater. Look around at teams like the Oilers etc. on perpetual rebuild and nothing to show for it in last 30 years. The so called right way has alot of wrong turns.

  43. It would be better for more/better return. I say Crows got 5 yrs (if not until 40) so were good in 1 or 2 yrs, then we have him for yrs 3/4/and5. That’s what I would want. Now if Crow wanted to help, knowing where we are roster wise and where were going in 1-2 yrs, he could sign again as ufa for lower caphit and we get to keep good return. Like that other guy said, there might not be a top 5 or even 10 goalie available in next 5yrs. Then were screwed. Crow needs to come back as ufa or another top 5-10 goalie has to be available or we shoot our own foot.

  44. Ian we have one of the weakest rosters in the league right now. I do not see a quick turnaround to true competetiveness. Can we get better in the next two years and have 19 and 88 still productive? Sure. But will we be on a true vector toward prolonged and deep playoff runs? Doubtful.

    We as fans and perhaps ownership have become myopic. If a prospect at Rockford looks halfway decent we upgrade in our minds and think we truly have another building block. But who has been that so far? Is schmaltz a legit top 3 or 6? Time will tell but so far….? We hear about Entwistle, he’s the next legit guy coming up, but is he?

    People rave about these guys in the system but they’re mostly bottom sixers so far. Who has broken through?

    The pipeline, at least for forwards, is barren for the most part. Defense coming up looks promising, yes. But overall there isn’t enough coming up or enough to justify hanging on to players who are more valuable as cash-ins for picks and prospects

  45. Morrison, crow’s career can end tomorrow night. His health is a wildcard. You cannot bank on his future. Hes most valuable right now and a trade chip who nets us some future.

    The run is over and the window is closed. Reality. We must sell off while we still have saleable assets.

  46. NHL teams have been reluctant to do a full tear down like some teams in other sports perhaps because NHL teams are more dependent on the revenue from attendance and playoff dates not having the big TV contracts of other the 3 big team sports

    So while selling CC and Keith may be good in the long term, for economic reasons I doubt it happens as least with both – maybe one of them

    Teams can turn around quickly and it’s not unrealistic to believe that Toews and Kane could still be here for another Cup albeit down the road a few years

    The Hawks will have $ to spend next summer perhaps enough for a top 6 and a top 4 (depending if they can move someone like AA or perhaps Murphy to get more cap space) and the young D men will be starting to come, maybe a FW prospect or two breaks through, other players are a year older, JC is a year on the job

    The window is closed right now but it could open again before 19 and 88 are too old

  47. “it’s not unrealistic to believe that Toews and Kane could still be here for another Cup albeit down the road a few years.”

    Could they be around when we get better? Likely.

    Could they be around when we challenge for another cup? Unlikely.

    As we have seen from our own cup runs, you need a stacked roster to get to the promised land. Depth. Four solid lines. At least two very strong d pairs. We have too many holes and very little deph right now. I just don’t see it happening soon.

    By trying the “we can get good quick with some signings” route you run the risk of prolonged mediocrity. It’s what the White Sox tried for years and it failed. The Cubs, though, tore it down and it worked.

    Go big. Average is average.

  48. As mentioned above–
    Our thinking has been so spoiled by the great stretch and the 3 Cups-winning is hard with this many teams, winning the Cup is near impossible as many really good teams will attest. Reality is setting in-

    I get that it’s hard to look past Toews, Kane, Keith and Crow, let alone the financial realities –but that is what this franchise is facing–Do you put all the energy into getting better, perhaps getting into the playoffs, surrounding the older core or focusing on the 19 to 24 year old players and soon to be draft picks?
    Perhaps one or more, IF possible, need to be traded. Is this team really close enough as constructed?

  49. Why not turn it around quick. Crawford can still be elite next year, Kane could blow out his acl on any rush too.
    If Nalimov isn’t the backup find somebody.
    Keith snd Jokiharju will be a solid top pair , with guys like Boqvist, Mitchell, Beaudin, plus still high on Forsling and Carlson impressing. Seabrook abd Murphy to pair up with a couple of them on bottom 2 pairs and ease them in, defense will be much deeper will actually improve alot as year goes on. Move Gus at deadline and get a pick.

    I think there is alot of potential in the forwards, but wouldn’t be against say Saad 6m, AA 4.55m and Schmaltz who was thought to be extending for 5.5m area looks less now, if they moved them at deadline for picks and prospects and add the 5m roughly available for a fa next year and used that 20 or 21m and pursued Panarin and Duchene if there was a chance of signing them to play with Kane. If they get a high pick that might be able to walk in and play with Toews and Debrincat for top 6.
    Third line would Kahun, Sikura, Ejdsell playing well lately on Sikura line maybe something there. Entwistle i believe makes the team, mayve Schmaltz signs for low enough hit to retain him. Fourth line players seem to be available or bring some bottom 6, back in return of trades. Why not next year.

  50. ACT I: Blackhawks fire Q and hire Colliton.
    ACT II: On Thanksgiving Rocky realizes that Bowman is a real turkey. Fires him on Black(hawks) Friday.
    ACT III: Q rehired and Collition sent back to coach Rockford.
    ACT IV: A quality GM is hired with a proven record of drafting, trading, signing, scouting, and managing the cap.

  51. Original 6-Act 111-would never happen. Q isn’t Billy Martin. Too classy and proud.

    It will be an interesting year of decisions.

  52. It looks like I picked a good game to miss this past Saturday… I am curious to see what Colliton will change schematically and how the players perform under the new scheme. I am not sure how long it will take this group to implement the changes that Colliton wants to make, but I imagine there will be some awful games during the transition.

    I have no illusion that this roster is a playoff roster, at best with a good PP and PK, this team was a bubble team that was waiting for some offense reinforcements coming from Rockford. If Colliton can do one thing this year, I hope it is make the PP effective. That would be a win. An year that started off very interesting and entertaining has turned sour. I really hope that the Hawks can get over the loss of Q and start working again, because if this team doesn’t work hard, it’s horrible to watch.

  53. Ian, that’s why I would Dunks not Crow. I like keeping both, though it does bring more back. What I believe is were good nrxt yr/not deep, good. Then every yr after we get deeper and better. That’s why I keep Crow.

  54. Mo its just whats the goal here, if its rewin as McDonough said i see an opportunity to go for it. If its a rebuild then Mr. K’s ideas be in order. If they want to develop their good young players in system and feel them with core will get it done in a couple of years, then fine, thats there choice but hard to figure whats up.

  55. Schmaltz- I remember when Tab and I would argue about is worth/next contract…

    we were arguing about $5-6M/yr…

    his play so far this year– lucky he gets in the mid $3M’s

    really has fallen back-imo

    SB/Mc-Douche– who are u guys kidding??? Playoff team??? really a Joke…
    last game was Awful/hard to watch… sadly- Hogs- not much there either…

    better/best prospects are in Jr’s!!!

  56. Wall if its win now, look at it
    Dcat Toews no.1 pick comp. forward
    Panarin Duchene Kane love it
    Kahun Schmaltz Sikura mid 6 talent
    Soderlund Entwistle Fortin because

    Keith Jokiharju keep it going
    Murphy Boqvist only get better
    Beaudin Seabrook solid
    Mitchell and Carlson on speed dial
    Hayden, Johnson, Manning round it out.

    Allow 19m for Panarin & Duchene, plus 6m for Shmaltz and Sikura and come in around 81 m cap hit. Should fit easily and leave room to accrue deadline space for rentals if wanted. Just saying the opportunity is there if win now with the core is the priority.

  57. Tonight for me will say a lot about this team. It is time to rebound and play 60 minutes. Time to tighten up the defensive end and look like an NHL team instead of a beer league team. I hold no misconceptions about this team’s future in the standings this year, but it is about time we look like we care.

    It seemed from the very beginning of camp that this year it was going to be balls-to-the-wall offensive aggressiveness. Forwards were leaving the zone quickly and the puck wasn’t even secured yet by the d-men. D-men frequently joining the rush and leaving at times nobody near our offensive zone to defend if we lost possession. It got better – a little. Colliton’s first game looked very similar and the second a little better. But the defensive side of our play has been horrible, as most here seem to agree. Can we actually count the amount of odd man opportunities we give up each game?

    One thing I don’t like is putting Jokiharju out on an island so many times a game. He now seems to be hitting the wall and needs some help back there or we are going to have him lose confidence and regress. We simply can’t afford that. He is taking more penalties, especially in the past week. Not all are his fault – bad pass to him from a bailing player behind the net left him no choice but to take a player down. We need to protect this kid. I don’t know how strong he is mentally, but his skill set seems to be high and this team needs him to continue to grow, not get exposed to situations repeatedly he isn’t ready to handle.

    I get that people look at Joki and Keith as our top pair, but Keith is always looking for offense first, and Joki is getting more and more exposed because of this. I would like for Keith to settle into a more defensive posture (agree, not his strong suit), or for the pairing to change. Keith can no longer recover with his legs to get back into a play. He has spent a lot of time DEEP in the offensive zone lately, and our forwards just don’t do a good job of covering the point for him (another thing that needs to be addressed). Too much pinching and not enough defense. Help the kid out!

    I like the idea of having some offense on each defense pairing. I don’t know what personnel change could be made to help Joki, but he has looked really vulnerable the last 3 games. Seabrook is about the only D-man on the team that can handle working with Gus, so Gus is not an option.

    The next month is crucial for Joki. Let’s hope for better results than last year with Ruutu and Forsling.

  58. This roster is a bubble team when we play as good as we are/with this exact roster, like the first 10 games. The last 10 games is sch. and us playing like shit and coach changes all making a difference. So like that guy said, when we donot try we look this shitty.

    Ian, I think we can do both/and not half assed. Keep going though, and along the line, keep trading/making the changes, if were not sky rocketing up enough then do it like that guy said. Kind of see as we go/and I donot mean this yrs 82 games, I mean as the young guys come in and we sign some of those good ufas.

  59. I like what JC has done with his roster shuffle putting 8-19-88 together on top line and pairing 2-7 again and I like his reasoning in the interview on BHTV

    I was watching some of Bruins game last night and mentioned to my son that I’d like to see the Hawks load up their first line like the Bruins do – 19 and 88 are the leaders amongst the forwards – put them together and go do it and hopefully the other lines pick up the momentum

    Same with 2-7 on the D end – the leaders (ie. the core should be put in positions to lead) and hopefully the rest follow

    JC also said by doing this the young guys can’t lean on the vets they have to take responsibility themselves and hopefully as JC said it speeds up their development

    I’m very interested to see how this new look plays out tonight

  60. O 6 H, my vision on what could happen. Hawks just play out the season. Miss the playoffs. Trades made at deadline come back to haunt us somehow. Rocky realizes his mistake. Q comes back as Pres/GM of hockey operations. Coaches are Savy, Cheli and JR.

  61. I thought Schmaltz looked much better last game playing wing. He certainly seemed to think SHOOT more. Will be interesting. Did you catch other lines and pairings?

    Thanks for info.

  62. I wish Eddie O would have given his two cents worth about the power play
    a couple of years ago. It’s not like it just got bad a couple of games ago.

  63. Silent spot – According to Powers but based on the interview they seemed correct with the exception that if Saad plays tonight I’m guessing he goes in for Hayden

    Blackhawks lineup


  64. 2010:








    Yes, let’s blame Q for this. Injuries, salary cap, retirements, etc factored in to a lot of these roster moves, but seriously how can anyone say Stan is doing a great job with a straight face?

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