Blackhawks Win Game, Lose Patrick Kane

After a brutal performance on Sunday afternoon, the Blackhawks hoped for redemption against the Florida Panthers in the finale of their longest homestand of the season.

But when Patrick Kane suffered an upper-body injury early in the first period, the Hawks found themselves short-handed their leading scorer.

Kane injured FLA

Coach Joel Quenneville went back to more conventional lines to start the night, and the first three shifts from the line of Kane, Brad Richards and Patrick Sharp were better than anything we saw from the Blackhawks against Boston. But on their third shift, Alex Petrovic sent Kane into the boards awkwardly. Kane didn’t return to the game.

Jonathan Toews scored on the power play – only a two-minute minor – on Petrovic to give the Blackhawks a rare first period lead.

In the second, Sharp and Richards continued their strong play. Late in the period, Sharp fired a shot on net that was kicked wide by Roberto Luongo. The rebound found the stick of Kris Versteeg, who snapped a shot past Luongo to extend the Hawks’ lead to 2-0. Sharp’s assist on the goal was the 500th of his Blackhawks career.

The Hawks dominated the game’s opening 40 minutes, out-shooting Florida 27-16 and holding a two-goal lead. Scott Darling had to make a few big saves in the first two periods, and was up to the challenge.

Unfortunately, the third period saw an attacking Panthers team catch up with the Hawks.

Jussi Jokinen made a smooth play, kicking the puck to his stick and flipping it past Darling to break the shutout. Just four minutes later, Vincent Trocheck shot the puck at the front of the net and it ricocheted off Duncan Keith’s skate and into the net.

Florida put as many shots on net in the third period as they had in the first two combined and were able to force overtime. In the extra session, Toews and Brandon Saad put pressure on Luongo with their first shift but the rest of the extra session was dominated by the visitors. Darling stood in and kept the puck out, though, and was able to force a shootout.

In the shootout, both Toews and Sharp converted and Darling made two stops to earn the second point. The Blackhawks finished their eight-game homestand with three wins, only one of which came in regulation.

Comcast SportsNet indicated during postgame coverage that Kane left the United Center at the end of the second period, and Quenneville said he had not yet spoken with Kane about the injury.

The Hawks will get another shot at the Panthers in Florida on Thursday night, and it will likely be without Kane.

45 thoughts on “Blackhawks Win Game, Lose Patrick Kane

  1. Q was asked the follow up question if the Hawks would call anyone up and he said yes. I would assume Tuevo will get the chance to play superman on the top 6. Lets hope he brings it this time.

  2. Well its a win…a little too close for comfort really…can’t imagine the mood if we had lost that one in the third or OT, but we didn’t. Kudos to Darling for the effort. That dude has a future in the NHL. Kane hitting the boards did not seem too too horrid but one never knows how things like that turn out…lets hope he gets back into the scoring race asap. Grateful for the win but it was “a gotta win game” by all accounts…9 out of a possble 16 points dosen’t exactly leave anyone eating our dust..glad St. Louis got trounced. Montreal sure is looking good and showing like a real contender. Back to back coming up in Florida will be another litmus test on were our heads at these days.

  3. First Rose now Kane.

    Hopefully not too long. At the most, hopefully he can come back the first game of the playoffs (like last year in St. Louis). I assumed it was a collarbone injury. Anyone know the usual recovery time period?

  4. Another weak effort from a struggling team…Florida was on the last leg of a long road trip and OWNED the Hawks in the 3rd period…Scott Darling had no chance on either goal, and almost stopped both…he kept the Hawks alive until OT, where he shined again before turning aside both SO attempts. He is fast proving himself a very good NHL goalie and the more he plays the better he will get. Crawford at $6 million a year on a team with a couple of GLARING issues is a luxury the Hawks can no longer afford. But as Wall said, who would take him and his $6 million tag? Again, not saying that Crawford is a bad goalie, he’s not…but he’s hot and cold and isn’t the kind of goalie to stand on his head to steal a game, and both Raanta and Darling have showed that tendency with very little game time…plus their numbers are consistently better than Crawfords…Darling (who is an NHL rookie) has better rebound control than Corey and that just shouldn’t be the case.

    With Kane’s injury on top of their horrendous Defence, the Hawks need to take a HARD LOOK at moving forward because if Bowman doesn’t do something to ease the Cap pressure the Hawks are going to have to unload even more talent at season’s end. Things are not looking good for a team that is clearly in disarray!

  5. Heh. Crow is pretty much the opposite of hot and cold to me. You can Peru much expect the same level of play each time or from him. That is why he got that contact.

  6. The season has gone from bad to worse. I’m not sure if trades matter now. You can’t replace Kane!

  7. Unless Kaner is out until Oct., were fine. You people want to whine/omen, there you go. Shut it please, we want good vibes from here on.

  8. Tracey Myers saying on Twitter “Don’t know what’s out there yet but hearing at least a month for Kane, Blackhawks don’t practice Wed. so maybe nothing official”

  9. Chris kuc said possibly 10 weeks. I think Tracey Myers said broken collarbone. But neither reporter seemed to sure of their source.

  10. No real silver lining with the win and 88 going down. The Hawks have been riding on 88’s cape for most of the season. This next stretch without him will be a major test of character for the team. Unfortunately the performance on the home stand doesn’t lend much confidence to that happening. Starting to look like a lost season that once had a lot of promise. At this point there are so many glaring holes that TVR returning and a couple other moves is only going to paper over the cracks. Since the home stand didn’t fix anything, they now have a stretch of 6 games that they should win. If the haven’t corrected things by the time our lord and savior Leddy returns to town, we might as well starting with the obituary for this season.

  11. My bad. Both updates came from Chris Kuc. Said more than 6 weeks, possibly up to 10.

    There goes my hopes of an American winning the art Ross. Possibly the lady byng and hart trophy too.

  12. My only hope is that some good may come out of Kane’s injury. This should make the team focus that much more. Give the team something to rally around. Definitely make that comfortable feeling go away. If they keep playing like they have without Kane. May be a disaster.

  13. Looks like both E. Kane and P. Kane will need shoulder surgery…

    Perfect time to send Kane Home to Buffalo for McEichel- and the Co-Kane brothers can get a two-for-one deal on shoulders!!! Just kidding- kinda

    Look if/when SB is forced to Dump 10, or Crow, or 29… He isn’t going to get JACK crap for any of these guys… So- conclusion is – he needs to make really BOLD move-
    cuz a trade of 29/or 50 brings nothing back to this team… and I don’t see any forwards in Rock that can make impact… Johns/Pokka might be really good- but that’s about it!

  14. 35 years ago to the day that the American boys won the gold and some no name Russian punk cheap shots a super star American hockey player……..makes you wanna go HHHHHMMMMMMM…………………

  15. Not the boost we were hoping for last night. Kane out makes matters worse. I just hope that SB concentrates on helping the Defense and does NOT feel he is in a corner to add offense.

  16. My buddy messed up his shoulder in the police acadamy. His was the highest grade injury it could be “without” needing surgery, and he needed 6 weeks of Physical Therapy and wasnt fully cleared till 8 weeks. So if Kane avoids surgery we are probably looking 6-8 weeks. Surgery would add to that…. ouch.

    I’d like to see
    10/91/86 on the 2nd line. but we will see what we get on Thursday

  17. Wall,

    You continue to amaze me with your sheer ignorance. The fact that you keep staring Sharp & Crawford have no value blows my mind, and speaks volumes to your General knowledge of the game. Do you think when Leddy was dealt in October, that he had more value than Sharpie? No chance. Just shut up with the consistent agenda you have with bagging core guys. No one is interested.

  18. Mox17- please give me a couple of trade scenarios for Crow!!!

    I really want the teams – who need/and can afford Crow… and then what they might be willing to give up for Crow.

    This is all hypothetical- but really interested in seeing what 50’s “worth” is!!!
    Please Humor me with your brilliant “knowledge of the game”.
    Furthermore, this isn’t really “knowledge of the game”… this is Business knowledge!!!
    Simple buy low – sell high!!! Analysis of numbers/stats.

    Did you read my link about goalies??? I don’t even know if that Econ Prof. watches Hockey… but that’s not important to the article… what is- is the understanding of stats/numbers and how they prove his correlate with winning and losing and future success!!!

  19. Tough to watch Kane injury. Cheap shot. Suspensions need to be much longer to stop the goons. I wonder what Chris Crock thinks he knows that nobody else does. Let us hope Kane is healthy by the playoffs. I would put 86 between 23 and 10. TT needs to step up this time around.

  20. Mox17- Sharp will be turning 34 next year. Leddy will be turning 24 next year. Sharp will be able to walk after next year. Leddy was a RFA. Leddy is a golden boy. Sharp is a philanderer that punches his teammates. I think their value is closer than you would think and the Hawks didn’t get crap for Leddy.

    Wall- can you remind me of what our bet was? haha. Did they have to make it to the WCF or the SC? Losing their best player is really going to make me winning this bet a challenge.

    Darling was fine. It’s great watching everyone drool over him while they fire their pitchforks at Corey.

    It’s also great watching everyone claim that Kane wouldn’t have gotten hurt if they dressed Carcillo. Good times.

    Versteeg’s comments after the game made you realize how much that guy loves Kane. It was kind of cute.

    Anyway, awaiting this news with a knot in my stomach. Please be back for the first round and ready to go. Hockey just isn’t as fun without Patrick Kane.

  21. Wall- Ryan Miller (and Steve Ott, I guess) netted a first, a third, a starting goalie, a prospect, and another NHL player. So there is that, too.

    A team like the Sabres (?) maybe would be interested in a Corey, depending when they plan to be competitive. Ben Bishop down in Tampa Bay has really taken a nose dive this year, depending where they think they are, getting above league average goaltending would help them out.

    So much of it varies from year to year, so to try to think ahead on which goalie is going to poop himself next year is probably just a waste of time.

  22. JS- Exact same thoughts on 23’s Kane comments… I didn’t realize how articulate/respectful/well spoken he is… just remember the drunk rappin from 2010…

    Yea- that hit never happens w/ 13 in game… ri—-ight!!!

    Re: the Hit- completely harmless… just happened to catch Kane at Exactly the wrong time with his Right skate/low/and dragging– so Kane couldn’t Catch himself… if it’s .10 seconds earlier/later in 88’s stride- I bet nothing happens to Kane!!! too bad!!!

    Kind of the exact opposite on how 65 has been trying to put hits on people lately…
    no leverage, no timing, winding up on his own ass!!!

  23. JS: “Hockey just isn’t as fun without Patrick Kane.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    When is this Leddy nonsense going to stop? Was he/is he a better player than Sharp? Probably not. Does he provide better VALUE as an asset, clearly yes. 10 years younger, at a more valuable position and he just got a massive extension. Nobody is giving Sharp 7 years after his next deal is up. So even if the Hawks don’t sign Richards and keep Leddy for 2015, he’s still walking. And Leddy isn’t solving all of the blue line problems. He’s better than 5, 27, 32, 26, but one d-man isn’t plugging all the holes in the bottom two forward lines. The team needs to get it’s house in order from 19 to 91.

  24. First the Hawks played very poorly once again no excuses, it’s over been over for awhile. They have been pretty healthy all year and are over due for some bad luck it arrived tuesday! The Kane injury might give the HAWKS cause to continue to play average and not make the playoffs and get a high draft choice? Kane will be fine, but now shows average NHL fans how fragile Kane is, surprised Kruger and Shaw have not been out.

    One last observation, the Hawks lack of true speed lack and strong physical players really showed last night as in every night. They don’t have the speed to chip around the high point defense and go around anyone, maybe Sadd, plus they don’t have the balls and grit to dump and drive into the corners and play the man and puck, too many poke checks this is not a purely poke check league. They need to send 3 guys in the corner ro get the puck, so if ya watch many times 3 guys get the puck, pass it right in front of the net and well NO ONE there they’re all doing one guys job, sort of Buff was like paying for 3 guys!

    Sasquatch Darling played okay seemed nervous as he should be lots of pressure not on him in the net (florida horrible) but in his head.

  25. JS- thanks for offering some real thought (unlike Mox17)…

    Hawks would need to dump 50 prior to next year (for cap)…
    2nd- Tampa might be trade partner? Don’t know their cap sit…. but Bishop is making 1/3 of Crow’s pay… and they have almost identical career Stats w/ save % and GAA…

    So I don’t see it happening… let’s just hope that a real contender loses their goalie to an injury in next few days… Is Tanya Harding available???

  26. Hawks cant win a face-off without 5 guys diving like madmen to the puck, seen maybe 6 clean wins all year vs a good center men in critical situations. This board gets silly at times . . . Crow has no real trade value, Hawks are just few loses of being OUT of it. He is at times in the top 6 goalies but at times barely in the top 10. Crow is solid but if someone wants him they need to see CROW as Savior not pretty solid he’s going nowhere and Darling is not a top 10 goalie but he is TRADE-ABLE. Sharp has lots of value, Hossa has a big fat contract, Shaw, Smith and Kruger have trade value. TVR while i like him is not going to fix anything, Run-bad is a player, great on offense still love his offense, a lot, more I see more I like, really gets it on net, and fast and seldom gets caught. Has a bright future, Hawks not so much!

  27. Mook- excellent observations on both- not being able to get by D on Chips…
    Several times last nite- I watched #10 fail at this… he used to be great at it!!!
    Saad, 19 only two guys who are doing it… Kane is usually 1 vs. 2 when he tries…

    2nd- The Guys on both ends going into corners/basically covering themselves… AWFUL
    that’s acceptable when trying to win the puck… but they are doing it while skating/possessing the puck… that’s bad offense/guarding/covering itself…

    How many times did we see Both D-men- both go the guy outside the dots and then times- when neither D-men went- You get him- no-you get him…

  28. MtM, Kane fragile????? WTF???Collar bone injuries have nothing to do with toughness or strength. You pop that shoulder at a certain angle and the collar bone goes. That’s what it is there for, to support the shoulder. This was strictly a bad luck injury.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  29. Yes the chip ins are terrible but that has nothing to do with speed it has to do with the style of play/coaching systems. Hawks maybe have too many skilled players and get too fancy instead of skating North /South. For example Montreal and Chicago have similar skating teams both quick and neither are big and that physical. Montreal seem to work harder and forecheck great and rely on a lot of counter attack and mistakes made by other teams. Montreal had no issue beating the Blues last night and the Bruins last year in the playoffs ( Having Price helps a lot though)

  30. Crawford could theoretically go to Edmonton. They need a goalie and have assets that can be moved and are dumb enough to make that deal. Calgary in the off season depending on what Hiller’s term is. Minnesota in the off season maybe but making a division rival stronger is always a touchy subject.

    San Jose in the off season if Wilson is drunk during the GM meetings. Salary dump Sharp. Take Thornton off their hands, let TT play in the AHL another year and watch whoever plays with Jumbo Joe score 40 goals and I think he has 2 years left? Totally doable. Free 12 mildo in salary take Thornton + Saad extension back and things aren’t looking too dire except for the fact that hey only have 3 NHL defenders.

    Just about everyone else is probably set or has too many dollars committed already.

    I think this team is going to struggle for points without Kane. It will be a limp especially if teams sit on the first line to finish out the year. The defensive struggles really amplify this injury as well.

  31. Does Crow have NTC or modified one??? If he does- not going to Oil…
    Wild have found their “cheap” goalie…
    Flames- I think they are too smart- in their re-build to throw that coin at goal… perhpas in 2-3 years when they actually get in PO’s… and then look at “what ” they need.

  32. KANE TRIPPED! for god sake! Watching the replay last night it is obvious that KANE skate got bumped to cause the off balance FALL into the boards! I have read every NHL blog no one has mentioned the obvious? Look at the skates first then the ultra-weak cross check almost on Kane’s HIP not his back. So odd to see how even with the VIDEO we don’t get it?
    Plus Hawks System is what “influences” the TYPE OF PLAYER you draft and develop!
    My point to all is YES its the system but many teams have a line or a player or two that can play a slightly different style or strategy whomever posted its ALL strategy and system is one reason Hawks are stuck you gotta be able to adjust to the game, the lead or playing from behind or being out hit., simple stuff hockey 101, yes build upon a style but HAWKS got to much talent to BLOW this much, just look at power play which is a so called SYSTEM all teams use and look at the LACK of pressure face offs which all teams use the same three strategies. We just sort of fall on it like it’s a hand grenade ready to blow, no clean plays seldom played off the win, just not clean. As I say even in EA Sports NHL the winner is the one who wins the most face offs and stays out of the penalty box, simple stuff, often made complex?

  33. Goldenbladz is a funny guy . . . of yeah they got PRICE though? They beat the BLUES on an off night HAWKS can beat the BLUES without KANE, their goal tending is horrible, I said months ago when CROW was being bashed, if he played for the BLUES the BLUES would be borderline unbeatable. We got lots of players like Shaw and Smith and even Kruger who are called upon to play a style they are 1 – not built for 2 -are not skilled. SHAW is you watched last night i counted 8 missed checks, like missed by 4 feet?
    Hawks have the wrong guys doing the dirty work and 80% of the NHL is the Dirty work when was the last time Richards got dirty? It really is a skill to play physical not juts effort it’s a skill. Go hawks!

  34. Kane Tripped Video . . . This video is pretty clear on what i’m just sayin . . . watch the skates. A little bit before the lame and very weak cross check, knew when it happened that the hit did not do it, something before. . .

  35. I didn’t see any skate knocking. What I saw was Kane’s left skate coming back to the ice when he got checked. The toe of his skate hits the ice first because of the check, then when his skate fully makes contact it blows out or buckles. Was it a crosscheck? Yeah. If Kane’s stride wasnt interrupted would he have fallen? N. If he doesnt fall would a minor have been called? No. I have seen far worse not get penalized. Dumb spot to check a player? probably.Dirty? Meh. Suspension worthy? Absolutely not.

  36. Let’s see where the boys are in twelve weeks. Hopefully the season is not over yet. Heal strong PK! Heal fast!

  37. Like one guy said, hopefully good from this is team more focused (then we were starting to be/this game and on…) for 4-8wks Kaner is injured. The other guy said be back by first round and ready to go. That is huge. More important then the 1or2seed and we still can be the 2seed.

    Even tough this sucks more then a 8wks slump, it might actually be good for us/right now.

  38. Over the Q yrs, When hasn’t this group at least held serve pretty well when a star was lost for a stretch whether it was 19, 81, 88, 10 , any of them. …just a thought.

    This may be the toughest though, damn.

    I feel bad for 88. Both Ross/Hart trophies were possible

  39. Mook, so it’s an off night when the big physical Blues can’t beat the smaller faster Canadiens..right!!!!!!! it wasn’t just the Blues, Montreal beat Boston last year in the playoffs as well and took all the abuse Boston could hand out and that’s why I compared Montreal to the Hawks based on the physicality dept. I just wish the Hawks used their speed (north/south) more and put the opponents D on their heels and cut some of the fancy passes.

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