Blackhawks Well Represented On TSN Top 50

On Wednesday afternoon, TSN released their annual rankings of the top 50 players in the NHL.

And, for the second consecutive year, Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews finished second – behind Sidney Crosby. Montreal goaltender Carey Price jumped from 24th last season up to third.

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith checked in at number 12, followed by Patrick Kane at 13 in this season’s rankings. Chicago was the only team with three players in the top 20 overall; Buffalo, Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Toronto and Winnipeg failed to have a single players crack the top 50 (Aaron Ekblad was ranked 51 for the Panthers).

Marian Hossa was the only other Blackhawks player to make the list, coming in at 46 overall.

St. Louis forward Vladimir Tarasenko made the biggest jump from being not rated last year, coming in at 14 in the 2015-16 poll. Number One overall pick Connor McDavid made the list, coming in at 37.

A selection of TSN Hockey experts and NHL general managers were surveyed and asked to project the Top 50 players in 2015-16.

33 thoughts on “Blackhawks Well Represented On TSN Top 50

  1. How can a player who has never played a NHL game be among the top 50 NHL players. He may very well be there at the end of the year but let’s wait and see.

    No issues with Toews at number two.

  2. That idiot Brokerwayne wants to trade the number 13th player. What an imbecile. Kane has played in 16 games that closed out a playoff series and he has accounted for 26 points in those 16 games. Talk about Mr Clutch. But the imbecile Brokerwayne wants to trade him! Go follow some other team you clown.

  3. Grow up Bobby and quit calling people names. Why can we not disagree without stoooping to making things personal ?

    This is hockey. It is supposed to be fun. If someone thinks the Hawks should trade Kane,I would disagree but would not call him an imbecile.

    Please let’s not get personal,

  4. (Chelsea,) I quote because I am an occasional contributor to this blog…


    September 30, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    The number of contributors to this blog whose mothers beat them when they were young is quite amazing.”

    That could possibly be taken as making things personal (at least in a general you-know-who-you-are-and-it-must-be-true-because-brokerwayne-suggests-it sort of way), but it’s his opinion and it’s a point-of-view thing. Just my opinion.

  5. Pucklogic, the logic in your comment is outstanding and I too do not know how a player who has not played a game in the NHL can be a top 50 player in the NHL.

    These lists are truly for fans and are meaningless. While I am not a giant Crosby fan, I do think he would trade his #1 ranking for another Cup. On the flip side, I could see a player like Toews using this as motivation…if he needs it. I say that because I truly wonder what keeps 19’s motivation going. I’m glad he is motivated, but he has accomplished so much in hockey. What drives him to capture #4?

    I think Tarasenko will be a beast.

  6. I find it amazing, as others have alluded to that players never to play an NHL game are on this list when Big Buff is not. There is not a single other player in the league who can play the first round of the playoffs as a top-4 D and then move up and tie for the lead in goals (11) while winning the Stanley Cup. He had 3 of the 4 winning goals in the conference finals that year as well. Last year injuries thinned his team and he put them on his back and got them to the playoffs. Has to be top 50.

  7. Here’s the guy you hero worshippers are supporting:

    I agree that he’s a world class hockey player. I don’t think we should or will keep him around, unless he is willing to make a change. I don’t think he is at that point, but I could be wrong.

    I will continue to watch and support my hockey team…. Watch almost all of the games and go to 5-6. Don’t really care what some of you think of me or my opinions. I will continue to voice them as long as Tab allows me to.

  8. This is all a bunch of guys looking at stats and putting names into a computer. Seabrook should be on tis list and also Crawford. To me, this list means nothing. My list starts the first day of the playoffs, in April, and ends with the last win of the season.

    I will take all of the Hawks names on this list and then EVERYONE of the Hawks players off last years Stanley Cup team. That’s the only list I want and need. The rest of these guys are just players on the ice LOOKING for the Stanley Cup.

  9. Plenty of folks are in the same camp as Brokerwayne. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the elite players of this generation.

    With that being said, Brokerwayne – do me a favor and us a link that’s less than 3 years old when hating on someone.

  10. Deadspin is smarmy trash and always has been. And my opinion on it has nothing to do with Patrick Kane.

  11. Note: my statement has nothing to do w/ my opinion of Kane as a person, or my opinion of Deadspin. Just asking for something less than 3 years old if you’re going to throw someone under the bus.

  12. Here you go Tab:

    Tab, I don’t hate Patrick Kane. I agree that as a hockey player he is incredible. I just don’t want him on my team anymore because of the chain of incidents that have occurred over the last 3 years. We will see how this plays out.

    Hof, whether or not you believe Deadspin is a reliable source, do you believe that Patrick Kane innocent of what they reported and also totally innocent of creating a nightmare mess for The Chicago Blackhawks with this latest crap?

  13. Peter – Toews is who he is. A natural leader and winner. I also think he’s in the perfect ambient in the sense that Coach Q has similar goals and desires. They feed each other.
    Also the Hawks have other leadership core guys which are older than Toews. You could think that’s a big part of Toews being so driven. He has to. You can’t pull the breaks with the likes of Keith, Sharp and Hossa around.

  14. Wayne, in my Deadspin is a piece of shit, I think it appeals to the “whoa, like, DUDE” crowd. I have no interest in debating Patrick Kane’s actions or alleged actions, nor proclaiming anyone guilty or innocent of anything on a message board. My stance has been clear on this from the beginning, which is wait until more information comes out. Just as your stance of not wanting him on the Blackhawks any longer is also clear. I doubt you making blanket statements about people here hating women and being hero worshipers is going to change anyone’s mind. But go ahead if it makes you feel better, it’s not my blog, it’s Tab’s.

  15. Just saw Q say Panarin isn’t playing today and probably not Saturday either. He did skate with Rozsival this morning. I read that his injury stems from something last season. But I wasnt able to track it like you guys were so thats probably not news. Sucks that he’s not going to play any games. Maybe he gets sent to Rockford for a conditioning stint. I don’t think he goes back to Russia.

    In any event I had a thought when Q was talking about Rozsival. Could the Hawks be using Rozsival similar to how they used Johns last year? I think it’s a safe bet that Rozsival starts the season on LTIR. I also think it’s a safe bet no other team was going to sign him. Could they be using him to artificially inflate their cap slightly? At least temporarily.

  16. Hof, I’ve never read anything from Deadspin. However, from what I’ve heard it’s kind of a shock and awe type thing. Not dissimilar to the National Enquirer. Dan Bernstein seems to think pretty highly of them, which tells me all I need to know about them as a source.

  17. In other news… did anyone else notice that the Hawks Banner-Raising Opener is the same night as the Cubs wild-card/first playoff game in 7 years? Talk about priorities… I’ve gone to the last two banner-raisers and they are awesome to behold. But the Cubs in a 1-game playoff game with Jake on the mound? And chances are both games will start at the exact same time…

    Tab – any chance you can pull strings to get a Committed Indians box for the night? I’ll chip in!

  18. Hof, I see your point…. I remember thinking that you and RTF were not going to see eye to eye when you went through that drama with him. I am realizing that I’m probably doing a similar same thing. I’m going to stick to hockey discussion from now on and let the Patrick Kane saga play out however it does…. Thanks.

  19. Brokerwayne, you have an uncontested right to your opinion, and I’m certain you’re not alone. As the Kane saga mopes along, people are defining their perspectives towards him for the future. It seems he will avoid serious trouble over this and stay on the ice (possibility that could still change, but I doubt it). So what do we do with Patrick Kane going forward? Well, BrokerW knows what he wants to do, loud and clear. Most of the rest, probably not so sure yet.

    I look to Kane to score goals for our team, to worry our opponents, and to make the fans rise out of their seats when he does something spectacular in the game. That’s all I expect from him. Sure, I don’t want him to embarrass the club, I don’t want him to harm anyone, and I don’t want to see him harm himself. But the downside of our pro-athlete culture is that we tend to look at these guys for a reading of the moral compass. Disappointments will continue with that.

  20. Interesting perspective RTP. I guess one of the reasons that I feel the way I do is because I have a couple of decades clean in a recovery program. I have sponsored numerous 20/30+ year old addicts who were attempting to stay clean and to recover. It’s a tough road for those in that age group. Young people tend to feel invulnerable. You throw in the mix someone who has the persona of Patrick Kane, and the % of no further issues surfacing in his/her life, unless certain behaviors cease, is very small. I see a train wreck happening if nothing is done to prevent it. Maybe those who believe that he is not responsible for any of this are correct and I am not. Having seen as much as I have, I just wouldn’t and couldn’t take that stance. Thanks!

  21. Broker – thanks for that post. Given your history, your opinions on Kane now seem much clearer to me. To your point about it being a potential train wreck unless someone steps in to help him – that’s a tough one. As you know, he has to want the help and want to change if it’s ever going to happen. I hope for his sake, he will learn to temper his behavior before it’s too late. Again, thanks for the post.

  22. Regarding Kane, all the talk about getting rid of him get’s TRUMPED by the no trade clause, I am pretty sure that Tab has brought that up before.

  23. You’re welcome Tony. I have tried staying as anonymous as possible, but based on the heavy blowback, I thought a careful explanation might be warranted. I am not a Patrick Kane “hater”, I just want what’s best for my Hawks and also for Kane. He may need additional “pain” coming his way if he is ever going to get it. I hope for his sake that he has reached bottom.

  24. That’s true Bill, but he is allowed to waive it, is he not? Would you want to stay where you’re not wanted.

  25. re: Brokerwayne’s question “Would you want to stay where you’re not wanted?” – interesting subject. based on the ovation he received in South Bend, not sure public perception, at least in one instance, is pushing him to feel that way. The organization clearly knows where public sentiment rests – spread WAY out in either direction – but it would take a serious blow back of boo’s at the United Center for Kane to feel he isn’t wanted by the fans here. Now, what’s been said behind closed doors and where the organization stands on his actions is up for some discussion, and it’s been widely speculated about. All of that being said, his full NMC still trumps any desire to move him.

  26. Clarification Tab, not wanted by the organization. Fans are fickle …. Score some goals, and nothing else seems to be that important. Yes, many fans think “he walks on water”. Me, not so much anymore.

  27. So the 2015 all NHL team was according to this list

    & Price

    I’m good with that,….and wait the Hawks are still trading Kane right?

  28. Not sure I agree with Benn and Getzlaf as top 10 talents either but they are both good players.

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