Blackhawks Win Preseason Opener In OT

The Blackhawks opened their preseason schedule against the Red Wings at the United Center on Tuesday night. Chicago dressed a handful of their regular players, while Detroit’s roster was primarily prospects. And, in the first two periods, it showed.

Scott Darling got the start in net for Chicago and was fantastic, stopping 22 shots in 29:53 before being removed. The Wings had a number of good scoring opportunities, but Darling picked up where he left off last season and had a great start to his season.

In front of the net, some of the Hawks’ new faces looked good in their first action wearing the Indian head.

Up front, the Hawks skated Mark Dano on the top line with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa while Artem Anisimov skated between Patrick Kane and Teuvo Teravainen. Those lines stayed together for most of the game, but Teravainen replaced Dano on the top line for a few shifts in the second period after Dano was met rudely by Brendan Smith and had to go to the room.

Dano looked good with Toews and Hossa, and did a nice job of parking himself in front of the net. He was credited with two hits and three shots on net in just under 14 minutes of ice time in regulation.

Teravainen showed a level of confidence we didn’t see last season, even in his best moments. His passing was crisp and his skating was fluid; he stood out the entire night. The Hawks young sniper scored a gorgeous power play goal in the second period.

Anisimov quietly had a strong night between Teravainen and Kane. He was credited with one hit, two blocked shots and two takeaways. Anisimov added an assist on the game-winning overtime goal as well.

Kyle Baun, who is fighting for a roster spot after getting some NHL action last year, scored the first goal of the preseason for the Hawks in traffic in front of Jimmy Howard. Baun played a nice game on a line with Ryan Garbutt and Andrew Desjardins. Baun led the Hawks with four hits in regulation.

Garbutt also distinguished himself, showing good speed up and down the ice. He scored a goal and added an assist, and was credited with two hits in the game.

Jonathan Toews scored in the first period.

The two teams would have played out the new 3-on-3 overtime format whether the scored was tied or not, but the Red Wings forced extra hockey that mattered with a third period comeback.

After Garbutt gave the Hawks a 4-1 lead early in the third, Chicago’s defense let the Red Wings get back in the game. Riley Sheahan, Teemu Pulkkinen and Luke Glendening scored for Detroit to draw the game to a tie before regulation ended.

But in the overtime, Kane found another newcomer, Trevor Daley, and the defenseman deposited the game-winning goal. In 17:27 on the night, Daley finished tied with Teravainen with a team-leading five shots on net. He also picked up an assist and was credited with two hits and one blocked shot in the victory.

Chicago got their money’s worth out of the two veteran defensemen playing on tryout contracts. Jan Hejda skated 21:49 with on assist and one big hit in the third period. Meanwhile, Lubomir Visnovsky skated 22:36 with two hits and two blocked shots. Both veterans saw action on the power play and penalty kill as well.

Brent Seabrook, wearing the “A” for the first time permanently, skated a team-high 24:20 in the win.

Center Marcus Kruger, who hasn’t reported to camp yet because of visa issues, is expected to join the team on Friday. The Hawks visit Detroit on Wednesday night.

24 thoughts on “Blackhawks Win Preseason Opener In OT

  1. Positives- 86, Garbutt, Darling, Daley can skate a little,Lube and Jan looked ok

    negatives- Svedberg, Visintin, Rbad- still doesn’t get it,
    Kane skated as if he were incarcerated recently… go figure???

  2. Wall, I’ll disagree with your assessment of Svedberg – I think he played OK.

    TT – good.

    Rundblad – bad.

    Watching hockey – fun.

  3. Well that was an awful lot of fun to watch. Anisimov, Kane, Daley OT winner pure tic tac toe…we are going to win way more of these 3 on 3’s than lose them. Any opposing team would not want to take on the Blackhawks, and do their damnedest to avoid, a 3 on 3 situation with the guys we have. Visintin was a bit disappoinbting, chalk it up to butterflys with the home crowd. Darling is superb. While watching with a critical eye, one cannot out too much stock into things and outcomes yet. Just a few days ago I would not have believed we would see 88 out there. I stand behind my feeling firmly that we are way ahead of the pack in our division. This team reminds me of the 1960-61 Blackhawks, with young fast upstarts and a handful of veterans, turning the established ways on their ear and creating a generation of loyal and amazed fans of which I am proud to be one.

  4. News reportsthat Patrick Kane accuser attorney to have press conference today? People need to ask themselves why and is it coincidental after Kane’s first game back? There is a reason this press conference is happening and I suspect motives behind that reasoning,

  5. My biggest fear for Kane is the distraction to his game and the fans when on the road who would like to see him hang. Accuser conference today???? Yeah, I see the gold being dug up in that conference.

    I am not advocating that Kane is innocent, but until there is a charge against him, lay low and lay off. If he is found guilty, deal with that when it happens.

    I hope the game is on NHL in my region tonight. Oddly the cable guide says I’m gonna see a replay of last nights game?????

  6. The only reason Rundbland wasn’t in on all 4 goals is that even an AHLer gets the nod before him on the PK. Him on the roster is a contradiction with pretty much everything the Hawks do so it’s quite mind blowing.
    The idea of Teravainen playing Center, for me, also makes no sense whatsoever. I fully understand why they made him do it at the beginning in the AHL. Gain the trust by playing the more mental, responsible position. But now he’s a proven Wing with huge potential. That Center work he put in only made him that much more able to play D. He’s no NHL Center, but he can become a big time winger. Let his thrive and he will, on all/any first 3 lines. I’d rather have Shaw or someone similar center a Kane-Tuevo line than waste Tuevo’s play by keeping him locked down as an undersized 3rd down C doing board battles.

  7. Garbutt played a nice game… you can see he has what it takes to thrive with the Hawks, but his negative aspect came from his propensity to be sloppy and impulsive gaining that bad reputation as an penalties machine. He had one of those stupid moments last night. That kind of took away from his actual play. That was bad.

  8. AA looked out of place last night. I know it is preseason and I can live with that, but he also appeared slow to me. I thought he has more speed.

    TT’s confidence is definitely showing.

    Dano looks good. The hawks website has him listed as 183lbs. Foley was saying he is about 220lbs. Which is it?

    We definitely have many guys on the roster that will help in fielding most likely very good 3rd and 4th lines. Garbutt, Desi, & Baun played well. I like Haggerty’s play.

    I actually believe we will have a better offense this year than last and will have no issue replacing the scoring we lost. However, my concern is on the defensive side of the puck and the last 4 d-men on the roster. 4-7 (or maybe 8).

  9. booman- that’s AA. That’s his play, what you saw last night. You wrongly ‘read’ his game last night as the main post says “Anisimov quietly had a strong night”.
    First of all he knows what to do on the ice, he’s a very smart player for sure. So he definitely wasn’t out of place.
    And he isn’t slow. That’s just an illusion. What he is is smooth. He’s very smooth with his movements. Impressive actually for such size.

    After the trade I downloaded and watched 3 Blue Jackets games to see closely how Anisimov-Dano play and look.
    This is what I wrote on July 2 about AA:
    “Anisimov played RW against the Hawks and LW against the Capitals while switching to C at some point with line changes. He’s big, but he’s not physical. Didn’t see 1 hit (he was returning from injuries, though). He seems robotic, but what he actually does is he doesn’t waste any motions. He’s incredibly technical, both on offense (an array of passes, vision, soccer moves, baffling angles shots), on defense (big size he uses for reach with an long, active and smart stick) and on the boards (here he didn’t seem like a beast, if not With the puck…seemed to not win that many board battles, but when he did he was excellent as he protects the puck inviting 2 guys on him and then dishing some wtf wow passes). Played 1st unit PK next to Dubinsky. Never took any face-offs.
    My 2 cents: he’s a playmaker and he knows it, thinks pass first. I liked his play in the middle of the ice more than on the boards. He’s more Richards than Vermette if you ask me.”

    My opinion is that you have to watch him more closely. You’ll appreciate his play in time. I like his play a lot. High IQ stuff in everything he does.

  10. Bruins just announced Dennis Seidenberg will miss 8 weeks. He is having surgery tomorrow to repair a lumbar spine disc herniation.

    Could be a nice landing spot for Visnovsky and/or Hejda. Would prefer Rundblad, however…

  11. ER- Re: Svedberg… the only reason this guy is getting chance- is his size/great reach… He skates ok/but change of direction not good/ to slow in making decisions – but he was BAD last nite-imo

    Haggerty- I think was pretty good… skates ok- I was expecting him to skate more like Pirri or LeBlah…. he is quicker/stronger skater than both… so who knows- could pan out. (or at least Pot 20 in AHL)

    Really want to see what Pokka and Eriksson bring tonite.

  12. DumDum- interesting perspective on AA

    I tried to watch him closely… to try to make guesses of who he plays like… and strengths…. nothing really jumped out at me as far as speed or shot…
    But My first positive thought- moves the puck really fast (Most like TT did in 1st few games)… and seems like High IQ/play anticipation…

  13. It is nice to have actual hockey to finally talk about.

    It’s been said plenty, but TT looks like a new player. Great seeing him so confident out there.

    Daley sure has some spring in his step. His jump into the power play rushes reminds me of Campbell. It will be interesting to see how he plays within the Hawks system.

    AA didn’t stand out but it was nice to see him parking himself in front of the net a few times. Nice to have a guy willing to take on that role.

    Pretty sure Kane gets held out tonight. It could get ugly in Joe Lewis if he does play. He looked like a shell of himself last night. He’d better hope the presser today says that she’s not going to cooperate with the investigation.

  14. I hope Tuevo will play more top 6 minutes he is a special player! I also thought Runblad look more comfortable too. He is only 24 so maybe its not impossible to think he was just a late bloomer? I hate to say everyone looked good but I thought a lot of new guys did look good.

    Daley-GWG and nice play on the Toews goal. Clearly he isn’t going to be a defensive rock but do the Hawks need him to be?

    Garbutt-played physical has good instincts is a solid role player in the bottom 6

    Anisimov- Looked like the 2nd line center we’ve been looking for

    Dano-BAM! Ouch was expecting more, keep your head up kid!

    Visentin-was expecting more but considering he is the org 4th goalie, I’m not going to knit pick.

  15. @ CHEVRIER

    “He looked like a shell of himself last night. ”

    What are you basing that comment on? He had the primary assist on the GWG and was dangling the puck all night. He looked like the best player on the ice?

  16. There were several occasions where 88 just looked disinterested to me. Sure he always makes great plays because he’s an all-world talent but aside from a few of his nifty moves and the admittedly nice assist on the GWG he lacked his usual jump. It’s all subjective so possible I’m projecting. All of this has to be weighing on him though and wouldn’t be surprising to see his play lag if it continues on much longer.

  17. Come on man…Kane and Teravainen were doing some awesome stuff out there. No surprise people thought Anisimov was invisible…you couldn’t take your eyes of those 2 fire crackers. Of the 4 superstars that played I think Kane was most into the game. Not that Toews, Hossa and Seabrook were going through the motions, but they were obviously not very much into the physical part of the game.

    Marko Dano – he did what he does. Shots from any angle, front net presence, this and that. I have some question marks about him playing LW. I mean he’s 20. There’s a lot of pressure in playing with Toews-Hossa, pressure playing for the Hawks, pressure playing for the Champions, pressure playing in Saad’s role. Now he has to change his natural position, which kind of takes away moves and angles that are his trade mark looks. People must take that into consideration. That being said, he produced because he’s that type of a player.

    That episode when he goes in there when somebody pushed Toews down in the crease ? That’s not “ass kissing” or “look at me coach”. That was the Shaw edge he has inside of him.

  18. Dumdum,

    Loved your analysis on AA.

    Not labeling, just commenting that he appeared slow. Those were my first impressions watching him play for the first time.

    Liked the Saad trade when it happened with the commentary on this board about AA and Dano.

    I truly believe the team will be more offensive and exciting this year. Dano, Panarin, and TT (all year and more confident) significantly elevates the playmaking skill this team already has.

    I am happy hockey is starting. Go hawks. Just for the record, I did not touch any rape kits.

  19. Booman – I’m pretty much an amateur hockey fan and I’ve never played or seen live a hockey game. So take my ‘read’ of player X with pretty much a doubtful eye.
    I subscribe the description in the main post. I think it’s perfect not for this game, but in general “quietly had a strong night”.

  20. Kaner will not travel to Detroit with the team.
    Tab, I’m sure, will be commenting on today’s news conference

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